The fight he was watching was a one sided affair. He was amazed the referee let it continue. The tall slender black man round after round pounded unmercifully on his shorter opponent. By round eight it was obvious the shorter man would need a knock out to win and since he had not landed one solid punch the entire fight Roger doubted that would happen.
As the eighth round ended, he heard a car pull up in front of his room. He got up and walked to the window, and pulled the curtain back. It was not a car that pulled up, but a red pick up. The woman behind the wheel looked too small for the truck. The top of her head was barely over the steering wheel. Roger watched as the woman sat for several moments before opening the door and sliding from the seat. She was a tiny woman, barely five foot tall her breasts though were large.
Roger walked to the door and opened it slightly, then walked back to the bed and lay back down. As his head leaned against the pillow that was propped on the headboard, he glanced at the television screen just in time to see the shorter fighter land a vicious right hand on square on the jaw of the taller fighter. The mans knees buckled slightly and his hands dropped momentarily to his side as the shorter man dug a hard left hook to his opponents chest. The taller man stumbled once, and then fell to the canvas in a heap. Roger sat stunned as the referee counted the man out. While the other bloodied man stood in the corner across from them, barely aware himself what he had just done.
The door to his room opened slowly, as Roger diverted his attention from the TV, to the woman standing in his doorway. A smile creased his face as she stepped inside. Nervously she turned and shut the door, then turned back to face him.
"Hello." The thick Italian accent seemed out of place for her. She didn't move to enter the room any farther.
"Hi, would you like a drink?" Roger got up from the bed and walked over to the table sitting in the corner of the room by the window. He had a bottle of gin, a bottle of vodka, and a bottle of rum sitting on the table. There was also tonic water, coke, and orange juice sitting there also.
"A screw driver." Still she did not move. Her face was slightly flushed.
"So, are you going to stand by the door all night or are you going to come in a be sociable." He smiled at her, and held up the drink. She stepped over to him and took the drink from his hand. Looking up into his eyes, she smiled slightly. "I shouldn't be here, my husband wouldn't understand."
"No, he probably wouldn't, but he doesn't know." Roger fixed himself another drink, and walked back to the bed.
"I should probably leave." She stayed by the table sipping her drink.
"Yea, you should, are you?" The woman said nothing. "Tell you what, you sit down and enjoy your drink, we will talk for a few minutes, then if you want to leave you can leave."
"Alright," She sat down in the chair by the table. "We can do that."
"Good, now tell me all about growing up in Italy, what it was like, and why you would leave such a beautiful country to live in America."
"I came to America with my husband, I met him while he was in the service, I was born and raised in Rome, sometimes I still miss it, especially being in a small town over here, nothing to do." She took a long drink of her screwdriver, and then set the empty glass down on the table. "Now you tell me why you are here?"
"New experiences, different experiences, experimental experiences, I enjoy the thought of exploring new ground with different people." Roger sat up on the bed and looked at the woman. "That is why you have the option of staying or leaving, sex isn't just hopping in the sack and fucking your brains out. It's exploring new things. Your deepest hidden desires need to be touched, stroked, made real, so you have peace of mind." Roger finished his drink and stood up. "Would you like another?"
"Just one more." The woman’s hand came up to Rogers’s thigh as he fixed two more drinks. Touching it lightly, she again looked up at him. He fixed the drinks, handed her one, then took her free hand and pulled her to her feet.
"So is it stay or go." His free hand circled her neck, lightly grabbed her hair, and pulled her head back. Leaning down his lips met hers and he kissed her deeply. As he pulled away from the kiss, he released her and walked back to the bed.
The woman followed him to the bed and when he lay down, she sat her drink down on the bed stand and lowered her body to his. Her chest pushed into his as her lips found his. "I can stay for a little while." She murmured between kisses.
"But there is a plan, and you have to agree to it, before we go any farther." Roger rolled the woman over onto the bed and held both of her arms over her head. "The plan is called anything goes. Just a quick fuck is not what I'm looking for. It goes beyond that, you have to be willing to try things, submit to things, without question, or hesitation. It will take a certain amount of trust in me, and you don't really know me, can you do that?" He looked into the woman’s eyes. Not moving to let her go. She didn't speak. "I understand, we can be friends, it takes the trust to make it work, though."
Roger let her hands go, and got up from the bed, and walked to the window. He didn't say anything as the woman came up behind him and circled his waist with her arms. "We can be friends?"
"Sure we can." He felt her arms drop from his waist, picking up her drink she finished it and walked to the door. He smiled at her as she opened the door.
"Good night." She said opening the door.
"You be careful driving home." She smiled back at him, and then closed the door behind her.
Roger walked over to the bed, sat down, and pulled his shoes off, then stood and unbuckled his slacks. As he slid the slacks off, there was a light knock on the door. He walked to the door, in only his shirt and underwear, and opened it.
"You won't hurt me." Was all she said.
"You will have to trust me." He put both hands on her shoulders, and pushed the knit top from her shoulders, across her arms, until she stood at the door with her top at her waist, and her bra covered breasts exposed in the moonlight. Pulling her to him, he kissed her deep, working the clasp of the bra free as he did. When he broke the kiss he stood back and let the bra fall free of her breasts. As her nipples were exposed to the cool brisk air, they hardened, extending to their full length. She did not move until he told her to do so.
"The plan is to free you of inhibitions, and unlock desires, maybe even you didn't know you had." He said, pulling her back inside the room. Once the door was closed, he pushed her back against it and dropped to his knees. He lightly licked each nipple, before sucking each into his mouth. Her breathing became labored almost immediately. Her hands found the back of his head and held him tightly to her heaving breasts. He licked and sucked and bit each lightly, for what seemed like hours, before licking her lightly across her stomach. As he did, he pulled her stretch slacks down across her hips.
Pulling them to her ankles, she stepped from them and stood with only the top around her waist, and a pair of shear pink panties. He could see the tuft of thick brown hair covering her mound, through the light material. Kissing across the waistband of the panties, he let his tongue swipe lightly at her navel. Then without warning he buried his face into her panty covered mound.
"Oh, God, stop, I can't take it." She moaned as Roger continued his assault on her now wet cunt. Her hands alternately tried to pull him away, and push him closer to her hardened clitoris. The room was spinning as he lowered her panties and put his tongue on her hardened bud. He felt her knees buckle as the first wave of pleasure rushed through her body. She trembled as she came on his tongue, releasing a torrent of liquid for him to lap up.
Roger kept his mouth firmly pushed into her dripping cunt, until the orgasm subsided, then he stood, picked the naked woman up and carried her to the bed. As he laid her down, he pulled the crumpled top from her waist.
She watched as he unbuttoned his shirt, and tossed it on the chair, then pulled his briefs down, freeing his hard cock. Standing naked at the side of the bed, he reached down and pulled her to and almost sitting position before him.
"Suck it, I want to cum in your mouth." He pulled her head to his cock, and watched as her tongue tentively flicked out at the head of it. Her lips parted and she sucked him into her mouth. Taking about half the first time, before he pulled almost out, then back in again. "That’s good, now take a little more, until you have it all." He held her head tightly and pushed deeper into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around his thick cock as she tried to take more. He felt the first tingle of orgasm, when she finally had his cock in her throat. The heat of the moment was almost too much to handle as he sawed in and out of her hungry mouth. Her teeth lightly bit on the head as he almost popped out, before pushing back into her throat again. Her eyes were screwed shut as she concentrated on sucking the white creamy substance from his raging pole.
"Ah yes, that’s it." He moaned as the first stream of cum shot from the end of his cock deep into her throat. The second and third spurts of his hot white liquid bathed the inside of her mouth. He pulled his cock from her mouth as the last of his cum erupted from him, lightly splattering her lips. Looking up she smiled, and then swallowed his cock one more time, before releasing it and falling back on the bed. Her tongue licked her lips clean, and she closed her eyes in a light sleep. Roger, weak kneed, turned and sat on the edge of the bed. His hand traced up to her still dripping pussy.
"In a few minutes, we will fill this void." He patted her still hardened clit, then laid back on the pillow.
It was a light easy slumber; he fell into, never really going into a deep sleep, just sound enough to be restful. He awoke when the woman next to him stirred. He felt her leg cross over his, and the dampness between her legs rub on his thigh. He let her lightly agitate herself on the hairy upper part of his leg for several minutes, before responding to her touch.
Finally he rolled her over, coming to rest on top of her, his legs spreading hers. He took her hands and pinned them above her head, and kissed her deeply. He could feel his cock begin to stir as their lips met and her nipples began to harden under him. By the time the kiss ended his cock was lightly brushing the swollen lips of her cunt. He raised enough to look into her eyes. They seemed to be pleading silently to fill her. Moving slightly, his cock brushed her still engorged clitoris. She jumped and then whimpered, trying to force his stiff prick into her hole. As the head pushed its way between her puffy lips, she bucked again, impaling herself just a bit more.
"Do you like it hard and rough, or do you want it soft and slow?" He whispered in her ear.
"Fuck me, fuck me hard." Her voice was urgent as she continued to push toward him.
He watched her face a moment more before stabbing deeply into her, his cock ravaging its way into the soft wet confines of her drenched pussy. She screamed as he burrowed his way deeper with each thrust, until the rapid fury of his assault had his balls bouncing off of her surging buttocks. He kept the momentum up for several minutes before slowing the pace. The beads of sweat on his forehead dripped onto her face as once again he slowed to a stop as she tried to keep the tempo up.
Rolling her over so she was on top, he reached up and grabbed both of her tits and pulled on her nipples until they were swollen and extended. Sitting up she impaled herself fully on him, shaking her head from side to side, she picked up the pace once again until his cock was a blur of hard meat pounding relentlessly into her ravaged cunt. Reaching behind her, he grabbed her asscheeks and roughly massaged them with the rhythm she had established. Now he could feel his balls once again begin to tighten as she tried to force even more of him into her. Bringing both of his hands off her ass, he slapped at them as she increased the tempo even more.
"Yes, yes." Was all she could say as he continued slapping at her quivering ass. "I'm coming, it feels so good." She forced out, before impaling herself one more time, then grinding down even harder on him, as her orgasm washed over her. Roger grabbed her hips and thrust harder into her a few more times, until his cock erupted for the second time that night, spilling his seed deep within her stretched cunt.
"Oh, yea," He moaned, holding her firmly down on his spewing cock. "Take it all baby, take it all."
As her orgasm subsided, she slipped from her perch on top of him down beside him. Her head curled into his chest, and she lightly licked at his nipple.
"That was fantastic." Her thick accent nearly made the words unintelligible.
"Take me in your mouth, lick our juices from my cock."
She hesitated for only a moment, before trapping his rapidly shrinking prick in her warm wet mouth. Roger fell into a deep sleep as she licked him clean. His last words before falling into the nice dreams that were about to come were; "In the morning we will continue, if you can make it back." With that, slumber overtook him.
Roger awoke about seven thirty in the morning. He was alone. On the pillow next to him was a short note.
See you in the morning
A smile came across his face as he rolled out of bed and walked into the bathroom. He turned on the shower, luke warm, then stepped under the spraying water. It felt good. As he soaped his body he thought back on the night before. His thoughts turned quickly from the night before, to the morning ahead. He wondered just how far she would go. Since she was coming back, probably most anything. As he toweled off, his cock began to stiffen thinking about the possibilities.
He left the towel wrapped around him, and laid back down on the bed and began watching the morning news. He wondered how long it would be before she showed back up at his door. A knock fifteen minutes later answered his question.
Getting up, he walked to the door, and opened it just enough to see her standing in the early morning light. She was dressed in a halter, and shorts. Stepping back from the door, she stepped in and shut the door behind her.
"You didn't have to dress just for me." She said, reaching out and pulling the towel from his body.
"Or you for me. Although you probably wouldn't have made it if you hadn't." He smiled as he pulled her to him. The kiss was warm and gentle, unlike the night before animal lust. The results were the same though. His cock responded to the brush of her shorts against it. He could feel her nipples harden through the light fabric of the top. As they held each other, his hands roamed her back and down across her plump ass. Cupping one cheek in each hand he pulled her into him. His fingers found the crease of her ass and trailed down until he was pressing firmly on her virgin asshole.
Even through the material of her shorts, the pressure immediately made her squirm into him even more. The kisses were more heated almost immediately. Finally Roger broke away from her and walked to the phone.
"You hungry?" He asked, picking up the receiver.
"I ate before I left this morning." She said, walking to the bed and sitting down. He punched room service, and ordered breakfast, with plenty of coffee, then walked over to the bed. Standing before her, he unbuttoned her blouse, freeing her naked breasts, and then lightly pinched each nipple until they puffed to full hardness. She reached up and fondled his balls, watching as his cock pushed itself upward until it was only inches from her lips. Flicking her tongue out, she massaged the tip of his prick, probing at the small hole.
"I want to suck you off again, feel your cum in my mouth." She murmured
"Later, baby, go run some bath water. There is a bottle of baby oil by the sink. Use a lot." With that he turned and walked to the dresser and pulled out a pair of jogging shorts. She arose without a word and walked into the bathroom. Roger slipped on the jogging shorts and walked into the bathroom behind her. Bent over the tub, he could see a slight tuft of hair protruding from the leg band of her shorts.
"Don't move." He whispered, moving in behind her. The water cascaded from the faucet, filling the tub slowly. He reached around her and unbuttoned the shorts, the pulled the zipper down. Pulling them from her hips, he was treated with the sight of her naked buttocks, and puffed and swollen lips of her pussy. With her shorts only halfway down her thighs, he brought his fingers up across the swollen lips. Working one finger in, he immediately felt the warm moistness of her. Bracing herself on the edge of the tub, she let him feel her until the lips of her cunt were glistening with the moistness he first felt inside her.
Moaning she tightened as she felt a second finger push its way into her. Roger pushed his fingers in and out of her until he felt her knees weaken. Pulling out, he stepped behind her and pushed his cock to her opening, then shoved in. Her hips met his thrusts as he increased the tempo, until he was pistoning in and out of her in a blur. As he felt her tighten for her orgasm, he pulled out completely.
"No, just a little bit more, please." She screamed, lewdly pushing her hips back toward him. He watched her wildly gyrating hips for a moment, then gave her a slap on the ass, and walked out of the bathroom.
A moment later, she followed behind, completely naked. The lust in her eyes gave her the appearance of a wild woman. Coming up behind him, she reached around a grabbed his still slick cock.
"Give it to me." She pleaded, her thick Italian accent almost slurring the words so he couldn't understand them. Turning, he picked her up, under the shoulders and tossed her onto the bed. Grabbing both legs at her thighs, he pushed them up until her knees pushed into her heaving breasts. He then buried his face into her pre-cum slickened quim. His tongue darted into her, as deeply as possible.
Her thrashing head told him she was once again on the verge of Cumming, so he backed off and stood up. Laughing, he walked to the other side of the room and watched her as she sunk her hands into her hot cunt. A moment later there was a knock at the door. The thrashing stopped immediately, as she grabbed for the covers. Roger opened the door, to be greeted by a tall slender black man, holding his breakfast.
"Room service sir." The man peered past Roger, to the madly scrambling woman on his bed. His eyes widened as he caught a glimpse of her nude ass crawling under the covers.
"Put it on the table." Roger moved away from the door so the man could enter the room. He glanced over to the bed, to see the woman completely covered, head to toe.
As the waiter sat the tray down he once again looked over to the bed, and licked his lips. Roger put his finger to his lips, telling the waiter to be quiet; he then walked over to the bed.
"You need a little don't you." He said, putting his hand on her sheet covered ass. "So, I think you should turn yourself around just a bit," he forced her hips around so she was sideways on the bed," get on your knees," again he helped her to the position he wanted her in, "and enjoy." With that he flipped up the sheet until her ass and cunt were exposed, and motioned for the waiter.
There was no hesitation in the big black mans motion, his zipper was down, and his cock out as he walked toward her upturned ass. Roger marveled at the size of the ebony shaft that was about to split into the woman. It was a good two inches longer than his, and as thick as his wrist. The mans hands roughly grabbed the woman’s ass and positioned his cock at her dripping entrance. Slowly he worked the head of his cock between the swollen lips of her pussy. Once he was inside he pushed forward filling her, more than she had ever been filled before. She screamed at the intrusion of the massive tool, but at the same time pushed back to take what more she could.
Roger could tell by the way she was whimpering she had climaxed and was working toward another. The man behind her roughly continued his assault on her quivering, raw cunt, until his cock erupted into her spilling his pent up passion deep within her loins. As his assault subsided, he backed out of her, tucked his spent cock back into his trousers smiled at Roger and exited the room. The woman didn't move. Roger could see the other mans sperm running from her ravaged cunt, down her thighs. He walked over to her and scooped some from her and rubbed it on her ass.
"After breakfast." He said no more, he just took one of his cum soaked fingers and pushed it slowly into her asshole. She tried to force the finger out, but he was in knuckle deep before she could do anything. "That my dear is the plan."
Roger was nearly finished with breakfast before the woman moved to a more comfortable position on the bed. She laid her head on the pillow turned onto her side, and looked at the man sitting at the small table. Roger smiled at her, and then took the last sip of his coffee.
"Come." He said, getting up from the table. Silently she got up from the bed and followed him into the bathroom. The water was still hot in the tub. Roger picked up the baby oil and poured more into the tub, then turned and took the woman’s arm.
He helped her into the tub, then stripped his shorts off, and knelt next to it. Taking the washcloth from the rack, he opened a small bar of soap and began washing her chest. Her eyes closed as he spent time on each breast, the rough texture of the cloth, making her nipples harden.
Methodically he washed each part of her body, arms, legs, and finally her raw swollen cunt. She jumped at the feel of the cloth, gently rubbing between the lips of her ravaged quim. His hand slid down until one finger rested on her puckered asshole. Slowly, gently, he pushed, until his finger was in to the first knuckle. She didn't fight it this time. Her body was relaxed from the hot bath water. Dreamily she opened her eyes and smiled at Roger. He smiled back, as he pushed his finger into the tight opening even farther. A slight wince crossed her face, but then her body relaxed again. When his finger was in all the way, he brought his other hand up behind her neck, and pulled her up until their lips met. As they kissed he began to move his finger in and out in a slow steady motion.
"Roger," She whispered, her arms clinging to his shoulders, her eyes screwed tightly shut. "I haven't ever had it there before."
"It will be great." He whispered back, continuing the light easy assault on her virgin ass. "Just relax, and enjoy." He kissed her again, and then slipped into the tub with her. When there bodies met, she immediately began to push herself into him, never breaking the kiss.
As he positioned her on top of him, he guided his cock to her cunt. Working it into her, he then reached around to her asshole once again, and pushed he finger in to the first knuckle.
"Oh God, that feels so good." She murmured, before smothering his lips with kisses once again. Roger could feel his cock with his finger through the thin membrane that separated the two.
Extracting his finger, he grabbed each asscheek, and pulled them apart, and then lifting her from his rigid cock, he positioned it at her rear opening. Slowly he lowered her onto him, the tightened outer ring of her ass giving only momentary resistance, before his cockhead slipped into her. She grimaced and tried to come off of him, but the slick tub didn't allow her too. Forcing her down inch at a time onto his cock, he watched her eyes. Closed as first, they popped open when the second inch pushed in. She whimpered, when he pushed on Her eyes were locked on his, she was biting her lip.
Finally he was in to the hilt. Pulling her too him, he held her in that position letting her adjust to the intrusion. Then he slowly pulled back a few inches, then forward again. Repeating the sequence over and over again, slowly, he could see her eyes soften, and could feel her body relax.
"Lets go to the bed." He whispered, pulling himself nearly out of her, but this time she was the one that took the initiative, and sat down hard on his cock. She was shaking as she picked up the tempo, and ravaged herself on him for a few strokes. She then stopped, stood up and got out of the tub. Roger watched her from the tub, as she toweled off, then walked into the other room. It was his turn to follow her.
Toweling himself he walked into the room, and she was on her stomach, legs spread, waiting for him. Crawling up between her legs, he pulled her up and slid a pillow under her stomach, then spread her ass cheeks, and once again placed his cock at the opening. There was no resistance this time as his cock pushed into her. Once in all the way he started fucking her in earnest, as she moaned and thrashed underneath him. His hand snaked around her hips until his finger found her hardened clit. Massaging her clit while increasing the tempo of his assault on her ass, made her thrash more.
When he felt his cum begin, he pushed deep into her and held her still as he dumped his seed into her. At this point, she had once again become a wild woman, trying hard to impale herself even deeper, as his cum splattered the walls of her ass.
Finally, completely spent, Roger rolled from her and fell in a heap beside her on the bed. Immediately she moved to his side, and laid her head on his chest, lightly kissing and biting his nipples.
"Well sir, what is next?" She said, pushing her pussy into his leg. Roger put his hand on her ass, and pulled her even closer, he could feel the juices from her cunt on his leg.
"That my dear will require another day, and another town, and the commitment that anything goes, because that is the plan."

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