LUNA on FlatQube, Everscale based DEX

LUNA is the Terra's principal market (volatile) token, and now, after the collapse happened, it's on a low price base.
LUNA is added to DEX FlatQube and traded via different pairs/pools (EVER, DUSA, USDT).

How to buy LUNA on Pancake via Metamask

Go to Pancake and buy LUNA token via any of the corresponding pairs (i.e. BNB, WBNB, USDT, others).
LUNA (Binance Smart Chain) address: 0x156ab3346823B651294766e23e6Cf87254d68962

How to see and enable swap of LUNA at FlatQube:
  1. Go to Swap and add (import) LUNA token
  2. Exchange LUNA via any of these trading pairs: LUNA/EVER; LUNA/DUSA; LUNA/USDT.
How to transfer your LUNA from Smart Chain to Everscale, or reverse:
  1. Go to;
  2. Connect wallets (EVER Wallet; Metamask) of both networks;
  3. Don't forget to embed Smart Chain into Metamask: HOW;
  4. Make a transfer.
Pub: 14 May 2022 12:01 UTC
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