I even opened up to her about Jennifer wanting to sleep with me and how I had continued to put her off. I even wondered if maybe I had driven her to find love in another man’s arms.

"Jace, you did the right thing. You’re the best man I have ever met. I only respect two men in my life. My father and now you. Don’t ever sell yourself short. It would not take much for me to fall head over heels in love with you.", she admitted looking away from me.

Alexis had just caught me by surprise with that statement after all we had not been seeing each other for very long. Secondly, she ran with the Hollywood crowd which was not for me at all. Although Alexis was very easy to be around and seemed to not make everything a life-or-death situation.

"Head over heels……… I heard that’s a good thing.", I replied.

"It can be if you find the right person.", she answered.

"So anyway, Jennifer and her new boyfriend are coming in two weeks from now. They are going to stay with me. I would like for you to meet Jen, but I understand if you can’t.", I offered.

"Of course, I would love to meet her.", Alexis responded.

The following week Alexis was busy on the set but invited me to join her for lunch on Thursday. Apparently, a catering company provided food for the actors and crew every day and according to Alexis it was quite good. I worked out early that Thursday then dressed and drove over to the movie set. Alexis gave me a pass which let me through security at the gate.

I parked my SUV on lot 4 where Alexis was shooting and got out and walked around trying to find her. I was in front of a large metal building when a woman carrying a load of files came walking by me.

"You have to be Jace, Alexis’ friend.", she stated.

"Yes, I am.", I replied.

"Hi, I’m Janae. I’m Alexis’ administrative assistant. Please follow me.", she instructed.

I followed Janae into the metal building and across the floor to a set that had been set up like a small home. I quickly saw Alexis reading a ***** with another woman and man. Everyone was staring at me as I walked up to the set and stood there looking. Alexis looked up and saw me and excused herself and walked over.

"Hey, I’m glad you made it. We only have a few more minutes left then we can go eat.", she promised.

"Sure, not a problem.", I replied, hugging her.

She showed me over to a group of chairs and told me I could sit down until she was finished. I did just that and several minutes later an older man approached me.

"Are you the one that has been training Alexis for the last few months?", he asked.

"Yes sir, I have but honestly, she is very determined. It is not hard to train someone with a great work ethic.", I responded.

"I would like to offer you a job as a trainer on the staff. Everyone is amazed at Alexis’ transformation. It would be a great paying job for you. ", he offered.

"I own a gym here and would not be able to travel. But anytime you shoot here I can work out anyone you send over.", I offered.

"I’ll keep that in mind.", he smiled, shaking my hand.

Alexis and I ate lunch together and she introduced me to a few people she was working with. I left around two o’clock and drove back home. Alexis was busy for close to a week before she had any time off.

I went to the airport on Friday around noon to pick up Jennifer and her new boyfriend. The flight was about fifteen minutes late, but it arrived safely. I saw Jennifer come out of the arrival tunnel followed by a well-dressed young man. Jennifer ran the last few yards and jumped into my arms.

"Oh my god, I have missed you so much.", she screamed.

"I missed you too.", I replied, squeezing her tight.

I set her down as a clean-cut good looking young man walked up in our direction nervously. She turned around and took him by the hand then looked back at me.

"Jace, this is Bobby Clair. Bobby this is Jace Johnson.", Jennifer stated, introducing us.

"Nice to meet you sir. I have heard a lot about you.", Bobby said, shaking my hand.

"Same here Bobby, although Jennifer has not told me much about you.", I laughed.

We walked together and took the down escalator to pick up their luggage. We went back up to the parking garage and left a few minutes later driving straight home. Jennifer dominated the conversation with Bobby saying very little. We arrived at the house and Jennifer showed Bobby to one of the spare rooms and she took her normal bedroom. It was a nice gesture to take separate rooms but I’m sure they had been intimate already. I could hear the two of them talking as they were unpacking. It did seem like they got along very well but then new relationships always did. I was sitting on the sofa in the living room when my phone rang. It was Alexis on a break.

"Hey, what’s up?’, she asked.

"Just got back from the airport. Jennifer and her new boyfriend are here now," I answered.

"Oh, how nice. I would love to meet her.", Alexis hinted.

"Come on over when you get through. We will be here. We can all have dinner together.", I offered.

"Sounds great, see you in a couple of hours.", she promised.

Jennifer walked back into the room with Bobby in tow and sat down across from me. We talked back and forth for a while, mostly about their situation and what they wanted going forward. Jennifer came across as if her mind was made up, but Bobby seemed uncertain. I knew at some point I would have to speak with him alone.

"What are we going to eat later?", Jen asked.

"It’s up to you guys but we have to wait for Alexis.", I answered.

"Who is Alexis?", Jennifer asked.

"A friend of mine.", I replied.

"As in girlfriend…….", Jen smiled.

"Maybe, I’m not sure.", I replied.

"Okay, I must have more info. Where did you meet her and how long have you been seeing her? What does she do for a living?", Jennifer quickly asked.

"You can ask her……", I laughed.

"Oh, I will but you have to work with me here. Where did you meet her?", Jen inquired.

"She came into the gym and wanted to get into better shape for her job.", I finally admitted.

"What does she do?", Jennifer quickly responded.

"She’s in the movie business.", I answered.

"Wait…. You mean movies as in actress?", Jen gasped.

"Yes, something like that.", I replied.

"What movies has she been in?", Jennifer asked excitedly.

"I don’t know…… you can ask her.", I responded.

Several hours later, Alexis called me to tell me she was on the way. Jennifer and Bobby were in the pool and I was watching television. About a half hour later the doorbell rang, and I let Alexis in. She kissed me firmly on the lips and pushed her tongue inside of my mouth for a second. She pulled away with a twinkle in her eye.

"Be a good boy and you might get lucky tonight.", she whispered.

"I’ll have to be very good then.", I laughed.

"Where’s Jennifer at?", Alexis asked.

"In the pool. Come on I’ll introduce you." I said, grabbing her hand.

We walked through the double doors and onto the patio where Jennifer turned quickly and literally jumped out of the chaise lounge where she was sitting.

"No fucking way…… you’re……... you’re Katie Morgan from Shadows of Love.", she squealed.

"Well, yes, I guess so. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Alexis Timmons.", she stated, extending her hand.

"Oh my God……. I love you. I have seen several movies that you are in, but Shadows is my favorite.", Jen said still excited.

"Well thank you. It was one of my favorites as well.", Alexis answered.

"Jace, you did not tell me you were seeing a movie star.", Jennifer stated.

For the next several hours Jennifer and Alexis talked and talked, hitting it off right away. That kind of left Bobby and I alone a few times to talk. I brought up the subject of Jennifer thinking of quitting school and once again he admitted he thought it was a bad idea. After speaking with him for a while he gave me the impression that while he did care for Jennifer the relationship was not at the level where she had to make a life altering decision. I suggested that he speak to Jen and tell her exactly that. He told me he would but was nervous about it.

Sometime around eight that night, Jennifer and Bobby left to go visit one of Jen’s friends from high school. That left Alexis and I alone in the house. As promised Alexis was ready to go.

"So do you want to fuck me?", Alexis smiled.

"You know I do.", I quickly responded.

She got up and walked over to where I was sitting and straddled me sitting down in my lap. She lowered her mouth to mine and kissed me passionately. She reached over and grabbed my hand and pushed it inside of her jeans. I slowly lowered my hand until my fingers were inside the waistband of her panties. She reached down and unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zipper down quickly. I pushed further into her panties until I touched her very wet pussy.

"Seems like you’re really ready.", I laughed.

"You have no idea……... I was so excited on the drive over here I had to make myself cum once.", Alexis giggled.

"You got off in the car?", I laughed.

"Like a motherfucker…...", she giggled again.

I began to slowly rub her clit back and forth as I looked into her beautiful eyes. Alexis was the most sexual creature I had ever known and there was no doubt there was much more to learn. She leaned in and once again kissed me as her hand traveled up the left leg of my shorts. She wrapped her small, warm hand around my hardening cock and began to squeeze it gently. She pulled her lips from mine and looked me in the eyes.

"I want you to jerk off for me. I want to watch you.", she whispered.

"So, you like to watch?", I asked.

"Uh huh.", she whispered, licking her bottom lip.

Alexis slid back on my lap just a bit as I pushed my shorts down just enough to release my hard cock. I pulled my hand from her panties and wrapped it around my throbbing cock. I slowly began to work my shaft up and down at a steady but slow pace. I looked up at Alexis, but she was intently staring at the show I was giving her. She took her right hand and pushed it inside of her panties and began to play with her pussy.

"Mmmmmmm baby, I love to watch some get off.", she said in a low tone.

"Yea, I kinda like to watch myself.", I replied.

"Oh, you can ask me to get off anytime baby. Just say the word and my panties are off.", she giggled.

Alexis was working on her pussy extremely well judging by the motion of her right hand. I quickened the pace of my right hand all the while staring into her eyes.

"That’s it Jace, jerk it for me.", she said encouraging me on.

"How’s that pussy doing Alex?", I asked.

"I’m almost ready to cum again.", she replied, with a slight pant.

"Really…… already huh?", I answered.

"Yep, but I want to cum at the same time as you do. Can you do that?", Alexis whispered.

"I’m pretty sure I can…… in fact I’m pretty close right now.", I admitted.

"I want to you to cum all over my hand.", she ordered.

Alexis stood up slowly and pushed her jeans and panties down her legs exposing her glistening pussy. She sat back on my lap furiously rubbing herself as she looked into my eyes. By now I was stroking myself quite fast and I knew that I was not going to last much longer. I pointed the head of my cock at her quick moving right hand.

"Fuck, I’m going to cum Alex.", I moaned.

"Do it……. shoot that load on me.", she begged.

My cock was hard and I had a tight feeling like the skin was stretched too much. I had lost all modesty as I was stroking my dick as hard as possible. I saw a few small beads of cum leak from the opening and knew I was close. Seconds later the first discharge manifested itself hitting Alexis on the forearm. Then spurt after spurt of hot semen coated her hand that was deep inside her panties. I was on the last few pulses when Alexis screamed in pleasure as she had an intense orgasm. I reached up and pulled her close to me as her entire body shook with excitement.

About fifteen minutes later we were both in the shower together kissing passionately, our bodies pressed up against each other. Alexis was built to fuck and I had never been with a woman like her. She had a way of communicating with you during sex that was very erotic. You knew what she wanted, and she always let you know that she was enjoying herself. So far nothing had been off limits to her including the encounter at the strip club.

About an hour later, we were dressed for bed sitting in the theatre room for what I knew was going to be a marathon night of sex. We were getting to the end of a movie when I heard Jennifer and Bobby come back in the front door. A minute or so later, Jennifer was standing in the door of the theatre room.

"Jace, do you have a minute?", she asked.

"Sure Jen, what do you need?", I asked.

"I need to talk to you for a few minutes.", she confided.

"Oh, I’ll go back to the bedroom…………", Alexis said, getting up.

"Thanks Alexis.", Jen stated.

Jennifer walked over and sat down next to me looking very nervous. I was guessing that she was going to press me about quitting school and moving back here to be with Bobby. But sometimes things go way off kilter and you get taken by surprise.

"Jace, things just got a lot more complicated. Bobby has decided to take the job in California instead of here. We both talked a lot about it tonight and we both agree that me going to California now would be a bad idea. So, for now I’m going back to school and then decide what I want to do from there.", she admitted.

"Well, I’m sorry to hear about the two of you splitting up but I do want you to stay in school.", I replied.

"I know you do but to be honest I’m not sure I want to stay up there. I think right now I would much rather come back here and just get a job. Softball just isn’t as alluring as it used to be and honestly, I don’t think I’m good enough to be a starter. I live, eat, and breathe softball for twelve to fourteen hours a day. It’s almost a job for me now.", she confessed.

"I don’t know how to help you with this Jen. I really want you to get the education, but I don’t want you to be unhappy either.", I answered.

"I’ll figure it out. "Thanks, Jace.", she said getting up and kissing me quickly.

I turned off the television and the light then walked down the hallway to the master bedroom where I found Alexis already in bed. I closed the door and locked it then walked over to the bed getting in.

"Everything ok?", Alexis asked.

"Yes, I think so. It seems that he is taking a job in California, and she has decided against going. I think she is going back to school for the time being.", I answered.

"From what you told me she has been dealt a rough hand in life. It’s amazing that she is still so grounded. But then again, I’m sure you had a lot to do with that.", Alexis replied.

"She has suffered through some things and I’m sure she struggles at times. I have tried to do everything I could for her and maybe I went too far. The only thing that I told her no about was the relationship with me she wanted.", I confessed.

"Did you ever think that the relationship is what she wanted most?", Alexis hinted.

"Maybe so, but that is so complicated for me. It would feel like I am betraying everything that Shelby and I had together," I answered.

"You don’t think that Shelby would want the same man she loved to love her daughter? Take care of her daughter…………. Be her daughter’s best friend and lover?", Alexis asked.

"Alexis, I’m not that good at this type of thing. I don’t read women well and you know my track record.", I admitted.

"Jace, this is what I do know. First, next to my father you’re the best man I have ever met. I completely trust you, which is rare for me. Second, you’re simply awesome in bed. I feel so comfortable with you and the sex is unbelievable. On top of that, you ask for nothing, but you give everything. Why would Jennifer not want to be with you. After all, you’re not family even though I know you look at her as your daughter. But in the end, she is a beautiful, sexy, well put together women who wants you to take her to bed.", Alexis confided in me.

"You definitely have a unique way of looking at things.", I said softly.

"Maybe I do. I have been around a lot of people so far in my life. I try to take something from each relationship and build on it. But in the end…… all there is left is love. Love can’t be bought or taken. It can only be given. The amazing part is if you give love and receive it back unconditionally, then you have everything life has to offer," Alexis stated.

"Maybe I have to do a lot of thinking.", I answered.

"Perhaps……… but right now you have to do a lot of fucking.", Alexis replied leaning over to me and putting her lips on mine.

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