I wondered down the corridor and stopped outside her bedroom door, a silky red thong lay on the halls side of the closed door. That was strange. I pressed my head to the door, but there was no sound. Maybe my roommate had brought a guy home? for some reason the thought upset me. Scarlett had always only been my friend, but there was no denying the stunning beauty she truly was, even her gothic fashion made her more appealing to me. I had thought in the past few weeks we had been getting closer, sexual tension between us had started to build. But this would change everything; I couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.
"Scar?" I said again knocking lightly on the door.
"you can come in" she called out to me. I hesitated, wondering what I would find on the other side of that door. Despite my hesitation I opened the door. Scarlett lay under her covers, her hair ruffled. "what you-?" I started but was cut off when another girl emerged from Scarlett’s bathroom. She wasn’t as angelic as Scarlett but not someone you would look over in a hurry, she had dyed red hair with black streaks running throw it and she was standing completely naked.
"oh, Dannie this is Kitty" Scarlett said with a blush emerging on her face. I couldn’t speak, I was utterly shell shocked. Was Scarlett a lesbian all of a sudden? Ah that would be so hot.
"I should go" kitty said, looking me over before turning back to Scarlett.
"roommate" she informed kitty.
"oh, I thought… just the way he’s looking at you… I thought you two-" she trailed off, before adding "he’s kinda cute baby"
"kitty" she said giving her a playful spank, I couldn’t help my eyes wondering over Scarlett’s now exposed breasts. God they were perfect, perky and perfectly sized with hard nipples. I was aware of my cock hardening beneath my jeans. "never seen boobs before Dannie?" Scarlett teased, pointing down to my clearly erect cock.
"mmm, can we play with him?" kitty asked. Scarlett didn’t reply, instead she climbed out from under the covers and crawled over to wear I stood at the end of her bed.
"heyy" she said a little flirty.
"hello" I replied, my eyes flicking from place to place as I exsamed Scarlett’s angelic hourglass body. she pulled herself up onto her knees letting us look face to face with each other.
"Dannie would you like to fuck me?" she asked for my ears only. I nodded without any hesitation. She smiled curling her arms around my neck, her lips meeting mine. The gentle touch of our lips wasn’t gentle for long, I couldn’t say who wanted it more but lust exploded between us. her hands clawed at my t-shirt desire to touch my skin, while mine grasped her breasts stroking her nipples gently between my thumb and second finger. She moaned pulling me onto the bed. My t-shirt was gone within seconds her hands stroking at my muscled stomach. I was vaguely aware of kitty pulling off my shoes and socks, but my touch and kisses were infused in Scar.
Scar began to kiss kitty as my hands exploded Scarlett, I let my hands slide to her clit stroking it softly, she moaned deeply into kitty’s mouth. kitty’s hands going down to my jeans undoing them fast. Then they both turned on me and started pulling off the rest of my clothes, when my cock stuck out they both stopped "it’s so big scar, look what’s going to penetrate you naughty girl" she smiled.
"we’re taking turns" Scar said but her eyes were locked on me as she bit her lip. Without warning her mouth come down on my cock, I grunted watching her mouth devour me, I felt my cock touching the back of her throat. Then kitty’s toung started at my balls, the pleaser that ran though me was overwhelming far better than anything I had ever experienced. Scarlett started pulling my cock faster into my mouth still going deep and hard. It wasn’t long before I felt like I was going to cum, they both started to lick at my shaft nibbling at it gently. "don’t cum till I tell you to cum" Scarlett warned me with a naughty smile.
With little warning I felt her body lower onto mine pushing me into the bed, her mouth pressing to my deep and hornyly. I felt kitty’s hands between us, one on my shaft the other fingering Scarlett’s pussy. "fuck me" she shouted as kitty rammed her fingers into her pussy. Kitty suddenly pushed the head of my cock inside of Scarlett and I thrust in, she moans desperately as her mouth began to bite at my neck. I groan pushing out then slamming back in. I felt the back of Scarlett’s wall and heard the pleaser vibrate thought her. I kept thrusting deep and hard not wanting Scarlett’s moans to ever stop, it was like music to my ears. My head was pulled to the left and kitty’s lips hit mine, it wasn’t like kissing Scarlett it was less passion but more rough. She kissed me pulling one of my hands to her pussy. I started fingering her pushing two then three finger inside her as I thrust into Scarlett.
"omg don’t stop, don’t stop" Scarlett begged me. somehow I managed to push in faster and faster pushing ageist her wall harder and harder. she screams and I felt warm liquid flowing round my hard cock, squeezing me tighter inside her. Scarlett rolled of me "fuck kitty now" she commanded stealing the hand I had been fingering kitty with and sucking it clean. I grunted "taste good Scar?" I ask.
"mmmm very" she giggled, before kissing kitty as she sat on my cock. Kitty moaned into her mouth.
I felt kitty’s tight pussy squeezing around my cock, I thrust in fast letting my cock bounce off her back wall. she clawed at me "you’re so big" she moaned. I thrust hard and deep my hands exploring both kitty and Scarlett’s breasts at the same time. "girls I need to cum" I pleased.
Quickly kitty leaped off me and they both took in turn to take my cock into their mouth. "cum in my mouth" scar commanded.
"no cum in mine" kitty begged.
"open up girls I’ll cum in both" I said taking my cock into my hand and aiming in there mouths, suddenly my cum exploded hitting them going in scar’s mouth then in kitty’s my hot cum dripping down their faces.

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