🪶 Library (of /who/LEXandria as anon coined it) 🪶

Here's the list of all the multimedia projects that /who/ collectively worked on for the past year, relative to Mumei - be it streams, outright content or proper creations from anons that are not artworks. It is not only limited to her karaokes, a list of recommendation for the newfriends or a list of collabs that happened in the other holomems channels - you're going to also find the tools in order to record said karaokes and twitterspaces if such occurrences happen in the future (they will and you're going to need it).

🪶 Useful Links 🪶

Mumei's Youtube channel


Mumei's Twitter


Mumei's Merch


Database backup


🪶 Streams 🪶

List of members streams + brief descriptions
M.E.S. (Mumei (is) Everywhere System) - a list of all the collab or appearances on the other Holomems channels

🪶 Multimedia 🪶

Music (Songs & Karaokes)
Karaoke chapters, clips and music videos (merger of older pages)
MP4 of various streams
Various pieces of media (Azure Streams, Twitterspaces, HolofightZ, Illustrations & other stuff)
Weekly Owls & Hooters

🪶 Tools 🪶

Tools - ytarchive & Twitterspaces recorders

🪶 Some dumb stats aka the CHAT HATE section 🪶

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