Elaine Taylor wrapped her arms around herself and she hurried along. Slightly tipsy, she stumbled along the row of squat houses that lined the road to her suburban home. As had become customary, she had spent her Friday night at the bar with friends, drinking and chatting about better days. In her thirties, life had settled into an unsatisfactory routine of cooking, cleaning, and caring for the household, and it fundamentally disagreed with the woman she had always been. She was intelligent and independent, outgoing and adventurous, but a pregnancy in her teenage years had denied her the chance to spend more of her youth taking on the world. Of course, the unexpected pregnancy was itself a consequence of her promiscuity. Steven, a reliable and responsible breadwinner, was hardly the man the sexual deviant had imagined herself marrying.

As she turned into a small alley, she noticed a trio of wrinkled beggars sitting on the rough gravel, backs to her. Homeless old men were becoming an increasingly ubiquitous feature in the peripheries of the city. They were huddled together in the cold, perceptibly shivering. Her heart went out to them. Sliding her jacket deftly off her slim shoulders, she strode towards the men, intending to offer her outerwear to protect them from the harsh weather.

Hearing the sound of high heels against asphalt, the three old men swiveled in unison to stare up at her. In a moment of horror, Elaine realized that they had been crouching together not for warmth but to share a beat-up Playboy magazine, clearly a prized find from a nearby dumpster. Nor had their trembling anything to do with the wind - their cocks were out and calloused hands were resting on it. She stood staring with mounting dread. One beggar looked questioningly at her oustretched hand, still proffering her jacket. The other two had fixed their eyes upon Elaine's statuesque frame. A dark grey crop top clung to her torso, exposing her elegant shoulders and a toned midriff. Her skirt, dancing in the breeze, suddenly felt too short for comfort. She made to reclaim her jacket, to turn and retreat, but she could only stand frozen.

Her eyes widened as she noticed the scene depicted on the magazine. A pornstar was squatting on the ground, enthusiastically sucking the cocks of three older men. Her breasts had bite marks and her pussy looked well used. Bile rose up Elaine's throat. Yet a tingling in her loins was rising in intensity. Amidst the disgust she found a perverse sense of arousal, even attraction, to the entire situation. The three men turned to face her, hands returning to stroke their hardening cocks, and she could not summon the will or the strength to turn away. "Like what you see?" one of them croaked, wizened features widening into a toothy grin. Maybe she did. Maybe she had repressed her sexuality for way too long, always ebbing at the distal frays of her consciousness, now finally resurfacing at the sight of three long hard cocks before her.

The men stood up simultaneously, shedding their dishevelled shorts. They were short and squat, possibly in their 50s, hair matted with dirt and bellies bloated with whatever alcohol they had scavenged before dark. Elaine could see the muck in their pubic hair and smell the unbathed stench of their cockheads, yet it only elevated her arousal. A tingle had turned into a raging inferno of primal desire as she lowered herself onto the dusty road, eyes never leaving their cocks. "Yes," she finally answered. Her voice was soft and meek. She looked up into their faces, mirrors of her lustful expression. "I like it very much."

She took the first man into her mouth, tasting his raw masculinity. The pungence and taste drove her senses wild. She moved up and down the shaft slowly, savouring the sensations that assailed her body, salivating uncontrollably. Her lips closed gently around the organ, tongue swirling its underside as it entered and exited her mouth. It had been a long time since she had given a husband a blowjob. A talent for giving head had gifted her notoriety and popularity alike throughout school; she would frequently blow seniors and sportsmen she barely knew, mostly for the sheer fun of it. There were few things she enjoyed more than a healthy cock in her insatiable mouth. Memories came bubbling back and whatever reservations she still bore swiftly began to unknot. She assumed a newfound energy and eagerness as she worked more and more of the six inches into her mouth with every plunge, until the tip was stabbing the back of her throat and her face was entirely buried in his musky pubes.

Turning her attention to the second man, Elaine did her best to relive her high school days. She puckered her lips and kissed his cock daintily, first on the tip, then down its length, all the way to his balls. Spitting and slobbering, she planted kiss after kiss onto the underside of his ballsack, pleasuring him with her soft lips. His balls were large and unshaved but she did not hesitate to take them into her mouth one by one, tonguing them delicately. As she stared up into his eyes, she placed her hands behind his thighs, stroking their insides. The other two men moved to expose more of her beautiful body. One lifted her crop top and eased out her perky C-cup breasts, heaving gently with her efforts, while the other raised her skirt to fan out over her open thighs. Throughout this process her attention never deserted his balls and she continued to suck on them passionately. The remaining two were content to enjoy the sight of the beauty squatting on the streets, breasts and pussy exposed to the world.

As she returned to the shaft, easing her practised lips over the purpled and veined tip, she felt their hands roughly grope her boobs and pussy. Her nipples had hardened and her juices were leaking. She should have felt humiliated and ashamed, but the sheer depravity of exposing her most private areas to the view and touch of complete strangers only served to turn her on. A hand was cupping her fully shaved mound, and a finger probed past her labia and into the cavity, causing her to emit a guttoral moan around the dick filling her mouth. Her eyes fell onto the discarded Playboy magazine and she knew she had inherited its role - a plaything used to amuse a trio of disgusting old tramps.

The third man had no time or patience for her tenderness and instead shoved his cock all the way down her throat with one powerful thrust. Holding her head in place as her muscles relaxed around his cock, he began to pump in and out, fucking her face with force that belied his age. Drool dribbled profusely down her chin and onto her full breasts, coating it with a sheen as she heaved back and forth. He was seven inches into her throat, ramming it with vigour and violence. Her hands found their way onto the other two neglected cocks and began stroking them in sync with the third. Even as the cock rammed into her mouth, Elaine would caress its underbelly with her tongue, swishing it back and forth, looking up at the man with doleful, submissive eyes.

Finally the old man tired of her mouth. Gripping her by the neck, he hoisted her to her feet and shoved her against the brick wall. Boobs squashed against the tiles, she craned her neck back to observe the inevitable. With no flurry or fanfare the third man thrust straight into her pussy, resuming his hip bucking unrelentingly. Untouched for months, her tight pussy clamped onto his cock, milking it with every trust, vaginal juices gushing in torrents down its girth. She moaned in unadulterated pleasure. Her two hands reached out to grab the two cocks on either side, an instinct to please taking over her mental faculties. "Fuck me!" she whimpered, arching her body as far as she could, hair cascading down her back, a flush warming her cheeks.

Before he blew his load, the beggar abruptly abandoned his pumping, causing her to turn back wide-eyed. Another man moved to take his place. She pointed her ass up and wriggled it invitingly, the moonlight casting a brilliant glow on her soft and supple flesh. The pert roundness of her butt was the sexiest thing the old man had ever fantasized about. He reached between her thighs, fingering their insides, tracing her long, smooth legs up their length. Then he parted her cheeks and without pomp or pretence stuck his cock deep into her depths. Elaine bit back a scream. She rocked back and forth on her heels, pussy on fire, mind engulfed by desire.

Over the night she took turns servicing the three homeless men. After they had fucked her doggy-style they had her mount them one by one, grinding her pussy on their cocks in a cowgirl position, then lay her down on her abandoned jacket to screw her missionary style. She obeyed unquestioningly, lost in the frenzy and fervour of the most intense sex she had experienced since her marriage turned dour. Sometimes she took a cock in her mouth while another pumped into her pussy, skewered on two ends. Her eagerness to please was insatiable. They were rough and unrestrained with her, alternately calling her a slut and a whore, smacking her ass till it turned a vivid pink, pulling her hair back, spitting onto her holes. Yet she would get more and more into it, losing herself in a train wreck of orgasms and rediscovered passion. Two hours elapsed before the beggars reached tipping point. Forcing her onto her knees, they stood over her and ejaculated all over her, smearing a thick layer of cum onto her pretty face and outstretched boobs. She climaxed one final time under their watchful gaze, overcome by the sheer debauchery and degradation of being covered in the semen of three complete strangers. "Thank you," she whispered, sweetly kissing each old man on their deflating cocks, licking them clean. She scooped the cum off her face and chest and swallowed every drop she could.

Elaine made it home without further harrassment. Her mind continued to wrestle with her emotions. Had she really enjoyed getting three old men off? Was she a depraved slut after all? Did her marriage still mean anything to her? As she trawled into her bedroom to join her husband, reeking of sex and stained with cum, she didn't notice that the bathroom lights were still on. Stretched out in the tub, young Natalie Taylor was fingering herself to orgasm, preoccupied with her own adventures that night. While her mother was unbosoming her sexuality anew, she was just beginning her own journey of sexual discovery.

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