No one in the house would be up yet, it was almost as though she did not have roommates and the house belonged only to her. She pulled the covers off of her and shivered slightly in the still morning air. Goose bumps ran up her body but she ignored them, savoring the look of her body the simple white underwear that she preferred to sleep in. There had been times in her life that she had not enjoyed the way her body looked but she had finally reached a place of acceptance. Her small but firm breasts stood up proudly on her chest and she could see her nipples start to rise in the chill morning air. She ran a hand over her breasts, feeling her erect nipples press against the palm of her hand as she passed over them. She groped herself roughly, one breast filling her small hand. Her morning ritual was one of the reasons she loved this time of the day, a lifetime of living in places with thin walls and an amped up sex drive meant she had to find times where she could have some alone time. She slid her hand over the top of her panties, feeling the lips of her pussy through the thin material. She could already feel her pussy getting wet with the anticipation of what was coming. She really wished that she could just get laid, but it had been awhile since she had been with a guy, and ironically enough although she really wanted a boy for sex, she didn't want to be used just for sex. She absently continued running the tips of her fingers over the lips of her pussy.

She pulled her panties up over her legs, exposing her pussy to the still air of her bedroom. If anyone had come into her room in that moment they would have gotten quite the show. She slid one finger back and forth over the opening of her tight hole, feeling the moisture gathering there as her excitement continued to mount. She slipped a finger into her mouth and savored the taste of her excitement, a ritual that one of her exes had gotten her started on. She had found it disgusting at first but now she loved the taste. She slipped a finger inside her and bit her lip to hold back a moan of pleasure at the sudden intrusion. She worked one finger into the tight hole and sunk her fingers in up to her knuckles. Sliding her fingers in and out she pounded into her pussy like a jackhammer, with all the delicacy of a bull in a china shop. Although she looked pretty and proper most of the time she didn't like to have sex, she liked to get fucked, rough and hard without all of the romantic crap that the media said she should enjoy.

As her hole loosened as she became more excited she slipped a second and then a third finger inside, stretching her tender pussy to the limits. A low moan escaped her lips despite her best effort and she bit down on her lower lip, redoubling her efforts to silence herself. She could feel her excitement building and she didn't think she could last much longer. A hot flush spread out over her chest as she came, filling her with tingling fire that stretched out to her arms and all the way down to her fingertips. She shuddered as wave after wave of pleasure cascaded upon her.

She fought to catch her breath and slow her racing heart. She felt like she had run a marathon and she watched in sly amusement as her abs flexed involuntarily in the aftermath of her orgasm. One orgasm however was not enough for her. She decided that it was time for something a little different than she usually did. Pinning her clit between two fingers she started to rub it gently, with her free hand she slipped one finger inside her ass. She clenched her jaw at the intrusion, while it felt odd she also felt dirty and a startlingly erotic way. She had always wondered about women who liked anal sex but the more she played with her ass the more she enjoyed it. She slipped her finger gently in and out of her ass, all the while flicking her clit. Her orgasm built faster this time with the additional stimulation. She could no longer hold back her cries and buried her face in her pillow as a cry escaped her lips, muffled by the soft cloth. In her mind she was being penetrated by two men at the same time, her ass and her pussy being used for their pleasure. She desperately wanted her pussy to be used, to be filled with a stiff, hard cock that would fuck her roughly and leave her covered in cum. Her fingers continued their work, slipping in and out of her ass while simultaneously playing with her clit. Her hips bucked wildly in an involuntary jerk as she came, contorting her body nearly into a U.

She collapsed onto her bed, a thin sheen of sweat covering her body. She was exhausted and figured there was hardly a better workout to be had, and definitely no better cardio, given how hard her heart was beating...

She rolled over in her bed, pulling the covers back over her. Now that she was temporarily satisfied she decided that she could get some rest before she had to get up for the day. Her last thought before she slipped back into dreams was that she should buy a ball gag, it might muffle her cries without having to bury her head in the pillow...

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