She had got some temp work in London and was staying with an old friend there. I was only bothered because I knew it was unlikely that the night we spent together would be difficult to repeat. We had screwed again the morning after, and the memory of her jerking off my spasming cock over her wet hole only left me wanting more. We had agreed to stay in touch, but I hadn't heard from her in about a month, until late one night when I received a slightly tipsy phone call asking if I was free at the weekend. "I went home from a club with a guy" she said, "but he was crap. I didn't even let him finish! After our night, the thought of anyone else doesn't really excite me. Why don't you come down and fuck me this weekend?" I quickly agreed and we arranged that I would travel there after work on Friday.

Sleep was a problem for the next couple of nights. The only action I'd had since Louise had been a quick fuck at a party with an ex who I hadn't seen for years. She had followed me into the bathroom and kissed me, pulling her panties off. I had stuffed myself into her hole and fucked her hard while she made herself cum, then dropped my load in her pussy and went home. It had been good, but one fuck in a month isn't much. I couldn't wait until I had the chance to squeeze myself into Louise's tight pussy again.

Louise and her friend met me at the station, still dressed in her office clothes. Her high heels, tight skirt and blouse got me interested right away. She kissed me full on the lips, sticking her tongue in my mouth. I could tell that she had had a few glasses of wine. "This is Kaitlynn" she said. I liked Kaitlynn right away. She was a bit shorter than Louise, with a nice slim figure and rich red hair. She smiled at me with a confident air and a knowing look. The plan was to head back to their flat so I could shower and they could change before we went out to a club somewhere, and we rushed home quickly.

I emerged from Louise's shower and found her reclining on her bed, wearing a yellow dress which showed off her body. She saw me run my eyes over her and smirked, patting the bed next to her. I dropped my towel and walked over, the head of my already erect prick bobbing as I did so. Without saying a word leaned over and ran her tongue up and down my cock and nibbled on the head. I gasped and nearly passed out when she opened her mouth and engulfed me, leaving a wet slick on my shaft as her head slurped up and down. Louise withdrew me from her mouth and, with a wicked grin, moved down to my balls, reaching up and pumping my cock with her hand. She must have remembered how much I enjoyed it last time. I was glad that she had decided to give me this treat before we went out, as I would have spunked after about ten seconds in that smooth pussy.

I could feel my balls tightening and the cum rising up to my dick. Her large blue eyes were looking up at me. "Soon, baby" I murmured. I replaced her hand with my own as she sucked hard on my balls, and began slowly stroking myself to orgasm, using plenty of friction. She lifted her head, rubbing my balls, and began lapping the tip of my cock with her soft tongue, drooling on me and making me even more turned on. Suddenly, my body tensed and she dutifully sealed her lips around the head of my dick. This tipped me over the edge, and I let out a loud gasp as I went off like a volcano in Louise's hot mouth. Probably because it had been a little while the cum just seemed to fly out in one huge go rather than the large spurts I usually have. I saw Louise's eyebrows raise, and she lifted up before I was properly finished. Louise opened her mouth and showed me the large load in there, before making a show of swallowing my cum. Some leftover cum ran down my wet shaft, and Louise began massaging it into my balls.

It had been a fun night, at least for a while. We had gone around a few clubs and bars and had a good time, until Kaitlynn's boyfriend had showed up. The guy was a real loudmouth and a total jerk, chatting up other girls in front of her and trying to drag her off to the toilets, and when he tried to grope Louise we had had enough. I love (almost) nothing more than dealing with idiots like that, and as we left the last club, with him trailing along behind us slurring abuse, all I had to do was wait for a quiet street. I spun around, grabbed his shirt collar and headbutted him right on the bridge of the nose. That put a stop to him following us. To my surprise, Kaitlynn seemed to find the whole thing funny. "At least now I don't have to put up with him panting all over me tonight," she said. "Although it is a bit depressing knowing that you two are going to be screwing all night and I'll be all alone in the next room..." Louise laughed and said "You can come and watch us if you like. I'm sure he wont mind." I certainly didn't mind!

We got back to their flat, and, with the drinks still flowing, Louise and I began to put on a bit of a show for Kaitlynn. Sitting across the room from us, she watched as my hand slipped up Louise's dress and under her little thong, rubbing her wet pussy. My cock was soon out for some air, her mouth clamped around it giving me an extremely wet blowjob from side-on; saliva dribbled down onto my balls and the couch. I had her short dress pulled up around her hips and was working away on her clit. "Gosh, you two are good aren't you?" Kaitlynn purred. I looked at her and realised that she was fingering herself. Catching my eye she peeled down her top and took off her bra, exposing a set of firm tits.

I hadn't had my cock in Louise's smooth box for a while, so without waiting any longer I lifted her leg up and stuffed myself in, her tight hole working it's way down my glistening shaft easily. Her face flushed and I worked on her clit with my thumb. Kaitlynn moved over for a better look - she was naked now apart from her pair of red heels. She kissed me hard and released Louise's big tits from her dress. They jiggled as we fucked, and Kaitlynn slapped them playfully. They both giggled, and Kaitlynn whispered "You should see that big cock fucking your pussy..." Her hand replaced mine and she kissed Louise on the lips, before moving down to her neck and throat. "Oh baby, oh baby...Oh God!" - Louise came hard, writhing on the sofa, eyes rolling in her head.

"Let's finish him off Lou," Kaitlynn murmured. Louise grinned "Yeh, he wants to cum in my pussy, don't you?" I nodded. "He just loves cumming in my pussy! He'll fill me up good and proper!" Kaitlynn bit my ear hard and snapped "Do it! Cum in her, I want to see it drippping out of her!" Her hand gripped my cock as I pumped away at Louise's wet slit. I leaned forwards as my body tensed and came hard, with solid shots that caused Louise to gasp and exclaim "that was a good one!"

I withdrew and cum immediately seeped out Louise onto the sofa. Kaitlynn wiped some onto her hand, and, perched on the end of the sofa with her legs spread, began rubbing it into her wet pussy. Louise and I looked at her, breathing heavily. We both seemed content to follow her lead - we had enjoyed the night so far. She ordered me to recline on the sofa and, taking Louise's hand, kneeled in front of me. My cock had softened, so she contented herself with lingering, soft kisses on my stomach and thighs. Louise, meanwhile, had turned towards me and I half expected her to ask me to stop or at least look annoyed, but she grinned and said "enjoy" before grabbing hold of Kaitlynn's hair and drawing her head up towards my balls.

I twitched as Kaitlynn began to use her mouth on my balls and gently gripped the base of my cock, which was hardening with every passing second. Her green eyes glanced up at me and she spoke - "I really need to cum! Can he stick that big cock in my pussy, Lou?" "Feel free," Louise laughed, "just don't get to used to it. He's just on loan!" Kaitlynn said nothing else before straddling me, her pussy with it's tiny neat patch of ginger fur hovering over me before clamping over my shaft hard. She was still wearing her heels, and she used all the strength in her slender thighs to ride me as deep and fast as she could, her pale skin flushing in excitement. She reached down and rubbed her clit. It was like she flicked a light switch - she exploded with a guttural grunt and came strongly and quickly. I expected her to stop there, but she carried on with even more bucking, leaning back and grinding herself backwards and forwards. I gripped her hips to help her, and she began working on herself again, building up to a proper orgasm. Louise was grabbing at her tits and slapping her ass, and she shrieked and came intensely, writhing around. I felt her knees grip me as her thighs shook and her pussy throbbed. My balls were soaked with her juices.

I was ready to spray again, so I took the lead and pretty much picked her up. She was unable to kneel on her trembling legs to I sat her on the sofa and stood in front of her. Almost instinctively her mouth opened and moved towards my cock, which I thrust right in. She took it all with no problems so I held her head and began to fuck her throat quickly. Her lips made a seal around my shaft, but saliva still escaped and dribbled onto her chin and chest. Louise was sitting next to her, and she said "Cum on her face baby, she'll enjoy it." Kaitlynn mumbled in agreement around her mouthful of dick. I was really ready now, and with a gasp I pulled out of her mouth and came, slapping my dick on her cheeks and lips. White cum spurted out all over her as my toes curled - I was empty now. Gasping, she rubbed most of the cum into her mouth, swallowing loudly. Some was left on her chin and she sucked it up before spitting it onto my cock, stroking it into my skin. Louise stood and kissed me while Kaitlynn sucked me clean. I was a lucky man!

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