A shiver runs down my back when I look at the note in my hand, and see that this is definitely the right address. I pull my shoulders back, and straighten my back, well, if this is the place Shaun wants me to go, I will go in.

The tattoo parlor is not a place I would normally visit, especially on my own. It looks more like something out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show than a place my husband would visit. Pictures of men and women in different poses, showing off their tattoos, and pierced body parts fill every inch of the walls. A picture of a woman with various studs in her pussy draws my attention, and I can’t help but stare at it.

"You must be Sue, my name is Arthur. Won’t you take a seat, and I’ll be right back."
"I am not sure………." I started.
"Shaun told me what you wanted, I will take good care of you" Arthur says as he undresses me with his eyes, taking in every curve.
"Turn on the TV, I will just be a couple minutes"

I turn the TV on, and a couple demonstrating the Kama Sutra starts dancing on the screen. I blush, and flip through the channels. Every channel is filled with porn, and I start watching a movie of two men fucking this little bold girl. I feel my pussy contracting as the man pulls his big cock out of the girl’s red, extended ass. The hole his cock leaves is massive.

At this point I have to tell you that I am fascinated by anal sex. Shaun and I have tried it a couple times since our marriage ten years before, but it hurt every time. So we decided not to do it again. We would talk about it, but I was scared.

I flip to another channel, looking for more anal porn. Watching two men fucking, I don’t hear Arthur entering the front room. He coughs, and I fumble for the off button. Blushing all over.

"You can come with me." The words sound more like an order than a request.
He marches me into a bathroom, and hands me a bag, filled with liquid, with a pipe attached, and a kimono.
"You do know how an enema works, don’t you?"
"I…………. to be honest, no"
"Well we need to empty your bowels somehow don’t we? Take off your panty and bend over the bath, hold onto the edge with both your hands."

I do that, too astonished not to obey. He pulls my panties down, I watch them fall around my ankles. He squirts some liquid on my ass, then I feel him penetrating my ass with a finger. He finger fucks me for a couple minutes, and I can feel an orgasm building. This is so wrong, but so good I think to myself. Then he shoves the hard pipe up my guts, emptying the bag into my bowels. When he takes it out, he slaps my ass hard, leaving a print. He puts his finger back into my ass, bringing me to orgasm, and I squirt pussy juices all over his hand.

"Damn, Shaun said you were easy to please, guess he was right. You may have a shit now." He licks the cum off his hand, and walks out the door.

I flop down on the toilet, and empty my bowels completely. After taking a quick shower, I put the kimono on. It was definitely not made for someone of my build. I am 1.75m tall, rather slim at 65 kilos, but I wear a 34F bra. I look at my reflection in the mirror, and notice that the kimono barely covers my ass, and just covers my tits. But there is no chance of changing back into my clothes as Arthur walks back in. I follow him into a room with three chairs and introduce me to his son, James. I am then ordered to sit in the middle chair, and I do.

"We don’t have much time, and a lot to do." Arthur remarks to James.
"Let’s get started then." James says, and pushes his hands between my legs.
I say a quick prayer, I am turned on and scared. Then I remind myself that this was arranged by Shaun, and I do trust him.
James looks at my pussy, which I keep neatly trimmed, and nods his approval. He takes shaving cream, and a straight razor, then continues to shave my pussy completely. They both stand back and look, only to notice a few stay hairs. And removing those.

"Personally I prefer my pussies trimmed." James remarks. He flips on an overhead, and the bold girl I have watched before jumps to life.
"This will make things easier and a lot more fun" he says.
Arthur opens my robe, and touches my nipples. When they are erect he takes two clamps from a trolley, and eases them into place, while James finds my clit, he plays with it for a couple minutes. He then clamps both my pussy lips. He pulls on these to open my pussy, and slips two balls, with a string attached, inside my wet pussy. The vibrations sending thrills though my body.
Then they both stand back, while I squirm in the chair.

"I tell you she is too tight James." Arthur said.
"I am telling you again that I know what I am doing." James retorts.
"Besides, Shaun took a long time to plan this, he will kill me if I hurt her."
"I need you on your hands and knees for the next part, you might as well continue watching the TV, I won’t mind. So turn around now, or I will help you. And remember to relax, or we will hurt you." Arthur says.

I turn myself over in what looks like a dentist chair, with my ass stuck in the air. Arthur empties a tube of astroglide into my ass, and the tears are running down my face. James follows this with two fingers. "I would live to get my cock into this dad, this is the tightest I have ever seen, and nice and pink too. "Won’t be pink in the morning though." James remarks, licking his lips.

I watch the screen as the bold headed girl takes an amazing thick cock up her ass, I can’t decide if the expression on her face is agony or pleasure. Probably a bit of both I decide.

James slaps my ass several times. It stings, but I refuse to whimper. He had by now worked three fingers into my ass. I cum again, squirting everything. He pulls the clamps on my pussy lips, and takes his fingers out.

Arthur walks between me and the TV, I blush as he licks his fingers. He had a pink buttplug in his hand. "Too big, I thought so too, but I have seen Shaun’s cock, it is still bigger. Tell you what, I will send you home with this, and he can have the pleasure to rip you apart further." Tears start rolling down my face. I am scared. Shaun, what are you doing to me?

James slaps my ass again, and I feel something cold and hard pushing into my ass. I look around, and James is pushing some metal balls into my ass, I count nine hanging down. The last one is about the same size as the buttplug in Arthur’s hand. James slaps my butt again, one …….. two ………. three times, and every time he does, another ball disappears up my ass. "Good girl." He says as the last ball disappears up my ass. I feel stuffed, and my ass hurts.

The image on the screen changes again, and suddenly there is a petite red headed girl, sucking two black men. Arthur reaches under me, and start playing with my clit. James pulls the balls from my ass one by one, and I have the most amazing orgasm ever. He walks over to the fridge in the back, removing what looks like two balls, covered in herbs. He stuffs them into my gaping ass, and starts inserting the pink buttplug up my ass. It takes a long time to do, and he slaps my ass when he is done.

"Now we are done, you may get dressed." Arthur informs me.
"Here is your outfit for tonight."
"You have twenty minutes to get home before the herbs start working. That’s all it is, but it will make you horny, and might impair you driving abilities."

I get into the clothes, it is a short skirt, and a skimpy top that hurts my nipples, the clamps pushing them against the material.

I don’t remember much about the drive home, or even going into the house.

Shaun meets me at the door, and kisses me passionately. I feel his raging hard on through the chino’s he is wearing. He pulls me inside and says in a quiet tone. "We have been married for ten years today, and we both have sexual fantasies. I think it is time we acted on them."

"I know yours is anal sex, mine is to see you fuck other men. I want to see your pussy raw, and your ass open wide. I want to see cum dripping down your legs. I want to see your ass spanked red. Are you okay with this?" I was still nodding my head when he started pulling me into the lounge. There were four men, friends Shaun knew since law school. Men I have known since we got married.

One hands me a drink, and I take a large gulp. Shaun takes the bottle, and announces that we might as well use the bedroom, it will be more comfortable. Besides, the cameras are already set up in there.

I get onto the bed, horny as I have never been in my life. As I move to remove my top Shaun stops me. Someone takes a camera, bringing it closer, for a good shot. Shaun pushes me against the mattress, and roughly pushes up the top, rubbing my nipples as he does. He smiles in my eyes, and removes my nipple clamps. Seeing that there is some blood as he removes them, I can see the sympathy in his eyes. He beds his head, and kisses my nipples, making me wet even wetter. The next moment he flips me onto my stomach roughly, and orders me to pull my legs up.

I am aware of the skirt pulling up, barely covering my ass. I blush, and turn my head to look at Shaun. "All you have to do is say "no," Darling. This is my game till you do though." I nod that I understand the rules, and lick my lips.

"Look boys, I told you that Arthur knew what he is doing. Not quite red enough, what do you think?" With that a hand lands on my bottom, and another, and another.

Shaun removes the clamps from my pussy lips, and pulls on them, rubbing the lips between his fingers roughly. It hurts, and I push my hips backward, trying to get him to stop.

"Look, she needs more, I think she wants to fuck." The man behind the camera says. "Well what are you waiting for boys? For a formal invitation?" I say.

Shaun opens a suitcase I have not seen before, and takes several items from them, handing it to the men who are now all naked. I see a paddle, a whip, and a couple of cockrings, various other items I don’t recognize.

The man with the paddle slides in behind me, he brings it down hard, till my ass stings, and I start crying. He puts this to one side, and starts pulling at the flared base of the buttplug, but it remains in place. My anus closed around the tapered end tightly. I try to push my hands to the back to get rid of it, but they are taken by my husband, stretched in front of me, and I hear the handcuffs snap in place. Shaun slaps my butt, and the man gets hold of the plug, pulling firmly. There is a strange sucking sound as the plug slips out of my butt. He holds it firmly in his hand, and starts fucking me with it, pushing it all the way in, and pulling it out again immediately.

The pink plug is replaced by his big cock. As he pushes it in, I feel the urge to shit, and start pushing out. He has about half his cock in, when someone pushes his cock into my mouth. I can hardly get half of it into my mouth, he is that big. The man in my mouth blows his sperm down my throat, and I try not to spill any. The man behind me pulls out, his cock still hard, and pushes me even further up, so that I stand on my head, with my ass in the air, and my hands still chained to the bed. He poses me for the camera, showing my gaping hole for all to see.

Then he slams his cock back into my ass, after a couple strokes he cums in my ass. We stay like that for a minute more, and he is yanked from me, replaced by the next man. He only fucks me for a minute or so before he cums.

"I want to feel her tits while I fuck, and look into her face, loosen the cuffs." Jack, Shaun’s best friend announces. Shaun unlocks the cuffs, and I am moved to the edge of the bed, and the cuffs slam back into place around my left wrist.

"Holy shit she is tight, just as well that we have all night, and I can have another go at her." Jack says, pushing the head of his cock into my ass. My anus started closing again, and he pushes in slowly, determination showing on his face.

Shaun grins at this, and brings down the whip on my tits. Drawing blood. The blood seems the urge them all on, and Shaun brings it down again, and again, softer this time.

Jack pulls out, and cums all over me. My asshole is red and extended. Shaun replaces Jack, and fucks me, gently at first, and then just for his own pleasure. When he pulls out his place is taken by the last of his friends, a man named Jarod. His cock is huge, and always used to be a topic of discussion when they got together. There is nothing gentle about him, and he fucks me till he cums deep inside me. He bends over, and kisses me on the lips, tenderly. He pulls out of me, and starts to lick the cum from my ass. His tongue feels great, and I am amazed that I still have feeling left in my ass. Someone pushes the pink buttplug back into my ass, and I know that the night is still young.

The men all disappear into the bathroom, and I hear the shower running. I drift off into a light slumber, only to wake up and see Jarod pulling the balls out of my pussy. He grins like a schoolboy. "They said I can have first go at your pussy, see I am not all the way hard yet, I promise not to hurt you."

I look down at the prick he is holding in his hand, and I can barely believe the size of it. Even half erect it is big enough to rip me apart. He positions me on the bed, and starts pushing his cock into me. Inch by inch. When about half of it is inside me, he starts fucking me, in and out. I find myself relaxing, giving myself over to the moment, and enjoying the fuck of a lifetime.

The next morning Shaun and I stood at the door, waving goodbye to our friends. I have had all the boys at least three times. Leaving my cunt and ass sloppy wet, and cum running down my legs.

"Don’t we have another celebration coming up soon?" I ask as Shaun closes the door behind us.

I had so many orgasms that night I have lost count. I have discovered the slutty side of me, and often wear provocative clothing, even to work. I went back to Arthur a couple days later to have my nipples pierced, as well as my pussy lips. I also have a tattoo on my lower back, done by James.

Next week we have an anniversary of the day Shaun and I met. I wonder what he will think of this time.

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