But sadly my wife isn't.
My friend J has a girlfriend Jenna who is extremely busty at about a 36 triple D and super hot.

J was leaving town for work and so we all went to eat. As we sat and mingled I would sneak glances at her large breasts, I know she saw me looking a few times but I didn't make it sutle that I was looking at least not to her. I'd caught her checking me out a time or two before anyhow. As we all prepared to leave I dumped the tray and went to get a refill while my wife went to the bathroom, J was talking to a friend he'd seen. As I went to the coke machine Jenna ran ahead of me cutting me off. I tried to politely go aside her but as I stepped closer she jumped in front of me again this time her ass bumped against my crotch I felt my rod buldging immediately as her ass ground against it though only momentarily. I laughed and moved aside again.
As we stood outside exchanging momentary goodbyes I noticed Jennas eyes locked on my crotch, I wondered if shed felt it on her ass? I decided to check out her tits one last time before we left I could feel myself getting harder. I looked up to find her eyes on mine. My blood began to boil as I knew she had seen me blatanly staring though deep down I had wanted her to catch me looking. We departed, my blood was still on fire though my cock was beginning to go down.

A week later J text me asking if I could go to his house and check on their water heater because Jenna said it was out. My wife was at work so I went alone. I used the key under the door mat to get in since Jenna was supposed to be at work. I made my way to the back of the house were the water heater was. As I was checking it out I was grabbed from behind. startled to find Jenna behind me. she told me she came home from work early and their baby was still at day care for the next three hours. She was wearing a robe I figure she was going to take a bath before I'd arrived. I told her that I would be out of her hair in about thirty minutes. No rush she said as she pulled a chair up to sit and watch. she was bent over in the chair trying to watch what I was doin, and as she bent over I got a decent look at her cleavage. I couldn't help from looking down her robe her big firm tits were beautiful. My cock began to grow in my basketball shorts but I didn't care I wanted to see more. I explained what I was doing she scooted closer to see and her tits were almost in my face and my cock was now throbbing and I could feel the precum spreading. I told her I was finished and as I stood up my hard shaft brushed against her face. Shiit I thought i didn't want to be this blatant. She sprung up and grabbed my hard shaft squeezing and tugging it as she asked "What is this!?!?!" I stuttered and mumbled "What is this!?!?" She asked again. I couldn't even respond the sensation felt to great I hadn't had sex in a month. Then she asked louder " YOU WANNA STICK THIS IN ME?!?!?" As she tugged my cock closer. She looked down and tugged my cock a few times and slapped it. Saying "it is pretty big" and she groped my balls saying " and I bet these are swollen" she grabbed my shaft and led me to the living room were she dropped her robe revealing the vinyl corset stockings and a g string she was wearing underneath. "The bitch planned this whole thing!" I thought. She got on her knees and pulled down my shorts revealing my hard cock then pushed me onto the couch. "Wow, I've wanted this!" She said as she took my cock into her mouth. She took the whole thing down her throat on the first try. Came back up and sucked the tip in small strokes taking the whole thing again every third or fourth stroke. She stood up and sat on my lap grinding on my cock as she put her hair up. I reached up and pulled her tits out of her corset she moaned as i fondled her massive melons and squezzed her nipples. She grabbed my pole and began pulling on it. "I've had my eye on you for so long and I know you have too." she leaned back as she ground my cock and said "take control" "I'm kinda kinky" I said "show me!" She said! I pushed her on the floor onto her hands and knees. I took the belt from her robe and tied her wrists to her ankles. She moaned softly as I played with her dropping wet pussy. I came around and put my wet fingers into her mouth making jer taste her cum. I stuffed my shaft deep into her pushing it in slow and deep. she moaned like a whore and begged for more. I started slowly picking up speed as She moaned and gushed over my cock. I stuffed her panties in her mouth and fucked her faster and deeper. Still moaning she came hard on my shaft. I grabbed her Poney tail and pulled her head back while I thrust my cock deeper into her. She began to shake as she came again. I grabbed her hips and thrust again exploding inside her as she came too. She spit out her panties saying " were doing this again and next time I'm taking control".........

......more to cum!

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