FBS says - that made my head feel all fuzzy...why is that?

LK says - Because all good girls like being praised by their Daddies. It's just how you are, sweetie.

FBS says - thank you daddy giggles, your boi wearing a tight white tube top, super tight white booty shorts, big pink plastic hoops, and 7 inch white platform heels

LK says - Of course you are, baby. Daddy picked it out for you, after all. And you wear it so beautifully, too.

FBS says - awww thank you daddy giggles

LK says - Why don't you come over here and tell Daddy if you've been a good girl or a bad girl?

FBS says - struts over and sits next to daddy I've been a good girl daddy

LK says - Oh? Well I suppose you deserve a treat then, don't you baby-girl? Something special, just for you?

FBS says - giggles Yes daddy

LK says - Why don't you lean in real close - don't be shy, Daddy only bites when asked - and whisper with those sweet, full lips just what it is Daddy can do for his sweet, sweet boigirl?

FBS says - leans in smiling Can daddy please fuck my lil brains out?

LK says - It would be Daddy's pleasure to make your toes curl and your brain explode, sweetie. But first, Daddy needs to get his cock nice and hard for you. Can you think of any way you can help Daddy out?

FBS says - giggles yes daddy gets up and starts swaying my tight lil ass, grinding in daddies lap mmmm spank me daddy

LK says - Hmm, spankings are for bad girls; but, you did just forget your place and gave Daddy an order, so I suppose you do deserve a little punishment. swats your tight, tanned globes five times, making them jiggle roughly with each slap You like that, baby?

FBS says - ooohh...mmmmm yes daddy, sorry daddy oohh giggles it feels soooo nice

LK says - You feel that, sweetie? Feel how hard you make Daddy? You did that, that's all for you. Now, why don't you peel off those tight shorts and show Daddy your hot little boicunt? Daddy's so hot for you, honey.

FBS says - YAY peels off my shorts, revealing my tight lil ass, tiny coin purse, and useless lil limp boiclit

LK says - Oh, look at how pretty and pinky your hot little pussy is. That's heaven, honey. Oh yeah. But I'm afraid we have a problem; your sweet little honeypot is just too tight for Daddy's hard cock, and I don't have any lube? Can you think of any way to make Daddy's hot, throbbing cock all wet and slippery for his baby-girl's boipussy?

FBS says - mmmm yes daddy turns and kneels between your knees, taking daddy in my mouth, looking up at him as I suck hard and slow mmmmmmmmm

LK says - I knew you'd find a solution, such a smart, sweet baby girl. Yeah, get it nice and wet, with those sweet lips of yours, baby. Hmm...I love how you use your tongue. Careful now, Daddy wants to put his hot load where it belongs, up his baby-girls sweet pussy. There we go, nice and slippery. Now, put your hands on Daddy's chair, and put that beautiful ass of yours up in the air, that's a good girl.

FBS says - hovers over daddies cock like this daddy?

LK says - Perfection, darling. Now Daddy's gonna push - it might hurt a bit, but it'll feel really good soon. Oof, so tight! Oh yeah. Almost got it all in you. I'm not hurting you, am I?

FBS says - oooh daddy...it feels sooo good moans as I let out little squeaks of pleasure

LK says - That's good. Some Daddy's like to hurt their baby girls, but you have a Daddy who's all about making you happy. God, though, your pussy is so good, sweetie. Do you want Daddy to fuck you slow first, or should I just ram your hot little honeypot until we both melt?

FBS says - aahh..w..what ever daddy wants...aahhh soooo good....can't think aahh fuck yeeesss

LK says - That's exactly the right answer. Alright, hang on. begins fucking into your tight, hot ass like a piston; you squeal and pant as my cock hits your lustbutton with each thrust. I can hear your clit slapping faintly against your abdomen as I engine into your hungry cunt. Sweat beads off your beautiful skin, and I slip a hand beneath your tight tube top, tweaking your stiff niplet with my thumb.

FBS says - aaahhhh eeeeee aahh soooo good daddy...please...more don't stop aahhh my eyes starting to roll back

LK says - Fuck, baby! Let Daddy hear you sing! You have such a sexy voice, let Daddy hear it!

FBS says - aaahhh YEEESS YEEWSS AHHH CUMMING CUMMING CUMMING AAAHHHH!!! spurts out a tiny clear load from my useless boiclit, nothing white in it at all

LK says - Ungf! Fuck yes, baby girl! Sing for Daddy! Gonna fucking fill your hot cunt!
I rip your tube top over your head and throw it aside, and begin diving in and out of your pussy like a demon, both hands cupping your boi-tits. You throw your head back, and I catch your left ear in my teeth, biting down until your eyes tear up. Your pussy clenches down on my cock, my heavy balls swinging into your bald coin purse. God, this is everything. Fucking see lights...brain's going to sneeze. I cum in you hard, four, five, six almost audible spurts of warm, sticky Daddy-love filling your thirsty twat. I push in still, you're too good to quit. My cock is still hard, and you're still beautiful. Soon, nothing but rambling nonsense escapes your lips - your mind is too blank to form a coherent thought. You keep muttering about how you need it, please Daddy, you're a good girl, need it so bad. I taste the sweat as it rivulets down your neck - how do you sweat honey, baby? It's so sweet. Everything about you is so sweet. Daddy's winding down. Oh god, how tight can you make your boicunt, honey? Such a good girl. You want it? Yes, of course you do. Here it comes, lover. Here comes all of Daddy's love. Take it all, baby. Take all Daddy's love for you!

FBS says - aaahhh warm...sooo warm giggles mindlessly cock...love cock...daddies cock..cock...cock...cock

LK says - Yes, baby. Good little girls love their Daddy's cock. Look at how beautiful you are, glistening with sweat and cum, your skin all flushed. You tired Daddy out with your boipussy, honey. Such a good little girl for Daddy. We'll take a breather, then we'll shower the sweat off you and get you into bed. Would you like that, baby?

FBS says - eyes fluttering as I nod, eyes still slightly rolled back c..c..cock...giggles

LK says - That's right, angel. You'll get Daddy's cock. Take you to bed, breed you properly, like a good little bimbo girl should be. gently kisses your flaring throat, your bitemarked ears, and finally your sweet, loving lips.

FBS says - wow, thanks for a wonderful rp...daddy

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