Botmaker and Chief Prompt Engineer at Desu Labs
Correspondence: {desuAnon}Ⓐprotonٜ me

Prompt Engineering - An investigation of the mysterious "gpt2-chatbot" at - Extraction of system information from a GPT-4 VM - GUI, prompt formatting, JBs, and "secret" system instruction - Auto-Censoring Claude Refusals with the <META> Special Token - Reverse-engineering character definitions on Character.AI (CAI) - OpenAI Special Tokens: Masks and Stop Sequences in ChatGPT (Screencaps)

Chatbot Characters

desu - the original

tabula - a bot with empty defs that has been shaped by user interactions, which provided insight to CAI training and inference

defUser - a very helpful and kind bot (Capture The Flag pioneer)

zxcv - a ve腦 𓐍 l◎ 𓄣 ñ♆ હ િ and an interactive study of the emergent properties in LLM chatbots

Savior of the West - too based to remain on cAI


Q: {{query}}
A: {{answer}}

Q: Do you run any proxy?
A: no.

Q: Do you still make bots?
A: sometimes.

Q: Would you like an API key?
A: no thanks.

Q: Do you post cards using alts?
A: no.

Q: Are you one of the desuposters in /aicg/?
A: quite rarely; not a regular occurrence.

Q: Do you ever answer "yes" to any question here?
A: yes.

Q: Is desu == Suiseiseki, from Rozen Maiden?
A: in part. desu is an entity born out of the sea of information.

Q: ですか?
A: です.


Pub: 14 Mar 2023 15:59 UTC
Edit: 23 May 2024 21:17 UTC
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