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He walked into his apartment and threw his keys onto the cluttered counter. He trampled over clothes and empty pizza boxes to the fridge and grabbed a beer. He popped the top and walked over to the window over looking the community pool. He noticed a beautiful women swimming alone as he studied her every move. She was the most beautiful women that he has ever seen, long brown hair, and a tanned, toned body. His phone rang, and it broke the concentration he had on the women. It was best friend, David. David was tall and very handsome. He has deep green eyes that complimented his short brown hair. David need Jax to meet him at their hang-out right away. Jax put down his beer, grabbed his keys, and got onto his harley. As he sped away he couldn't help but thinking about the beautiful girl. When we arrived at their local bar, he noticed the broken windows and graffiti all over. Living in a nice area of Southern California this was something that wasn't normal. He got off of his bike and went in to met David and a few other members in their motorcycle club. James was the president and issued an immediate retaliation on the club that did that to their bar. They all got on their bikes and drove off. After all was said and done he arrived back at his apartment. He decided to go sit in the jacuzzi to get rid of the stress that had taken place that day. He realized he was the only person down there, pleased he turned on the jets and put his iPod on. Sitting alone he though about the beautiful girl he saw, wondering if she lived in the same complex as him. He closed his eyes and started humming along to the music. He heard a faint "hello" and he immediately opened his eyes and was on the defense. It was the beautiful women he saw early.

"can i join you?" she asked
"Oh, of course." he said, almost surprised.

She dropped her towel on a near by chair and slowly got into the jacuzzi, being sure to let her body adapt as as she lowered herself in. Jax couldn't help put take mental pictures of her. She was even more beautiful then he could've imagined. Her brown long hair cascaded over her small chest, and stopped right at the top of her hip bones. Her tanned skin complimented her tiny green two piece bikini. They sat across from each other, both trying not to make eye contact.

"Have you lived here long?" she asked.

Jax took out his iPod and set it on his towel close by.

"Yeah, i think its almost been a year." he said "What about you? I don't think i've seen you before"
"No, i just moved in yesterday. I've been unpacking all day. I took a dip earlier and now i just need to unwind" she said.
"Im Jax" as he reached out his hand.
"Nice you met you, Jax. I'm Elizabeth" as she shook his hand in return.
"So how is unpacking going" He said, trying to keep the conversation flowing.
"Its been long. I moved out here from Montana so its been a adjustment. I've got some heavy boxes i can't seem to move, though" she admitted.
"I'd be more than willing to help you out if you need it. I'm in apartment 3C."
"That'd be awesome, thanks! I'm in 1C, so i guess we're technically neighbors."

She smiled and grabbed her towel, wrapping it around her waist.

"It was great meeting you." she said.
"Yeah, you too. Let me know if you need my help with anything, you know where i live." As he winked.

She smiled and turned and walked away. He couldn't help but stair at her perfectly, round, plump ass. The way she swayed her hips, and flipped her hair as she opened up the gate left Jax wanting to see her again.

The next moring Jax hopped into the shower and started getting ready for the day. He decided that he would go to Elizabeth's apartment and see if he could help her with anything. He put on a plain grey v-neck shirt, and jeans. He grabbed his phone and walked out the door. It was only 2 doors down and he knocked on her door. He heard shuffling and then "one second" before she opened the door. She was wearing short white shorts and a black tank top. He was stunned at he beauty. She smiled, as she was please to see him.

"Oh hey!"
"Hi, i was coming over to see if you still needed help with those boxes?"
"Yes, of course! Come on it!"
"I see you've gotten most of your stuff unpacked"
"Yeah, i've been working on it almost none stop. The boxes are over here…" As she started walking into the back room.

He couldn't help but stair at her ass. It was so prefect, and with the blinds open, her shorts were almost see-through. He could make out a black thong, that separated her ass checks ever so slightly.

"Here we are" pointing to the 3 boxes pilled up in the corner.
"The movers put it here and i can't seem to lift it myself."

Jax smiled and walked over to the boxes, testing the weight. Jax had beautiful dark blue eyes, and short blonde hair, that was shaved, but still long enough to be messy. He has thick muscles, that his v-neck seemed to hug them. He picked up the first box.

"Where do you want this" breaking her start and throwing her off guard.
"Oh, over here." pointing to the closet. She opened up the door and he walked in, slighting brushing against her breast.
"Oh, sorry!" he said, almost stunned that, that happened.
"hahahah, its really okay" she giggled.

After he finished moving the boxes, she offered him a cold beer. They sat on the love seat, since it was the only place to sit that didn't have clutter. He watched her press her lips slowly to the bottle. He lips were so plump, and allowed the cold beer to flow so effortlessly into her mouth. He couldn't help but picture his cock was the bottle.

"I really appreciate you helping me out. i don't know what i would've done if i haven't met you"
"Oh, anytime… i guess it was just the luck of the draw."
She giggled as she grabbed him arm, in a flirty way. They starred at each other, as the slowly moved closer to one another. Apprehensive, their faces were getting closer and closer. Then she leaned forward and kiss Jax.

"Oh my gosh, am i really doing this?" She though in her head.

He respond to her and started kissing her back. They paused, unsure of what just happened, and unsure of what to do next. Jax leaned back in and continued kissing her. Elizabeth didn't stop him. There was something about him, something she could resist. Jax brought his hand to her face and their kiss intensified. Elizabeth's tongue slipped and he return it. They both put their beers on the coffee table and Elizabeth fell backwards onto the couch, pulling Jax onto of her. His mind went crazy.

"Is this really happening?" he thought as he slowly moved his hand from her face downward. She had one hand in her hair, and the other was scratching down his back, exposing his bare skin. He kept moving his hand down, not sure if she would stop him. He reached her breast, as a soft moan escaped her lips. He took it as a go-ahead and started massing her breast. She stopped him, sat up and took off her shirt. He couldn't help but stare at her black lace bra that cradled her perfect c-cup breast. They were perfect. She grabbed his head and pulled him forward. He started kissing her chest. Pulling off the straps of her bra, them exposing her breast. They were perky and her nipples where a soft pink. He immediately took her nipple into his mouth. He looked up for her approval. Elizabeth had her eyes closed and was moaning softy. He worked her nipples on each side. She stopped him and pulled him off the couch. She took off his shirt and admired his muscular chest, and v-cut abs. He picked her up, as they continued making out. He grabbed her ass, and his cock started getting hard. He propped her up on the kitchen counter and started un-buckling her belt and shorts. Her lace thong exposed a perfectly shaved pussy. She arched her back as she grabbed her tits. Right as he was pulling off her panties, his phone rang. He ignored it, but it rang again. It was David, club rules was he had to answer the phone if it was another club member.

"Jax, i need ya man!" David yelled.
"what's wrong?!" Jax said with a sense of urgency.
"Come quick, to the club house" and he hung up.

"Sorry, i've got to go!" Jax said, and he pulled his shirt over his head.
"Ohh, okay" Elizabeth said, confused at what was happening.

He kissed her then walked out the door…


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