Regarding thread management:

Do we want a rep to be responsible for making posts like this one, where matters are voted on? Y/N

Might be better to have more than one person, both to distribute the work load and to reduce the accusation of any given anon becoming the one running this world.

The next 4 matters to be voted on are related to the above:

Would such a position be permanent or rotating?

Rotating. Putting all the workload on a single being will not be fair, and having the position be non-permanent helps reduce the perception of the rep abusing their power too much. Combined with above, maybe some/all on the rotation list can make them? Let's hope it won't result in having a bunch of votes active at the same time.

What would you suggest is a sensible time (ie day of the week/month, also time of day) for the vote post to be made, and how long should the votes be kept open?

It should be open for at least 24 hours to account for all timezones; ideally 48 hours over the weekend. This means the vote post should be made some time on Friday, but the exact time of the day does not matter as much. It might be a good idea to make the vote post early on in a given thread though. If something urgently needs to be voted on, the vote might need to start on a different day of the week, but it should still last at least 24 hours.

Should a different anchor post, similar to the prompt and lore ones, be made each thread for people to attach their suggestions to, that can then be voted on the vote post? Y/N

Yes, for referential purpose. I don't think we need to vote on all issues tabled, just ones with enough impact to warrant a definite answer to.

Do you prefer a voting system like this one, where reps reply on one post and their answers are gathered at the end and summarized, or using poal links?

Like this one. Poal links can be used for reference, but its result should not be definite to avoid someone rigging the result.

Regarding the map:

A decision has to be made regarding /jp/; is it in an alternate dimension, is it on our current planet? If it is the latter, is it on the surface, but not shown on maps, or underground?

I prefer it being an alternate dimension, although I'm fine with it being underground. The only thing I'm against is it being on the surface off the map, since we've been operating on the assumption that the map shows the entire globe (barring the poles). Being able to reach neutral/fetish continent by sailing east from holo-niji continent should faciliate trade.

Connected to the above, is the vt planet Earth sized? Y/N. If N, what alternatives do you suggest?

Yes, it should be Earth-sized to make things easier, although minute adjustment to its size (like a few %) should be fine too.

As a matter of fact, what should the name of the planet be?

If countries can be called /name/, then the planet can be called /vt/. Different countries probably call the planet differently anyway.

Should /fbk/'s and /mion/'s locations be swapped? Y/N

Abstain. I don't think either has anyone active here to pitch in, and I don't know about either to have an informed opinion.

Should /OKFAMS/ be also added on the map, perhaps around the area of /duck/, /mogu+/doog/, /fbk/, /mion/? Y/N

Abstain. See above.

Should /pyon/ get their rabbit island(s)? Y/N

Yes. /pyon/ has worked out a proposal in >>20289534 (>>20289794 in their own thread). It fits on the map, and they get the intended climate, so I don't see why we shouldn't adopt their proposal.

If Y to the above, what should happen with the now empty /pyon/ location? If N, should /pyon/ remain where they are or be moved to an already existing island around them?

(Y) Empty lot for future threads.

Should the land acquisition of /who/ over /uuu/ be voided? Y/N


Should /israel/ and [insert another new thread I forgot the name of] be added on the map? Y/N

/aa/ seems to be sticking around, so sure. Not too sure about /israel/ (or other potential new threads), but if they're sticking around too, then sure.

If Y, where?

Old space of /pyon/, /gorls/, and any other threads that have gone quiet long enough if more needs to be added.

Similarly, regarding any new threads added from here on out, what do you propose is done for them to acquire land?

Lore-wise: Perhaps their chuubanite becomes inert/transform into that of the pantheon of the new threads, which lead to the original inhabitants either leaving or adopting new faith, or any other solutions the new thread sees fit.
Out of universe: Removing threads that no longer are around for a long time should work, since it's not like we're getting more active threads in total. If the number of active threads grow to the point that they're constantly bumping each other off, we might have to start cutting existing ones down in size, but hopefully that won't happen anytime soon.

What should happen at the poles?

Nothing. There's probably something there, but it's not like their climate will be hospitable for us to use in this time period anyway.

Regarding the Rushia situation:

Multiple lore proposals have been made in this thread, following a brief a explanation of what transpired during the incident from a fandead, however nothing concrete was decided upon to be anchored. Ideally, we would get an in-universe lorepost from a/the Rushia representative. I see that may be difficult, so reply to this question with your own lore, either by writing one now or linking a previous post.

Good that I wrote something about it: >>20274625
It's not necessarily mutually exclusive with other lore posts, since mine concerns only the fall of Rushia. We can probably weld multiple lore proposals together (especially if they concern a different time period) as the end result.

Similarly, for chuubas that graduate, or vt-related threads not tied to any specific chuuba fading away, should a set way to erase them from the map be decided upon or should it be investigated on a case-by-case basis?

Case-by-case basis would be better, since odds are they fade away/stop being this vtuber in different circumstances, and their threads probably react/be acted upon in a different way too.

Regarding Jannies and the smiting that may or may not be incorporated into Rushia lore; what are they in regards to our world/pantheon, and what effects and powers do they have?

Some kind of powerful (but not divine) entities. Most likely intelligent with set and somewhat predictable patterns, but are unable and/or unwilling to communicate with mortals. Something like dragons, ringwraiths, or other mythical beasts, and probably comes from, and returns to somewhere beyond this world. Sometimes their actions might be reasonable (if with flawed execution) like destroying unstable chuubanite like Rushia's (even if it means the land will not have anything approaching stable government for a while), and their consistent actions might be seen as pseudo-divine signs of said pantheon falling. However, not all fits the same pattern, and /meat/ likely is being attacked by them often despite their chuubanite being about as stable as everyone else's. Their power level is probably above regular mortals (us plebs), but not something unstoppable (unkillable, maybe, but not strong enough to completely fuck over /meat/ despite constant attack) or truly divine (have their own chuubanite).

Regarding Chuubanite:

Is Chuubanite the final name we want the material to have? Y/N

Abstain. I'm used to this name, but I'm not too attached to it to vote yes. I'm up for the idea that different names are used to refer to different types of chuubanite, like what >>20291913 suggested.

Is it radioactive? Y/N

Yes in the sense that it decays naturally at a set rate, but no in the sense that bathing in it screws over your bodily function, or that the radiation can be used to cause chain reaction in chuubanite. That said, exceptions to the latter can be made when it is caused by something drastic and beyond mortal control, like the Rushia situation.

Does it differ from nation to nation, meaning it absorbs some of the qualities of the thread ruling over the area it is in, or is it a simple element which is used differently by separate nations depending on their lore?

Former, but the cause of the difference is not due to their physical location, but rather the deity/deities/fetish that particular type of chuubanite is associated with. As example, most (if not all, although things can be different for the fetish threads) chuubanite found in /meat/ will have qualities associated with /meat/, but those quality will stay even if it is brought to /rose/ or /inf/. The rate of decay might increase in places where faith in the related deities/fetish is uncommon/absent?

If the answer to the above is the former, what happens when the land the chuubanite is on changes owner?

See above for possible result.

Is Chuubanite only found in the ground initially, then spread around by plants/humans/bacteria/planetary natural processes, or does everything inherently have Chuubanite in them, like mana?

The former, in the same way that all natural elements originally come from star stuff. In practice, everything existing now will have some amount of chuubanite in them as part of the natural process.

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