Guide on How to Make a Blu-ray REMUX from a Blu-ray Disc (MKVtoolNix #2)

MKVtoolNix :

Open MKVtoolNix and Select the index.bdmv file from BDMV Folder of your Blu-ray.

Choose the playlist with the most chapters. In this case, the playlist is extremely long (longer than the movie's runtime and chapters), but this is due to a bug rather than the movie itself. So look for the one with the correct runtime and chapters. To determine a movie's runtime, go to

Click Add and then edit it in the same way we did in eac3to method. (
(In this method, the languages are detected automatically.)

You don't need to load the chapter file because it's already there, but it doesn't always get added. As a result, you'll need to extract chapters with eac3to and mux them (using multiplexer) in the final output.

Pub: 16 Apr 2022 16:35 UTC
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