“You just walked right in front of a truck, my dude.”

You find yourself standing on the bridge, next to the roadside. There’s a busty pink haired girl wearing a black dress staring over the edge of the bridge, down into the water.

“You got some serious air. Flew right over the side! What were you even doing here?”
You simply stare at the girl in confusion, not quite grasping the situation. She turns to face you.

“Oh, give it a sec. Takes your soul a minute or so to catch up after it leaves the body prematurely.”

You nod. The fog is starting to clear. You tried to cross the bridge on foot and a truck veered to the side. More confusingly, you’re staring at Calliope Mori, who is supposed to be on hiatus. You’re a pretty big fan, if the 100GB of her lewds on your PC at home were anything to go by. She shrugs at you.

“Yeah, I still show up for my fans. I just don’t advertise it. Don’t want any deadbeats trying to rush the process.”

She seems to be reading your mind, you realize. Mori giggles at you.

“I can sense some of it. I’d be a little screwed otherwise. You don’t exactly have a real body to speak with now. Anyway.. “

She pulls out a roll of parchment, opening it to read the contents.

“I’m actually obliged to do a last request, based on your preferences. Not that I mind, people often want to go see some nice places or whatnot before they pass on. And yours is.. eh?”

She frowns at the paper, her pale face rapidly turning flush. Mori looks up at you with a nervous smile.

“I-I just need to make a quick call, haha.”
She walks some distance away from you before raising a hand to her ear. You strain to listen, though you’re not sure how that works when you’re just a soul.

“Sensei, are you seeing this shit? … What do you mean- you said there’d be no perverted stuff. How is this … what do you mean a loophole?”

She looks back at you for a moment, still red in the face.

“But HOW is he even still up for that, he’s a spirit … what do you MEAN because it’s me? LISTEN.. “

She pauses as someone barks into her ear, her shoulders sagging.

“…I’ll do it this one time. Fix this shit before I go out again, please.”

Mori lowers her hand and sighs loudly before turning back to you. The reaper is incredibly red in the face, walking back to you with her eyes locked to the floor. She stops in front of you for a while before raising a hand and meeting your gaze.

“You’re such a freaking perv,” she mutters, snapping her fingers. Your surroundings change in a blur.

You’re now both stood in a dark room, a blue light shining from the corner. You realize you’re stood in an apartment bedroom.

“Yes, my home. Nothing fancy. Just my pad for streaming.”

You sense a physical change and look down, realizing you’ve been returned to your physical body. You feel all the regular human sensations rolling back in – you’re getting hard just from being in proximity to Mori. She scowls at you.

“Yeah, well. I can hardly fulfill this fucking last wish without you having a goddamn nose, right? You ain’t getting your speech back though.”

She shoves the scroll from earlier into your chest. You fumble and grab it, squinting to read the text. A detailed description of your death, followed by an unceremoniously described last wish of.. spending one last night huffing Calliope Mori’s rancid stinking farts.

Ah, she knows, you think to yourself.

“Yeah, I fucking know. You’re such a degenerate that the request flew past the big man himself. Congrats.”

Mori blushes again, running a hand on her belly.
“How anyone can be attracted to that.. it’s the worst.. I can’t get used to this body at all, why is it so freaking.. gassy..”

She squeals as she lets loose a long, droning fart, her face turning the deepest shade of pink you’ve seen tonight. The small room quickly begins to fill up with her stench, which you begin to sniff at eagerly. She has the right of it, of course. You’re quickly fully erect and Mori eyes your member with her embarrassed expression.

“It just.. it makes no sense, dude.. how can you be.. it stinks.. how can someone like this gassy stinking body.. “

Her fingers reach out to your erect cock, her red painted fingernails tracing up and down your shaft. She grasps your dick, precum oozing from the tip. She raises her head, her eyes meeting yours.

“You.. really are into it, huh? Such a freaking degenerate.. “

Mori’s bright pink eyes gaze into yours as she lets out another long wet fart, her fat cheeks audibly rippling as she slowly strokes your cock with one hand. The fumes from her shithole quickly hit your nose, the putrid yet feminine odour setting off your brain, giving you an intoxicating hit of pleasure.

Mori shudders at your response, apparently sensing how much you enjoyed it.

“Wow, you’re really.. fucked in the head.. “

Despite her chiding, she leans into you to kiss you, her plump lips quickly parting to give way to her wet tongue. Your tongues intertwine as her body begins to melt into yours, her pale cleavage pressing into you.

Your reach your hands down to grab at her fat ass through her dress, getting two handfuls of her thick cheeks.

Continuing the deep kiss, you hear a rumble from her belly. You raise one hand to grab her lower back and pull her into you, forcing out another massive rippling spurt from her asshole as she moans into your mouth. The incredible experience is proving too much for you as you rapidly approach orgasm, your balls tightening.
Mori’s grip on your cock tightens like a vice and you gasp. She pulls her face back, pouting.

“Oi. This is a rare service. You aren’t cumming like this.”

You think out loud about how you’re already getting a lot more than what was on the paper, which she responds to with an even tighter death grip. You yelp.

“Don’t you get cocky.”

She pushed you backwards and you topple onto her bed. You look back over to see her undoing the buttons and clasps on her dress. You feel something slightly damp under your hand and grab it. You realise you’ve got your hands on a pair of her dirty red panties. You immediately take a whiff, the pungent sweaty musk of her cunt soaked into the fabric suggesting she wore these for a long while. She notices what you’re doing and glowers at you.

“God, you.. fucking, whatever man. At this point it’s whatever.”

Her dress falls to her feet, her curvaceous body, fat ass and tits revealed in her red underwear.
She steps up onto the bed, standing over your waist, your twitching member jutting up towards her cunt.

Her unnaturally bright eyes bore holes into you as she glares down at you.

“What? You think you’re getting my pussy that easily? Is pussy even what you want, you disgusting fart fetishist freak?”

She runs her thumbs under the strap of her panties and yanks them upwards, the fabric digging into her cunt and revealing a glimpse of her pinkness.

“No way, dude. I know what you’re about.”
She turns slowly and you’re treated to the sight of her fat reaper ass above you, her beautiful pink hair almost hanging down to it. Pulling up on her panties again, she yanks them right up into her crack and you’re treated to a show of her near-bare ass.

You hear another gurgle above you as Mori grasps her stomach again, but she doesn’t release.

“I’m holding this one for you. Better prepare yourself.”

You realise she’s going with the flow more and more. The excitement and prolonged lust are starting to get to you, but you’re pushing your luck as it is.

She continues to stand above your waist, teasing you with her ass. You go to touch yourself, the sight of Mori’s erotic body getting the better of you, but she kicks your hand away.

“I don’t think so. You can sit there and wait. Sniff those panties if you really like. I wore them for two weeks straight without showering. Had a busy couple weeks. I’m sure you’re into that.”

You sample the panties again, breathing in the deep musky scent from the crotch and the sweaty shitstink from the back. You taste both parts with your tongue, the overpowering flavor of Mori’s filth making you feel intoxicated.

“God, look at you. So disgusting. I know that there’s some degenerate deadbeats out there, but you might be the worst.. ghhk.. “

Mori’s berating cuts off with another gurgle from her stomach as she runs both hands up and down her belly.

“I guess it’s about time.. “

She discards her panties and steps backwards to position herself over your face. Looking up, you’re treated to the sight of her glistening pussy, her pink bush and tight puckered butthole. Despite her protests, she looks to be excited herself, her inflamed cunt oozing with grool.

Mori cuts off that thought as she squats, lowering her fat pale ass to your face. You’re immediately hit with her heat and womanly scents. She shifts around, looking for the sweet spot, until your nostrils are pressed right up against her winking shithole that threatens to erupt at any moment.

“Well, prepare yourself, fucking degenerate. It’s what you’ve been waiting for.. hope it’s everything you imagined.. nng..!”

She blushes hard and groans as her butthole gapes itself against your nostrils as she erupts with a foul deep rippling fart that shakes your head. The heated fumes roll right into your nostrils and sinuses, your eyes rolling back as you’re treated to her incredible scent. Her brutal shitstink forces its way into you, yet you can’t get enough.

Mori groans as her long wet droning farts continue. You drink in the scent greedily, becoming increasingly intoxicated on her stink, your eyes watering despite all of your disgust being rewritten into pure euphoria.

Suddenly she shifts downwards a little, her fat ass coming to rest on your mouth instead. She leans over and without warning takes your cock into her mouth. You’re soon howling as Mori sloppily fellates you as her growling ass splutters her dirty farts into your mouth, the taste of her reeking fumes catching upon your tongue.

Unsurprisingly you aren’t lasting long like this. You spank her ass with both hands, grabbing a handful of each cheek. You spread her butt and slip your tongue into her noisy shithole, catching the last round of her rankest, deepest farts right on your tongue. She begins to rapidly bob her head on the tip of your cock in response, sucking intently on your glans. You begin to white out as you erupt into her mouth and throat, desperately tonguing at her spurting hole as you shudder and writhe from the intensity of your climax.

You flop back into the bed limply as Mori moans and swallows down your load. She finally sits up, still using your face as a seat as she contemplatively eyes your member.

“Insane, my dude.. I don’t think anyone enjoys that quite like you do.. but I guess it’s about time for you to pass on.. “

She muses to herself as she idle mindedly grinds her sweaty butt against your face. Your tongue lolls from your mouth to taste her sweaty crack.

Her face grows stern as she eyes your already re-hardening cock.

“Y’know, maybe Sensei can go fuck himself. I could use a slave.. " She smirks.

“I know. A real test of your depravity, deadbeat.”

Reaching over to her bedside, she pulls out some coils of red cord and begins tying your arms, wrists and ankles. Finishing her knots, she pushes you down the bed and pulls up the covers.

“Aight, I’m real tired. Busy reaper, you know how it is. You’re gonna spend the night under the covers. No peeking out or you fail.”

She throws the covers over you and gets into bed herself. You can’t see too well under here, but sure enough her wide reaper ass is resting inches from your face.

“And yeah, I rip ass in my sleep. No sleep streams for a reason. Goodnight. “

She chuckles and nestles her head into the pillow, lying on her side. You’re left under the covers, the air already heating up from the heat pouring off Mori’s sweaty butt.

Reaching a hand down under the covers, she grabs one cheek and spreads her ass slightly before squeezing out a loud rasping fart. You can feel the putrid fumes roll across your face as you breathe in. The air starts to become muggy, damp and reeking.

After some time, Mori is snoozing as small spurts regularly bubble out from between her big sweaty asscheeks. Every now and then flecks of her sweat hit your face as her cheeks shake from ripping ass.

The stench becomes unfathomable. Your eyes are watering, almost stinging. The air is hot and heavy with Mori’s brutal concentrated gas. A torture session for the average man, yet you’re in heaven as you greedily breathe in Mori’s essence, somehow not suffocating from the asphyxiating conditions. You figure you have her to thank for that.

More time passes. You’re not sure how long you’ve been fully erect. At this point you’re reverting to monkey mode, wriggling against your constraints as you try to get closer to her. Eventually they start to become looser. Mori suddenly lets go of a particularly powerful one, her asscheeks rippling visibly as you’re spattered with sweat.

You groan and pull hard, freeing your arms. You grab Mori by the hips and pull her to you, burying your face into her sweaty crack and feverishly licking away at her shithole. You wince and savor the taste as you wait for Mori’s retribution – but it doesn’t come. She doesn’t react at all.

You relax a little and continue to indulge in Mori’s ass under the covers, running your tongue through her sweaty crack. Spreading her legs, you lean forward to her cunt, sniffing at her musk and licking at her wet slit. From the smell and taste you’d guess she hadn’t bathed for a few days, not that you’d ever mind.

Struggling, you manage to flip yourself over and around until your erect cock is pressed against her fat butt. She still doesn’t stir. You slip your dick between her cheeks until your shaft is resting against the warmth of her asshole, her fat reaper butt enveloping your cock.

You lay still there in the stinking muggy space under the covers, your fear of angering her somewhat rekindled – until her asshole gapes against your shaft and she ejects a long droning wet fart on your cock. You feel every ripple and vibration. Your inhibitions break down once again as you begin to thrust your cock between her damp cheeks, bucking your hips into her ass as your grind against her.

You recoil as Mori suddenly shifts her body and you’re pushed back a little. She pulls herself down under the covers and turns. You’re suddenly face to face in the dim light with the reaper, her glowing eyes gazing into yours.

“I can’t believe.. I can’t believe you love this so much. Your soul is seriously rotten or something. Does anything disgust you?”

You’re not sure anything she could do would disgust her. She seems to sense your thoughts on this and glowers at you harder.

Expecting a beratement, you’re surprised when she suddenly lunges forward to kiss you. Your tongues tangle as you both swap the taste of her ass between you. Mori presses her body into yours and lowers a hand. You’re suddenly enveloped in burning heat as you realise Mori is guiding your dick inside of her.

You slowly push yourself into her as she embraces you. She gasps and shudders slightly. You bury your face into her pink hair. Being inside Mori in this pocket of air that reeks of her pungent womanly essence dispels any restraint as you begin to thrust into her with all the grace of a heated animal.

Mori bites her lip and groans as you pound her. She sniffs at the muggy air herself.

“G-God, I’m never g-gonna get used to this.. ngg.. this fucking b-body and its smells, but y-you really do love it.. I guess we’re a g-good match.. hah..”

She suddenly bites down on your shoulder in her lust, but the pain hardly phases you. You’re completely focused on the sensations of her tight cunt. You feel her big tits jiggling against your chest. You lay a slap on her ass and she begins to loose small farts with each thrust into her, renewing the stink under the covers.

Before long your balls are tightening up as you’re about to cum. Mori’s eyes flash in the dim light.

“I can f-feel it. Fucking cum. You’ll m-make me cum too. We’re c-connected. Breathe in my d-dirty fucking farts and shoot your load inside me you F-FUCKING filthy degenerate fucker!”

You inhale Mori’s stench and groan hard as you shoot ropes into her cunt. She wails and tightens up in response, clinging to you. She begins to shudder as her pussy contracts around you, milking your dick dry.

She loses all control of her unfamiliar body as she cums. She begins to messily rip ass and piss herself, the bed quickly getting soaked beneath the two of you. You both lie there as you ride out the pleasure, Mori’s orgasm continuing for some time.

Finally after a while, Mori tosses the cover from the bed. You’re both utterly drenched in bodily fluids. It’s an obscene sight. Mori finally starts to drift off to sleep, muttering to herself.

“Yeah.. you can stay.. deadbeat.. would be a waste.. I’ll just tell sensei.. whatever..”

Mori passes out. You flop over onto your back and black out next to her.

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