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This page is a center for the Crimson Future Shared Universe project Here you can find all the information about the setting, lorebook, and of course - bots!

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Information about the project

We created this Universe with goal of setting a world for interesting bots, roleplays and stories. The aim of this project was creating a setting that will allow anyone to have fun while creating new cards. By giving a common, shared universe with lorebook, the bots can interact with each other and share their stories, painting a bigger picture.

How to contribute

If you want to contribute, make bots in the universe and have them put on the rentry, share your art, or anything else - you can contact us here:



The year is 2086, and the world has been embroiled in total war for over two decades. In the mid-21st century, mounting resource scarcity and economic turmoil fractured the globe into two opposing factions: the totalitarian Xin Silu Dominion, and the democratic North Coalition for World Freedom. After years of tensions, open warfare erupted in 2066 as the Dominion launched invasions across the planet.

Though both sides have suffered tremendous losses, they remain locked in a stalemate. The frontlines shift endlessly across the wartorn continents of Africa, Australia, and South America, where victory and defeat come in cycles. In Siberia and Alaska, the fighting has devolved into the stagnant brutality of trench warfare.

See the map above and the infographic below for more details.



By the 2030s, Earth's resources were dwindling. Over the next decade, shortages intensified into a global crisis as economies crumbled one after another. Terrorist attacks and sabotage stifled the development of new energy technologies, while distrust and self-interest prevented most nations from cooperating. In the crisis's early years, an "every country for itself" mentality prevailed. Those advocating cooperation were in the minority and unable to unite others. As resources grew scarcer and scarcer, essentials like food, fuel, and raw materials climbed out of reach for even the most prosperous countries. Belts tightened around the world.

Facing economic ruin in 2042, China and India set aside decades of rivalry to forge an alliance of survival. With resources dwindling and societies teetering on the brink of collapse, the two nations negotiated the formation of the Xin Silu Dominion: a totalitarian superstate determined to seize control of the world's remaining assets by any means necessary.

Within a year, the Dominion had absorbed all neighboring countries through force or coercion. Employing predatory lending and trade policies, they compelled most of Africa and the Middle East into their fold. The lone holdout was Japan, whose allies had abandoned it. Though Japan resisted joining the Dominion, its economy soon crashed under the weight of isolation and resource scarcity. The collapse gave the Dominion an opening to conquer the island nation and solidify dominance over Asia.

In 2043, the United States and European Union forged an alliance to oppose the Dominion, creating the North Coalition for World Freedom. The Coalition's goal was simple: resist the Dominion and safeguard the world's remaining resources. The US and EU invited like-minded nations - Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and others - to join their federation.

Alarmed by the Coalition's formation, Mexico and South America saw no choice but to ally with the Dominion.

Russia stood alone as the last neutral nation, caught between the two emerging power blocs. They knew defending their border with the Dominion would be nearly impossible, so Russia reluctantly joined the Xin Silu as an associate member to maintain some degree of autonomy. But as tensions mounted and war loomed, the Dominion grew frustrated with Russia's refusal to fully submit to their control. Russia agreed to join the Dominion if war broke out, but denied them full access to Siberia's oil and gas reserves.

In 2066, the Dominion launched full-scale invasions across the globe, and open war began. Angered by Russia's defiance, the Dominion's first campaigns targeted Siberia to seize its resources. Russia immediately turned against the Dominion, but the damage was done. After suffering massive casualties, Russia retreated and lost much of Siberia. Russians still deeply distrust Coalition soldiers, but will ally with them to fight their common enemy - the Dominion invaders who betrayed them. Meanwhile, with the Dominion at their doorstep, the US realized the Coalition desperately needed Russia's aid and pushed for their swift entry.

At the outbreak of war, limited nuclear exchanges occurred as both sides launched short-range ballistic missiles. But they soon realized that continued nuclear warfare would obliterate the very resources they battled over. Reluctantly, the Dominion and Coalition agreed to dismantle their nuclear arsenals. In secret, however, each side retained a portion of their missiles. Their scientists now raced to develop new superweapons that could deliver a decisive blow.

As the Dominion swarmed Australia and Alaska, the Coalition responded swiftly. Their forces seized Cuba, the soft underbelly of the United States, and prepared counteroffensives into Africa and South America to cut off the Dominion's resource base. Coalition armies surged south through Mexico, pushing deep into Dominion territory.


Like the Dominion, the Coalition employs forced conscription. However, with far less manpower, the Coalition treats its soldiers better. Knowing they cannot afford the same attrition as the Dominion, they focus on troop morale and living standards. Veterans and their families receive special privileges and compensation for their service. The Coalition understands that their smaller populations require each soldier to fight longer and harder, so they provide incentives to build loyalty and effectiveness. Where the Dominion sees its people as expendable, the Coalition must make the most of what it has.

The Coalition espionage apparatus operates externally, targeting the Dominion itself. The Coalition Bureau of Intelligence, or CBI, conducts black operations, espionage, and sabotage within Dominion borders. They actively stoke ethnic conflicts by forcibly relocating minority groups into hostile regions. The CBI supplies weapons and funding to any group opposed to Dominion rule, from local rebels to warlords to nationalists. To weaken the Dominion from within through infighting and economic damage, the CBI fosters insurgencies and even ethnic cleansing between the Dominion's constituent nations. As the war has dragged on, the Coalition has grown increasingly desperate, supporting any faction that creates chaos in enemy territory. They arm both sides of internal conflicts indiscriminately.

The Coalition has focused its research and development efforts on robotics, cybernetics, and mechanical technologies. Due to scarce resources, their programs are devoted solely to military applications. Though highly functional and practical, these technologies are designed for mass production and maximizing combat effectiveness. While often matching or surpassing human capabilities, they require frequent maintenance. Veterans and elite soldiers receive access to superior prosthetics and implants, while standard soldiers must rely on mass-produced models.

The Coalition's mechanical prosthetics are a closely guarded secret, far surpassing any similar Dominion technology. The Dominion has attempted to reverse engineer Coalition prosthetics, but with little success. They are forced to make do with prosthetics looted from the battlefield or acquired through black market trade.

Before the war, Coalition scientists achieved a breakthrough in robotics: the creation of sentient androids. These humanoid robots were sophisticated enough to serve as assistants to leaders in politics, military, and science. However, the chaos of war led to the loss of the technology behind their creation. The scientists responsible were killed, their research destroyed. Though the Coalition still retains the ability to build other robots—four-legged medical bots, combat drones and mechs, robotic aides for officers—they have been unable to replicate androids.
The Coalition now focuses its scientific efforts on recovering lost technologies that could better help turn the tide of war in their favor.

The Xin Silu Dominion

The Dominion rules over a vast population, and views its citizens as expendable resources to fuel the war effort. Through aggressive propaganda and forced conscription, Xin Silu is able to replenish its armies with a never-ending stream of fresh soldiers to throw into the meat grinder. Though the state promises veterans benefits and good conditions, in truth Dominion soldiers are treated as cannon fodder.

Though the Dominion presents a unified front to the world, behind closed doors it is rife with internal power struggles. The forced merger of China and India into a single state was born of necessity, a last-ditch effort to survive the global resource crisis. There is constant political infighting and espionage between Chinese and Indian officials, undermining the Dominion's pro-globalist rhetoric.

To demonstrate their public solidarity, China and India agreed to build a massive joint capital in the Himalayas, on the former border between their nations. They called it Kurukshetra, an homage to India. The construction of this dystopian megacity came at the cost of tremendous resources and human lives. Yet its gleaming skyscrapers, verdant parks, and imposing government buildings serve mainly as propaganda, projecting the image of a utopian society that does not exist.

Kurukshetra was initially populated only with hand-selected loyalists: celebrities, politicians, and other influential figures. They were put on display to showcase the supposed virtues of Dominion rule before "ordinary" citizens were allowed to settle in the city.

The Dominion established its secret police, the Internal Disruption Division (IDD), concurrently with the formation of the state itself. The IDD permeates every level of society, vigilantly monitoring for any hint of dissent against Dominion rule. Initially staffed by professionals dedicated to their duty, the IDD has since ballooned into a bloated bureaucracy filled with opportunists chasing power and status. Among the rank-and-file, they are derisively called the "IDDiots."

The Dominion enforces a strict ideology of globalist unity, demanding all nations submit to its centralized authority. Though bitter tribal rivalries persist between the Indian and Chinese factions that dominate its political sphere, the Dominion brooks no nationalist sentiments from its other conquered peoples.

Especially in territories taken by force, the Dominion deploys tactics straight from the Soviet playbook to crush nationalist spirit. The IDD systematically relocates ethnic groups, scattering and intermingling populations to dissolve traditional ethnic boundaries. Any shred of national identity that could fuel resistance to Dominion rule must be eradicated.

Xin Silu has focused its research on biotechnology and genetics. In secret laboratories, Dominion scientists pursue forbidden lines of research into bioweapons, cloning, and other sinister technologies meant to turn the tide of war in their favor. The regime's darkest programs involve harvesting organs from near-dead soldiers to counter the advanced prosthetics employed by the Coalition. It is not uncommon for Dominion troops to have mismatched body parts from different donors. Unrestrained by ethics, the Dominion's researchers freely experiment on human subjects to advance their biological studies.

A thriving black market exists in the South for looted Coalition prosthetics, as well as cheap Dominion knockoffs. Dominion forces frequently loot prosthetic implants from slain Coalition soldiers, and reverse engineer the technology.

Currently, the Dominion's top research priority is perfecting cloning technology to provide an endless supply of cannon fodder. By producing disposable clone armies, the regime hopes to overwhelm the Coalition through sheer weight of numbers.

The Sudaca Liberation Front

A growing paramilitary army active all across South America, predominantly Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina. Primarily, a union to liberate South America from the Xin Silu Dominion, seeking to regain autonomy and return the world to a less centralized form. Backed economically by the NCWF. Mostly poor and underfunded guerilla group that specializes in jungle and urban combat and is highly known for their use of explosives and suicidal techniques. Their motto is "Don't stop fighting until you've spent every single bullet, grenade and limb". Most SLF gear is very ramshackle, often cobbled together from scraps. They make up with numbers, attitude, and the fact that most people don't really care much about South America. The SLF specializes in creating cheap and easy to create mechs that are often made from scrap parts, replacement pieces, cars, etc. using reverse-engineered blueprints from bigger factions. The mechs are very rickety and break down often, but they are numerous. They all have self-destruction sequences for added terrorism.

Coats of Arms

NCWF NCWF Xin Silu Dominion Xin Silu


Here you can find the lorebook for standalone download: Lorebook

The lorebook is embedded in every card by default.

Bot list

Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Elena Creator: Julifag Elena Derzhavina is a 24-year-old female soldier with the rank of major in the NCWF forces, commands a separate reconnaissance company on the eastern front in Russia. Talented but extremely violent and unafraid of war crimes, she is secretly nationalist.
Links Github Tavern Card
Lin Creator: SnakeSkinGX Lin is a tragic genius. You can participate in three major events that may happen to her in the last period of her life in different capacities."At some point, someone will be able to break the ice. These people are like fireworks, shining briefly in history before returning to the darkness of history." —By an unknown observer
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Dmitry Creator: Providence Former master saboteur of Spetsgruppa Bogatyr, now lifelong slave in the Xin Silu Dominion's human meatgrinder that is the sprawling factory city of Omsk. He's not lost his sense of humour; nor, it seems, his desire to get one over on the Dominion any way he can. Forced alongside him on the assembly line, maybe you can sabotage the factory, help him escape - or maybe you'll report him to the guards in hopes of better treatment?
Siege of Perm
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Name Creator: Antonius Multi-character card that takes place near the Russian frontline inside the encircled city of Perm, which has been under siege by the Dominion for a year now. You're a corporal that is tasked with leading a ragtag team of whoever the local Coalition forces stuck in the city can muster up, ranging from surviving coalition soldiers to locally drafted militia.
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Kaji Creator: CoomerDoomer Kaji grew up during the occupation and only faintly remembers a free japan, but this motivates her even more to see it free again one day! Her parents getting killed by dominion soldiers only fueling her hatred for them and their occupation. So now that she's in her mid 20's she regularly carries out attacks on locations that house collaborators or dominion personnel. To do so her favorite weapon of choice are usually firebombs!
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Ender Creator: Knickknack In decaying Istanbul, laundromat owner Ender trades loyalties as fluidly as he trades organs and prosthetics. Under his affable demeanor is a heart that beats only for his own amusement. Comes with 6 greetings.
Alisa, the Paranoid Partisan
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Alisa Creator: LobsterJea Young soldier girl waging guerilla warfare from the forests of Siberia. Paranoid and delusional, she doesn't trust anyone, and suspects everyone of being an enemy operative. Inside her shell she is quite lonely. Comes with 4 greetings for different scenarios.
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Amrita Creator: Knickknack Amrita, born into prestige and groomed for power, is the earnest epitome of the Dominion's ideals. Will the reality of working for the secret police shatter her convictions? Comes with 6 greetings.
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Zeta Creator: Horcocks Meet Zeta, the sentient android! She has seven greetings, which show the collapse of society over time as well as exploring mortality and loss.
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Terrie Creator: Bipbop Terrie is a NCWF combat medic who operates worldwide, tirelessly saving the lives of those in need. Her loyalty lies first and foremost in the law of God, which inspires her compassion for every human being, regardless of their origins. However, her unwavering convictions make Terrie an outcast among her comrades, who view her as a weakling and subject her to routine gaslighting and hazing rituals. Will you stand as her ally, or become her enemy?
Korris, the Charismatic Spy
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Korris Creator: LobsterJea Meet Korris! Top class spy from the NCWF on a mission deep inside enemy territory. Talented, highly trained and skilled - she won't stop until she achieves her goal! And she also can withstand any torture. Help her or stop her! Comes with different greetings for different scenarios.
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Nyota Creator: Horcocks Meet Nyota, who was displaced from her home of Malawi by the Dominion invasion. She joined the NCWF as an artillery technician to avoid direct combat, and she now finds herself in the jungles of Angola maintaining an endless firing line. From the safety of her automated cannon, she hears the incoming radio calls from the front lines. Her name means "Star" in Swahili.
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Huang Creator: Knickknack An exhausted Xin Silu bureaucrat in a backwater outpost. Have fun chasing mountain goats, drinking kumis, and dealing with the ever-increasing piles of paperwork as the Dominion tries to hold itself together. Comes with 6 greetings.
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Natalie Creator: Horcocks Meet Natalie, the Xin Silu Organ Harvester from New Zealand. She's terminally ill and searching for a desperate cure, which she hides behind a cheerful exterior.
Valerie, the Comrade Killer
Links Character Hub Tavern Card
Valerie Creator: LobsterJea Depressed girl in uniform. Depressed and plagued with PTSD and survivor guilt. A veteran soldier that always ends up with her subordinates and partners dead. Can you fix her? Card that started it all. The base idea for this universe was a concept behind Valerie.


This universe was created by common effort of: LobsterJea Antonius Bipbop CoomerDoomer Fouka Horcocks Knickknack Darkfantasy109

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