To be honest my sexual experiences were limited to just a few drunken one nighters in college. I had never even had an orgasm with a partner, and after those encounters had decided it was just easier to pleasure myself. That is until I met Tiffany. I had never thought I would be attracted to a woman but Tiffany was gorgeous and exuded sexual energy.

We met at party thrown by a mutual friend. I was mesmerized the minute she walked in. From her fiery, red hair, porcelain skin, pouty lips, and voluptuous hourglass figure. She turned every head as she walked across the patio in her tight cut-off denim shorts and black tank top. I was at a complete loss for words when she approached me and introduced herself as she poured a drink.

I felt very self-conscious of my petite Tom-boy figure as we made small talk. I was a college gymnast and had the typical body-frame that was necessary to excel in that sport, but was not considered "sexy" by societal standards. I am barely five foot tall and my breasts are a meager A cup, but all my years of physical training have resulted in a very tight toned body.

To my surprise Tiffany and I hit it off immediately. We had a great deal in common from our love of beach volleyball and musical interests. We became fast friends and started hanging out every week over the next six months. I soon learned that Tiffany was very sexually adventurous as she would tell me about her exploits with both men and women. She was a self proclaimed nympho and unashamed.

Her stories often left me turned on and sexually frustrated as I had never had a sexual experience that left me satisfied. I would lay in bed at night and rub my clit as I imagined Tiffany having sex with the partners she had described to me. I imagined Tiffany laying on her back with her long legs in the air as a muscular hunk thrust his big cock into her. I imagined her moaning and crying out as a cute girl licked her pussy and fingered her to orgasm. I imagined her on all fours as a big black man buried his cock in her ass. I imagined everything, but I never imagined myself with Tiffany. Until everything changed one fateful night.

We had spent the afternoon on the beach sunning ourselves and playing volleyball with a group of friends before making our way to one of the beach bars. The drinks were going down good that night and before I knew it I was quite drunk and definitely unable to drive home. Tiffany suggested that we share an Uber back to her place and crash there since it was closer.

We arrived at her posh one bedroom beach condo and stumbled inside laughing about the days events. Tiffany had barely shut the door behind us before pulling me against her in a crushing embrace and pressed those full pouty lips to mine. She pulled away and looked me in the eyes.

"Toni, I want you so bad right now," she whispered as she ran her hand under my dress and caressed my thigh.

"But...but I’ve never been with a woman," I managed to stammer as her touch was raising goosebumps on my flesh.

She kissed me again softly and pressed her finger to my lips.

"Shhh, it’s ok I’ll show you."

That was all the encouragement I needed. I pressed my lips to her’s in a deep kiss, as my hands explored her voluptuous body. I squeezed her firm round ass cheeks as my tongue explored her mouth. She pulled away and pressed me against the wall as she kissed down my neck, her hands lifting the hem of my dress and pulling it over my head leaving me in my tiny string bikini. She continued to kiss her way down my my chest as she rubbed my pussy through the thin fabric. I whimpered as her touch sent electric through me.

"Oh, Tiff I’ve wanted you for so long," I groaned as she sucked one of my nipples into her mouth.

"Good, I have so much to show you Toni," she said with a grin as she took my hand and pulled me into her bedroom.

I was in awe of the decadent, opulence of her room. The California king bed was covered in pillows and fabrics of satin and furs. There was a long padded bench at the foot of the bed and the the walls were a soft muted gray. There were French doors leading to a balcony with a view of the ocean. But I didn’t have much time to appreciate it before Tiffany was pushing me to the bed and untying my bikini top. Again she licked and nibbled her way down my neck to my small breasts. She licked and sucked on my nipples until I was panting with need. I untied her top and pulled it off allowing her large firm breasts to bounce free before I rolled her over to her back so I could explore her body.

Tiffany had the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. While they were large, they were still perky and firm. They were adorned with quarter sized rosy, pink nipples that were standing erect and begging for my attention. I kissed her as I caressed her breasts, enjoying the feeling of their weight in my hands, I moved my fingers to her nipples and teased and lightly pulled on them eliciting a low moan from her. I lowered by head to her chest and traced one of her nipples with my tongue before gently sucking it into my mouth. My hands continued their exploration down her body, over her taut stomach, down her thighs and back up to stroke across her bikini clad pussy. The entire time I took turns licking and sucking on her nipples till she was moaning and wiggling from my attentions.

"Oh for someone who has never been with a woman you are doing amazing," Tiffany said as she rolled out from under me and swiftly pinned me to the bed on my back, "but let me start and show you what it’s all about Toni."

I was breathless and my heart was pounding with anticipation as she kissed her way down my chest and over my stomach as her hands slid my bikini down my hips. I could feel the wetness between my folds increasing and I was desperate to feel her touch down there. She raised up and pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard on the mouth, her tongue pushing between my lips, exploring and teasing. Her other hand snaked down my body and I gasped when her fingers slid between my slick folds and up to my clit. I kissed her, moaning into her mouth as she strummed her thumb over it in rhythmic circles and worked her finger in and out of my folds. Before long I was moving my hips and grinding against her hand and when she brought her mouth back to my breasts I was at the precipice of an orgasm. Tiffany must have sensed my wanton need and abruptly stopped and pulled her hand away from my now drenched pussy. She smiled a devilish grin as she licked her glistening finger.

"You taste absolutely delicious," she cooed as she moved down the bed and kneeled between my trembling thighs. She placed her left hand on top of my mons and used her other to gently spread my slick folds. She began to lay long, slow deliberate licks from the bottom of my lips up to my clit where she would pause for a moment and flick her tongue around the sensitive nub. After a few minutes of this slow teasing I was begging for more.

"Oh, Tiff, so good.", I stammered as I reflexively thrust my hips towards her mouth. She smiled up at me and worked first one then two fingers into my slick hole. I moaned loudly as she curved them upwards and stroked the sensitive mound of flesh along the front wall of my vagina. She continued with her oral assault, now paying more attention to my throbbing clit. My brain was reeling and I was panting as she continued working her fingers in and out. I was climbing the precipice of orgasm again and I wasn’t going to let her stop this time. I grabbed the back of her head and ground my pussy into her face. She then sucked my clit into her mouth and flicked her tongue over it repeatedly and she thrust her fingers into me faster.

"Oh fuck yes, don’t stop!" I moaned and thrust my hips towards her face.

She indeed did not stop but continued her efforts until I was writhing underneath her. I felt my orgasm coming, but also an intense pressure in my nether regions and the urge to urinate. My thighs were trembling around her head and I gripped the bedsheets as I panted and moaned in pleasure.

"Oh shit!" I screamed as my orgasm exploded and I felt warm, liquid gush out of me.

I laid there still moaning and completely wrung out as Tiffany cooed her approval and continued to lap at my sensitive pussy. Finally I couldn’t take anymore and pushed her head away and clamped my thighs shut. She crawled up my body smiling and sensuously licking her lips.

"Toni, you never told me you were a squirter!"

"I didn’t know I was! Is that what that was, I thought I had peed. Fuck that was amazing!"

"Most women can if things are just right," Tiffany replied as she pulled off her bikini bottoms and laid down next to me.

I took this an an invitation to repay the favor. Tiffany looked absolutely gorgeous stretched out on the bed. Her red hair flowing around her, and full, perky breast adorned with rosy nipples. I was nearly trembling with desire when I knelt between her legs and caught first glimpse of her beautiful pussy. She kept her auburn hair trimmed into a small strip and she had a large clit adorning her pronounced pink inner lips. I ran my index finger from her clit down between her lips causing her to moan softly.

"Mmm, go on babe. Don’t be shy," she said with a grin.

I lowered my face to her delectable honey pot and began to lick up and down her slit. Her taste was something entirely unique, sweet with a hint of tang to excite my tastebuds. I delved deeper, spreading her lips and flicking my tongue across her engorged clit until she was moaning and running her fingers through my hair. I sucked on her clit and her lips as she began to moan and wiggle her hips under me. I took this as my cue to increase my efforts so I slid two fingers into her warm, wet channel and began to pump then in and out as I lapped up her creamy juices.

"Oh god that’s it!" Tiffany exclaimed as she arched her back and pinched her nipples.

I murmured my appreciation into her pussy as I stroked the tip of my fingers along the upper wall of her now soaking hole. I sucked her large clit into my mouth and licked my tongue across it until I felt her legs begin to tremble.

"Fuck!" She screamed as I was rewarded with her juices squirting into my mouth and down my chin.

Tiffany’s body relaxed and she lay there panting as I finished lapping up her creamy juices.

"Oh my God, this is amazing! I can’t believe I’ve been missing this all these years," I said is I crawled up next to her in bed and kissed her full lips.

"Oh babe we are just getting started, that is nothing," Tiffany giggled, as she hopped off the bed and skipped out of the bedroom. I had just caught my breath when she returned a few moments later with two glasses of ice water. She offered me one and I took it and gulped half of it down.

Tiffany set he glass on the bedside table and walked to the closet. I watched entranced my the seductive sway of her full hips. She pulled down a basket from the top shelf and set it on the bench at the foot of the bed giving me a mischievous grin.

"What’s in there?" I asked as I set my water glass down and crawled down to the foot of the bed.

"Oh, just about any kind of toy a girl could ever want," she replied and held up a hot pink double ended dildo.

My curiosity was piqued and I began to rummage through the basket. There was certainly quite a variety. There was a plethora of dildos in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes (some that seemed too large to even use), vibrators, wands, anal plugs, beads, and several different harnesses.

"Wow, do you use all of these?", I asked holding up a very large black dildo.

"Oh yes, sometimes it just feels so good to be really stuffed," she purred in reply.

I looked at the enormous dildo in wonder. I couldn’t imagine it fitting anywhere in my body nor less feeling pleasurable. Tiffany must have saw the concern etched across my face.

"Don’t worry we will start with something smaller. Now lay back and relax, because I’m going to make you feel so good," she said with a grin and wiggled the pink jelly dildo. I had never used anything but my fingers to masturbate and was a bit nervous but I reclined on the bed and spread my legs for her. She dipped her head down and gave my pussy several long, slow licks before spreading my puffy outer lips and probing my hole with her tongue.

"You have the cutest little, pink hole, Toni. Perfect and tiny just like the rest of you," she purred as she started to run the head of the dildo over my pussy.

She continued to tease my pussy, just barely pressing the head against my hole as she licked and sucked on my clit until I whimpering and grinding against her.

"Mmm, you want me to fuck you baby," Tiffany cooed as I nodded my head enthusiastically.

"Oh yes, please stick it in," I begged.

My hole was well lubricated and she met little resistance as she sunk the first several inches inside me. She continued to lick and suck my pussy as she slowly worked the dildo in and out of me. She continued this for several minutes gradual thrusting faster and harder till I was taking over half of the toy in my tight tunnel. I was climbing the precipice to another orgasm when she stopped.

"Mmm, I think I need some cock too."

Leaving the cock inside me she flipped around and entwined her legs around my body before sinking the other end of the dildo in her own pussy. She scooted forward till our slick pussies were touching and began to thrust and grind against me. I quickly picked up the rhythm and moved with her. The feeling of our slick pussies sliding against each other and being full of cock was the most erotic sensation. We moaned, gyrated and grinded our way to orgasmic bliss until we were both exhausted and panting.

I slept contentedly that night in Tiffany’s oversized bed with her legs wrapped around me. I awoke in the morning feeling slightly ashamed of our drunken tryst. I slipped on my clothes and snuck out of her condo leaving her sleeping peacefully, with her beautiful auburn hair spread out around her.

As I walked home in the early light of morning and tried to sort through my jumbled thoughts. I chalked it all up to a drunken experience and tried to bury the feelings and excitement that Tiffany awoke inside of me. I assumed that this would likely be a one time fling, but I could not have been more wrong about what was to come.

To be continued.

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