My dick had gotten hard again the moment we started kissing in the garage, and as I sat there with the mini-skirt perpendicular to the floor, being pushed-up by my turgid hard-on, I could feel pre-cum dripping down my hot shaft. Normally, I didn’t start dripping until after I’d played with my dick and balls for a while.
Good to his word and without saying anything, Sam got on the floor at my feet and started taking the high-heeled shoes off me. As he did, he rubbed and caressed my feet, and before long, his hands were wandering up my fishnet-covered legs. His hands wandered only so far though, and before he reached the apex between my legs, he stopped and stood. He reached behind me and unfastened the skirt, and made me lift my hips so he could pull it off me. Then he had me lift my arms and he removed the tube-top. Then he stepped back and looked at me, and started rubbing his cock through his pants again.
I must have looked ridiculous, in a stuffed-bra, garter-belt and fishnets, a pair of crotch-less panties completing my ensemble, through which my rock-hard dick and balls were completely exposed. On my head, I still wore the long, dark wig, and surely my make-up was so smeared I looked like a circus-clown.
"Come here and undress me," Sam’s tone indicated that he wasn’t asking, but telling. Slowly I stood and it felt strange to have my whole foot on the ground, after having worn those heels. He pointed down to his feet, and extended one of them a little, and I got the point. I got down on the floor and started untying his shoe and pulling it from his foot. As I got that first shoe off him, I got a big, stinking whiff of dirty-feet. Yet, for some reason, I lifted the shoe to my face and took a big sniff.
"Yeah, that’s a slutty girl," he hissed. "Sniff-in my foot stink." So I took another breath from inside his shoe. I took his other shoe off, and gave it a few good sniffs too. My cock was so hard that I knew it would pop if I just gave it a stroke or two. But then, I felt one of Sam’s sock-covered feet in my face. Again, I breathed deeply through my nose and inhaled the bitter-but-intoxicating scent directly from its source. I pulled his sock off, and before I knew it, I was sucking on one of Sam’s big toes.
"Oh, fuck yeah!" He said, "That’s a kinky girl, suck my foot." I have no idea how long I spent licking and sucking on Sam’s first foot. And I spent just as much time on his other foot. They tasted really salty, and a bit bitter, but I couldn’t stop myself. Finally Sam pulled the second of his feet from me, and said, "Now take my pants off."
I stood and with shaking hands, unfastened his jeans.
"Yeah, that’s it," he said under his breath, "You want my cock, don’t you?"
I nodded my head and moved a bit quicker, then I remembered and quickly said, "I want your cock so bad," as I pulled his pants open. He wasn’t wearing underwear. I now understood why his bulge seemed so much bigger than it had that afternoon. I almost cried-out when the huge thing popped-out. I guess I really hadn’t taken such a good look as I’d though at Sam’s cock. It looked huge between his narrow hips. Tall and proud, with that big sac of nuts hanging below. And for a second, it seemed scary. Then I remembered how it felt and how it had tasted when I sucked it earlier, and felt my own dick surge.
I moved to grab his cock, with my mouth opened and ready to take it between my lips only a second after my hand reached it. However, I felt Sam grab me and he pulled me up so that we were face to face. I thought he was going to kiss me, but when I saw his expression, I knew I was wrong.
"I didn’t tell you to suck my cock yet," he hissed with anger in his words, "did I, bitch? All I did was ask if you wanted it."
I wanted so badly to look away from his eyes. I was scared. I’d done something wrong, and yet, I knew he wanted me to do what I wanted to do. I didn’t understand. His hands were on my shoulders and I felt them tightening their grip as the seconds passed. When it was starting to hurt, he shook me and shouted, "I asked you a question, cunt! And I don’t like repeating myself. Did I tell you to suck my cock yet?"
"No," I managed to eke out, "you didn’t tell me to do it yet."
"I didn’t think so," he said and pushed me away from him. "I told you to undress me and I’m not naked yet."
I hurried and pulled his jeans down his legs, then from around his feet. He raised his arms and I started to push his shirt up his torso. And as I did that, I started to get excited again. His long cock reached up a bit past his belly button. His stomach was rippled, and I could see each of his muscles bulging through the pale skin of his chest. ‘I’m undressing my gorgeous boyfriend,’ I thought. But I couldn’t reach all the way up, with his hands in the air, and I found myself jumping a bit, trying in vain to get his t-shirt all the way off his body. With the hem of the shirt still in my fingers, I put my hands around his arms and tried to pull them down. Sam didn’t budge. But he did start to chuckle.
I was getting a bit mad. I knew that he was just playing with me. So, I let the shirt go and it fell back down his well-built torso, right where it had been when I started. Then I put my hands around his waist and looked-up into his face. He was looking down with that grin on his face.
"Can I kiss you?" I asked, using the girly-voice I’d used when I was talked to Mr. McAllister.
Sam grinned and nodded. I pressed my body against his, and stood on my tip-toes. He had to lean down a bit, but soon our mouths were together. As we kissed, I held him tightly and slowly moved backward. I don’t think Sam realized what I was doing. After a while, I broke our kiss and said in the high-voice, "I’m sorry Sam. I’m not being a very good girlfriend." I took hold of his shirt and said, "You’re still not naked."
I started lifting it again and instantly he raised his arms over his head, reaching for the ceiling. I pushed it up again, as far as I could as before, then I took a step backward and, with one hand on his shirt and the other on his bared shoulder, I stepped-up on my bed, which was now right behind me, and quickly pulled the shirt up and over his hands.
Sam started laughing and, before I knew what had hit me, he grabbed me by the waist and threw me over his shoulder. I was looking down at his bare back and ass, feeling his hands move around the backs of my thighs and my butt.
"Put me down!" I used the most demanding voice I could find and a second later, I felt one of his hands move quickly off my butt cheek, then slap back down. It was loud and it stung quite a bit.
"That sounded like a boy talking," he said harshly and he slapped my butt again. A bit harder this time. "If you got something to say to me, you better fucking say it like the slutty, little whore, of a girl you are!" Another harder slap on my butt.
"I’m sorry," I said in the girly-voice. I was almost crying. "Please put me down. Please, please, please."
"What’ll you do if I do put you down?"
"I’ll do whatever you want. Please Sam. I’ll suck it. I’ll do real good, you’ll see. I’ll take it right down, I’ll swallow the whole thing, and when you shoot, I’ll swallow all that too." The whole time I pleaded with him, his hand was smacking my butt, though the spanks weren’t as hard as the first few.
"That’s what you want to do, isn’t it, slut?"
"Yes." I said immediately. "Please put me down so I can suck your big dick."
I could feel him chuckle and he stopped striking my butt cheeks, but his hands were all over them. They were still covered by the panties I wore, and before long I could feel his fingers digging under the silky material to feel more of my butt skin-to-skin.
"That’s what you want?" he asked again. And again, I told him how badly I wanted to suck his cock.
"Well, that’s too fucking bad!" As he said this, one of his hands pushed right under my panties and directly to the bottom of my butt-crack. "I don’t give a fucking shit what you want!" I could feel his finger digging around in my butt until it found my hole. "This is what I want," and as if I didn’t realize what he was talking about, he started trying to shove his finger inside me. "I’m gonna fuck your tight little pussy so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week."
Well, my hole was too dry for Sam to get his finger inside, but as he tried, it all hit me. Sam was going to fuck me. He was going to butt-fuck me. I’d heard about it, I’d even fantasized about doing it. But the thought that one person would stick his dick in another’s butthole, well, I just never actually thought people would do anything like that. I must admit that, being slung over Sam’s bony shoulder suspended several feet from the floor, and realizing that he could, indeed, fuck me like a girl, which was exactly what he had planned, well...
...Well, there wasn’t a damn think I could do about it and I knew it. Sam knew it as well. When he put me down I could plainly tell that he was ready for what he had planned. There was a sheen of sweat all over his big, nicely-muscled body and his long, thick cock was hard, red and throbbing.
"Now go get that jar of vaseline I saw in the bathroom and bring it back here," he said, swatting my butt and pushing me toward the door. "And get those panties off before you come back. I can’t get at that tight pussy with those things covering it."
I looked at the clock in the bathroom. It was just after nine. Our parents wouldn’t be home for at least three hours, probably more. I’d been wishing it was at least eleven, or so. I could maybe have put Sam off for an hour, but we had at least three. As I grabbed the stick jar of jelly, I wondered how badly it would hurt. I reasoned that when I took a great-big shit, sometimes it felt like I was being ripped in half. And I didn’t think I’d ever had anything as big as Sam’s cock come out of my butt, so the thought of that long thing pushing its way inside...
I got all the way back to my door and was about to go into my room when I remembered the second thing my boyfriend had told me to do. I pulled the panties off and wadded them in my hand, and I threw them into my closet as I went in. When I got there, Sam was laying back on my bed, still naked and still hard. His long cock hovered over his tight belly, looking somewhat angry. I took a deep breath and walked over to his side, handing the jar of lube out to him. He nodded at the table beside my bed, so that’s where I put the jar. Then he patted the bed beside him.
I sat on the edge of the bed, keeping my feet on the floor. Sam slid close to me, pressing his chest against my arm and side. His hands started to move over my face and body, and he started to kiss me. When he tried to run his fingers through my hair and his hand got stuck in the wig, he pulled it from my head and threw it across the room. Then he put his hands on either side of my face and looked me right in the eyes and said, "You’re going to start growing your hair long."
I looked right back at him and said, "Ok." And then he kissed me again.
It didn’t take long before I felt Sam’s hands groping around my butt. He kissed me hard and with a bit more roughness as he played with my cheeks. And when he started digging his fingers into my crack, his kisses came even harder and rougher. And when he found my hole with his fingertips he shoved his tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it, like I so badly wanted to do to his cock. However, I didn’t even dare ask him if I could and there was no way I was just going to lean over and start doing it. Not after the last time I’d tried to suck Sam’s cock without him telling me to.
Before long he grabbed me and pulled around so that my legs were up on the bed too. Then he propped his head on my pillows and turned me around, so that my legs were spread on either side of him and my butt was resting on his chest. I looked down and saw his long, throbbing cock. Like mine, it was drooling pre-cum. I longed to touch it. To taste the soft, yet hard flesh. To taste the clear sauce dripping from it. To feel his pubic hair tickling my cheek, or the fuzz on his balls tickling my nose. But I didn’t dare. I hadn’t been given permission.
And when I felt Sam’s hands on my butt-cheeks, spreading them, then the cool rush of his breath against the sensitive skin of my most private part, I couldn’t help myself and, while pushing my butt back a bit, allowed my torso and head fall down against my boyfriend’s body. I could feel his hot cock on my face, his balls against my forehead. He blew at my hole again, then I felt one of his fingertips moving around it. And even though my face was planted right over his cock and balls, I didn’t do anything to it. Other than sniff deeply, my nose in the cleft where his shaft ended and the sac started.
"Fuck yeah," I heard Sam saying. "That’s such a hot, tight, little pussy-hole," he caressed it with a finger as he spoke. Then his voice changed and he asked, "You ever put anything up it before?" and he gave my hole a bit of a slap, which wasn’t hard but it startled me none the less.
"No," I said feeling my face move against his hot, hard flesh, "Not really."
"Not even a finger in the bathtub?" he said and slapped it a bit harder.
"Well, I tried a couple times, a finger, I mean, but it always hurt too much."
His finger moved softly again, running around and around, over my young butthole. "So that mean’s I got myself a totally cherry pussy here." And his finger poked a bit at the center of my butthole, but I could tell that he really wasn’t trying to get it in. Then he slapped my ass hard and said, "You waiting for fucking next Thursday, you god-damned slut. I can feel your face on my cock. How come you haven’t started sucking it yet?" He slapped my ass again and in an instant, I moved my head and took Sam’s cock in my mouth and started sucking.

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