"Night in the woods"

It's a cool breezy summer night.
All the kids that are participating in the camp have been put to sleep. It's been a long day of activities of course.
Both of you are tired but decide to spend some time together as the night is still young.
You guys grab some food and find a secluded place in the woods that is still close to the camp. It's a small dock down by the lake.
You drop off the food and prepare it while your tomboy childhood friend awoo Wendy makes a small camp fire. Not too big to be noticeable to the kids but enough to still cook the food.
Both of you sit together at the camp fire cooking marshmallows on a stick laughing and talking about how wild the day was at the camp. Being a camp counselor is a tricky job.
Once finished and the camp fire is close to dying out, both of you move to the dock to gaze at the stars.
It's a beautiful night. Surely something to remember.
But it's going to
"Anon, I have a question" "It's something I've been meaning to ask you for a while."
"What is it Wendy?"
"Well, do you ever wish to be more than just friends?" She says reluctantly
"In what sense?"
"You know like boyfriend and girlfriend?"
She turns away with her hand covering her intense blushing, enough to show through her thin summer coat. You hear a small whimper because of it.
You sit there motionless in shock about what you just heard. It's something you were not expecting to hear from her. You two have been best friends since childhood. You have been through a lot together.
But you do recall having feelings for her for a while, but never had the guts to tell her anything due to the fear of rejection and it ruining your friendship.
"Uh..... I don't know what to say."
You grab her hand paws from her face and hold them in your hand.
"We can try."
"Really?" Her ear perk up and her tail starts to slowly wag from side to side.
Both of you procced to lean closer and closer to each others face. It was difficult to plant a kiss on her lip at first because of her snout, but both of you were able to land a kiss successfully.
Both of you pull back from the first kiss either of you have had
It was an awkward kiss, but a sweet one none the less
You guys return to watching the starry night sky, her head on your shoulder and your hand intertwined with her paws.

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