Aboveland Rosebuta Synopsis

Long ago, Rosebutas found themselves retreating into caverns underground to escape the changing climate. Most fled further and further, adapting to their new environment and eventually deciding to settle down there for the rest of their days. They found satisfaction in living below the rest of the world. However, the same could not be said for the remaining Rosebutas. There would be no compromise from them, the glorious sun which She had blessed them with, couldn't be left. These Rosebutas remained in the harsh, chilling lands that was once their beautiful home. Much of their past had been destroyed, but they pressed onwards nonetheless.

These "Sunwalkers", as they called themselves, evolved to match against the new world.

Evolution had forced Sunwalkers to forego many of their features, but they gained some as well. They took a more human look, with plantigrade legs and feet which allowed them to walk quietly amidst snow and ground. Their bodies resembled humans more than Rosebutas, though they kept some traits such as floppy ears and button noses. The hands also took on human digits, though with sharp claws at the end of the fingers in order to pierce flesh.

Sunwalkers were capable of growing thick, warm coats that allowed them to regulate the body during winter. These coats would be shed in warmer climates, to keep from overheating. Their color was pure white in both skin and fur, alongside a white rose atop their heads.

Their method of reproduction had changed as well, though not completely. Sunwalkers still were born from plants, but the fertilization and planting became a different matter. The Rosies had evolved genitalia more reminiscent of a human female's. They became smaller over time, eventually growing to the size of a human child but halting there. These Rosies became, essentially, the only female variant of Rosebutas to exist. They did not inherit breasts or wombs, though. This was due to the fact that a Sunwalker Rosy, or a Roli (shorthand for "Rosy Lite") as they would come to be known, still released small seeds as opposed to a full baby. This seed would grow from the roofs of cave entrances, akin to pods. Like all Rosebutas, they are expected to survive on their own after hatching.

The Sunwalker variant of a Boar, called a Peccary, is a strong armed creature which stands at around the same height as a typical Boar. While more human in shape, Peccaries have far denser muscles than an underground Boar due to their years of struggle. A single peccary is powerful enough to take down a polar bear, if in good shape. Peccaries have extremely thick fur as well, soft enough to make for an excellent replacement for typical sheep wool. Unlike Rolis, Peccaries kept their genitalia much the same, with no need for a new system.

Rolis and Peccaries are, like all Rosebutas, incapable of naturally crossbreeding with non-Rosebutas. They did keep their Roses, but they are more like vestigial glands and ornaments for seduction as opposed to genitalia or pheromone emitters. Sunwalkers of both Rosy and Boar variants are capable of breeding with their underground counterparts, however.

All Sunwalkers took on hunter roles, few being dedicated gatherers. Rolis being quite and nimble made them excellent for hunting small prey like rabbits. Peccaries hunt down larger prey like moose or deer, often fighting hand-to-horn.

Sunwalkers are a nomadic people by nature, roaming all around the country with no real regard for the concept of territory. They do engage in combat over resources, but never over encroaching on land. Sunwalker culture suffered from scattered people, a lack of leadership, and would have eventually fallen into pieces if not for the underground Rosebutas. The meeting of the two ended with the Sunwalkers working in unison with the "Tunnelhogs" for /rose/. While Tunnelhogs would stay below ground in the homes they've carved for themselves, Sunwalkers would stay above ground and be something like the greeters for those that entered the country. Tunnelhogs would deal with domestic matters as Sunwalkers dealt with foreign matters, essentially. However, high ranking Tunnelhogs were expected for high ranking meetings with other countries in order to maintain a good appearance.

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