Then he went to the bedrooms and brought back every pillow.

"We’re going to have a nice comfy nest for three," he said.

Headlights shone through the picture window. They looked out and saw a Jeep approaching, creeping cautiously down the street. They sighed with relief when it stopped in front of the house. They went out on the breezeway. The Jeep couldn’t turn into the drive, the plow had pushed all the snow from the road off to the side into a high bank. They watched Sharon climb over the bank and slog through the drifting snow along the length of the drive.

"Goddamn it’s cold!" Sharon said, as she climbed onto the breezeway.

"Thank God you’re okay," Willy said and he kissed and hugged her.

They rushed her inside and helped her off with her coat.

"That damn Jeep didn’t have any heat," Sharon said, shivering.

"The power’s out here," Rose said. "We’ll all be sleeping on the floor in front of the fire tonight."

Sharon needed a drink. They got drinks and went into the living room. With the fire and candlelight Willy could see that she was dressed all in black, just like the night they’d met. Damn, she knows how to turn me on, he thought. Rose got busy laying out the blankets and quilts and pillows in front of the fireplace while Willy stoked the fire and added another log. He didn’t want to have to mess around with the fire when the real fireworks started going off.

"Looks like you two are ready," Sharon said.

"No electricity, no game to watch," Willy said. "We were just waiting on you."

They made chit chat for a few minutes. Then Rose asked Sharon if she was ready, and she answered that she was. She picked up a candle and the girls walked across the room and took a shopping bag out of the hall closet. Willy figured Sharon must have left it there the last time she was over.

"Take your shirt off," Sharon said. "We’ll take care of the rest."

Then they took the candle and the bag into the bathroom.

Willy was shirtless, seated in front of the fire and enjoying the crispy warmth on his skin when the bathroom door reopened a few minutes later. He saw the candle first and watched as it came closer, the girls led by the soft glow. One of them put the candle on the table and then both knelt in front of him.

If he didn’t know better, he could have sworn he was seeing double. Rose and Sharon were dressed skimpily and identically in slinky, low-cut, black lace negligees and black necklaces.

"You two look gorgeous," Willy said. "Let’s start with a kiss."

He leaned his face to Sharon’s and their lips parted as they touched and they shared an intense french kiss for about twenty seconds. Then he turned to Rose and they did the same thing. He was already aroused.

"Now you two," he said softly.

"What?" the girls replied in unison.

"Now you two kiss. I’ve been waiting for this."

"Willy…" Sharon began.

"Kiss! This is a threesome, not a two-plus-onesome."

Rose looked at Sharon, whose eyes were round and fearful. Rose smiled and chuckled. Sharon shook her head and emitted a nervous giggle.

They hesitated, but then Rose shrugged her shoulders, leaned forward, stuck her head out and puckered her lips. Sharon leaned in and planted a dainty peck on Rose’s lips.

"Come on you two," Willy fussed. "Get with it. Put your heads together. Give us some tongue."

He put hands on the back of their heads and slowly pushed them together until their lips were touching.

"Now, kiss like you mean it," he said. "Turn me on."

They started slowly, but soon their mouths opened and they kissed with more intensity, and Willy watched with pleasure as they tasted tongues with increased vigor. After maybe twenty seconds their heads separated and they looked at each other with wide eyes and embarrassed smiles.

"That was so fucking hot," Willy said. "Do it again."

So they did, and this time Sharon’s hand went around Rose’s back and pulled her closer. Their mouths did not hesitate, each willingly accepted the other and their tongues spiraled inside. Willy again watched with glee; he fondled himself and his perked pecker pushed at the front of his jeans.

"Undress each other," Willy said when they ended their kiss.

Rose and Sharon smirked at him but they did what he asked. He watched as Sharon removed Rose’s gauzy wrap and then Rose returned the gesture. Then they were both naked except for black necklaces and matching black thongs.

"God, what a couple of hotties," Willy said. "Kiss Rose’s nipples, Sharon. Suck them."

"We’re not lesbians, Willy," she said.

"I know that, come on, it’s my birthday."

Sharon hesitated but Rose didn’t. She bent her head down and took Sharon’s breasts in her hand and sucked a nipple into her mouth, then the other, then back and forth several more times. Sharon moaned softly as her tits were sucked.

"God, you’re good at that, Rose," Sharon said, and kissed her. She then sucked Rose’s titties and it was her sister’s turn to moan. Willy didn’t know if Sharon had done this before but she looked like she was into it, and Rose was eating it up.

"Are you going to sit there all night and watch?" Rose asked. "When are you going to get out of those pants and join in?"

"Right now," he said. He started to unbutton his pants but Sharon stopped him.

"Wait, lie back," Sharon said.

Willy did so. He got comfortable and put a pillow under his head. Sharon scooted up and opened and unzipped his pants.

"You’re going to like this, Rose," she said, then to Willy: "Lift your butt."

He lifted up and Sharon pulled off his jeans. She yanked down his boxers and his hardened, engorged cock bounced up and down several times from the force of it, and Willy saluted the girls with it, raising it and dropping it a few more times on his own.

"Not bad, huh?" Sharon said to Rose, taking the cock in her hand.

"Ooh Yes, very nice." Rose said. "Show me what he likes."

Sharon didn’t hesitate. She took Willy’s cock into her mouth and started sucking like a starved calf, showing off a bit for her sister. Rose watched her head bounce up and down and saw the whole cock ride in and out of her mouth over and over.

Willy made eye contact with Rose and reached for her. He took her hand and pulled her toward him, kissed her and stabbed his tongue into her mouth, picking up where he’d left off earlier when they’d sat together on the sofa. They kissed for some time with his dick sunk happily into Sharon’s mouth before Willy moved his mouth to Rose’s tits and went to town.

He licked and kissed Rose’s firm, modest breasts and her nipples thickened and stiffened in his mouth. The awkwardness was already a memory, their inhibitions gone. It was as if they were in a movie acting out an unwritten *****, a triad of connected, erected bodies, working together, squirming on the floor in a nest of covers, sucking and humping, and the soundtrack was a chorus of moans and groans and slurps, the crackling of the fire, and the howling wind outside.

Rose’s arms were around Willy, and he pulled her closer, and with one hand behind her back, he slipped his other between her legs. She moaned and closed her legs as if by reflex, but he dug his hand deeper into her crotch and it found its way under her thong. She was wet and moaned louder when he slid two fingers into her. They kissed deeper and harder and she shifted her twat toward him, giving his fingers total access.

Meanwhile, Willy’s groin was doing some shifting of its own down below. With his cock plugged into his girlfriend’s mouth and with his mouth latched onto her sister’s tits and his fingers inside her, his body was a wiggly mass, but soon the fucking that his cock was doing in Sharon’s mouth and the fucking his fingers were doing in Rose’s pussy were in perfect time. Willy was working on withholding his cum as best he could as he was working on Rose. He wanted to have the stamina to last, and not come too soon, but it felt so fucking good.

He was greedily sucking Rose’s left tit and sinking his fingers deeply into her when he suddenly noticed his dick was no longer being sucked. Then he felt another hand on the back of his head; it was Sharon’s.

"What do you want to do first, Rose?" Sharon said. "Suck him or fuck him?"

"Yes," Rose said.

Instantly Willy’s mouth was titless and his soaked fingers were out in the open air. Rose scooted down between his legs and licked his cock, then sucked it into her mouth.

Sharon kissed Willy and whispered, "Eat me."

Rose was seriously sucking and had his balls in her hand. Willy grunted when he felt her long slim finger wiggle its way into his asshole. Sharon straddled his head, facing away so she could watch her sister in action. With his hands on her thighs, he sidled his mouth and her cunt into position, and Sharon sighed and shivered when his mouth joined her pickled gash.

With Sharon sitting on his face, Willy didn’t see much after that, but he enjoyed himself. He munched on tangy pussy while his cock was being sucked and his ass was getting fingered. He pumped his groin into Rose’s face harder, trying to fill her throat. His penis felt like a pressure washer with its nozzle shut off.

Sharon’s pussy juice seeped into his mouth and over his face as Willy licked her clit and tongue-fucked her. He paused when he felt Rose’s mouth vacate his cock, moments before he would have shot his load. But not for long.

Willy felt the warm, wet envelope lower itself around his cock until it covered it completely. Her pussy tightened around him once, twice, thrice. Then it rose up again, and down again, again, again, and he pushed his cock up into it, fucked it. Although he couldn’t see Rose, she was fucking him and he was fucking her.

Both girls were groaning and moaning in harmony, each with a piece of Willy inside them, and they pushed their twats into him, Sharon’s full of tongue and Rose’s full of cock. Their moans stopped momentarily; Willy was pretty sure they were kissing. Then Sharon squealed and her body shook, and Willy knew what was coming next. Sharon was.

"Oh My God!" Sharon barked, "I’m gonna come."

Willy was about to explode too. He bucked and slung his cock upward into Rose’s cunt and she slammed it right back at him. Just as Sharon’s warm juice watered his mouth and face, he groaned low and loudly, which signaled to Sharon that he was about to come inside her sister.

He released a large, stored-up load, five or six healthy squirts, draining his cock. But Rose didn’t slow down at all. She continued to slide up and down on his spent, erected bone, squeezing it, hugging it, wanting to climax. Sharon moved her pussy off of Willy’s face and he immediately reached for Rose and pulled her to him, kissed her, and rolled her body over so that he was on top. He put his hands on her buttocks and since she had fingered his asshole, he rammed a finger up hers.

"Ooh!" Rose hissed.

So, she’s into butt play, that’s good, Willy thought. He liked to stick his dick up a girl’s ass every now and then, and it was not one of Sharon’s favorite things. But Rose seemed to be into it.

Willy pounded her into the floor, ramming his cock into her front and his finger into her rear. He kissed her mouth as he fucked her, with Sharon at their side with one hand on Rose’s shoulder and the other on Willy’s ass.

Sharon hadn’t known what to expect, didn’t know how she’d feel seeing Willy fuck her sister; but she was watching, and she liked it. She watched his tight, muscled ass bouncing atop Rose, watched his cock slide in and out of her, saw his mouth attached to hers, and she wasn’t jealous as she had thought she might be. No. Fresh off of her own orgasm, she wasn’t the least bit depleted, but even more turned-on, watching her sister close in on her own orgasm, with Willy’s cock and seed inside her.

Rose belted out a high-pitched squeak when she came. Her body thrashed on the covers as her cum rushed outward and Willy kept poking, trying to keep his dick inside her. When it popped out he didn’t try to reinsert it, he just lay beside her and held her until her body stopped squirming.

"Oh my God, Rose," Sharon exclaimed. "That was hot."

A minute or two later things had calmed down. Willy was lying between them with an arm around each girl and their heads on his shoulders. He was thinking about that old slogan in the beer commercial, ‘It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This’. That’s how he felt at the moment.

"Damn, I’m not kidding," Sharon said. "I wasn’t sure how I’d feel when I saw the two of you together, but wow, what a turn-on!"

"I’d like to see you two do it," Rose said softly. They both looked at Willy.

"I think that could be arranged," Willy said.

"Will this old thing be up to it?" Sharon said, stroking his penis.

"Maybe I can help," Rose said, adding her hand to the mix, cupping his nuts with her palm and slipping her finger back into his ass.

"Ooh, Baby, you know what I like," Willy blurted, and alternated kissing both girls while his cock came back in full.

He pushed Sharon onto her back and hopped onto his knees between her legs. His cock was like a weather vane pointed at the sky.

"Put me inside her, Rose," he said.

Rose sat up. She looked at Sharon, then at Willy. Willy took her hand and placed it back on his cock.

"Put me in."

Rose leaned close and Willy kissed her as she fed his cock into her sister’s open snatch. Willy started poking Sharon and felt Rose’s hand on his ass. He stopped momentarily and reached behind himself and took Rose’s hand, singled out her index finger and put her fingertip to his asshole.

"Put it in," he said.

He felt her long, slim finger slide all the way in.

"That’s it. Keep it in there."

Then he got back to it. Willy fucked Sharon and they gave Rose quite a show. He pounded her like she was the last piece of ass he’d get before heading off to war. Raunchy, loud, wild, whore-in-bed Sharon was on full display, squealing and screeching and quaking. Fucking Sharon was always intense, but Willy found it even more heightened, almost intoxicating, fucking her with Rose’s finger up his ass.

Sharon screamed like she was lying on hot coals and talked dirty as usual when she came. Willy wasn’t far behind, but her body was in tremors and became a moving target as he screwed her and tried to keep his cock inside her. Sharon’s body finally had calmed to a simmer by the time Willy’s cum came to a boil and he slammed her good six or seven final times before he emptied his semen into her.

Willy pulled himself off and collapsed beside Sharon and felt a sharp jolt up his ass as he did so. Rose’s finger was still up there.

"Oh, sorry," he said. "God, that was good. I hope you girls don’t give me a heart attack."

He kissed both ladies and lay between them, holding them, until they all fell asleep.

Willy woke in the middle of the night. Both girls were under a mountain of covers, sleeping on their sides facing away from him. Power was still out. He got up to get a drink of water and walked to the kitchen and looked out the window. The wind had abated and the snow had tapered off but was still falling in tiny flakes. There had to be two feet of snow out there.

The fire had died down so he stoked it back up, added wood and got it roaring again.

"Good idea," Rose said. "It’s cold." Sharon continued in a deep sleep.

"Well, maybe we should warm each other up," Willy said, and scrambled under the blankets and took her in his arms. Her body was lukewarm but her nose and hands were cold.

"That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a naked man working in a fireplace," she said. "Nice view."

Willy kissed her and Rose didn’t hold back. Her mouth opened and accepted his tongue and they were kissing passionately in an instant. Willy’s hand went between her legs and entered her pussy which became wet with his touch. He gently bit her nipples and she sighed quietly and found his now-hard cock with her hand. He rolled on top of her and she slid his cock into her.

"Sweet," she said.

Their bodies fell in an nice, easy, quiet fuck. It was a slow build, gradually increasing their matched rhythm, finally building into the percussion of sex. Willy slipped his finger into her ass.

"You like ass, don’t you?" she whispered.

"Yep. Maybe you do too," he said.

"Yeah, Maybe."

"Maybe I can put something else up there sometime."

"Yeah, maybe."

Willy fucked her a little harder, and reamed her butt with a little extra force, and they came almost simultaneously, and Rose murmured her pleasure and Willy stifled his groan into her hair, and they afterwards agreed it was the quietest, gentlest, smoothest lovemaking they could remember.

The sun wasn’t quite up yet, but Willy was. The fire was good, the girls were sleeping peacefully, the power was still out, but the snow had stopped. Willy got up, got dressed, bundled up, put his boots on and went outside to shovel snow.

The snow was high and drifted in spots. He cleared a walkway first then swept the snow off of Rose’s car and dug it out. The plow had come through again overnight but there was still a four or five-inch base on the street, and the pile beside the road blocking the driveway was almost four feet high. He got working on that next.

After about an hour he’d cleared enough so that Rose could drive out when he noticed the overhead light on the breezeway was illuminated. The power was back on. He was getting hungry. He walked over and looked into the living room window to see if the girls were up yet. He was surprised by what he saw. They were awake alright, but were not up yet. Their bodies were locked into sixty-nine position, both muff-diving.

Willy went back to shoveling, and dug his own car out.

Done shoveling, Willy entered his kitchen from the breezeway and smelled eggs and bacon frying and fresh coffee brewing. Sharon was dressed and showered and standing at the stove. Willy put his arms around her and kissed her.

"Happy birthday," she said, and handed him a long, flat box.

He opened it. It was a necktie with little red hearts all over it. They both laughed.

"Thank you," he said.

"You’re welcome. A little anticlimactic, huh?"

"I’ll say. Last night was incredible, you both were. I’d like to be a fly on the wall when Jed gets his birthday present."

"Go get a shower, Birthday Boy. Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes."

Willy didn’t mention what he’d seen Sharon and Rose doing when he’d peeked in the window, and neither did she. He walked down the hall toward his bedroom. The hallway bathroom door was closed and the shower was running. He thought for a second about going in and jumping in the shower with Rose but he didn’t want to push his luck. So he went into the master bath and turned the shower on hot.

The next few times Willy and Sharon got together with Rose and Jed things were comfortable all around. Rose would greet him with a kiss and there was a lot of laughter and a lot more touching going on. There was a new level of ease with all four of them. Willy had felt like he was in love with Sharon for some time, but now he felt like he was in love with Rose too. Could he really love both?

The night of Jed’s birthday came. Willy had a gig that night and Jed, Rose and Sharon came by for the first set. When they left Willy kissed both girls and shook Jed’s hand and told him to have fun but to try not to hurt himself. Willy’s mind stayed occupied through the gig but when he went home he couldn’t think of anything else. His thoughts were a parade of images of Sharon and Rose kissing Jed and sucking his cock and licking him, and swallowing his cum, and fucking him, and maybe even fucking each other. He began to wonder what gifts the girls would ask for when their birthdays rolled around.

Willy later asked Jed how he’d liked his birthday present and Jed just smiled with a dreamy look in his eyes and said ‘Fucking amazing’. He asked Sharon how it was fucking Jed, and she said ‘He was really good for a midget’.

The four of them reached a whole new level of intimacy after that, and they all began spending more time together. About once a month they’d go away for a weekend together and usually one night Willy and Jed would swap girlfriends. It was weird at first, Willy going to bed with Rose while Sharon and Jed were screwing in the next room, but it happened and was accepted and after a while, expected. And yes, Rose’s backdoor was always open.

The subject of marriage had come up many times between Willy and Sharon and between Jed and Rose, and eventually became a topic of discussion for all four of them. How about a double wedding?

Sharon and Rose’s family were Catholic, but they had left the church years before. No church wedding for these girls.

Jed came up with the idea of them getting married in a hot air balloon, high up above the countryside, with just a couple close friends as witnesses. Then they could honeymoon together. They all loved the idea.

The girls didn’t want a priest, so who would conduct the ceremony and read the vows? Willy made a suggestion.

"Jarvis," he said.

"Jarvis?" they asked in unison.

"Yeah, Reverend Jarvis. My magazine did a feature a few months ago and I met him. Nice guy, but kind of eccentric. Has a struggling little church in a storefront out on the bypass road, probably only draws thirty or forty people to a service, but preaches up a storm and works as a maintenance man during the week. I’m sure he could use the money."

Just like that it was decided that Jarvis was their man. Willy would hire the minister, Jed would arrange for the balloon. They chose a Saturday about a month away and decided where they would go for their joint honeymoon, and Rose and Sharon would handle the travel plans. The guys would pay for it all, of course.

The next few weeks were a whirlwind of planning and preparation for all four of them. There would be no fancy dress for the occasion but they all had to arrange for time off and the guys had to buy rings (they shopped together so neither showed the other guy up). They applied for marriage licenses and notified a few choice friends and of course told their families, even though there wasn’t room on the balloon for them. There would be a big party afterwards for everybody to celebrate.

The wedding day was fit for a storybook. Warm spring day, clear blue, cloudless sky, visibility unlimited. At about 2000 feet altitude they could see for many miles around, the national forest and the bay twenty miles distant. Pam and Utah were there, as well as Sharon and Rose’s older sister and one of Jed’s coworkers.

The vows were simple, and Jarvis stumbled through them twice, getting the names right most of the time. The rings fit. When it came time to kiss the brides, they all hugged, and both girls kissed both men.

They weren’t up in the air more than thirty minutes. Willy walked with Jarvis to his car. He paid the man and thanked him, and they talked for several minutes, then he gave him an extra hundred bucks as a gratuity. Then all headed to the Yacht Club to party.

"You know, it feels like all four of us just got married," Sharon said, as they rode to the reception.

Rose, Jed and Willy agreed. They felt the same way.

The party was a blast. Sixty-eight guests kissed and hugged the brides and grooms, everybody danced and drank and ate and drank some more. The newlyweds all went home to Willy’s house. Their bags were packed. They would be getting up early in the morning to drive to the airport.

They flew to a tropical island and arrived at the resort in mid-afternoon. The girls had rented a villa on a bluff overlooking the Caribbean. The place had two bedrooms, large living area and balcony, and a Jacuzzi the size of a small swimming pool. The semi-private beach was a five minute walk and was clothing-optional. They went to the beach and drank rum drinks for the rest of the afternoon, and messed around a little in the sand.

That night, after showers and dinner out, they were all sitting in a circle, relaxing and facing each other, naked in the Jacuzzi, boy-girl-boy-girl. Willy had a hand on each girl, and so did Jed. The girls’ hands weren’t idle, either.

"Willy, do you mind if I borrow your wife tonight?" Jed said.

Willy looked at Sharon. He detected a barely-noticeable nod and that coy smile of hers.

"Oh, I think that sounds like plan," Willy said. "But don’t throw your back out or anything. Take it easy on him, Sharon."

"I’ll try," she said.

Jed and Sharon rose out of the tub and grabbed their towels. Sharon’s hand must have been busy underwater because Jed’s cock was already fully erected and looked huge on his small frame.

"Goodnight, Honey," Sharon said, and kissed Willy. Then she and Jed kissed Rose.

Willy watched them walk away side by side, holding hands, Sharon towering over him.

"What a slut my sister is," Rose said. "Only married two days and she’s already cheating on her husband."

Willy laughed. "I know, it’s terrible. And look at that snake, cheating on his new wife!"

Rose smiled and put her hand between Willy’s legs, found his cock, stroked it. She kissed him and was soon tonguing his open mouth, his hand massaging her breast.

"Take me to bed," she said. "I brought lube."

They got out of the tub and toweled each other off. Willy picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, over the threshold, so to speak. He threw her onto the bed, and they made love. He ate her and sucked her and licked her and fucked her and she sucked him and licked him and fucked him and they both came twice before Rose opened the lube tube and Willy fucked her sublime backchannel.

That week they did a little sightseeing, but most days were spent topless on the beach until they went back to the villa for afternoon delights. They ate their dinners out. They’d come back from dinner and get naked and into the Jacuzzi, where the sex would usually get started before they headed to bed. The first six nights Willy and Jed slept with each sister three times. They all spent the last night in the giant king bed. Side by side Jed fucked Rose and Willy fucked Sharon, and then they traded. The girls sucked cocks and traded. The guys even got an unexpected show watching Rose and Sharon going at it.

They returned home after an incredible honeymoon and tried to get back in the swing of normal life. Sharon moved in with Willy. Rose and Jed rented an apartment together. They resumed their pre-marriage routine of partying together on the weekends and going to Willy’s gigs.

A few weeks later Willy discovered an interesting fact. He checked the documents from the county courthouse regarding their wedding and marriages. The four of them had filed their applications properly, but evidently Reverend Jarvis had mixed things up when he did the recording paperwork.

"You sly dog," Willy said softly, smiling.

He shook his head and laughed to himself as he read the docs, but there it was in black and white: Willy was now legally married to Rose, and Sharon was legally married to Jed.

He was not looking forward to telling the others about the screw-up. He was the one who had recommended Jarvis in the first place. He was still deciding how to tell the others when they all received another piece of surprising news.

Rose was pregnant.

Willy decided he’d leave things alone for a while, keep it to himself, play dumb. Why upset everybody if he didn’t have to? Wait till the baby is born, do a DNA test, determine who the father is. Who knows? Maybe the screw-up would end up being a blessing in disguise.

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