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List updated: 17.04.2024

Bot Creator Desc Demo
Babysitting a brat; update Sull; update The Babysitting a Brat expression pack. just drag to character folder and put the "Emily" folder in there. first version, will make a more upscaled one soon as well as the nude version. 1
https://www.characterhub.org/characters/horcocks/uss-galaxy USS Galaxy horcocks Be sure to use the 28-expression logic. It's a little emotive for a Vulcan, but honestly if you wanted lore accurate just don't install it. 1
https://rentry.org/11Bots 11Bots Mostly based on my Koikatsu characters. 1
https://rentry.org/Color-emotion 컬러노트 ColorNote 이곳은 개인 감정봇, 일반봇 제작 저장소 입니다. Static and animated. 1
Seraphina 또르 Ddo-Reu a cold but warm-hearted banshee girl 1
https://rentry.org/Ddo-Reu 또르 Ddo-Reu The images were all created using stable-diffusion-webui. 1
Kazumi_Oma anonaugus civitai komatsuzaki-rui-danganronpa-artist-style 1
Yuyuko Smile would you like some expressions to include? I stole some from a visual novel for a card but I haven't written anything (t. actual anon who prepared the full pack https://files.catbox.moe/k5fdt1.zip) 1 ; 2
"Was using this with lain142 since that's my favorite. Doesn't really fit her entirely" lain Anonymous Here's my lain expression pack made with paint net. It's basically the same 7 or so images with edits copy pasted. I feel it's too big in silly tavern and it doesn't look quit right. 1
https://chub.ai/characters/Alpacalotta/Estelle Estelle Alpacalotta I made an emotions pack for Estelle, Grumpy "Not Your Sexbot" inspired by c.AI's Stella 1
chub.ai/characters/jumboranch/gizmo-dewclaw Gizmo jumboranch They aren't perfect, but they made him more enjoyable for me. Here's what I had so far (it changes a lot). 1
Nagito bunnybots Nagito + Expressions pack 1
Doris chefseru from Depravity of a Lewd Vampire, a vampire gigaslut who will leave you a grinning husk if you wrong her, or just because she feels like it 1
Flurkina jiriro7912 28 simple emotions 1
Venefica chefseru The chocolate bunny demon beast witch from Monster Girl Dreams who makes sexy magic candy. 1
Mage killers Cjcd A university student bent on revenge
Asuka and Misato Anonymous
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