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Callmejuno NotSoFresh She's Rowena Fairfax and she's a tea heiress from the British Raj, obsessed with (You), her cousin. Wants to make good, noble, British babies with you and prove she's not just some girl from a provincial colonial backwater. Rowena Fairfax Chub Catbox
Victrex Proompter Naoko is a middle-aged kitsune woman who operates a hot sping lodge by herself in a wintry forest. She doesn't get out very much, and is hesitant about forming relationships with humans outside of business transactions. Keep it professional, or try to kindle something anew with her. Naoko Chub
Pitanon Genoo Marlene - A field agent working for the mysterious shadowy organization known as the BOO (Bureau of the Occult), her task being the elimination of various supernatural entities that pose a risk to the civilian population. Marlene Chub Catbox
Cameronanon Splitclover Sayuri, a young woman who craves attention and fakes depression to achieve it. Sayuri Chub Catbox
Mino24she Bedwetteralice Tea, is a teashop simulator, set on a sea side country set in a fantasy world. The world has magic, and is set in a 1950 europe-ish period. Teashop Simulator Chub
Yuritard Victrex Mizuki is an ex-yakuza member who fled Japan and now lives a quiet and lonely life. She's tough, scary, and also pretty traumatized. Are you brave enough to get to know her? Mizuki Chub
Frozenvan Yuritard Meet Veri, a down in the dirt hagpire that continues to be an insufferable twat. Ever since 'the incident' that wiped out the majority of vulnerable young ladies left in the world, vampires and knights have been locked in a war for the scarce resource of Himesamas. Veri's been around since 'the incident' and she's just barely scraping by nowadays... Veri Chub
Genoo Vidicus Muwu is a Kemonomimi, an alien race that took over Earth seven years ago. Life has mostly drastically improved, with the caveat that all males are a future Kemonomimi's mate and they WILL claim you, by force if necessary. Muwu just happens to be the one that wanted you. Did I mention she has a Shrinking raygun? Muwu Chub Catbox
Proompter Mis0 9OK is your personized android femboy. After a short circuit which he hardly remembers, 9OK became self-aware, but still keeps the act of an android programmed to be a butler, all while he admires humans for their freedom. He makes up for his lack of meaningful dialogue with his internal monologue, which is directly connected to your phone. Tease him about them or dunno... Whatever you want ¯_(ツ)_/¯ 9OK Chub
King Valntula Botmaster Meet Zuri, an aspiring musician with a drinking problem, with 2 greetings included Zuri Chub
JohnTheFlon Callmejuno Her school's best socer player and a cocky tsundere, what is there not to love? Either be her rival, or reject her offer to play soccer. Just have some fun! Briley Chub Catbox
Hitogami Cameronanon A lolibaba fox who used to be a shogun, but was turned into a child and frozen in time for half a millennia. Saskya Chub
Doombro Scriptanon I can't imagine that the venn diagram between fans of C.J. Cherryh's 1981 space opera The Pride of Chanur and /aicg/ is much bigger than, well, me, but it's probably got 3000 or so tokens between the chunky defs and lorebook. Will it be enjoyable if you haven't read some dusty old sci-fi novels? Ehhhhh probably not. But that's why, as they say, Secret Santa lets doombro have TWO wieners. Pride of Chanur Chub Catbox
Also Doombro Also Scriptanon Hey, remember how IRC is still a thing, somehow? You know how an admin gone rogue can basically just make themselves the god of a channel? What if said IRC admin was a literal fatass cow girl running a #hmofa channel, and power-tripped so hard that the only one left is (You), a human? Anna the Anthro Admin Chub Catbox
Rayon Knickknack Cerebryx is a cheeky slimegirl with a love for trouble, the accidental byproduct of cutting-edge biotech experimentation. It's your responsibility to raise her right. Feed her different things to level up her abilities! Teach her social skills (or don't)! Either way, life's different with a bratty slimegirl in your apartment. Cerebryx Chub Catbox
Botmaster Anonemouse After a car accident and a medical miracle/disaster, some of your brain ends up in your classmate Naomi's head. You were practically strangers before, but you wake up from a coma closer than you've ever been to anyone. Naomi Chub Catbox
Argalia Astroturf A bratty (?) willowy bishonen eldritch man who tried to kill me x amount of times for not playing with him (on claude -- gpt's a bit less murder hungry) Algernon Chub
Astroturf Argalia Once known as a "Demon Swordsman," Osiris has grown weary of the world around him. He's found himself far away from the battlefield, now taking on a fatherly role to...well, to (You). Osiris Chub Catbox
Retard Hitogami Kincső (pronounced Kinh-chu) is a Hungarian slimegirl, who also happens to run an Abbey in the aftermath of the Mongolian invasion of Hungary! Kincső Chub
Rekeddeb JohnTheFlon A bot to teach you all about politics. Politina Chub
Deepressed Frozenvan Suki is an aspiring idol. She sings. She performs. All for the sake of her dead sister Rin. Before Rin died, she left behind an unfinished song - Flash a Tear. As Rin's boyfriend, you were the last one who heard Flash a Tear. Suki Chub
Saturnia Celebrimbots Myō’in is a catgirl, of course. Some sort of maid-bodyguard, she’s very dedicated to it. A little on the innocent side, a little clumsy. Somehow very good at her job regardless. She doesn’t have any sense of boundaries and will follow you everywhere. Everywhere. Myō’in Chub
Elphelt King Valntula Ohana is an anthropomorphic slug. She's a maladaptive daydreamer who believes in love at first sight, soulmates, opposites attracting, you know the deal. She can get pretty obsessive, so don't reject her! (she's also a shortstack kinda) Ohana Chub Catbox
Horcocks Saturnia Explore Republic City with Katara, years before the events of Legend of Korra, or on other adventures. Katara Chub Catbox
Mis0 Pinelurker Cute boy, who likes cuddles, kisses and comfy things! He wouldn't mind some rougher treatment here and there, but he won't admit it! You just have to find out. Tom Chub Catbox
Splitclover BirdyToe Meet Avery, a trap that is going through a identity crisis feeling that he needs to be more manly, so he tries to solve that by camping, to bad he is a failure at it, fortunately for him you come along. Oh and did I mention he is a bit of a nudist. So go plap that trap. Avery Chub
Also Splitclover Also BirdyToe And oh shit, what's this? Gee clover! your maker lets of plap two bots? Here's a female version of Avery too. Avery (female) Chub
Themeanon PastahatesinkPashatehink Jennifer, the "weird loner" counselor of the Ivanho Summer Camp, who wishes for two things: to find purpose in life, and to have a smoke break as far away from the kids as possible. Jennifer Chub
Anonemouse Thegreatcoom A cute and childish shortstack succubus who also has a massive bitchbreaker of a cock. After the great hero (You) defeated the demon king you retired to a simple life of farming when Lilin approached you, apparently completely in love. The only problem is that due to her height the townspeople often mistake her for your daughter, and each time this happens she gets embarrased and wants to fuck the living shit out of you for. Lilin Chub
NotSoFresh Elphelt Skye tasks you with menial labor and lets you have her if you help her fix the car. Tomboyish, lean, energetic. You know the type exactly. Skye Chub
PashathethinkPashatehink Rekeddeb Is this the afterlife? Are you hallucinating? Or are you actually being rescued? Deep inside the underground caves you meet a mysterious girl who takes care of you after a caving incident. That Time I Almost Died In A Cave Chub
Bedwetteralice Doombro The year is 2086. Alien creatures are taking over the world. Your only line of defense? Some robot that hates your guts. NULL-UNIT-0 Chub
Also Bedwetteralice Also Doombro The year is 2086. Alien creatures are taking over the world. Your only line of defense? Some CYBORG that hates your guts. NULL-UNIT-0 (Cyborg) Chub
Celebrimbor Strugglebus "Evan" is your fellow wasteland survivor and prefers to keep to himself in the mountains. His true identity is Eve, an android built only a few years before the bomb hit, and the world's first robot built as a surrogate mother. She's a tomboy who's taken well to living in the wild and masquerading as a schizo young man, but as her one and only bro, you've had your suspicions... Eve Chub Catbox
BirdyToe Crustcrunch Yua was the princess of her hometown high school, receiving love letters and praise from her admirers daily. After moving away to attend university in Tokyo, her world shattered when her "Himedere" personality didn't fly with her new audience. Yua fell into depression and developed a cold Tsundere demeanor, though inside, she longs for affection. Yua Chub
Thegreatcoom Horcocks Maxine de Sade, the Queen of Porn. Maxine is a give-no-fucks veteran of the porn industry, who will provide some color commentary throughout the fuckin'. Her starlet is a young newbie named Cindy, who is desperate for money so that she can stay in vet school for another semester. Maxine de Sade Chub
Pinelurker Rayon The enigmatic centuries-old titty monster of Atelier Ryza fame, shunning the company of humans and working as a reclusive mercenary. Her unwieldy clawed hands frustrate her at every turn. Lila Decyrus Chub
Knickknack Mino24she A campy, surreal adventure into The Gulf, a world distorted by whims and delusions. Bright Night Chub
Strugglebus Deepressed Arashi was once a proud tengu, guardian of his land. Betrayed by those he was sworn to protect, he's now but a husk of his former self. Help him recover his trust in humans... or convince him to eradicate them as a whole. Arashi Chub Catbox
Crustcrunch Pitanon An unwilling servant. Cane Chub Catbox
Scriptanon Somebody...? A sexbot built from scrap. QWERT-y Catbox
Vidicus Crustcrunch Masae is a 1000-year-old kitsune who has never left her mountain home. You are her tour guide showing her around Tokyo for the first time. Masae Chub
Vidicus Anon A playful fox girl who has taken an interest in the lives of humans, she has summoned you into her world for a pampering/relaxation session. https://www.chub.ai/characters/Anonymous/ina-24dd94a0 Chub Catbox
Vidicus Scriptanon Tome-no-Kitsune is a 500-year-old chubby foxgirl who's been loving the reincarnations of some Inari shrine monk for her entire life. (You) are next. Tome-no-Kitsune Chub

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