We didn’t know if anyone had tried to use the bathrooms when we were busy, but we figured they would not expect for there to be some in the other bathroom. We just hoped that a couple didn’t try to arrange to do this to each other and then find that they couldn’t get together.
It was lunchtime the following Wednesday when one of the young men entered the last men’s room stall, saw the hole, and decided to check it out. We had draped a black cloth over the men’s hole so that they couldn’t see anything in the storeroom, although the light level was pretty low as well. We could tell that he tried to look into it by pushing on the cloth, but obviously couldn’t see anything. He either recognized the idea of a "glory hole" or just took a chance. In any case, suddenly a decent sized dick came through the hole. My wife looked at me, questioningly I thought in the dark, so I pushed her on the back of the head towards the dick. She turned and put her hands on it and starting stroking it. It was hard and throbbing immediately. Ah, youth! She stroked it a few times and the pre-cum started leaking lightly. She leaned forward and licked lightly. We could hear a moan from the other side of the wall. Then she just engulfed it totally and must have been swirling her tongue, because we heard very clearly his gasp and the words "Oh, my god, don’t stop". She wasn’t about to, but was very turned on herself so she got up from her knees, bent over from the waist, lifted the skirt she was wearing that day, and pointed at her ass. I knew what she wanted. While she was giving head, she wanted me to do her. As much as I wanted to watch her, I could hear and feel the actions from her body, so I got on my knees and ran my tongue from her clit to her asshole. She jerked slightly from the contact. She always tasted delicious and had a very sensitive clit. I could feel her working on the hard cock. She was slurping and licking and the sound was turning me on so much! I started tongue fucking her asshole and stuck a couple of fingers in her cunt. Her inner lips opened up and she was getting so wet that she was about to start dripping. I kept slowly swirling my tongue around her ass, which she loved and then would alternate with a quick poke into it. This combined with my finger-fucking was making her get closer and closer to cumming. I could hear her sucking and his moaning and she suddenly took her mouth off the young cock and manage to whisper, "Fuck my ass!" She had never wanted anal sex. My dick was so hard I was having a difficult time getting my pants and underwear down. Suddenly, I heard the young man’s groans increase and I had to shuffle forward to see her mouth. I wanted to see her take the cum. She kept sucking and saw me shuffle around to her side with my pants around my ankles. She looked up and I could just make out her actions in the dark. She worked hard on the cock, sliding it in and out and jerking on it in time with her sucking. Then he exclaimed "I’m cumming", and my wife’s eyes went wide as the first squirt hit the back of her throat. She kept sucking and swallowed his entire load. She held on to his dick after the last couple of squirts and licked it lightly and he moaned from the sensitivity of the underside of the head. She smiled at me, he pulled his dick back and muttered a thank you through the wall, and I shuffled back behind my wife with a boner that felt as big as a large cucumber. I slowly entered her pussy and it was so wet and tight. She moaned at the same time I did. She was so turned on, and I wanted that ass badly. I slowly stroked in and out and started wetting my finger in all the pussy juices that she was leaking out. I put my soaking wet finger into her ass to prepare her for my dick. After a few strokes, I knew I was ready for her ass and I pulled out of her pussy and put it to the entrance to her ass. She moaned and reached back to pull her ass cheeks apart. I pushed forward to try to enter her virgin ass. In all our years together, she had never wanted anal sex, but this was obviously a new chapter in our relationship. I kept pushing and she took her hands off her ass to put them on the wall in front of her to steady herself for the pushing. The sphincter muscle finally gave enough for my head to pop-in and she exhaled audibly to let me know that she could tell the head was in. I kept slowly pushing until about 5 inches was in and she reached back and stopped my progress.
"I feel completely full at this point" she said.
I knew that she had enough, so I started pulling it back out until the edge of the mushroom head was touching the rim. She reached up and starting fingering her clit and was beginning to shudder. I knew that that meant that she was ready to cum. Of course, being in her virgin ass, with its newness mentally and tightness physically, meant that I could come in about three strokes, so I eased it back in and she starting rubbing her clit really hard and had a major orgasm. It was so strong that she almost couldn’t stay standing and her knees tried to buckle. I helped her stay up by holding her hips and knew I should come immediately. I then used about two quick strokes and my cock spasmed over and over and the sensation was amazing. It kept jerking and jerking and I could barely stand up myself. We collapsed onto the floor and my dick made a wet squishy sound as it popped out of her ass. We lay there together on the floor and she whispered "That was the largest orgasm I’ve had in years".
"Me, too" I confided.
We were close enough to see each other now and she asked "Did you enjoy seeing your slutty wife suck the dick of a young stranger?"
"It was better than I ever imagined. What about you getting fucked in the ass by your husband with his cum still in your mouth?"
"I want to do that again, but my ass is going to be sore for a day or two. Maybe next time we can try something a little different."
I looked at her puzzlingly and was silent. I didn’t know what she meant.
"It’ll be a surprise and I know that you will love it. Just let me handle everything."
I couldn’t wait. See what’s next in Chapter 3.

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