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107 8 Jun 2024 What is a common personality type you don't like seeing in BL, and what would you do to improve/change it?
106 1 Feb 2024 Which subgenre of BL would you like to become more popular?
105 9 Dec 2023 Share your favorite reads of this year. What titles are you looking forward to in 2024?
104 18 Oct 2023 Share a horror/thriller BL title you enjoyed. Hard mode: Share your own idea for horror/thriller BL you'd like to read
103 20 Sep 2023 Share one sex act that should be more popular in BL
102 20 Aug 2023 Post one page from any BL that will convince anons to read it
101 2 Jul 2023 Share a memory (or several) from your time in these threads. BONUS: Answer a question from a previous thread!
100 3 Jun 2023 Share a memory (or several) from your time in these threads. BONUS: Answer a question from a previous thread!
99 6 Apr 2023 How do you feel about love triangles in BL? Has the outcome of a love triangle ever surprised, pleased or disappointed you? Why?
98 19 Feb 2023 When did you start visiting these threads? What is the best rec you've read from here?
97 8 Jan 2023 What was your favorite read of 2022?
96 30 Nov 2022 No bonus question edition: 2
95 18 Oct 2022 No bonus question edition
94 21 Sep 2022 Best recommendation you've picked up from these threads?
93 23 Aug 2022 Most BL focus on overcoming internal or interpersonal conflicts. What are some BL that focus on other types of external conflicts, eg. war or historical events? Do you prefer your BL to focus on internal, interpersonal or other external conflicts? Why?
92 27 Jul 2022 Do we still want bonus questions or topics? Let's get the chart discussion rolling again! Chart anon, how's it going?
91 6 Jul 2022 What BL changed your mind about a trope? Repeating because FujoCon was the real topic last thread.
90 23 Jun 2022 What BL changed your mind about a trope?
89 3 Jun 2022 What’s your favorite BL cover(s)? What qualities in a BL cover makes you want to read the manga inside?
88 10 May 2022 Best BL body? Post pics. HARD mode: Best BL booty? Post pics!
87 8 Apr 2022 Worst BL translation? Hardmode: Worst licensed BL Translation?
86 9 Mar 2022 In honour of Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu, let's discuss the trope of non-humans taking human shape and blending into society! Do you like this trope? Why or why not? Do you prefer it as comedy, horror, or another genre? Hard Mode: Find and share other titles that also use this trope.
85 12 Feb 2022 Do you read BL novels? Why/Why not? Review a BL or BL-relevant novel you haven't seen discussed here previously.
84 20 Jan 2022 Do you read BL novels? Why/Why not? Review a BL or BL-relevant novel you haven't seen discussed here previously.
83 1 Jan 2022 Happy New Year Anons! What trends or tropes do you predict will be big this year? Retrospective Bonus: What was your favourite BL-related moment of 2021?
82 15 Dec 2021 Which tropes have you enjoyed the most this year? Hardmode: Rec one title for each
81 25 Nov 2021 Pick a fetish, sex act or position. What is the hottest scene you've found involving it?
80 8 Nov 2021 Share your spiciest scanlation drama story. HARD MODE - Share your spiciest licensing nightmare story
79 17 Oct 2021 Name a BL that awakened a new fetish in you.
78 2 Oct 2021 TIERLIST THREAD! Post your BL Manga Tierlist
77 9 Sep 2021 Name the BL manga or series that you absolutely despise the most and why. Hardmode: Use pictures to illustrate your point. Make us hate it too.
76 22 Aug 2021 What is something you thought only happened in BL until you saw it in real life?
75 6 Aug 2021 Suggest future thread topics or questions. Hardmode - That haven't been used before
74 24 Jul 2021 What’s your favorite fan doujin? HARD MODE: Your favorite doujin of characters you otherwise dislike together OR fandom you’re not into.
73 12 Jul 2021 What's your favorite old-school BL? HARDMODE - Find an old-school BL manga you haven't read before and read it. Was it any good?
72 30 Jun 2021 What realistic things do you NOT enjoy in BL?
71 17 Jun 2021 What panels and guests would you like to see at a BL con?
70 6 Jun 2021 Why do you read BL over other substitutes? What aspects of it do you most enjoy?
69 29 May 2021 Post your favourite 69 scenes from a BL. Post some of your favourite uncensored dicks from a BL. What are some sex acts you wish were more common in BL?
68 21 May 2021 Inspired by our brethren over at /wcg/, submit your own funny BL image edits. Hardmode: You may not submit an image that has been posted in previous BL threads.
67 14 May 2021 What are some of the best resources you use for discovering new BL? Bonus: Have you ever encountered something BL-related (not bait) in an unexpected place?
66 5 May 2021 Share your BL collection! Bonus: Tell us about your favourite pieces
65 29 Apr 2021 Post some of your favourite BL screencaps or edits
64 21 Apr 2021 Recommend a good BL novel. What's so good about it? Bonus: Post an excerpt.
63 12 Apr 2021 What is one era or time period you'd love to see get a BL adaptation or work?
62 2 Apr 2021 What is an obscure or unknown BL you'd like to see translated?
61 24 Mar 2021 What suggestions/changes would you make to the BL Chart?
60 8 Mar 2021 What does your BL Anime Tier List look like?
59 21 Feb 2021 OPT! Convince anons to read some of your favourite BL manga by posting only One Page. Bonus points if it's out of context.
58 13 Feb 2021 What are some examples of BL with well-written abusive relationships? Hardmode: What makes them appealing?
57 1 Feb 2021 Vote for the Chill-Chill BL Award 2021! Who did you vote for?
56 23 Jan 2021 What are some of your favourite BL one-shots or doujinshi?
55 14 Jan 2021 Double-spread 2: Electric Boogaloo. Post some of your favourite double-spreads from BL manga!
54 8 Jan 2021 Who are your favorite reversible couples from BL?
53 30 Dec 2020 Happy New Year Anons! What were the Top 5 BL you've read in 2020? Bonus: What were some of your favourite moments from the BL Discussion Threads in 2020?
52 22 Dec 2020 What was your favorite BL-related moment of 2020?
51 9 Dec 2020 Post your retrospective review of Kanna Kii's Étranger series. NB: Eligible reviews must consist of a numerical score (0-10) and a written summary.
50 4 Dec 2020 What is your favourite BL manga?
49 27 Nov 2020 What is your favourite BL magazine?
48 20 Nov 2020 Post your favorite BL manga cover art
47 11 Nov 2020 What are some good examples of BL that follow the enemies-to-lovers trope?
46 5 Nov 2020 What is your favourite non-Japanese BL? Hardmode: Favourite English-based BL?
45 30 Oct 2020 What is your favourite fetish in BL?
44 26 Oct 2020 What is your favourite BL with Horror/ Psychological Thriller elements?
43 16 Oct 2020 What’s the weirdest BL you’ve read that you ended up enjoying?
42 5 Oct 2020 What does your BL Tier list look like? Make your list here
41 28 Sep 2020 What is your favorite BL with a real-world setting different to where it was published? Hardmode: With no characters from the country where it was published? (eg. Japanese manga not set in Japan with no Japanese characters.) Impossible mode: Not set in an English-speaking country.
40 19 Sep 2020 Which BL do you think deserves an anime or film adaptation? Why do you think so? Hardmode: Which BL do you predict is most likely to next receive an anime or film adaptation?
39 14 Sep 2020 What did you vote for Kono BL ga Yabai? Why? Hard mode: What did you vote for in the international category? Why?
38 7 Sep 2020 Do you listen to BLCDs? What's your favorite?
37 1 Sep 2020 Do you have a favorite BL manhua/manwha? What do you like about it?
36 24 Aug 2020 What is the best cumshot you've seen in a BL manga?
35 15 Aug 2020 What is an obscure BL that you think deserves to be more well known? Why?
34 8 Aug 2020 Who is your favorite BL Mangaka? What do you consider to be their best work? Hardmode: Recommend at least three of their works.
33 31 Jul 2020 Who is your favorite top/seme in a BL?
32 26 Jul 2020 Who is your favorite bottom/uke in a BL?
31 21 Jul 2020 Post your favorite kiss scene from a BL manga
30 16 Jul 2020 What is a dropped BL you'd like to see completed? Hardmode: Completed by whom?
29 7 Jul 2020 Post your favourite single page from a bl manga. Hardmode: Your fave double-spread
28 30 Jun 2020 Favorite gay and/or bi couple? NO "I'm straight, but only you" or "love transcends gender" "I'm fine with either" or "I don't care" are allowed
27 29 Jun 2020 What's your take on incest in BL?
26 17 Jun 2020 Who is your favourite nonstandard BL character? What makes that character so unusual?
25 12 Jun 2020 Oldest BL you remember?
24 8 Jun 2020 What is your favourite sex scene in a BL?
23 2 Jun 2020 How would you fix a BL you have problems with?
22 25 May 2020 What is the funniest BL you've read? What makes comedy in BL good or bad?
21 18 May 2020 What is your favourite BL couple? Why? Is there a BL manga that you're always rereading? Which one?
20 15 May 2020 What titles should be removed from the Pastebin? Why? Hardmode: Other than "It's shit" or "I just don't like it."
19 9 May 2020 What is some good BL published before 2010? Let's hear it for the hidden gems! HARDMODE: Pre-2000
18 3 May 2020 What tropes/events/lines/etc make you drop a story immediately? HARDMODE: Other than rape or "it's OK if it's you"
17 26 Apr 2020 Best fetish in sex?
16 16 Apr 2020 What currently untranslated manga would you like to see translated? Why and by whom?
15 2 Apr 2020 No question this thread, scroll down for the results of the BL Awards and discuss those!
14 20 Mar 2020 Got any comfy BL you read/watch/play to waste time on while the coronavirus is going on?
13 4 Mar 2020 What is your favorite adaptation of a BL story into another medium? Which ones really suck?
12 20 Feb 2020 What do you think of female characters in BL? Who are the best and worst?
11 4 Feb 2020 Who are the best BL couple and why? Who are the worst?
10 14 Jan 2020 What titles are you looking forward to in 2020? What trends or tropes do you predict will be big this year?
9 12 Dec 2019 What titles did you enjoy most in 2019?
8 12 Nov 2019 What are your BL pet peeves?
7 16 Oct 2019 What is your favorite BL trope?
6 30 Sep 2019 Who is your favourite scanlation team or BL publisher? What makes them so good?
5 13 Sep 2019 What's the worst/most poorly made BL you've ever read? How would you change it to be better?
4 28 Aug 2019 What was the first BL you read? How does it compare to the things you read now?
3 13 Aug 2019 What are some themes/topics/sex acts you wish you saw more of in BL?
2 30 Jun 2019 Enjoying any Yaoi manga lately, anons?
1 4 May 2019 Why doesn't /y/ have any discussion threads? What is everyone’s least favorite thing to see in yaoi?
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