One of them suddenly calls out, "Guys!  Check out this view!"  A slight pause and then several other voices chime in with a few whistles and crude comments about my fat ass and what they might like to do with it.

My cheeks turn red in embarrassment, especially when I feel a rivulet of my pussy juice run down the inside of my thigh and I know it is because part of me really wants these strangers I have never even seen to have a chance to do every disgusting suggestion they are calling out.  My temporary owners seem eager to see this as well and invite the on-lookers down to negotiate.  Three new pairs of shoes join Daddy's, Mark's and his two friends' but I don't dare lift my head again to get a better look.

Out of nowhere, a hand slaps down hard on my right ass cheek, causing me to pull my legs together defensively and scream in pain and surprise.  The owner of the hand snidely comments, "Who the fuck trained this whore? She can't even stand still for a little slap on the ass. I'm not sure she is worth the good money we paid."

Daddy reassures him that, though I am in need of training, I am eager to learn and will do whatever it takes to make sure they get their money's worth.  I'm not quite as sure of this as he is, worried that the fact that I've already been abused, chained and dragged into public naked is the least of their plans for me. Yet my desire to please Daddy and live up to his expectations overpowers my concerns and I spread my legs back to their original positions, intensely aware of how exposed I am.

While consumed by my worries of what might be in store, the guys seem to have worked out a deal with the newcomers and all at once there are several sets of hands on me.  One slips a couple fingers into my dripping cunt, finger-fucking me and I am unable to control my hips which work to match his rhythm while they all get a good laugh at my desperation.  Another has pulled his cock out and is rubbing it all over my face and stroking it, cackling and pulling away when I can't help but try to lick it. Yet another uses a key to scratch long lines down my back in a way which is at first pleasant, but quickly turns painful as he traces over the same spots again and again.  He comments on how he likes my pale skin and how it shows off the bright red scratches as he starts a new set of lines and I realize he is writing something on me - marking me like a possession. It seems to go on forever and it is all I can do to keep from begging them to stop. I didn't want to give them the satisfaction.

"There. Now everyone will know she is a whore," said one of the unfamiliar voices with undeniable smugness.

The other men were laughing and high-fiving and I heard one of them read aloud: CUNT FOR USE - $5.  The guy who'd been jerking off in my face then grunts and, instead of cumming on my face as I expected he would, he shoots his cum on my back, directly on the scratches. I wince and instinctively reach to wipe it off as the salty sperm stings the abrasions but my wrist is grabbed and twisted in an unnatural direction. I realize it is probably less painful to just accept it.

Chapter 3

Squinching my eyes closed to shut out the pain and degradation, I am unaware that each of the strangers surrounding me have pulled out their dicks until Daddy’s voice invades my headspace with a reminder to the new set of guys that they only have ten more minutes unless they want to cough up more cash.

It seems they don't as they each appear much more urgent in their motions now, zippers flying open and harried discussion of who gets where and when. The asshole who wrote on me apparently won the bid for first because his cock is suddenly filling me without any warning. I scream out which earns me a hard slap across my cheek from the owner of the cock which is then forced between my lips. My bratty side considers biting down for just a moment but I hold back and begin moving my lips up and down the shaft in rhythm with the cock sawing frantically in and out of my pussy.

Third guy, the one who just minutes ago soiled the scratches on my back with his seed was watching and rubbing his cock back into action. He was only semi-hard when I heard him say something to mouth guy in Spanish. They seemed to disagree at first but third guy counters in English with one convincing sentence: "Think how humiliated the stupid slut would be."

They don't say more and I can't see what is going on except that third guy moves closer and stands to next to mouth guy.  I can see him still stroking his cock which has grown quite stiff now and then it moves closer to my already filled mouth.  He rubs it around my face degradingly, slapping me with it, poking it into my eyes and nostrils, then moving to my lips.  Grabbing a handful of hair and tugging hard backward, he forces my mouth open and attempts to shove his dick in alongside his pal's.  I half whimper, half scream at the painful way this stretches my lips and the the two of them laugh while coordinating their strokes so that they are simultaneously fucking my overstretched, mewling mouth.  I felt the tears welling up again and I wanted to pull away but third guy's hand was still firmly in my hair.

Meanwhile, the other guy is pounding so hard on my cunt that it shoves my mouth even further down on its intruders.  My whining turns to squealing when his fingers begin to explore my asshole. I want to scream and beg him to stop but the cocks in my mouth seem to be determined to see if they can both fit down my throat and I'm barely able to breathe. Then one of them, I don't even care which at this point, quickly pulls out and I am glad my eyes were already closed because I feel my eyelids and the rest of my face being coated in his cum.

The other guy doesn't even slow down for this. In fact, he speeds up until he is fucking my mouth like an animal, so frantic and forced.  There is no way for me to catch a breath at this pace and the guy behind me tells mouth guy how he likes the way my struggling makes my pussy squeeze around him.  It is mere seconds until he deposits his load once again on the scratches on my back, reigniting the fire which I'd momentarily forgotten. Still, I had bigger worries.  I didn't have to worry long, however, because a few more breathless seconds and the last of the newcomers had indeed cum.  He added his to the mess already drying on my face, sadistically using a finger to rub it all around, pushing it into my eyes.

"Okay, guys, playtime is over." I am happy to hear Daddy say.  And even happier to hear him tell me that I was a very good girl as he cleans my face with a towel from in the motel.

"But there is still so much to go."

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