BerryMix Guide

if you wish you may use SD 1.5 instead of 1.4.

Recipe for the "Berrymix" checkpoint:
Make sure you have all the models needed, Novel Ai, Stable Diffusion 1.4, Zeipher F111, and r34_e4. All but Novel Ai can be found Here
Open the Checkpoint Merger tab in the web ui
Set the Primary Model (A) to Novel Ai
Set the Secondary Model (B) to Zeipher F111
Set the Tertiary Model (C) to Stable Diffusion 1.4
Enter in a name that you will recognize
Set the Multiplier (M) slider all the way to the right, at "1"
Select "Add Difference"
Click "Run" and wait for the process to complete
Now set the Primary Model (A) to the new checkpoint you just made (Close the cmd and restart the webui, then refresh the web page if you have issues with the new checkpoint not being an option in the drop down)
Set the Secondary Model (B) to r34_e4
Ignore Tertiary Model (C) (I've tested it, it wont change anything)
Enter in the name of the final mix, something like "Berry's Mix" ;)
Set Multiplier (M) to "0.25"
Select "Weighted Sum"
Click "Run" and wait for the process to complete
Restart the Web Ui and reload the page just to be safe
At the top left of the web page click the "Stable Diffusion Checkpoint" drop down and select the Berry's Mix.ckpt (or whatever you named it)

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