By the time I finish dressing and checking myself over in the mirror to make sure I’m almost flawless, night has already rolled around. I glide, as gracefully as I can in these shoes, out of the bathroom and to the stairs. My boss and owner is already coming down the stairs, probably looking for me. I stand straight, making myself presentable, and look firmly at the ground, away from his eyes.

Standing before me he gives a gruff grunt, and gestures for me to gyrate. I spin a slow circle and he nods once. I’m passable.

"Special client tonight" he grunts. I’m not surprised by any of that: I always get the special clients, and he always grunts. "You’ll be meeting him outside, in the stables."

The stables is an odd place to meet a client, but I’ve met them in odder places. I hardly ever have to leave the compound for a job. I hardly ever get to, either. I once had a client who insisted on having sex in a forest. Once we assured that there was someone making sure he wouldn’t steal me, it was a breeze.

"Yes, sir," I tell him. Skittering past him, I make my way up the stairs. The old, familiar stairs.

I slip out the back door, and start towards the stables. Sparing a glance and a single thought towards the forest beyond the fence, I cross the yard to the horse pen.

Stepping into the doorway, I stand there a moment, feeling a cool breeze on my back. It’s not so cold in this barn. Quite warm, actually. The body heat from a lot of animals will do that.

"Ah-Amariel?" A low voice asks from near the back of the building.

"That’s me," I say back, barely speaking more than a whisper. My eyes can easily pick out most of the details of the room- the horses shifting from foot to foot in their stables, the loft above me, the single ladder that leads to it. All of the details except the dark corner of the barn.

"Good," the voice rumbles out of the corner, "I’ve been waiting. Come along."

A nervous glance over my shoulder shows me what I already know: a long walk- or run- back to the main compound, and a lot of empty space between me and it. I sway my way forward, getting closer to the darkened area. My boss knows what he’s doing. And the sooner I get this out of the way, the sooner I can have this thing removed from my ass. Just thinking of the plug in my anus brings a twinge of discomfort. Each step I take, I can feel my anal walls rubbing against it. It’s a firm weight up where there shouldn’t be something pressing.

A shape forms against the blackness. Tall, imposing. And then he stands. He? It, maybe. The form becomes massive against the shadows, and I quickly start picking details about it out. The chest, first, above my eye level. Broad, muscular. Huge wide shoulders, covered in hair. My eyes carry downwards- definitely a HE! His penis is huge! One of the biggest I’ve seen yet- and it’s still soft. His legs are hairy to the point of being called furry, but I’ve dealt with furred clients before.

My eyes work back up that shaft and up his chest- way up, it seems- before coming to his face. A gasp gets halfway out of my throat and sticks there. I can hardly seem to breathe as I look into his monstrous face. A long face- no, snout- extends from it. No, not a snout- a muzzle. His muzzle is wide, and fur covered, like his chest. The muzzle leads back to… horns? Long, curved, wicked looking horns sprout from his head, one on either side. And then I meet his eyes. Big, deep, brown eyes. Passive, calm. How could something so bestial have such calm looking eyes?

The horns, the snout with its big nostrils, the big brown eyes… like a cow. Or a bull.

"What are you?" I ask, before even realizing it. Shame heats my cheeks as I realize my rudeness, but he just gives a low, deep laugh.

"A minotaur, young one." He rumbles to me. The word ‘minotaur’ feels familiar, but I can’t remember where from. He moves towards me, bringing him close enough to really see how big he is. I have to crane my neck just to see his face, and I’m not exactly a short girl. Over seven feet, I’d guess. Easily seven-and-a-half.

He steps forward, close enough that I can smell his heavy musk, and reaches out, gently touching my cheek with a huge hand. His skin is leathery, and there’s fur on most of his arm. I guess this is why I wasn’t allowed to wear leather tonight. Might have been offensive.

His hand cups my cheek and strokes it, and a smile- or what could pass for it on a cow- crosses his muzzle. "I’ve never been with a human before. I’m quite excited," he says.

"Half-elven, actually." I mumble, feeling a bit embarrassed. He just keeps smiling.

Stepping back, he offers his hand to me, and I take it, following him to the back of the barn where a bench with a cushion on it has been placed. He turns to me and, still smiling, says: "In the land of Urdon, my home, we have many traditions we hold on to. In Urdon, sex is only had to have children- never for pleasure. One tradition you humans- ah, and elves- have is of…. how do you call it?" He stops and ponders for a moment, his great brows furrowing. "Ah, yes!" he exclaims, lighting up, "oral sex! I should very much like to start with that."

I step forward, almost pressing against him, and slowly sink to my knees, still looking into his eyes. But I realize on my knees, I’m a bit too far from the base of his penis, which starts above me. But the head is still close enough to me.

I reach a tentative hand out and stroke along his length. His penis is a regular pink colour near the end, but slowly transitions to a deep grey near the base. As my fingers trace along the splotches of pale pink against the darker colour of him, his penis gives a twitch, bouncing away from me momentarily.

With a giggle, I lean forward, gently pressing my lips against his still-soft cockhead. I hold them against it for a moment, feeling how soft his genital skin is. Opening my mouth a crack, I gently touch him with my tongue, tracing the very tip of him, licking across his urethra. He has a very different taste from humans. Much more earthly, but not so rancid as an orc.

My fingers wrap around his width and I open my lips wide, slowly easing them over his head. An earth-rumbling moan above me tells me I’m doing well as I open my mouth as wide as I can to take him in further. Already I can feel him hardening in my hands, growing thicker and longer by the second. A swirl of my tongue on his head, a smooth sensation, and I lean forward to try to swallow him up. There’s no way I can take in all of him, he’s far too long. Well over a foot now, and he’s barely begun to get hard.

I lean my head forward, sucking his head back, feeling it as a huge presence against my throat, as I lick as much of him as I can. What I can’t get with my mouth, I star rubbing with my hand. One hand strokes the length of him, squeezing his hardness in my hand and caressing his beast, the other hand I extend for his testicles. His balls are huge in my hand, each one almost as big as my palm. I stroke them, smooth them, gently roll them around in a circle while I stroke his long shaft.

He gives a slow moan of pleasure as I slide him out of my mouth and begin to kiss the underside of his head. A gentle flick of my tongue across the sensitive skin there makes him take in breath in quick hiss, and he gets even harder. As his penis rises, I have to start slowly standing up with it to be able to still reach it.

Forgetting his testicles for the moment, I reach down with my left hand for the bottle of cream I had seen on the floor. Quickly snaring it and smearing some on my hand, I turn my full attention to the erect member before me. I start rubbing the warm cream onto his shaft, getting him nice and slippery. Wrapping around the penis with both hands, I start pumping it in earnest, trying to make sure he’s as hard as he can be.

As my hands fly up and down his cock, I can’t help but marvel at the size. I’ve seen horses have sex before, and his penis was nearly as long, easily eighteen to twenty inches long.

Standing up and bent partway over, I swallow up as much of his huge head as I can, sucking and licking it fiercely while masturbating his veined hardness as fast as I’m able, fondling and squeezing his massive dick.

"Ah, that feels very good, and I am quite pleased," he rubles, reaching down to gently push me back from his penis, "but there is yet more I’d wish to try."

I stand up straight, nodding, then wince. I knew there was going to be anal sex, or I wouldn’t have had to put the toy in… but this is downright scary.

He smiles once more and says in his deep voice: "In Urdon, anal sex is highly frowned upon, as it doesn’t help anyone reproduce." I can’t help but feel scared, and it must show on my face because he reaches out and lays a consoling hand on my shoulder. "I will go slowly, soft one. You have been stretched out, have you not?" I just nod in response to his question. "Good, then please lie down."

I slowly make way to the bench and climb up- it’s as tall as my stomach. Perfect level with his pelvic area. Is this why we had a bench like this? Is this a common occurrence?

I lie down on my back, looking up at the colossal figure before me as he strokes his massive length, keeping it hard. Looking at the huge size is no longer exciting, now it’s just scary. I slip my gauzy nightgown off, and throw the thin bra aside.

But I know well to do what the client wants, so I pull the thin g-string off of me, and slide the toy out of my ass. As its length slowly slides out of my anus, I feel my walls trying to press back together, my young anal ring trying to remain elastic.

As he uses one hand to smooth more cream along his length, he passes me the jar. I quickly grab some, and reach two fingers into my ass and start spreading it. The thick cream slowly smears around my anus, and I feel fuller from it already. Leaning forward, I get a full three fingers into my ass, spreading the cream around. He gives me a nod, and I extend my fourth finger and start pushing it in. As my hand starts sinking into my anus, I feel the stinging begin. Even more slowly I slide my fingers in, pushing back the sides of my anus. I close my eyes and focus on the movement- in an out. Before long, I’m able to get my hand in all the way to the bottom of my palm, stopped only by my thumb.

I look up and he nods again. He’s ready, and I’m as ready as I’m going to be. Slowly back out my hand slides, dragging against my sensitive anal walls. At last my hand is free of my ass, and I lean back, bracing myself with one arm.

As he steps forward, I reach out with my other hand and take hold of his head, spreading a bit more cream on it and around the ridge. He slowly creeps forward with his hips back, and I guide his penis head to my stretched anus. As it is, he still seems vastly too big for the hole. Vastly too big for my tiny body, in fact. But that fact seems irrelevant to him.

He starts applying pressure, and my eyes scrunch from the pain. I’m already stretched out, but as the very edge of his tip starts pushing between my cheeks and into my anal ring, I start stretching more. My eyes want to close, to shut it out, but I keep them open- fascinated. His head spreads me wider and wider, and pressure builds.

The stinging sensation feels like fire in me, burning the edges of my anus.

With one hand on my thigh and the other on the bench, he pushes forward. The pressure builds up for what seems like an eternity, and then finally it pushes past my ring.

I gasp as the huge invade stretches me, spears me, spreads me out before him. My final gate is open and my rectum, my deepest inner sanctum is his for the taking. He slowly pushes forward, and I watch in awe as obscene piece of meat slides into me- inch by painstaking inch. He slowly pulls out, until just the head is in. Standard procedure, I think as he begins pushing it back in. Again he pulls out, and I can feel his veins tracing along the innermost walls of my once-again penetrated cavity.

He tenses his arms and starts pushing again, and my eyes water with the searing pain of having my anal ring stretched even more as he sinks deeper. He seems to just get thicker and thicker as he gets deeper. Finally, he seems to press against something after ten or eleven inches, and I cry out in pain.

"It seems that’s as deep as I’ll go." He rumbles, and I take it as a cue to relax again. He repositions himself, making sure not to come out of me as he does so. Once he’s ready, he slowly slides back inches, then forward. Not getting most of the way out, just doing shallow thrusts as deep as he can. I groan again- in pain- almost in time with his moan of pleasure. He seems to be enjoying himself, but I’m not.

He pulls back out, almost out this time, and I clench my fingers in preparation as he shoves back in, spearing into my deepest reaches and spreading me to accommodate his impossible length. The pain starts to fade, but no pleasure replaces it. This isn’t something I could enjoy, but I know I can tolerate it.

I can’t help but watch in awe and horror as his slick shaft slides in an out of my hole, stretching it all the while. His veins seem to magically disappear down into my ass, and then reappear as they slide back out. Slowly- ever so slowly- his thick shaft slides back down, rubbing along my walls, until just the head is in again. As I watch, my anus stretches out even more as he recedes. The ridge is against my anal ring, and just the very tip of him is in. Then he pulls all the rest of the way out and I gasp as the air hits the inside of my rectum.

As soon as he’s out, my still-youthful skin starts shrinking back, trying to close my anus. The younger you are, the better you are at recovering from being stretched. But no one my age should be stuck in this job.

He slathers some more cream around the tip of his shaft and along the length, making slopping sounds and he rubs it on. Then, again, he presses it against my ass and pushes. I feel the stretching start again, and the skin strains from being pulled as tight as it can, and he slowly starts sliding into me again.

I’ve had enough of watching it, and I lie back to let him have a better angle. He leans forward and braces his muscular left arm against the bench, and places his right hand against my breast on that side. Slowly, gently, he cups my breast. Just his very head is in my ass, and with his gentle caressing, I can almost enjoy myself. His hand traces along the bottom of my breast, and then back up the side. He cups it again, and covers it with his hand, gently massaging it. Then his fingers seize the nipple, and gently roll it back and forth. My eyes start slowly closing as he continues his kind ministrations on my nipple, giving me a slight warm feeling. His hand traces its way up from my breast, along my shoulder and rests against my face.

Looking up at him, I stare into his eyes. He’s studying me. I guess he’s not used to seeing so much skin without fur on it. From how close he is to me, I can smell his strong musk, like the smell of a horse. I guess he’s not so far off. But more intelligent than a horse, you can see it in his eyes.

Then, suddenly, he shoves into me, spearing into my ass with an alarming swiftness. Before I can even cry out, he’s already halfway out and pushing back in. As he slams his penis into me again, I feel his head pushing into some part of me, hitting the absolute deepest it can go, a twist in my colon.

He slides back and shoves forcefully into me, hitting that wall, the curve of my inside, and making me cry out. Tears fill my eyes, as pain wracks me. My walls seem to be on fire, and they’re more sensitive than ever to the feeling of his cockhead sliding back and forth against them. He must have about eleven inches in me, but it feels like ten feet!

He grunts in enjoyment, and I clench against the pain, closing myself even tighter around his thick hardness. His unrelenting pounding continues, and I feel his head pressing into my deepest reaches. Leaning on his arms, he manages to be above me without crushing me, and by sitting up a bit, I can see the action. His huge testicles swing back and forth, seemingly filled with uncountable amounts of cum. His thick shaft enters and exits me fast enough to nearly be a blur: one moment the pink part is visible, the next only the grey.

My body shakes with the movement of his thrusts into my ass, jiggling my breasts and swaying me. Again and again he shoves into my body, filling me up with hard meat.

He grunts again and rumbles in low octaves: "In my society, finishing outside of a person is frowned upon. No woman will drink the seed of a man. Tonight, you will drink my semen. Be ready."

His pace speeds up more, increasing to a frantic rate. His pounding is fierce and brutal. His head pushes into that wall and slips back, only to push in again. I can hardly distinguish the feeling of him entering from the feeling of him pulling out at the speed he’s going. I sting inside, burning, but he just pounds away into my once-tight hole.

His shoulders start to clench, and he leans his head backwards. I can feel him start to harden even more, growing thicker in my ass, filling me up like I never have been before.

He pulls, flying out of me with an audible ‘pop’ sound. I hestitate for only a second before I sit up to meet him.

He presses against meme, his thigh against mine, with his dick pointing almost straight up. Its base is by my legs and its head near my face. I grab it with my right hand and start tugging up and down on the skin under is head, and with my left I caress the rest of the length.

He grunts and tosses his head, groaning as I masturbate faster and faster. I can feel every ridge on his enormous dick in my hand, and I can’t even fit my hand all the way around it. I quickly bring both hands together, holding all the way around his width, pumping up and down on his thick cock.

His groaning becomes even more frantic, and I get my lips around as much of the as I can, licking his hole, tasting the ooze of precum. The bitter, salty taste fills my mouth. Focused, I lick and suck the tip of his head and the ridge while my hands squeeze and pump this thick meat.

As my hands race up and down his shaft, still slick from all the lubrication, I feel his cock get even harder.

He lets out a ferocious sound- nearly a roar- and I feel his cock give a mighty twitch. My tongue flicks as fast as it can across the tip as his shaft clenches and throbs, pushing its load upwards. One more clench and I feel the hole widen out, spreading as a load of his semen shoots up with the force of a geyser. His hot cum sprays into the back of my throat and instantly fills my mouth and spills out the sides.

The scalding liquid dribbles down my chin as I swallow down a huge load- the biggest I’ve ever swallowed. It flows heavily down my throat, thick and full. The taste is like his smell- it’s rough, and smells of fur and primitive thoughts.

Between seconds, as I try to describe the taste he screams out "Drink deep of my seed! Swallow my ejaculate!"

And even as he commands me, another throb brings up a huge load into my mouth, flooding my tongue and spewing into me. I haven’t even finished getting rid of the last load, so it spills out around the penis, down my chin. I lean back as I gag on the never-ending load, and the fluids in my mouth splatter down, landing on my breasts. I feel another pulsation in my hands and the third load gushes out, covering my neck in hot, salty cum. It drops all down my chest- it’s nearly as big of a load as the first.

I swallow the rest of the sperm in my mouth as his hands grab a hold of my hair as I continue squeezing and milking his horse-sized shaft, and he grunts to announce another wave. I lower my mouth to try to get him in my mouth but his head lifts and spurts out another gush of his fluids. His semen flies into the right side of my face, coating me from hair to ear and splattering all down my cheek. I close my mouth around his head and suck for all I’m worth as yet more cum boils into me, searing me with the heat of his orgasm. This wave is smaller, but it still fills my whole mouth with the taste of him.

I swallow back as more oozes out, barely more than a human load, this time. Thick fluid courses from him into me, and I swallow as much of his seed as I can.

As I gulp down this bout of his euphoria, he rumbles "Suck the last of my semen out of me, girl. Drink me dry and swallow all that I give."

I dutifully suck on his head, while I squeeze my hands and slide upwards, milking his dick for the last of his load. As reward for my efforts, another small amount of cum drips out of the tip, directly into my awaiting throat. I milk him and pump him determinedly, drinking out the last of his semen.

At last I pull back, and look up at him with my left eye- my right eye is completely covered in cum. I feel his juice all down my face and on my chest, already beginning to cool.

"Drink as much as you can, little one," he demands of me.

I oblige him by licking my lips, and getting more semen to swallow. I scoop my right hand down between my breasts, coming up with a hand full of his goop. I open my mouth and suck the goop off of my fingers, grimacing as it slides over my tongue.

I can feel my belly seem to bloat, telling my I’m full. But he looks at me expectantly, and I scoop another load from my chest and suck it off. I need both hands to get all the cum off of my neck and into my mouth, and I scrape another handful off of my face. As I drop that lukewarm load past my lips and swallow it down, I feel like vomiting from how full I am. My body is completely covered, it seems. My ass feels like it was set on fire, and my hair feels sodden and heavy from the amount of semen plastered in there.

I look up at him and find him smiling. "That was delightful," he whispers to me. "Never before have I quite enjoyed myself so. Now there is one part of the minotaur tradition that I hold onto. A parting gift from the males to the females."

My mind reels with lore, trying to determine what this might be. He takes his shaft in hand, and takes the back of my head with his other. "I do not know if you soft-skins have the same tradition, but it is how we minotaur tell a female we were pleasured during sex."

I open my mouth to tell him I don’t know what he means, as he gives his stomach a slight flex. With no warning, a thick stream of urine flows from his penis, splashing into my mouth and down my chin. I gag on the liquids, and it bubbles from my mouth as he continues spraying into there.

"If a female does not accept the gift of the male, it is a great insult," he warns me.

I know what he wants, and I feel my eyes beginning to mist again as I lean forward and slip my mouth around his soft penis. His urine flows heavily into my mouth, and the taste is musky and thick- revolting. I don’t gag again, for fear of angering this lumbering behemoth. I focus on swallowing as he fills my mouth with this boiling fluid.

He slides forward, pushing he penis over my tongue, his stream of urine pouring right down my throat. I can do nothing but concentrate on leaving my throat open so the heavy stream of urine can flow down unimpeded, pouring into my stomach with the rest of him.

My throat muscles work convulsively to swallow this hot stream being sprayed into my tonsils and he informs me "I have made sure not urinate all day and much of last night, so that I could give you a proper show of my gratification for enduring my request."

I start choking and he tenses, stopping the flow instantly. He pulls back as I start coughing- nearly puking. The coughs are loud and sharp, and I’m sure I have his urine in my lungs. His disgusting taste is in my mouth, and I’m bent double from the effort of coughing myself clear.

Being bent over means my head is below him, and he takes the opportunity to relax his muscles, continuing his flow. As I cough, I feel the heat of urine pour into the back of my head, soaking my hair. I straighten up in horror, and watch as he flexes his abs, pushing it out even harder. He sprays my neck and entire chest with urine, moving his penis back and forth to soak all of me. Finally, the stream starts to slow down, and he grabs my face and pulls it towards his dick.

I open my mouth, just in time as the piss starts hitting my chin. He shoves the head of his cock into my mouth and empties the last of his bladder into my mouth, nearly making me puke. I swallow it back, revolted at this horrid ‘gift’ of his. I suck on his shaft, making sure it’s all out, then lean back, looking up in fear of another ‘thank you’ from this…. animal.

He smiles his passive smile and says, "You’ve done very well. I had saved up a lot of cum and urine for today, and you handled yourself like a true minotaur. When your boss comes to collect the other half of his payment, I will give him extra and ask that in return, you have some time off to… recover."

Naked, clutching my clothes to my chest, with my hair matted and smelling of come and urine, I limp my way back to the brothel. There’s a back entrance, and I use it, slipping in unnoticed by any of the clients. I pass my boss and mutter "Client’s finished. He’s ready to pay. Can I have another bath?"

He gives one sniff and turns up his nose- an awfully difficult task for a dwarf, and waves me off. "Sure, sure," he mumbles, "anything to get rid of that STENCH. Before a bath, though, you will need to wash with cold water outside. We don’t want the bathroom smelling so bad, now do we?"

Some minutes later I find myself, cold and shivering, lowering myself into the lukewarm bath. The water outside was frigidly cold, and the biting wind was no big help, either. I can feel a deep ache starting in my pelvis, spreading from my recently-demolished hole. I won’t be working tomorrow, but it’ll be another day before the local corrupt Cleric can come by and make me look and feel like new again. Well, newish.

Wonder what it’ll cost? The boss always pays the gold, but it always costs us something. Maybe he’ll want a go at me, before or after his cure. Maybe I’ll be lucky and it’ll just be head. Sometimes it’s worse. He’s not a good man, but he heals our wounds and makes us tight again- that’s all the boss cares about.

Lying back until the water covers my ears, I close my eyes: total isolation. For a moment I just breathe. There’s nothing but me, now. Lying here, I wait. I’m waiting for the tears. They usually come at this point, when I’ve been used and abused so much that I can barely walk.

But there are no tear’s today. I’m just so sick, sick of it all. I’d give anything to get back at them, to get out of here, I think to myself and whisper out loud: "Absolutely anything."

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