I was this horny young male I would sit on my computer all night and jack off to porn. One night I decided I was going to surf the net, I started to look around at everything I came across Craigslist, oh what a wonderful place I tell you. I made an account set a personal NSA meet up with a guy.

Now before I go on my name is tony I have been interested in men for now years ever since I was little I would think of a guy. Now back to my story, I made a post and was so excited I waited for my email to show I had a new message. I didn't just go for the first guy I got a message from but I opened my book, lol. Well here I am and it is around 1am and David emails me, 58 male shaved head goatee nipples pierced. Omg I fell in love the first time I read it. We had our talks and message back and forth. Here I am this virgin 18 sitting with his blackberry dressed in a blue skirt and pantyhose talking to a man. Not like any way I should be. We talked for a couple days and decided it was time for us to meet.

Two days later I drive to his house told my dad I was going out with some friends, I got to his house sat in my truck scared shacking nervously. I got the courage to walk to the front door not knowing David was watching me the whole time. David was a very handsome male tall cute smile and a really hot bod. He showed me around the house gave me his tour and we ended up in his room, he had a huge bed and a huge bathroom it was absolutely nice in his house. David sat down on his bed and patted the bed next to him and told me to sit. I slowly walked over and sat down like I was his little bitch.

David started to talk to me extremely softly were I had to go closer to him to listen. I noticed my hand was touching the outside of his thigh. David told me to touch his cock, me shacking nervously I grabbed his big 6.5 thick cock and started to rub it through his pants. David then told me to unzip his pants and kiss his cock. At this time I didn't want to do anything I was scared and felt wrong. But David would not let me get up. I finally slowly became his bitch I unzipped his pants faster then I have ever unzipped my pants to take a piss. My lips were wrapped around his cock faster than you can tell me to I could feel his hand directing me to go up and down then his hand was gone. All the porn all the thoughts I had of how to please a man I was doing it. David started to moan load and loader I was making him feel extremely good. After about what seemed like hours but were only 30 minutes David grabbed my head and shoved his cock in my throat to cum. I asked not to cum in my mouth but on me. David threw me on the bed got on top and started to stroke his hard cock and blew his load all over me.

David the laid down on the bed and told me to come over to him, I was so happy I mad David cum I was so happy I got to play with a cock and have a great time doing it. David started to kiss me and grab my ass I knew what he wanted, but I didn't want that just yet. David told me it was my time to cum, here I am a virgin other then jacking off about to get a blowjob my first one and it was going to be a man mmmm I was smiling so big David told me to calm down.

David slowly unzipped my shorts and took out my hard cock and started to jack it off. At this time I was extremely horny and needed to cum really bad, but I held it in. David slowly wrapped his lips around my dick and started to suck the tip and balls. David then moved his mouth around his tongue around in Circe around my shaft. I really didn't like it I wanted to be his girl not get a blowjob. David knew I liked dressing and told me to put on some clothes. I did as I was told and got back on the bed. I wore a blue skirt and pantyhose for him that I stole from my mom.

Divid took his hands and started to move them around on my pantyhose and up my skirt, my cock was so hard it was hurting against the pantyhose. I tried to make it feel good but it was bending the wrong way. But finally he moved it out of them and started to suck my balls, I was in for a rude awaking. David slowly shoveled my cock inside his mouth started to move up and down faster and faster I could feel that my cum was coming to the tip if my now over hard cock. I bent my back up and started to moan, I was screaming his name and was begging for him not to stop. David the told me to relax and cum. I told David no I want this to last. David screamed at me and told me to cum at that moment my hot cum shot down his throat and into him. He sucked me until every drop had left my cock.

I smiled at David he came up to me and started to kiss me that is the first time I have ever tasted cum and it is yummy. David wanted me to stay but I was extremely tired and I was freaking out a little and wanted to go home. I took off the skirt the pantyhose I put my clothes back on. We went and sat on the couch to watch tv and I started to get upset because I thought I did something wrong David then said go home and call me tomorrow, if you want more daddy is here girl.

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