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  1. FAQ
  2. Complete Packs
  3. Character Sprite Sheets
  4. Item Sprite Sheets
  5. Interface
  6. Sounds
  7. Music
  8. Map
  9. Profile Pictures
  10. Evochat Portraits
  11. PCCs
  12. Talk (Tone) Files
  13. Event BGs
  14. Animations
  15. Custom NPCs
  16. Custom Rooms & Adventures
  17. Mixed/Unsorted Packs
  18. Tools, Cheats & Modifications
  19. Misc. Links
  20. Videos
  21. Art and Illustrations
  22. Outdated

Note for uploaders: do not upload to Dropbox. Use MEGA or Mediafire instead. Do not upload large spritesheets etc. to Imgur.

Suggestions for this pastebin or reports of dead links should be done while replying to the OP (on /jp/).


Q: A mod is listed as outdated. Can I still use it with the latest game version anyway?

A: You will need to update some part of it to avoid issues. Compare the mod to the respective file(s) in your Elona+ folder and see what is missing, then update the mod accordingly. For example, if you want to use an outdated map file, compare it to the current map1.bmp in your graphic folder. If there is anything missing, use an image editing software to add the new things to the old map1.bmp.

Q: I like things from one mod and things from another one, but they're for the same file. Can I mix and match?

A: Yes, you merely have to merge everything you want in a single file.

Q: The game started crashing after using something from this list/after I edited something/after I made something myself.

A: A quick fix to any failed bitmap is to open it with paint.exe and use "save as". The new file will be elona proof.

Alternatively, if you have GIMP:

open the file > Export as...> select do not write color space... in the advanced settings tab > 24bit > save.

If on Photoshop: Save as: BMP, File format: Windows, Depth: 24 bit.

For files other than bitmaps, ask in the thread if unsure.

Q: How do I change the game's resolution, and what's the maximum?

A: Open config.txt and find the lines "windowW" and "windowH.". There is no limit to the width, and you can increase the height up to 868. In order to avoid minor graphical glitches, including the top and right edge tiles being partially hidden, as well as staying as close to a 16:9 ratio as possible, 1440(or other multiple of 48)x808 is the ideal resolution. If you want to play in fullscreen, you'll have to create a custom resolution for your graphics card, as detailed in

Q: How do I change the appearance of my pet?

A: [i]nteract with your pet and choose the option 'f. Shape Change'. This will allow you to choose a custom sprite from the 22nd row of your character.bmp spritesheet. Starts at Column 2 (Pic_2) and ends at Column 32 (Pic_32), for a total of 30 custom NPC images.

Q: What is the gfx customizing option and how do I use it?

It allows for customization of sprites without having to edit character.bmp in your graphics folder, which makes your customizations much easier to carry over between game updates as well as simpler to change the appearance of individual characters. This can be used on top of an existing custom character.bmp. Merely find individual sprites on this paste, pixiv or elsewhere and follow the guide. For convenience, a spritesheet featuring ID numbers and a list with their names/roles can be found here:

Q: How do I use tags to specify certain things in talk (tone) files? (i.e. Player Name, Player Nickname etc.)

A: Use the following tags under a %txt to specify certain strings.
{player} player's name
{aka} player's nickname (aka)
{nptc} the name of the NPCs's target
{npcc} the name of the NPC
{me} "I" (Japanese)
{you} "you" (Japanese)
{objective} quest:objective
{reward} quest:reward
{ref} quest:refer
{map} quest:map name
{client} quest:client name
{sex} player's gender


The guided Photoshop .psd files inside may be used to easily update this or almost any other pack/bitmap, if needed.


Convert to .bmp (if .png), rename to character.bmp and replace the one in your "elona\graphic" folder.

Individual Character Sprites



Convert to .bmp (if .png), rename to item.bmp and replace the one in your "elona\graphic" folder.

Individual Item Sprites


Convert to .bmp (if .png), rename to interface.bmp and replace the one in your "elona\graphic" folder.


Overwrite contents in your "elona\sound" folder.


Overwrite contents in your "elona\user\music" folder. If certain songs don't play, try removing MP3 tags or renaming the file and updating musiclist.txt (i.e. rename the file for mcTown1 to mcTown1.mp3 and update the list).


Convert to .bmp (if .png), rename to map1.bmp and replace the one in your "elona\graphic" folder.

(None for now!)


Convert to .bmp (if .png), rename each to "face(1~40).bmp" and move to "elona\user\graphic" folder.


Convert to .bmp (if .png), resize to 300x500, make sure the background is pure black, rename to "facex_(B/E/F/H/A/Q).bmp" and move to "elona\user\graphic2" folder. Talk to your pet and choose "Change the atmosphere". B=normal, E=sad, F=happy, H=love, A=angry, Q=confused.

Character Creators

Set background to pure black and/or crop the results, then do as above.



Move to "elona\graphic\PCCs" folder. Rename files if necessary and leave no gaps in their numbers (e.g. don't jump from pcc_body_18 to pcc_body_21).


Drop .txt files into your "elona\user\talk" folder, then use the "Change tone" option while 'i'nteracting with your pet to apply these.

Commented CNPC/talk template explaining when each line is used, useful if you want to make new ones. Lacks a few more recent additions.
Autoupdate script. Adds new %talk headers to your talk files if Elona+ updates them. Currently untested.


Drop .bmp files into your "elona\graphic" folder. Most will be "bg_re#.bmp" files.


Drop .bmp files into your "elona\graphic" folder.

(None for now!)


Drop .npc files into your "elona\user" folder.

Commented CNPC/talk template explaining when each line is used, useful if you want to make new ones. Lacks a few more recent additions.


Place .pum files into your "elona\user" folder (rename .eum files to .pum if needed), then go to the Show House southeast of Vernis to visit custom rooms. For other types of adventures, follow the instructions provided.






Good luck, and have fun!

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