I have been sitting on the sidelines, back up receiver for the team behind the star, Malcolm. He was pretty much the king of our high school. You know, loved by all and has all the talent and is going places. Girls love, and guys want to be part of the party while it lasts. And here I am sitting on the bench, the coach usually puts me in for fakes or to give Malcolm a break. This game, he was on fire so I was riding the pine.

I was drinking some water and just felt a wind hit be from behind, just urging me to look behind. So I turned around, and there she was. A tall, long red haired, dark eyes goddess of a woman. She looked like she was in college, which made me wonder why she was even there. She stared at me, just stared as I looked at her. She was wearing a long skirt, sweater, and had her hair flowing in the wind. Her eyes just never left mine, and for some reason I never left her’s. I just stared and stared.

Mike, a fellow back up hits on my side. "Hey, coach is calling for you. Jesus wake up Dylan." I shook my head, looked over and saw coach yelling for me. I grab my helmet, get the play, and run in. After making my block for the running back, and getting pulled off the field, I put the helmet down at my spot on the bench, and look up. She is gone, and after looking around wonder if I was just dreaming. Her eyes were so dark around her pale skin, slight freckles, and long red hair. I was wishing the weather was warmer, her outfit didn’t really show her but I could tell she had a figure just from her face.

Malcolm was the man again, and I am leaving the shower with only my few plays. Senior year, and just hoping to find a college interested in me but no luck yet. Season is almost over, temps dropping, and I am heading back to my car with another game on the bench. Told the folks I was going to head out for the annual win party. But really I am heading to a nice spot. Living in the mountains, I found myself a nice little hill where I can sit in the back of pick up truck, see the stars, and enjoy the flask I bought a while back and sip on my dad’s jack. Just a moment to take a breath, enjoy no stress, and no worries. Just me, the stars, and jack.

Tonight was a beautiful night, laying in the back of my truck and watching the stars, and just keeping warm on a brisk night. I feel myself just drifting away from the world, and hiding in my own little hideaway. "Dylan…." I hear softly as if the wind was talking to me. I sit up and look around, not seeing anyone. "Here…" I hear right before I lay my head back down. I look over and see a figure standing next to the tree. I thought I looked there before, must of missed it. "Hello, who is that?" I ask as I sit up and look over. "Come here…" I hear softly again as I slowly walk over. Curiosity has me, instinct is telling me to use my cell phone light, but curiosity is telling me to walk over and see. "I can barely see you, who is that?" I reach the tree, and finally see those eyes staring into mine. She walks closer and looks at me, placing her hand gently on my cheek, then wrapping around my throat and pushing me against the tree.

I felt my body lose all power, slowly drain away and get colder and colder. Her teeth in my neck, no pain just …..nothing. I am being held down with one hand as she slowly drinks away my life. I feel a wave of euphoria over me, and for some reason I feel my cock get rock hard. She pulls away from my neck and licks her lips. "Hi, I am Scarlatti." She smiled at me as she cleaned the red from her lips, her hands rubbing against my body. "I’ve been watching you, wanting you, and can see you feel the same about me." I look down and see she is rubbing my cock.

I couldn’t speak, I just looked deep into her eyes. She leaned in and kissed my lips. I could taste my blood as our tongue intertwined. I felt my arms wrap around her as we kissed deeper, and felt my hands grab her tight ass. She pulled away and pulled off her sweater, reveling her beautiful body. No bra, her perky breast just staring at me as I see her abs and arms showing off. So tight, like a fitness model. I watch as she pulled off her jeans, and stood there naked. The cold did not bother her as she grabbed my hand and led me back to my truck. She laid in the back of it, "use that talented tongue right now," she commanded as she opened her legs. I pulled off my jacket and felt her hand push me down into her pussy.

I slowly rolled my tongue over her red hair pussy, just feeling the juices drip from it, tasting it as I hear her moan. "It’s been almost a century since I had my pussy eaten out," she says as I see her fangs bite her lip. I drop of blood falls from them as I flick against her swollen clit. She is so turned on, and it has me wondering what drew her to me. I look up into her dark eyes again, and focused back on her wet pussy. My tongue flicking up and down over that swollen clit, sucking it into my mouth as I flick it. Her hands running through my hair as she moans, "don’t stop Dylan, please don’t stop." I continue rolling my tongue up and down over her pussy, and then roll down to her asshole, and flick my tongue. "Mmm…maybe another night but focus on my pussy baby," she smiles at me as go back to her pussy. I feel her legs begin to shake as I quicken my tongue’s pace. I slowly push my fingers into her pussy as I continue to work her clit. " Yes…FUCK YES!" she moans loud as I curl my fingers up against her pussy walls in hope of hitting her g spot.

"FUCK" she screamed as she shakes all over, her legs quaking from the orgasm she experiences from my talented tongue. " I want you so bad," I say as I raise up and pull off my shirt. "MMm…I prayed I would find you again." She kisses me deep again, and opens my jeans up and reach down in. I am semi hard, "Let’s wake you up a little," she says as she pulls my jeans down and goes to her knees. She shows me her fangs and bury them into my thighs, I see a drop of blood falls from my thighs as I again feel paralyzed from her bite. At the same time, I see my semi become a raging hard on. She releases her bite, licks the blood up and looks at me, "that’s much better."

Her fangs soon disappear as she engulfs my hard cock into her mouth, getting the tip at first then going half way down my shaft. She begins to slowly pump my cock with her mouth as her hands wrap around my balls. Her fingers soon wraps around my shaft as she begins to pump my hard cock. She slowly pulls her mouth away, letting the drool fall as she looks at the throbbing member, "much better, your cock is so big and perfect baby." She wraps her lips again around my cock and begins to pump up and down, then pushing all the way down. I have had blowjobs, but dam she is pushing me closer and closer to the edge. I moan as I watch her work my member, soon I found myself on the edge.

"Not yet," she pulls off and stand up. She draws me in for another kiss. "Take me, make me yours," she whispers as she stands back. I am amazed at how fit her body is, how insanely beautiful her hair is as it falls over her naked body. I grab her by her head and bend over the tailgate of my truck. I push my cock into her wet pussy, feeling her walls squeeze my hard cock. "That’s it, I belong to you tonight Dylan," she moans as I wrap her hair in my hand and pull it back. I have never felt this way before, never been this rough. I just can’t help myself, I smack her ass and pump harder and harder. "Yes," she moans louder as I fuck her pussy hard and deep. I have never felt this way and god I don’t want to stop.

"Suck my cock baby," I command as I pull out of her and pull her head to my cock. She sucks me deep and pumps my cock into her mouth. "I love the taste of my pussy on your cock, make me yours tonight." She looks up at me, and I realize for the first time the dark eyes are gone. They are lighter, and I feel I am with a lover than a beast. "I want you on top," I say as I jump onto the back of my truck. She follows and slowly guides my cock into her amazing pussy. "God I love how deep you get," she moans as she begins to drop that pussy on my cock. Sliding it up and down, letting her ass pump and then grinding against me as I feel those juices drip from her.

"Yes, Yes, YES!!" She screams as she rides my cock. I feel her juices just cover my balls as she lifts up. "God you made me cum again, please don’t stop." She smiles as I roll her over, now on top and push my cock deep into her pussy. Pumping hard and fast as I kiss her lips. Looking deep into her soft eyes, sucking on her perfect tits. I pump faster and faster, look deep into her eyes. Soon seeing them go dark, slowly. Seeing her fangs come out. "I need your cum, NOW!" she screamed. But not her voice, this deep demonic noise came out.

I pulled out, and began to pump my cock the way I knew how to get if off. I saw her eyes just grow darker and darker, "Hurry Dylan, I need that taste," she commanded. Soon I feel my eyes roll into the back of my head, and as I hold the pressure back for a moment. "YES!" I scream as I explode into her mouth. She puts her mouth over my cock as I explode, sucking out every drop. She looks up at me with cum in her mouth, and then bites into my leg. She moans with pleasure as she releases and rolls her tongue over her lips. "God I love the taste of cum and blood."
She stands up and kisses me deeply. I look into her eyes, and see her smile as the darkness takes me. I wake up, in my bed naked. "What," is all I can muster out as I stand up and look around. My head is so light, and I catch my self before I fall. I take some breaths and after a few minutes stand up. "Did that happen?" I ask myself out loud, and go to my mirror on my dresser. And there I see, two small holes in my neck. I look down and see the same in my thigh. "Holy shit…" is all I say as I sit down and feel the heat of the sun on me, wondering if I am still human, wondering…..will I see her again.

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