She was well seasoned now with a lot of experience about men. Her current fetish was black men. Their big cocks made her tremble with lusty desires.

They all came to her for one thing; her hot, shaved, white pussy. Once the word got around that she was married, Deana became very popular with the older men.

She looked over at the sofa where her friend Lucy was sleeping. Together they have worked as personal escorts, if you know what I mean. Why not, they had to pay their bills. Deana personally had more than a hundred thousand dollars in her private account.

If her husband John ever found out, there would be hell to pay. Deana loved him dearly, but had to find a way in the future where she could tell him about the money. Maybe she could tell him that an Aunt left her the cash. After all, he'd want to know everything. It was just the way he was

However, Deana had a friend that only cared about her, and not the money. He was as kinky as her. She remembered their last encounter, and crossed her legs when feeling the warmth coming from her pussy. They must have fucked for hours. She’d been seeing him regularly. His name was Phred.

He was six foot-seven and built like a brick house. Deana practically treated him like her own sex slave. There wasn't a day that went by when Phred didn't call her. She started seeing him outside the service until she quit working as an escort. Deana had become Phred's personal girlfriend.

She'd like to say she wasn't romantically involved with this man but she was. Deana couldn't explain it but there was something that attracted her to him, maybe it was his long cock, or the way he treated her.

Oh fuck, Deana never saw such a huge cock on a human being before when she saw Phred for the first time. She remembered the first night with him and how he was so gentle with her. It wasn’t in her plans, but she fell for him, hook, line and sinker!

Phred talked Deana into quitting her job with the escort agency saying he could care for her, and when they fucked, he would pay her twice as much as the others would. He even talked her into bringing his girlfriend Lucy along. He loved threesomes. It was something Deana never did until that night she shared Phred with her. Oh God, it was awesome, and her clit quivered as she recalled the hot action in her mind.

Deana glanced down at her watch. They'd be landing in Nashville in about thirty minutes. She had a smirk on her face thinking about her husband, He was flying in later on that night. The next four days would be spent having sexy fun with conventioneers at the Hyatt Regency. Unbeknownst to John, Phred was already at the hotel and Deana planned to have fun with both men at the same time.

Deana quivered from head to toe, remembering the quick fuck before she had to catch her plane. Since Phred was already there, within a couple of hours she would be pinned under his naked body, with his big, black cock filling her pussy. She had a smirk on her face as she remembered her cell phone ringing once while Phred's muscular thighs banged into her upturned ass.

She remembered how she struggled to reach the phone as Phred swayed his hips, stretching her pussy. When she was finally able to reach it, she had to work hard to flip it open as Phred banged her.

It was John calling to tell her he loved her. She recalled how Phred tormented her by nibbling on her other ear as she replied to her husband. He had arched his hips in a way to make his cock slide along her clit. Her body shook trying not to cum as she spoke with her husband.

Deana recalled telling John how much she loved him as Phred's cock spewed its thick, white potent seed deep inside her wanting cunt. She remembered feeling how hot it felt as she kissed the phone, and closed the flap ending the call. The cell phone fell down to the carpeted floor below as she encircled her arms around Phred's massive black shoulders.

"Fuck me, you big black stud."

Phred began hammering hard into her pussy again, making her cum before sending another hot load of potent African seed deep inside her fertile womb. After a few minutes, he rolled over, pulled Deana into his arms, and gave her one of his serious, grumpy looks.

"When you going to learn not to answer that damn cell-phone when we're fucking?"

"Damn it... Phred! That was my husband calling to tell me he loved me!"

"Okay, I get it, but, I think he is a selfish bastard!"


"Because he doesn’t know how good his wife is, in and out of bed. If you were my wife, I would treat you like a queen. I would also have Lucy be your own sex slave. I can tell by your look, it turns you on!"

"Fuck yeah it does! I wish she was here right now, she would be cleaning my hot cunt."

Phred got off the bed, grabbed her purse off the dresser, opened it and took out her birth control pills. He shook the little packet at her face saying, "We'll see how much you love him now, baby!"

"Give them to me!"

Deana struggled with him for several minutes trying to wrestle them away. However, he quickly punched them out then went into the bathroom and flushed them down the toilet.

"Damn you Phred! Why did you do that? You know I don't have time to refill those before tomorrow."

Phred smirked, winked, and wiggled his finger at her. "Come here baby-cakes!"

"Fuck you!"

"Aww now don’t be that way doll, come here."

"Why? Are you going to buy me another packet?"

Phred reached out and pulled her into his arms. He pressed his wide black lips to hers and gave her a wet open mouth kiss. He then dropped the packet into the waste basket as he took and kissed her again, slithering his tongue deep inside her mouth. She eagerly accepted it.

Phred broke the kiss to look her in the eyes. "My sweet white baby, aren’t you glad I came to Nashville?"

He pressed his lips back onto hers as their tongues intertwined in a passionate kiss.

Deana came back out of her thoughts when she felt the stewardess touching her arm. She stretched and yawned.

"Are we there yet?"

"We have about fifteen minutes yet."

"Okay, thanks." She then turned to her side, closed her eyes, and thought about Lucy, her hot, petite, sex slave.

Lucy was only five foot tall, but had a lot of energy and sexual lust. She loved to please Deana. Her blue eyes and long black hair gave her the appearance of an Arabian woman, you know, the kind one might see in the tale of Arabian Nights.

Deana’s thought went back to last Saturday night. When just the two of them were in bed, Lucy had stripped, and then helped Deana out of her clothing. Next she laid her on the bed and began massaging every inch of her body, coming close to her pussy, but never touching it.

"Oooooh Mistress, your skin feels like silk. I love making you feel good."

"Mmmm, your hands feel divine honey, but you’re not rubbing the most important part of me. My cunt is on fire!"

"I know, I want you so fucking hot, that when I do touch it, you will climax so hard you will see stars."

"Oh Fuck, touch it, ppplleeeaasse! I beg you, make me cum!"

"Your wish is my command!"

Lucy spread Deana’s legs and dove into her pussy like a kitten with a bowl of milk, lapping and tonguing every inch of her mistress’s shaved, drenched pussy.

After a few minutes Lucy carefully spread the lips and let her tongue tantalize the hot-pink flesh. When she knew Deana couldn’t stand it anymore, she shoved three fingers inside her pulsating hole as she sucked the clit.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkk, harder, deeper. Yes, just like that, mmmmmmm, eeeeeeeee, I am cumming!!!"

Deana shook her head trying not to become so aroused she’d climax right then and there. She gathered her things, fastened her seatbelt and prepared for landing.

She got off the plane, gathered her luggage, hailed a taxi, and headed toward the hotel.

Deana then checked in, showed the bellboy her luggage, eyeing him up and down and wondering how good he was in bed. They then rode the elevator to the fifth floor, penthouse suite.

Once they entered the room, she purposely rubbed the bellboy’s body and then tipped him a twenty.

"Thanks ma’m, by the way, my name is Barry. Is everything alright? If not, let me know what you need."

"Everything’s fine, have a good evening."

Deana kicked off her shoes, headed for the kitchen area, and looked for a wine glass. After that she opened the refrigerator, grasped a bottle of Brandy, and poured herself a drink.

She then went back into the bedroom, set the wine glass on the table by the bed, and laid down on the king-sized round bed.

"Ummm, just right for fucking!"

She fell asleep with dreams of the hot times she would be encountering during this adventure.

John checked in, acquired his key, gathered his suitcase, and headed toward the penthouse suite. Once there he knocked, but no on answered. Thinking Deana was out for the moment, or maybe sleeping, he unlocked the door and carefully, quietly entered the room.

When he saw Deana sleeping on the bed, a devilish grin crossed his face. He set his suitcase down by the dresser, kicked his shoes off and crept onto the bed.

John moved his arms down and slid them around Deana’s body. As his fingers caressed her hands, he noticed her wedding ring was missing.

Deana realized that John was there, and nuzzled up against him. "Mmmmmm, hi darling, how was your flight?"

"It was boring; I wish I could have come with you on yours. By the way doll, where is your wedding ring?"

"I took them off on my way here."

John pulled her close again saying. "You better make sure you got them, I wouldn’t want you to lose that lovely diamond ring. I want the men we meet to see them on my pretty white blonde wife tomorrow."

"I don't know what you’re so upset about. The men are joining us for fun, and to fuck, I don't see what my wedding rings have to do with anything!"

John pulled her closer and replied, "Stop questioning me, just wear them. You know I have friends telling the men at the convention about a sexy white wife on the prowl for black dick."

Deana shivered with excitement and gave him little kisses around his face. "Ooooh, sounds like fun! "

"By the way, I have someone I want you to meet while we are here."

"What, you’ve already met some of the conventioneers?"

She frowned and tried to hide her emotions. "Not really, a friend of mine told me he was coming to this convention."

John kissed her passionately again while holding her tight in his arms. Their love for each other radiated between them. Ever since he left home, he could not get the thoughts of this encounter out of his mind, four days of fucking, and a fuck-fest you might say.

Deana snuggled up into his arms and then suddenly remembered the missing birth control packet. Maybe she could call the doctor and tell him she lost them.

She had an idea. She'd try to call his office and see if he could call in a prescription here in Nashville. She started to smile again as she figured it out.

She snuggled up to John as her hand slide down the front of his trousers. Deana caressed the outline of his cock.

"Mmm, someone is happy to see me."

John led Deana to the bed and laid her down gently. He then began to strip while watching her tremble with desire.

"You know you’re going to get a good hard fucking, don’t you, doll?"

"Bring it on big boy, this hot cunt is on fire and ready to be fucked."

In her mind, she was wondering how long the pill would last before she got pregnant.

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