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Cute, Sexy and Moe archives

Keywords: loli, shota, cunny, CSAM. Don't download if it's illegal in your country.

Suggestions and data mainly from ATF and an old scrape of the repository. The archives contain raw forum messages (in HTML) and erotic story collections in CSV format that can be properly parsed with the python library pandas. Excel has been reported not to work correctly with them.

Please note that these archives are not ready to use for fine-tuning large language models. They should be cleaned and reprocessed in some way first; in the case of ERP/RP forums this means for example dealing with (not necessarily removing) HTML tags and/or BB code.

More suggestions for similar content to scrape are welcome. Indicate them in /lmg/ after linking this Rentry in your message. Note that I will probably not add here scrapes from forums or websites that require a manual approval process for accessing their content.

ERP/RP Forums

Site name Forum Section Quality Theme Link Message length statistics and notes
AllTheFallen ⚠️ Roleplaying Good Loli/shota ERP .zip [Count:80864 Mean:975 Std:1781 25%:243 50%:510 75%:1132 90%:2236 95%:3245]
Lolicit ⚠️ RP 1 on 1, RP general Good Loli/shota ERP .zip #1:[Count:37880 Mean:588 Std:678 25%:147 50%:461 75%:810 90%:1184 95%:1536] #2:[Count:45493 Mean:619 Std:1093 25%:158 50%:323 75%:686 90%:1367 95%:2019]


Site name Quality Theme Link Notes
AllTheFallen ⚠️ Poor Loli/shota general .7z [Count:47189 Mean:7049 Std:18518 25%:175 50%:913 75%:3944 90%:21160 95%:37340] Since it's been scraped from a forum, the .CSV contains user comments as well. Low quality on average.
Archive of Our Own (subset) ⚠️ Mediocre (Variable) "Underage" [to be reuploaded] A subset of ~800K (14.7GB) fanfictions (including multi-chapter parts) from AO3 tagged with the "Underage" content warning; they are not all smut, but those with a Rating of "Mature" or "Explicit" most likely are. A large amount of metadata has been provided in this archive. Cleaning will be needed to remove unnecessary HTML tags and other noise from the fanfictions. Each chapter has its own record in the CSV file. It is suggested to further filter the archive by "Kudos" (Upvotes) and/or chapter length.
C####sexstories ⚠️ Mediocre Loli/shota general .zip Small collection of forbidden stories (194). Uses tagging (Check out Source1 and Source2 for details). The website name was too on the nose, so I censored it for this Rentry. Stories may need some cleaning for the remaining html tags.
Chris Haley Erotic Stories ⚠️ Very Good Loli/shota general .zip Small collection (360+) of loli/shota stories by the same author. Uses story codes. Short summaries present, but story notes and trailers may occasionally also be present.
Juicy Secrets ⚠️ Poor** Lesbian and Incest Lolita stories .zip The stories are very good, but consistently cleaning up the text from unnecessary tags, notes, links and information seems very difficult without extensive manual work. Thus, this .CSV file is just a raw scrape of the stories in html from the website, without much processing involved.
Kristen's Archives - The Book Shelf Directories ⚠️ Mediocre~Good (Variable) General + Taboo + Lolisho .7z 4150+ selected stories of various genres parsed from a 2017 scrape of Uses story codes. Basic cleaning has been performed but the stories may still contain author notes, disclaimers, copyright remarks, short summaries and trailers, so they might be difficult to use properly. About 25% of the stories are tagged as teen or loli/shota and below.
Leslita ⚠️ Very Good Lesbian Lolita stories .7z 4368 stories. Stories are tagged according to the newsgroup tagging system. Check out Source1 and Source2 for a full explanation. Possible character encoding issues may be present. Em-dashes added during the parsing step.
Lolita Bondage (archived) ⚠️ Very good Loli/shota bondage .7z The website died in 2008 and has been retrieved via About 3300 stories. Story quality not always excellent, but all major components like head/foot notes, disclaimers, etc have been separated from the story body, making this archive easier to use than others. Story tags ( story codes), summaries, votes and quality tags provided, but are not always present. Some of the stories are actually 'poems' or similar compositions, generally indicated in the tags. Notes: 1) Sometimes, "section titles" may be present in the story body as p.h2 tags. 2) Text encoding errors may be present although a good attempt was made to fix them. 3) Em-dashes have been fixed in the parsing process. 4) Some non-English stories also present.
Loliwood Studios ⚠️ Excellent Loli/shota general .7z About 7130 stories (multi-chapter story parts included). Parsed from a 2017 scrape of The CSV file uses expanded story codes where ages may sometimes be explicitly indicated. Story summaries, author information also provided. Content disclaimers and copyrights are most of the time separated from the story body, but story trailers ("Continues to Chapter X", etc) may still be present.
Piper's Domain ⚠️ Excellent Loli/shota mind control stories .7z 665 stories (multi-chapter story parts included). Parsed from a 2017 scrape of The CSV file uses story codes; an html file with the ones used in this archive is provided. Story summaries also present.


    • Partially cleaned unsupervised finetuning dataset in .jsonl format, with stories broken into 8k tokens chunks; about 315MB size uncompressed. Contains: Leslita, Lolita Bondage, Loliwood Studios, Piper's Domain
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