ranger's starters guide into Immersive Equipment Displays


initial installation initialized .png


MO executables instruction
Nemesis run, update, and launch
Synthesis run, install, set output, and run ImmersiveEquipmentMeshGen (motion picture tutorial .webm and pasta recipe .png)

in-game config

  1. how to IED weapon Placement and Positions .webm
  2. open IED's GUI with the backspace key (default)
  3. click on View and open the Gear positioning window
  4. select Player or NPC
  5. select Male or Female
  6. select Placement and choose some for your weapons
  7. select Positions to Transform weapon positions
    1. XPMSE MCM Weapon Styles in action .webm
    2. open XPMSE's MCM menu
    3. select the weapons Styles that correspond to IED's weapon Placements for both the Player and NPC (Non-Player)
      1. into fancy Custom displays .webm
      2. open IED's GUI with the backspace key (default)
      3. click on View and toggle the Custom window
      4. Global will affect all actors, male and/or female; the Actor and NPC tab can select the player (I dunno the difference yet)
      5. click on Actions, New, to create an Item template
      6. select Item
      7. select Target node
      8. Transform


problem solution
XPMSSE Left Hand Sheath Rotation Fix is a skeleton replacer and will conflict with NiOverride Pose Adjustments which will prevent ImmersiveEquipmentMeshGen's left-handed scabbards from being applied combining NiOverride Pose Adjustments's skeleton files with XPMSSE Left Hand Sheath Rotation Fix's changes might be possible with NifSkope or something
XPMSE's Frostfall Quiver weapon style animations conflict with Archery Gameplay Overhaul's animations Compatibility Patch for Archery Gameplay Overhaul (AGO) and XP32 Skeleton Styles MCM
Immersive Equipment Displays can use FNIS to play XPMSE's style-fitting animations without XPMSE's MCM or scripts; unfortunately, it can only use FNIS' 1hm_behavior.hkx output file to do so which is also output by Nemesis and the 1hm_behavior.hkx which it creates cannot be used by Immersive Equipment Displays for some arcane reason configure and rely upon XPMSE and Nemesis to play the style-fitting animations which correspond to Immersive Equipment Displays's selected weapon Placements for both the player and NPCs while making use of XPMSSE Weapon Styles Uncloaked to minimize its footprint when applying weapon styles to NPCs
Pub: 11 Jul 2022 19:47 UTC
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