What if Anon could overpower his ancient lewd dragonwife!?

Fourth edition (05/31/22)

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Anon is married to his very horny dragonwife, who's a few feet taller than him. Despite being deeply in love, he's insecure about pleasing her, especially as she begins embracing her depravity. Just as she goes into heat, and he's finding it all too much, the tables turn with a spell that doesn't go quite to plan...


3.3k words, Greentext, M/F, Dragon (F), Married, Story Arc, Size Difference, Heat, Rough Sex, Transformation, Tentacles, Impregnation

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Inspired by >>47727030


>Be married to ancient dragon
>She's like 9ft
>Even taller if you count her horns and tail
>Very soft and loving
>Also very horny
>And sexually
>Moans and growls deeply with satisfaction whenever you make love
>Still be secretly insecure about yourself
>You're just so much smaller than her
>Also because she keeps wanting to do fetish stuff
>Is she just bored of more regular sex?
>Are you really able to please her?

>First few years were cool
>Discover her submissive side
>Start working out
>Become her strong little slayer
>Keyword: "little"
>She fawns over your ripped body
>She definitely got off to you taking control
>When it suited her
<You can't really overpower a dragon
<All that training and you still tap out so easily!
>Discover your submissive side

>Several years in
>Start travelling to different realms and dimensions
>It's not just typical sightseeing
>See dragonwife's true depravity
>That's a hell of a sight
>...She also sees yours
>So many intense elixirs...contraptions...situations...
>Start needing days to recover
>Adventure to far out world
>Denizens are doing a foreign anatomy study
>Volunteer together
>Nothing to it
>Just exhibiting your wife and your naked forms
>Deteriorates into a mating study
>It's not your fault
>You TRIED to be educational
>Pretty sure you gave the researches a new fetish

>Back home
>Dragonwife's birthday
>Planned a day out in your local hamlet
>Great food!
>Great wine!
>A boat on the lake!
>Hunting in the forest!
>You're not even the prey!
>She just loves indulging her wild instincts every now and then
>Those other wild instincts will wait for tonight
>But how can you fulfil them?
>Fulfil her?
>Not a good time for your insecurity to bother you...
>Time to go all out

<Oh my God!
<What an immaculate bracelet!
For my immaculate dragon!
<You sweet little—
<It's imbued with magic too...!
Very special magic...
<Special how?
It's a succubus' bracelet
<Do you know how powerful this is?
I've heard—
<—That it fills the wearer with demonic lust?
It's perfect for you!
<...Do you think you can handle it?
I can handle it!
>You do not handle it

>Not that she didn't enjoy it
>She loved every moment
>You loved every moment
>Despite the adverse effects
>That "succubus" part was right
>It felt like she was draining the essence of your soul
>You don't wake up the next morning
>You don't wake up for three days
>FINALLY wake up
>Can't get out of bed for over a week
<I'm so sorry Anon
>You're sorry too
>Be bedridden
>She can't ride you
>Never have kept her waiting this long after a rough night
>Insecurity strikes again...

>Her voice is wavering
>Oh yeah, she also pounced on you
>Without warning
>Neither of these are usual for her
<I think I'm ovulating
>That's not usual for her either
>Has this happened before?
<You'll have to deal with my estrus
>She opens her mouth and breathes out
<My heat
Too hot, too hot!
>Her fire breath never hurts you
>But it still makes your body burn up
>It's the aroma
>You can't stop breathing it in
>This time you almost can't bear it
>Your clothes can never bear it
>They literally burn up
>At least that's usual

>Weeks go by
>Nothing but vanilla, dragon breeding sex
>As God intended
>You've never given her this much pleasure
>Even when things got real kinky
>It takes its toll on you though
>Turns out she doesn't need the succubus bracelet
>Heat crazed dragon pussy can also drain the essence of your soul
>Just not in a single night
Can you let me rest today?
I'm feeling a bit weak...after all this...
So much...
<Aww, I've gone a bit hard on you!
>Give her a dazed smile
>She swoons
>Then flinches
<If you can't use your shaft...
>She gets on all fours
>Turns her head upside down beneath her body
>And bends her ass up
>Fully presented
<Can you use your face?


>Her gasping fills your dreams
>But she's not beside you
>You've let her down!
>Has she replaced you?
>So weak...
>Must find her
>Crawl up to the doorway
>Wake up in bed
>Be pissed at your stupid brain
>Still hear her heavy breathing from the room over
>Not weak anymore

<Good to see you up Anon
>Room is candlelit
>Potions brewing
>Dragonwife is drawing runes on the ground
<I know you're still resting but I'm, uh, desperate
>Yeah, she's shuddering
>And her voice is breaking
<I'm going to summon the tentacles again
<Mind helping?
>It's for her
>You'll do anything for her
>Though you'd rather be part of the depravity
>Not spectating it
>Daydream while you work
>That last time with the tentacles...
>They were so eager to share your lust
>Their caressing fired you up
>They touched every part of your wife's body
>All the parts you couldn't
>Wish you were a tentacle monster

<Do you remember the chant?
I remember everything from that night
>She chuckles
>Final part of the ritual
>Smoke and dancing lights
>Glowing runes and bubbling brews
>Warm breeze and rumbling
>Tentacles creep out and grow into the room
<Stand back!
>Step back a few paces
>But something's wrong
>The tentacles slink past your wife
>Oh no...
>They're after...

>It's not like you could have prevented this
>A few extra seconds would've done what?
>The first tentacles grew right where you were standing
>They...want you
>Can't move anymore
>Maybe try struggling?
>But they seem to like that
<How do I reverse the curse?!
>Sound of frenzied page turning
>Her spellbook forsakes her
>It forsakes you both
>Why do these lustful tentacles want your lust?
>Did you fuck up the ritual?
>They've claimed your dick
>And now they're claiming you
>The binding tentacle mass looks smaller than before
>It feels like they're under your skin

<Get off him!
>Dragonwife shoots fire
>The stuff that hurts
>You assume
>But no effect
>She claws at the outer layer of tentacles
>But they're almost all gone
>They're part of you now
>Panic turns to defeat
>She stops trying to cut your skin
<Anon I...couldn't...

>Eyes readjust
>Look down on her
>Look down on her?
>It's like you're over 10ft tall
>And have the power of your tentacle enemy
>They sprout from your hair
>Your back
>Out around your limbs
>They move like they're any of your other muscles
>There's another feeling too
>Maddening, uncontrollable aching from your crotch
>Big tentacle dick!?
>It's longer, fatter, harder, slicker
>It coils and writhes too...!

>Dragonwife's backing away
>Her eyes catch yours
>Have you ever seen her...
>Desire flows through you
>Now she's petrified
>Totally petrified
>Too afraid to move
>Even as you step toward her
>She's just standing there
>In a pool of her own juices
>Buckled legs
>Gushing snatch
>It makes you grin
>And your eyes glow

>Grab her waist
>Lift her up
>What a cute, shivering little dragoness
>Yeah, she's the smaller one now
>Why not rub it in?
>Give her a good taunt
>If your brain doesn't overheat...
>Fuck it
>It's all you can growl
>But that little shriek of hers...!
>She knows her place

>Sure you're bigger than her
>But no need to rush
>You can both savor her fear
>Lower her down your body
>Haha damn
>Looks like she's into it
>But wanting
>Reaching her arms out to feel your new body
>She deserves more of you
>Tentacles curl around the ends of her limbs
>Prodding her breasts, back, butt, womb
>One even gets a kiss
>And finally
>A strained whimper
>Your transformed tip touches her entrance

>Can she even control herself?
>She's already swinging her hips
>Trying to feel more of you
>This girl needs more restraint
>A tentacle wrapped above her crotch should help
>Now to rub her with your prehensile shaft
>Good little dragons uttering cute moans deserve verbal encouragement
>But those legs can't decide how spread they want to be
>An easy solution
>Tie them up too!

>Look at that
>She's given up
>Nothing gets you going like seeing your wife curling her tail up
>Even if you're in front of her
>Since her long tail isn't restrained...
>She's gone and wrapped it around you
>It's pulling you in!
>Well, you're strong enough to resist her
>You're impressed by hard she's exerting
>Despite being almost entirely compromised
>Why not let her win?
>Or you can play a little trick
>For now...
>Just enjoy rediscovering her insides with your modified shaft
>Can she go all the way?
>Before her tail gives out?
>Almost completely in

>Her strength topples you both over
>All according to plan
>She yelps
>You shout
>Hold for a moment
>Glare into her eyes
>Your look says one thing
Remember this
>She closes her eyes...
>Opens her mouth...
>There's her drenched, ferocious tongue
>How many times has she shoved it right down your throat?
>How far down does it even get in there?
>It's otherworldly when she does it
>Time to reciprocate
>And then some
>Your tongue isn't just long now
>The tentacles gave you several to play with
>Her eyes shoot back open
>Those little slit pupils are shaking
>Too late, darling

>Turns out you were right
>Tentacles LOVE struggling prey
>Fighting is useless
>For her
>Exhilarating for you though
>Only her tail is free
>And it's tickling your belly
>Noticing all these feelings makes your cock throb inside her
>With a bulge under her womb
>You couldn't do that at your normal size
>Bearing your weight down on her is nice and all
>It's not enough
>She needs more
>Tentacles are nice for grabbing
>Your arms are more powerful
>Wrap them behind her back
>You've never been able to hug her this tight
>It's usually the other way around

>The leverage helps too
>Transfer your weight forward
>Pull those hips back
>Your cock retreats out your wife's depths
>Just a bit
>Before you change direction
>And shift your weight back again
>That feeling when she quivers!
>Not just her body against yours
>But her dragon pussy too!
>Both of you let out strangled moans
>Your tongues still devouring each others' throats
>The plan was to do her slowly
>That's simply not possible
>Still manage a few sensual thrusts
>They make her head turn
>Her wings flutter
>You're only fighting yourself though
>You and your overpowering urges

>When did you lose your composure?
>You can't remember
>Those controlled reps became honest thrusts
>Which became needing humps
>Now it's a desperate assault
>You can't kiss your wife anymore
>Her moaning was so intense
>It was choking you!
>Total lack of composure
>The desire was frantic
>But what if she ran out of air?!
>It was so much easier to communicate with unobstructed mouths
>Your fucking shook each others bodies
>Your cries of pleasure shook each others souls
>Had her voice ever been this high?
>It was screaming
>Even with you transformed
>Even if she couldn't keep her eyes open
>She'd still wail your name as loud as she could

>You need to hold back somehow
>That face of hers
>It's too cute!
>And lewd!
>Must look away...
>Her chest is a sight
>A sight you've neglected
>Those luscious breasts
>Swinging around the entire time
>And you somehow forgot!
>Another perfect weakness to exploit
>Catch them first
>Give them a good fondle
>Just what you needed
>With free dragon squeals too
>So what if your tentacle tongues can't feed on your wife's mouth
>Her tits will just have to do
>She's no match

>You forget about time
>Forget about space
>Forget about...thought?
>There's nothing left but instinct
>Gripping her so tight with your tentacles isn't necessary anymore
>Their sliding sensation is more than enough
>Her claws digging into your skin felt better anyway
>And you'd always wanted to pin her down by the shoulders
>That other limb of hers was driving you wild too
>It wasn't enough her tail scales caressed your inner thighs
>Or that she'd wrap it around your legs and tickle your toes
>The worst part was when she found a way to punish you back
>Squeezing and spanking your ass—!
>It even found a way to rub your balls
>Despite being in the throes of the mating press you held her in
>She was still fighting to give you ecstasy

>That's when it hits you
>Why had your dragonwife been so insatiable?
>She wanted to be a mother
>Her body was begging to be a mother
>Her love would make her the perfect mother
>After all this time
>You'll finally give her life
>You see it now
>You see her now
>Can't look away
>You and your lover
>Face to face
>Her eyes pierce back
>That look tells you exactly what she's thinking
<I know you want to be a father
<Your body compels you to be a father
<Your nurturing will make you a perfect father
>That's our purpose
<That's our purpose

>There's no going back now
>You can't hold back now
>She can't hold back now
>Your love is for this purpose
>That purpose adds full force to your slamming rhythm
>The throbbing of your orgasm hasn't given you release yet
>But how?
>Your shaft is excruciatingly erect
>Her insides are searingly hot
>They strangle and pump you to your core
>You can feel your balls push themselves up into your groin
>Force against your back pushes you right up to your wife's womb
>It's an inescapable, breeding leg lock
>You howl

>The first spurt relieves barely any of the pressure
>You can feel it melting everything around your tip
>The shock blurs your vision
>Next spurt you actually hear
>Even coming from deep within your wife's dragon belly
>Focus on her eyes
>They're rolling up into her head
>Third spurt
>Her drooling tongue is limply hanging out of her mouth
>Wings spread full span
>And your eyes roll up too
>More spurts
>Your cum is already gushing out of her snatch
>All over your body
>As well as her scales
>It keeps going
>The tentacles have been shooting smaller loads the whole time
>This is the longest orgasm you've ever had
>Both of your voices are hoarse
>Her belly is swelling with your seed
>Your cock couldn't breed its mate anymore
>It'd mark her with its final shots
>Good shots too
>A couple or so on her tits, face, mouth
>You're fading...
>You're falling...


>There's nothing like a tight, loving hug
>Such warmth
>You try and return the kindness
>Arms stretch out
>But your target is too big!
>Everything feels weird
>A bit numb too
>But there's something familiar...
>Massaging around your head and shoulders
>Stroking hair
>Soft, beating chest
>What wonderful senses
>You need to wake them all up

<Good morning hon!
>Dragonwife's sight and sound
>She makes you glow
<Don't worry
<The magic's faded
<You're back to normal again!
>It takes you a moment
>Absent mindedly stare down at her belly
>It's sticky
>And bulging
>Look further down
>Her pussy is stained
>A little of your seed is still leaking out

<I'm so glad you're alright!
<I think you took care of my heat...
>Is she bashful right now?
>Look at her
>Smiling ear to ear...
>Are her scales blushing?
I just wish I was that strong all the time
>Reflexively look up
>Directly in her eyes
>Big caring eyes
>Eyes you can never lie to
<Aren't you strong enough as you are?

Well, I can't keep up with you
>She cocks her head
>The most charming interrogator
<Can't keep up?
With your libido!
>Oh no...
>You immediately regret that outburst
>Shame makes you look away
<Come here
>Her hands pick you up and straddle you above her belly
>She leans up
>Facing you at eye level
<How many partners do you think I've had?
>Trick question, don't answer
<Under a dozen
<When you live as long as me,
<That's not much
>That is reassuring
>She reaches her claw by your side
>Then holds your hand
<I've only been married once

>You can't remember if she's mentioned that before
>It's the kind of thing you'd remember
>Or did you just need reminding?
<You're a energetic little guy!
>Now who's blushing?
<Don't think that being a couple feet shorter than me
<Means you don't rock my world
>She's lapping up the stupid, embarrassed smile you're now wearing
<You do things to me
<It's a vicious cycle
<You make love to me...
<Later I fantasize about you...
<I need you again
>Holy shit

<I sometimes wonder
<How did an old beast like me
<Score such a great young guy?
>Did she just...
>...The whole time you'd been together
>...Share in your insecurity?
<Most youthful guys wouldn't take an overripe dragon
<"Too prickly"
>She gestures to her pointy outer spines
>You follow her gaze to her apothecary storeroom
>So comprehensive she could counjure any spell
>Living longer would give you a different sense of time
>Both of you can't be insecure
You're rational

>Is she supposed to take comfort in that?
>Explain yourself, quick!
I look at the world, and it doesn't make sense
So many are looking for a fight
Those with power abuse it
Hostile selfishness everywhere...
>Reach out your hand for her other claw
>Still too short to meet it on your own
>She realises your intent
>Grips you back, tightly
You stand against that
I love our little world together
Being around you
Things are good
You're my center
>You try leaning forward to whisper in one of her finned ears
I can't get enough of you

>That makes her cackle
<You know
<You're so cute when you push yourself out of comfort zone
>She's firing up
>With that playful tone of voice too
<Think about all the perverted antics we've been through
<And you turn into butter just professing your love for me!
>But worth it
>It's flipped her back to the confident girl you love
<Hey, and not just anyone can impregnate a dragon
>Those words make you giddy
>How does that make sense
>Something so obvious shouldn't scramble your brains
<Oh look at you
<Going all mushy like that
<We're going be a real family!
<We'll have the cutest little kids!
>Her claw reaches behind your head
<I want more than one
>That's no surprise
>So do you

<That's a while away yet
<To think when this all started
<I thought I needed to be a kinky savage to keep you around
<You got me addicted to seeing your raptured face!
<And then you'd crawl back for more!
>Who's been egging who on through all this?!
<...Transformation magic...!
<Why didn't I think of that earlier!
>Uh oh
<If you ever feel like you're small or weak...
<I can turn you into a fearsome creature!
Last night WAS pretty wild
>She lifts you off her belly
>Places you above her head on your feet
>Turns over
>Lies in a raised prone
>Hands on her chin
>Beaming up at you
<I could come down to your level...

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