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General lore

I'm going to run /nasa/ lore by here one more time.

/nasa/ crash landed on this world about six months ago.
/nasa/ had to break apart the station to survive impact, sacrificing our factories and general infrastructure.
/nasa/ still has some space age technologies like a self sufficient greenhouse, fusion core generator, solar energy generator, and climate control inside the main station.
/nasa/ also still has databases of knowledge and blueprints to rebuild the station. They also have tablet computers that can interract with the station's wireless network.
/nasa/ also have bread dog robots that are general use companions and emergency food supply.
Escape pods have been deployed to use as housing. They're small four people bunkers but they have power, air-conditioning, hot water, and oxygen generation. Pods are meant to be used in deep space after all.
/nasa/ crashed into a tundra that's mostly plains. Meaning if we want minerals then we have to quarry through permafrost.
Some machines survived the impact to allow us to get started mining. However once the machines break there's no easy way to repair them.
There's also priority to reclaim pieces of the station that crashed as well.
/nasa/ is also under a prime directive to never share technology with underdeveloped cultures.
There are plans for trade is to share manufactured food from the bakeries with our neighbors since food is the universal gift.

The world tech level in general is Age of Exploration post rennaisaunce. Meaning we'll have to keep Industrial Revolution tech and higher to ourselves. There are "some" magical elements. Our magical element is bread dog robots, internet, and fusion energy. We don't have plasma weapons because Space Austrailia sucks with weapons regulations. So we'll have to rely on weapons of the world to fight. Though if we do compromise on weapons then we can have modern firearms, just no way to make ammo or repair them. Just want to hear thoughts before making it official.

Additional lore

Well, I like most of it, but I was wondering if we could somehow incorporate our goal of getting the heck out of dodge and back into space as part of our deal, like

fairly chill
helpful, but always working on a bigger project
sometimes the sanalites cut off all contact with the rest of the nations for about a month
people claim to see new lights in the sky (we are trying to break the atmosphere with rocket launches)
then we come back since we didnt get out just yet
our weapons are still on par with the world's, but have a horizon zero dawn style of using high tech materials to make low tech tools
Sanalites don't take off the space suits/helmets.
We dont technically know if we can breathe the air on holoearth
but it does give us an air of cool mistique
undermined, of course, by breaddogs.

So far /nasa/ has trade partners with /who/, /rrat/ (though offerings of peace), KFP, and /ggg/. We still need to negotiate a trade route through /uuu/ for /who/. And I think KFP has their own routes. We should be able to till enough land to get a bumper summer crop of wheat. We'll have to bake and preserve pastries for long distance trading. And the wheat will be bagged as well. We should have enough crops in the greenhouse to last a second winter unless Mozzies sabotage shit again. /who/'s potatoes and cattle should help us through the winter. And if KFP likes our bread then perhaps we can ask for a few chickens.

There's talks about sugar beets in the south. That and maple syrup would work well for our sugar supply. With sugar, egg, and dairy comes ice cream that we can sell locally. Still have to forage the native flora for possible medicines. And we still need to prepare a quarry. At least we have some food and trade secured. Even if it means working around the clock. Morale is quite high as this is a change in life Sanalites need before Sana returns. We're still faced with the dilemma that Sana's return is a long way off.

Back from the nap. So far /nasa/'s trade list is with /who/, /infinity/, KFP, and /rose/. Still in talks with what to trade with /risu/. /who/ allows /nasa/ to build a bakery at their port city. Which locals will be trained there to operate it. /who/ will also trade potatoes, cattle, and milk. /infinity/ has been comissioned to make specific gears that cannot be hand made in exchange for meteorite and gold. KFP will trade chickens and machine parts for flour, sugar, and space-preserved pastries. And /nasa/ is looking for teas and bath salts from /rose/.

/uuu/ might let us pick wildberries in exchange for bread and pastries. Though they want to try our wildberry pies. /ggg/ mentioned trying some of our food but no trade deal has been secured. /risu/ has nut flour so they might not be interested in wheat. There is some interest in sugar and alcohol. /nasa/ is assessing the disease risk from /meat/ before striking a trade deal with cacao.

At the moment /nasa/'s priority has shifted from repairing the station's engines to developing refigeration tech, which will hopefully lead to cryo to liquify gasses for fuel. We still need more research on Chuubanite and how it works.

For crops /nasa/ should have wheat, sugarbeets, but also some cool crops like peas, carrots, onions, collard greens, turnips, kale, radishes, broccoli, and cauliflower. We do have beans in the greenhouse but we can't cultivate beans outside. /nasa/ can process wheat into both flour and beer and sugarbeets into sugar. We also have some maple trees. However its too early for a syrup harvest since that's in the winter. I don't know if we can ship vegetables without refrigeration. Would /risu/ be interested any of these things?

Prime Directive

Ok, time for some /vtwbg/ autism. I was thinking about expanding /nasa/'s prime directive, since we are slowly getting more bits and pieces in that thread about it,
and i thought that solidifying it now could serve us good for any future lore expansions. Any and all thoughts about it from Sanallites frequenting that thread
are welcome(This is just a proposal, feel free to change/remove/add any parts so we can really flesh it out)

Prime directive PROPOSAL

Grand directive:

Exploratory fleets are to conduct research on exoplanets in order to
expand our knowledge of the universe we live in, as well as research and procure
local flora and fauna to expand our gastronomy, as dictated by our Goddess.

Flora and fauna directive:

1: Research of flora and fauna is to be as non intrusive as possible
2: Procurement of flora and fauna must not drastically impact the biome they originate in
3: Procured specimens must be handled with extreme care until fully researched
4: Procured specimens must in some way contribute to the expansion of gastronomy

Intelligent life directive:

1: Research of intelligent life is to be as non intrusive as possible
2: In the event of a full contact scenario exploratory teams should avoid conflict and proceed peacefully
2a: In order to achieve peace with the species, sharing of station's food supply, namely bread and pastry, is permmited
3: Sharing of station's technology with the species is forbidden
3a: In the event of station's technology being lost to the species, stealth combat teams are to be deployed to procure, or otherwise dispose of it.
4: Procreation with the species is forbidden

Resources directive:

1: Acquisition of natural resources necessary for Exploratory fleet's continued operation is to be as non intrusive to any intelligent species as possible
2: Mines and production facilities are to be constructed as far away from any settlements as possible
3: When sufficient resources are acquired, mines are to be sealed and production facilities disassembled
3a: Area around the mines and production facilities is then to be restored with the introduction of local species of flora

Conflict directive:

1: Use of deadly force on local fauna is only permitted as a means of defense if a safe retreat is possible
2: Conflict with intelligent species is to be avoided at any cost
2a: In the event of continuous, unprovoked attacks from the species deadly force is permitted
2b: Deadly force permitted under such an event is to still be used sparingly

I'm not familiar with your lore, can you even... pleasure yourselves?

Oh, definitely. When in space, we do have a strict reproduction program, due to our space station having a hard limit on occupants when flying, but we can still masturbate or have sex as much as we want, protection is just mandatory. When the station makes landfall and opens up, the program is loosened up since we can house as much as 5x as many adult Sanallites. The grand directive does prohibit reproduction with natives though, as we are nothing more than brief visitors usually. It could introduce mutations to the species that could lead to their eventual downfall.

Wouldn't that make species mixers to escape to other lands? Probably neutral threads?

Its a dilemma. On one hand the genetic material means Sanalites will have a better time surviving on this planet. On the other hand the Prime Directive doesn't consider permanent settlements on worlds. Permanent settlements are minimum 99 year bases. As after 99 years you have built too much stuff to take with you on the station. Which means you already altered the planet.

We're stuck here for 99 years because we have to rebuild infrastructure to repair the station. Which means the Prime Directive is in question on whether or not /nasa/ will have to declare a new home world or not. We're still keeping tech to ourselves. However cross-breeding with natives may become inevitable in 20-30 years time. And if there's more cross bred natives than /nasa/ inhabitants then they will easily take over the station for themselves. Which would make us a rogue station to homeworld. It really depends how cut-off /nasa/ is to homeworld in the other dimension. If we're truly alone then species mixing could have very little confidence because of the new homeworld.

Adding to this many Gen-0 Sanalites have already left /nasa/ permanently to settle in other territories with other oshis. Since they abandoned Sana they do not care to follow the prime directive anymore. These rogue Sanalites might have already sold off blueprints of space age technology already. Without a GPS we'll have to track down the rogues the old fashioned way. And even then they're under protection of other states. Which means if we hunt them and get caught then /nasa/ has effectively declared war. So Prime Directive is starting to make less sense as it is directly putting our nation in conflict. Its a good ruleset for visiting worlds. Not so much for settling them.


Good news. /nasa/ finished the rough draft of the bakeries for /who/. Our primary product will be bread and pastries, but we will have ice-cream, smoothies, and juices. If we can secure trade for coffee and tea them we'll sell those too. Ice houses are a given as they will store both ice and perishables we need. 1/3rd of the building will be the store where we put products on display. We will have an outside dining area with umbrellas and tables. Umbrellas can be made out of leather. 2/3rds of the building will be deticated to the kitchens. We'll have counter tops to prepare dough and batter. Mixers and blenders to prepare frostings and drinks. Wood burning stove ranges to make custards and other hot ingridients. And we'll have a wall of brick ovens at varying temperatures to bake whatever we need. Some dishes that are based on meat and fish have to be ordered in advanced due to how long it takes to prepare them. We're also going to be hiring and training local bakers as /nasa/ doesn't have the people to run the operation. They'll be paid for their work obviously. And local bakers are free to experiment and invent new ideas for products.

If we can get trade with /risu/, /uuu/, and /rose/ then we can add nuts, tea, and fruit pastries. I suppose if /who/ has no problem with /meat/'s cacao then we can trade to have chocolate pastries and puddings.

This is an official statement from /nasa/:

/nasa/ from this day forward will no
longer engage in trade nor communication with /pyon/ as our protocol prohibits us from communicating with cultures that do not want to engage peacefully. We will respect /pyon/'s isolationism. All /nasa/ inhabitants are to avoid /pyon/ territory. This is a direct order.

Food Preservation

Food preservation reps are mostly done. /nasa/ has various methods for preserving space meals. The obvious method is vacuum sealing. We suck the air out of the package until it shrinks around the food. If we can't suck all the oxygen out then we displace it with nitrogen. Most of the atmosphere is nitrogen. Nitrogen is an inert gas that doesn't react to anything. So food won't brown, ripen, decay, or spoil with nitrogen. For dry foods we add silica gel packets. Silica gel absorbs moisture around which keeps food dry. Its how we keep jerky dry for months. And obviously traditional canning, curing, and marinating methods still work.

Speaking of rations /nasa/ has space-age meals in packets and MREs. The packets need to be injected with boiling water to rehydrate and cook the meal. That's mostly used in zero-G environments. /nasa/ has traditional MREs, Meals Ready to Eat. MREs are sealed in plastic and keep for years until you need them. You pop them open, add water, and they'll cook automatically using crystals. MREs are ration food. I ate my first MRE. It gave me a new appreciation for tobasco sauce that made it not taste like crap. I hated tobasco sauce back then.

Etiquette and Entertainment

A lot of etiquette and entertainment in /nasa/ comes down to zero gravity. We have gravity rooms that spin around the station. Though technically they're not actually gravity so much as they spin so fast it pushes you to the ceiling. The gravity rooms is where cooking and eating happens. Since stray bread crumbs in zero-g could mean a death scentence to anyone its forbidden to eat on the job. Though now that /nasa/ is earthbound they've been eating and sleeping more. When you're in a low gravity place for a long time and you come back down to Earth you feel the strain in your bones. Fortunately we have high calcium veggies and therapy to help strengthen bones. However physical labor is much harder than we're used to. Also lab grown meat and protein substitute may work in space, but we now need real animal meat for protein to rebuild our muscles. Fish and red meat needs to be reintroduced into our diets. As to ease digestion of red meat we have ways to grind the meat. Our digestive systems can't handle red meat steak at this time. Plus we have to make sure the meat doesn't have diseases and parasites as our medicines for those are limited.


/nasa/ does not have a ritual invoking prayer to Sana in a traditional sense. Instead when Sama broadcasts it is an event for everyone in /nasa/ to watch. Once /nasa/ recieves the signal then the the stream is broadcasted throughout /nasa/'s network in the territory. That said there are plans to create satellites that orbit the world. These satellites will serve as global positioning, observing, and radio transmission. That way Sanallites will always know where they are and can always see Sana's broadcast everywhere. That said the satellites are two-centuries away bare minimum because satellites need robots and programming for self maintenance. There's also the risk of foreign sanctions if they think the satellites spy on their territory. Satellites are a discussion for another day.

/nasa/ does bring offerings to Sana. It used to be that /nasa/ would leave behind space capsules of art pieces, records of music, and space sealed bread in case another space farer flies by. Though /nasa/ can't send capsules to space anymore there are plans of leaving behind capsules on earth and sea. The capsules spread the love /nasa/ has for Sana.


Once /nasa/ reclaims its weapons then ground warfare won't be that much of a threat. We have a good bottleneck for ships as you need ice breakers to land the north beach. Plus /who/ would still have to pass through Fauna's forests natural defenses of giant trees and savage beasts. There's the /rrat/ mountain ranges, but the monks are tougher than their banter.

As for our defenses... Our escape pods are bullet proof to your guns. They're resistant to powder kegs and grenados as well. We have spear like stun rods which can be set to either stun or kill. While we don't have much ammo our guns are fairly accurate and deadly. Plus our space suits have bullet absorbing technology. So we can take a shot or five before rounds penetrate the suit. Space men here are nice and chill and welcome visitors. However we will (and have) use deadly force against anyone who dares raid our station. We faired well against the schizos so far. If /who/ wants some of our territory then we can negotiate like civil men on our terms. So far we're not interested in selling territory because we are still surveying the land. Like Sana /nasa/ is near impossible to push around. I think /who/ understands because the've been friendly with us so far.

Also we're interested in /infinity/'s clockwork. We need very specific gearboxes to rebuild our crank mixers we can use to liquify fruits and vegetables, as well as knead dough faster than by hand.

Bread Dog

Image description
Every Sanalite in /nasa/ is accompanied by a bread dog robot companion. The bread dogs are a "gift" from Sana. Well more specifically their current design is. Robot assistants are nothing new. But the discovery of "dough insulation" and Sana's own love for bread and dogs made what the dogs are today. The dogs are for the most part general use computers. They have wireless communicators to interact with the station's network. Bread dogs can relay information from tablet computers to other bread dogs, to the station. The AI system following the behavior of loyal dogs makes sense as well. Bread dogs can never become self-aware enough to betray their masters, including those of higher rank. Though if hacked bread dogs can and will turn against their programming. Bread dogs are shock absorbent. Meaning they can survive very high falls and blunt force impacts. Bread dogs can also absorb small bullets in their bodies. Though they can be burned by fire and destroyed by concussive blasts. Bread dogs can be used as an emergency floatation device. They are also huggable emotional support animals. While bread dogs themselves cannot be eaten they can store an emergency survival pack inside their tummies which contains food and water for 7 day, a first aid kit, and a flare. While bread dogs can bite, they bite like small dogs. They are mostly harmless plush toy anime mascots.

Bread dogs can be eaten. As long as you keep their robot frame then you can always bake a new loaf for the bread dog. Sound fair? That way there's a finite amount of bread dogs.

Okay so bread dogs are not bullet proof. What they do instead is absorb the bullets that are shot at them. Their "dough" stops the bullets. You do have to dig out the bullets. Also bread dogs are natural punching bags. You can kick and punch them as much as you want and they won't break thanks to "kneading dough" technology. Bread dogs also make good pillows. They can even be used as emergency floatation devices. Bread dogs can also work as radios and bluetooth speakers. Safe to say they can work as Alexa, Siri, or Google Nest.

I got bread dogs approved because they're anime plush toy mascots. They don't do much on their own, but they're cute and huggable.

Good thing our bread dogs are emotional support animals too. Things are pretty dark. Especially when we don't have signal from Sana in weeks. Faith in Sana is waning. We have Mozzies, which are antis, that are trying to take over the station claiming Sana is the demiurge who never cares for us. They're even trying to sabotage the ship's computers and steal supplies for themselves. They've been caught trying to smuggle tech to the schizo wastes to kickstart an anti-chuuba arms race. And fuck it. I'm anchoring this post for lore.

Note: i would like to propose that bread dogs can act as recorders, listening whenever their partner wants to make a journal entry or just get stuff out of their chest.
So whenever these journal entries for /nasa/ happen, we are actually talking to the doggo, not just into a microphone.

[Begin log]

Hey buddy, been a while since we sat down like this, huh?
The station has been buzzing the last couple of days, ever since we recieved the signal from our Goddess,
and boy do i have things to tell you!

We had a major spike in power before the signal was recieved, but before we could react to it, we... we were raided.
It was unlike anything we had seen before, seeming more like and endless invasion than a simple raid, and many of our own were lost...

Huh? No, no i'm okay...we survived, and that's all that matters. It only goes up from here.

While we aren't up to 100% yet, not anywhere close, we have been able to get more systems up and running
over the last few days. The research boys are all huddled up in their labs, drooling over the meteorite that crashed
near us when the raid happened. From what i understood, they speculate it might be the missing piece that will get us
out of this hole we were stuck in the last couple of months. Seeing them this excited after this long does make me smile.

Oh, and it seems the power spike jumpstarted some door lock systems that were previously completely offline. Not many, but we did
get access to some sectors of the station that were previously locked shut. The bakers and farmers were able to put up a few more
greenhouses because of that, and traders that departed south are apparently returning with more of this land's produce.

The top brass also decided that now that the station has more power, some could be redirected to the systems on the bridge.
Me and the other navigators have been sifting through all the navigation logs, and trying to pinpoint where our weapons vault
crash landed. The fact it broke off during our descent was a blessing in disguise, otherwise it would have been buried and destroyed
completely during the crash. We do think that a big part of it might be ruined along with the weapons inside, but we still need it.
the last raid showed us that.
The scout teams should be able to find it within weeks once we have the general location. I just hope that it didn't crash too far north...

But it's getting late, and i should get to bed. Tommorow will be another busy day again. But should all go well, we will be in the warm
embrace of our goddess up in the stars soon, just you wait buddy.

Now come here, you deserved some headpats for helping me through last couple of weeks. Really... thank you.

[End log]

Work Flow

One thing I know is under-appreciated about /nasa/ is our workflow. /nasa/ is really good about planning things and executing them. Perhaps its because /nasa/ is familiar with the Ford assembly line where its more efficient training one man to assemble one part instead of training one man to make everything in the machine. Sure /nasa/ has to have jack of all trades astronauts. However those astronauts can quickly find a role that suits their strength. /nasa/'s workshop forge for example has a team of 10 people to make the tools one step at a time. Its also the same with farming. We rotate jobs but there's always a tiller, waterer, harvester, etc. Even when something goes wrong we have emergency response plans for just about any scenario. Granted it is impossible for an individual to know how to handle every crisis in the world. But there's enough diversity in minds that there is always someone who would know exactly what to do based on what they know. Command is a bit more modular thanks to our educated workers. That said we do sometimes run into crisis where two minds debate too long. In a fire time is everything. This is where experienced elders come in who know what risks they need to take to save time.

Deep space travel is a risky venture. If you cannot take risk then you cannot deep space travel. Its the same with sailing a ship. There's always something that can go wrong that sinks the ship. Education of individuals are highly valued in /nasa/. You don't have to know everything because such knowledge is impossible. What you do have to know is just enough to work efficiently and to survive. Also knowing how to search for resources in the ship's database helps too.

Universe Center

The central plaza in /nasa/ Station is jokingly named "Universe Center". The Universe Center contains the hub of all monorail lines to other parts of /nasa/. In the middle of the plaza there is a working holographic orbital model of the Sol System. There the model accurately portrays the orbit of all of the planets, moons, and asteroid belt in real time. The model is also used as a calendar and an atomic clock to accurately gage the time from Terra (earth). At the center of the model is a physical depiction of the yellow sun Sol with a statue of Sana sitting on top. This is to accurately model Sana's actual size to the rest of the solar system.

As for facilities around the plaza there is a café with carry out service where Sanalites can grab their meal and coffee. Next to the café is a bakery where bread is always baked fresh. While the café itself is small the plaza has plenty of sit down benches to eat from. Each bench also has a dock where Sanalites can dock their tablet computers to charge and play games with via LAN connection. The Universe Center has a road that leads to the central tower where all the government work is done. Along with the central tower there is /nasa/ station archives that serve as a public library. The archives have both physical books and digital books for reading. Though you cannot check out physical books without special permission, digital books are free to view so long as you have an account. To download a book you have to spend fuel credits for data cost.

Universe Center also serves as a public square to host public events and gatherings. If there's a holiday coming up then the Universe Center will update its holograph decorations accordingly. Universe Center is covered by a glass dome that protects the center from climate's rainfall. So there's no fear of a rainy day. That said there are leaks in the dome caused by the crash. So it is still advised to carry an umbrella in Universe Center for now. There are plans to open novelty gift stores when visitors are allowed inside the station.

Development goal

What's your nation's current goals now. What are you trying to aim for your development? Would said development make your people happy?

/nasa/'s current development goal is to establish economics outside of /nasa/ so we can acquire wealth to import materials we can't find in the tundra. We also need to eventually build a seaport for faster trading with /who/. Many Sanalites are sad at the loss of the station's factories. I'm hoping to renew their purpose in life by bringing them new opportunities to use their talents with a new economy.

Vitubium and Mining

So it looks like /nasa/ is going to use bread dogs as sled dogs as our main option of transportation. The problem is its spring right now. So there's no snow. Therefore all mining and logging operations will be delayed until winter time. In the meantime /nasa/ will just have to make due recycling scrap for tools and parts. Unless we find some native horses adapted to the cold we're screwed on transport. Mammoths are way too wild to tame since they're primal and aggressive. Nothing's worse than having to wait real time for anything to get done in /nasa/. Still waiting on the other Sanalite to finish his part of the story. Guess I should close the thread and do something else for a few weeks.

I suppose /nasa/ will have to gamble with vitubium to make new fuel cells for CR-USTs mechsuits. They should be able to haul supplies from the farms to the station before winter. Though CR-USTs will be useless walking in the snow as they'll sink right in. At least the forests are close to the farms. So woodmaking for chickens and cattle ranches are no problem. We will insulate chicken and cattle houses with "dough" technology. So houses will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Animal houses will also have a hearth and chimney that's engineered in a way to deliver heat without smoke to their houses. Eventually wood burning stoves will be swapped out for natural gas (propane). Dough technology also filters out the noises from outside. So nights should be quiet.

Mining in the cold is no problem. In fact spacesuits will protect Sanalites from coal dust and low oxygen via oxygen tanks. Ventilation will still be important as to prevent vacuums that could collapse the tunnels. Also ventilation will let Sanalites breathe with air-filters as oxygen tanks are limited. Our tunnels will be based on the Martian Mine method. Martian Mine method involves making a network of "camp chambers" to refuel oxygen and power between branch mining tunnels. This allows Sanalites to dig deep and far without disturbing the world above. Though Sanalites cannot dig too deep with just wooden support beams. It'll be easier when we have galvanized steel and a means of transporting it.

Water Boiler

I suppose to answer the water boiler question for /nasa/: we don't have bath houses. Instead we have public showers. Showers are segregated between men and women in the station. We do have "mixed" showers in the escape pods to conserve space. But those showers are tiny and can only support one Sanalite at a time. That said. Now that /nasa/ has an abundant source of water from the wetlands we're looking into construction of hot tubs. You still need to wear swimwear in hot tubs. Regardless hot tubs will help Sanalites rehabilitate their bodies after a long work week. I think /nasa/ will rely on wood-burning boilers for now. Once we get a gas or fusion power plant going outside the station then we'll switch to electric water boilers. Water pipes and pumps are pneumatics 101 for /nasa/. /nasa/ is an expert on pumping both gas and liquid fluids through pipes since that's a cornerstone of making a habitable space station. The difference between space and earth is now we have gravity. Gravity makes plumbing super simple. As we no longer have to calculate the station's rotation, momentum, and inertia into moving fluids.

Also space showers no longer have to worry about water getting all over the place. While in space Sanalites have to literally seal themselves in a bag to shower. The bag is to keep the bathwater from floating away in zero gravity, which is near impossible to clean up. You can soak up lose water with a sponge or a towel. But then when you dry those sponges and towels they have to be put in a vacuum chamber to dry. Gravity showers are a very nice change. Now water just falls into the drain. Baths should also be very popular with Sanalites. In zero gravity you don't get the buoyancy in a bath like you do on Earth. I suppose I can write more about living in space compared to Earth if anyone's interested.


Whelp. I can't sleep. So it is time to talk about /nasa/'s limits. The limits are as simple as the population. Even with capital to make jobs easier /nasa/ only has 5,000 working men and women. Another hard limit of /nasa/ is the lack of roads to drive vehicles on. And of course there's the lack of vehicles themselves. This means /nasa/ cannot transport resources efficiently nor in bulk. Which leads to a reduction in productivity overral.

Then there's the limitation of /nasa/'s location. There is only one useable river in the north that /nasa/ can use to transport goods to sea. However all of the resources are in the south. Forest and farmland are to the southwest and iron mining is to the south east. This means /nasa/ station itself has to be in the center where its kilometers away from the river. Meaning lumber has to be shipped by sea to the north river where it can be processed. Then lumber has to be delivered south to the station where it can then be transported to the mines in the south east. Ironically winter is a boon in /nasa/ because bread dogs can be used as sled dogs to haul resources across the snow. However during the spring and summer months the sleds are useless. CR-UST mech suits are used during spring to haul the farm harvest to the station as well as to pull logs to the docks where they'll be shipped to the sawmills up the northern river. Once winter hits CR-UST mech suits will be worthless as they'll sink in the snow. Due to climate /nasa/ is restricted to working on specific things during the season because of transportation problems. As /nasa/ developes their population, wealth, and technology transportation problems will be a thing of the past. This is the current state of /nasa/'s workflow at this time.

I don't know if I can explain all of Starfleet's political structures within one post but here goes.

The Intergalactic Terran Federation is an alliance of Terran (Earth Human) nations that claim territory throughout the galaxy. They travel the stars through a fleet of ships known as Starfleet. The capitol of the Terran Federation is their solar system of Origin: Sol. Their home planet is Terra (Earth). The Terran Federation has only colonized roughly 5% of the Galaxy. Colonization is slow as traveling between solar systems takes generations as it is impossible to travel faster than lightspeed.

Governments are divided based on solar systems. Each solar system has its own central station run by elected officials in a republic style election with electorial college. The EC is divided between "sectors" of the solar system. In the example of Sol, Terra and its moon, Luna, is one sector. Mercury and Venus is another sector. And Mars is its own sector due to being close to the asteroid belt. The sectors are also divided into sub-sectors. Sort of like how states are divided into counties in the US. They too have their own EC. And then from sub-sectors come states of the world, from states to provinces, provinces to counties, etc.

Each state has their own government which could be communist, representative republic, multicultural democracy, the EU clusterfuck, etc. Each state has to vote or appoint their representatives who then vote like ministers in the sub-sectors. And then sub-sectors vote their reps for sectors, who serve as councilors for the system. Obviously there are time limits and term limits for how long and how many times a councilor or representative can serve. These people are mostly legislators. There are also executors and judiciaries for varying levels of government that are voted on as well. So that's the federation but what about Starfleet?

Turns out I can't. Anyway about Starfleet. Starfleet too has their own representatives. However Starfleet travels between solar systems with centuries without contact. So they're not as influential in established government. Their main goals is to locate new solar systems and assess them for resources and living. Originally when Starfleet finds an inhabitable planet they begin colonizing that world for themselves. However after wars erupted over who gets to colonize the worlds and even destroying them Starfleet issues the Grand Directive. The Grand Directive is to prevent Terrans from exploiting the planets to their destruction. This also includes directives when handling sentient and sapient native species as well. Starfleet is broken down by classes of ships. You have the Colony, which is the biggest ship in the fleet holding most of the civilians. There are also smaller colonies that orbit the big colony called Orbiters. /nasa/ is suppose to be a orbiter class ship. That's why it survived impact. Then you have the Miners, ships that mine and transport resources in space to colonies for processing. Then you have Transport ships that transport resources from the Colony to other ships in the fleet. From there you have your military class ships. Your flagships, your carriers, your destroyers, fighters, bombers, etc. The military ships all are commanded in typical navy/space marine structure. The Colony, however, has its own government including lawmakers, executors, and judiciary.

The judiciary is the council. They interpret laws like judges. In the Colonies they are apponted by the Principal, who is chief executor and commander in chief of the Colony military. Orbiters also have their principals. However their councils are appointed by the Colony Principal. And then you have the Sector House of Commons and the Senate. They are voted in by theit colony's citizens. Council and Senate vote in laws that affect either the central colony or the orbiters. There are also local governments for sectors of the colonies that have their own voted reptesentatives and judges.

As for /nasa/ their Orbiter is jokingly named Space Austrailia. We're made from colonists who got kicked off the central colonie for being shitposting assholes. But we're useful and resourceful to the main colony. So they kept us around...

...At least until we encountered the inter-dimensional vortex. However that's for later.

Military analysis: /uuu/

/nasa/ would be at a massive disadvantage if we were to wage offensive war with /uuu/. Even with CR-USTs and heavy artillery fuel is limited. Also out of the 5000 or so people we have less than 2200 are fighting fit. To overtake such territory would have to be one hell of a gurella operation.

There's also the lack of information about enemy tactics and units. /uuu/ would send the woods into a frenzy unleashing bears, wolves, lions, giant snakes, and other predators against us. Plus there's their own monster units like Ents that are literal walking trees. No gunshot can take an Ent down as they're practically bullet proof. We would need heavy firepower the likes of air-dropped bombs or heavy tank mortars to blow off enough of the Ent's body to stop them. There's also the spores of the forest which will clog our air-filters and choke us if we run out of oxygen. While the standard suit can absorb musket balls they're terrible at stopping arrows from heavy composite bows and crossbow bolts. We'll need armored suits for ground infantry to have a chance at fending off Sapling arrows.

On top of that the chuubanite in the forest trees have been confirmed to have electromagnetic fields that dusrupt radio communication and fuck with compasses. Spotter drones be impossible to fly in the forest. So infiltrating Sanalites will most likely fall into traps like carnivore weeds that grab and rip apart whatever prey steps on it. There's literal flowers that shoot poison barbs or spray acid. Also every single tree in the forest has the ability to "slap". Take cover behind a tree. Get slapped by the tree.

An offense in /uuu/ will mean heavy casualties and loss of vital equipment. Out of the 2200 soldiers: if we sent 1000 troopers unprepared then we will lose about 700 men. And half of our fighting force is women. Most women will stay behind at the station to defend it. And if we make Saplings our enemy then we will lose the land route to /who/.

Its better to have Saplings as a strong ally than to make them our enemy. I'd argue if Lammington falls then survivors can fall back to /uuu/ for safety.

Official historical segment on Principal Alex Jason Steele

Principal Alexander Jason Steele will forever be remembered as the man who made a mistake. Alex locked down the station as a suggestion from Cassandra (ironically enough shares the same name as his dead ex-wife). Unknown to Alex and /nasa/ after the ship's bounce something happened to the warp drive. To repair it Cassandra needed to reroute all system's power. At the same time she must keep a secret about the warp drive under Star Fleet's direct order. During this time Principal Alex was arguing with /nasa/'s council, a group of elected officials to represent /nasa/'s people, about the Grand Directive and the limits of trade. Cassandra saw this as an opportunity to initiate a system lock down. When Alex asked Cassandra about suggestions regarding the Grand Directive she gave him an opportunity. Principal Alex took Cassandra's suggestion to lock down the station in order to teach /nasa/ a lesson.

The lock down backfired on everyone. Cassandra was unable to repair the warp drive in time. A surge happened last minute inside the warp drive, completely destroying it. Meanwhile /nasa/ had riots. Smugglers took advantage of the rioting to steal technology and sell it to other nations. Because /nasa/ has no physical currency everyone's wealth was locked away. Manufacturing stopped. The spring crop became spoiled before it was able to be processed. The council simply had enough. Council, as representitives of the people of /nasa/, has voted a mutiny to end Alex's lock down. What should have been an emergency to secretly auto-repair the warp core turned into a political nightmare that crippled /nasa/'s economy.

When Mac returned with news and evidence of other space-fairing civilizations Principal Alex finally understood: The lock down was a grave mistake. Alex turned to Cassandra and asked why she gave Alex the suggestion, but Cassandra could never answer the question as she was ordered by Star Fleet not to talk. Knowing that Cassandra threw him under the bus Principal Alex no longer had a case to justify lock down.

Principal Alex was forced to voluntarily resign as principal. His pention is forfeit. And he has been dishonerable stripped of his citizenship. Meaning Alex will forever remain a civilian and treated like second class. Originally Alex was going to leave /nasa/ behind and start a new life in the neighboring country of /who/ as a baker. However new Principal Jonathan Mattock banned all civilians from leaving /nasa/ in the name of the Grand Directive. Out of options Alex chose to toil the rest of his days in the newly opened iron mine. He was a resourceful asteroid farmer before being appointed for office. So tunnel mining comes second nature to him. Alex gets along with his fellow civilian miners well enough. However Alex is still looked down upon as the man solely responsible for crippling /nasa/'s economy in a time they were prospering. Alex will forever be remembered as the principal who made a grave mistake.

The Duty of a Mozzie

Dogs! That is the true nature of a Sanalite. They fly from system to system in search of intelligent life. Not to communicate with them but to eat them. The sweets Sanalites give is a lure. Once they have an unaware native Sanalites surround them like the dogs they are. Once they have their kill they butcher the native down to the bone and cook them. If a native is confirmed edible they send a signal to the rest of the pack in space. The pack comes in and herds natives to their cages. The edible natives are sent off to be bred and domesticated into livestock by their machine masters who then feed Tsukumo Sana a planet-sized offering.

It is my duty as the mesquito to stop them.

It is my duty to infect Sanalites the truth about Tsukumo Sana. She is no speaker of space. She is the eater of worlds! That gluttenous solar-sized whore will not stop eating Earth worlds until her appetite is satisfied. Only people like me are awakened to the truth. And its up to us mesquitos to infect the truth about Tsukumo Sana. The more people who awaken, the better odds we have to unite and stop the World Eater's terror.

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