This is the FAQ for /analgen/ - anal toys and masturbation general.

Please read this FAQ in its entirety before posting questions we've heard a thousand times before.

This guide is not meant to serve as an ironclad rulebook; it is merely one man's experience and knowledge gained after 6+ years of play, and is open to be debated.

Are articles and magazines a good place to learn about anal stimulation?
No. They are usually low-effort, written by journalists who are paid to pump out article after article as fast as they can. Most of the time, the articles I've found are either way too safe or inaccurate.

What is the best lube for anal play?
J-Lube is a common favorite by many degenerates. It's in powder form, so it's easy to store and you get a lot for your money. Since J-Lube is used mainly for veterinarians and animal care specialists, you may be spooked a bit. A well-researched J-Lube FAQ is available here to erase your fears. It's available commonly on Amazon. When I use J-Lube, I usually keep a cup of water by my play space, as it tends to dry out pretty quickly even while playing. As long as you keep using water to reactivate it, at some point you won't need to use water unless you stop playing.

X-Lube is another common favorite. It's like J-Lube, but without sugar. Their website is and it's available commonly on Amazon.

For both of those powdered lubes, you can choose between putting a bit on a toy or your hand and then adding some water, or put some in a bowl of water and add the powder for larger quantities.

If you somehow can't get either of those, stick with a water-based lube. Avoid lubes containing parabens and glycerin (can cause a laxative effect for some) and for the love of God, don't get numbing lube unless you are very heavily experienced. You wanna know what's going on back there.

I'm unable to get any type of lube right now or don't like water-based lubes; what are some household alternatives?
Coconut oil and Crisco are two pretty decent options.

Can I use silicone lube?
There exists conflicting information on whether or not silicone lube will damage silicone toys or not. In addition to that, silicone lube is not near as cushioning as water-based lubes, so it's not recommended for anal play.

What is a good dildo to buy for beginners?
I personally recommend the Blush Neo Elite available on

How do I know what toys to buy/what are some safe toy sellers?
Read this guide on what materials are safe. Note that toys made out of metal by untrustworthy or unknown sellers could be potentially made with metals that contain other toxic shit.
This blogger has a really good list of some toy sellers:
Some popular picks are Bad Dragon and SquarePeg.

How do I clean my toys?
Clean your toys by using soap and water (you don't need some stupid fucking toy cleaner) or by boiling them. Boiling them is usually only recommended if you're going to sell them, or you shat on your toy and no matter how much soap and water you use, the smell won't go away. Make sure your toy is 100% quality silicone before boiling or else it might fuck it up (IIRC).

I want some untrustworthy chinknesium toy really bad, but I don't know if it's safe even though it says silicone. How can I check to make sure it's still safe?
The lighter test is a common method. Check out this guide.

How do I get started with anal?

First, learn that not all people are created equal; some do not derive enjoyment from anal. A lot of what makes anal so enjoyable is your mindset.

Easy way to start is some lube and a finger (probably gloved, preferably after you take a clean shit). Take it slow, relax (don't push, don't tighten, just relax) and probe around. See how it feels and if you like the idea of it. Proceed to buy an enema bulb (reusable or non-reusable; you don't know if you're going to be into this yet). Clean yourself out by following the section "How do I clean myself?" (you'll be douching) and add a finger or two; stretch yourself out and experiment with what feels good. Buy a good body-safe dildo: Reference the questions "What are some safe toy sellers?" and "What is a good dildo to buy for beginners?". Go slow, and stop if anything feels really uncomfortable or you're hurting. Use way more lube than you need to. Then get more lube. You never have enough lube. Get to the point where you can slowly ride it. Congrats!


If you get blood, STOP IMMEDIATELY. See if there's any more blood that comes out in your next bowel movement. If there is, talk to your doctor. No, posting on 4chan asking for help isn't a good alternative. Talk to your fucking doctor.

How often can I do anal play?
You need to allow your butt to rest. Every day is not a good plan. If you do a couple days in a row, have a couple days of rest. Don't clean yourself every day with an enema either. You want to make sure your bowels are still able to evacuate feces using purely muscles so you don't become incontinent. It's unlikely to happen, but it's important to stay safe.


Drink plenty of water when you do anal play.

How do I clean myself?
Easy image-based guide on how.

For further explanation, there's anal douching (left side of image) and an actual enema (right side of image). Most of the time, you're going to be anally douching unless you get into deeper play or do some crazy shit. I recommend a reusable enema bulb for most of your play, as that's what I use and I usually play every weekend. If you plan on doing it more often and live alone; a shower-attached hose is a good option.

For anal douching, you're only going to want to fill up your rectum. Fill it up with room temperature or body temperature water (just preferably not cold; I find cold can dull the senses a bit). Go a little bit in (couple of inches, but you can usually go all the way with something like an enema bulb) with your device of choice, squeeze a bit of water in there, and shake your booty around in order to hopefully get all the nooks and crannies. Shit it out quickly. If you have a bit coming out that's way hotter in temperature than the rest of the enema water and comes out a couple seconds later, you likely went into your sigmoid with the water. Try using less water. Repeat about 8 times max or until the water runs clear. If you can't get clean within about 8 tries, it's likely that today just isn't a good day; don't continue, as you might damage the bacteria living in your gut.

For enema, I recommend using an enema bag that slowly dripfeeds water into your gut as it feels better. Fill up the bag, let it all go in while you lay on your side on the floor with your top knee pulled up to your body. Once it empties fully, wait about 10 minutes and then evacuate your bowels. It'll likely take 30-60 minutes to get everything out. Again, this is only really for long play sessions where you anticipate spending a lot of time (like an hour or 2 hours).

I do anal play quite often; how do I stay clean?

Eat a fiber-rich diet that has plenty of variety. Here's a list of foods containing fiber and their amounts. However, this isn't really possible for everyone. A common recommendation to help with fiber intake is psyllium husk. Here's a writeup from a while back by a fellow anon.

For my recommendation (as I use psyllium husk), I recommend to start eating oatmeal for breakfast every day. Use psyllium husk powder before breakfast; quarter of a tablespoon with 8oz of water. Dump the quarter of a tablespoon in your mouth, then chug the 8oz of water, then proceed to drink 16 oz normally over time. You can follow the above guide as well, but it works for me to just do that. Every person's diet is different, so when you take psyllium husk, start off low and wait 2-3 days for it to really kick in. With this regimen, I don't ever have to wipe - literally.
You use powder over pills or capsules because it theoretically allows for more even distribution. Also, you're probably paying more for the capsules over powder, since there is extra labor and machinery involved to put it into capsules.

Some have issues with psyllium husk causing their stool to be extra runny (or generally just have an undesirable effect). If you think this is happening to you, considering learning about the difference between soluble and insoluble fiber, and eating more foods that contain insoluble fiber.

How can I enhance my anal experience?
There are multiple ways to enhance your experience; let's start off non-damaging.

Nipple play is one extremely easy way (this applies to biological males, as most females tend to already have sensitive nipples afaik). The main thing about nipple play is that you'll need to sensitize your nipples over time by associating them with pleasure. Whenever you masturbate, via anal or otherwise, play with your nipples to help associate playing with your nipples to pleasure. You can play with them via pulling, pushing, squeezing, caressing, twisting, flicking, etc. It usually helps to switch between each method to keep the pleasure up and introduce variety. The more you consistently play with them, the more sensitive they should become.
You can also introduce toys into the mix. Bullet vibrators are a popular pick, as you can tape them against the nipple and just let it vibrate. Nipple suckers are another good choice. They basically introduce negative pressure into a small chamber and pull the nipple outwards. If you do use nipple suckers, it is recommended to use lotion afterwards, as it can fuck up your skin. Then finally, you have nipple clamps. Just small clamps that clamp onto the nipples.

Nipple play can be a great way to make progress on achieving a hands-free orgasm!

Chastity devices are excellent at improving your anal sessions. But how do I (the reader) into chastity? Best recommendation is to buy a cheap knockoff Kink3d Cobra or a HTv4 (Holy Trainer v4) off of eBay, and use that. Use silicone lube (NOT WATER-BASED; IT'LL DRY OUT) to stop your penis from chafing too much. You can either measure your soft penis to decide what head you need, and then go smaller than that (the penis is very stretchy and can be stuffed in your body pretty easily). This size guide on Kink3d's website is good, but if you buy a Cobra off of eBay, you'll need to translate the machine-translated English chart into Kink3d's size chart. You can use the lengths and widths posted on both the eBay listings and Kink3d's website size guide to estimate what sizes the Chinese knockoffs are meant to be. You may need an elastic chastity belt or shoelace to hold your chastity cage against your body in case your penis doesn't get the hint to stay soft and grows outward anyway.
Personally, I'd recommend trying a Cobra first, since it is much lighter and better fitting than the HTv4. Note that I am not any sort of authority on chastity devices; I'm trying to figure out chastity myself still and find something that works well for me. Currently I'm trying out the Cobra, and it's working...somewhat.
I found this site recently called Cherry Keeper which looks like chastity heaven in terms of custom cages, custom rings, and information. It includes a sizing guide, and all the prices seem pretty good. This may be the end-game of chastity shops. Consider giving it a look, but as a warning, I haven't tried their cages myself.


A common complaint of chastity newbies is that your erection still comes out despite the cage and an elastic belt, and while doing so, it forces the entire cage towards your balls, trapping your balls and turning them blue. Try a shoelace instead. If it continues, that means your ring size is bad. If it still occurs, it means that the cage does not fit you. I think. It's usually because of ring width being ridiculously large (like with the HT).

Urethral sounding is also an option. I recommend TheChainGang for buying urethral play stuff. Note that I am a newbie to urethral sounding, so most of this is advice I've collected from others and personal experience.
The most important thing is that everything in the process needs to be super sterile. Every time you want to use your sound, boil it for about 5-10 minutes to sterilize it as much as you can. Let it cool down on a clean towel or surface after you boil it. Next, buy some Surgilube. That's what you'll use to lube up the sound. You WILL lube it up constantly any time you get into a new section in your urethra. You can use some sterile gloves as well if you would like. Our biggest danger here is developing a UTI from introducing malicious germs into our urethra (as the sound will likely create very small abrasions for germs to get into). Speaking of which, it's preferred if you go into this already needing to pee. Make sure you can feel it's a pretty decent amount of urine, so when it comes out, it'll get all the Surgilube and potentially bad stuff left in your urethra out.
Next, we need to be as SOFT as possible. Which is pretty hard when you're horny. I recommend pairing urethral sounding with your chastity device, even if you aren't experienced in your chastity device enough to stay completely soft at all times. You want to reduce your hardness as much as possible, as that will tighten up your urethra and make the sounding experience mildly painful (like a burning sensation). It likely will burn a tiny bit anyway, but we'd rather not make it worse.
Next, you need to understand that peeing for the next couple of days will likely have a stinging burning sensation. It sucks, and it makes you not want to pee. It's more prevalent when you're not completely soft. But your body is not used to foreign solid objects going into your urethra. This will get better with time as long as you follow these steps.
Finally, we will actually start sounding. Angle the head of your penis up (or lay down), and try to create a smooth, straight passageway from the tip of your penis down your urethra. Lube up the sound quite a bit using the Surgilube, as well as the head of your penis. Very gently place the sound into your urethra to get it started , and it is extremely important to let gravity do the work, relax your urethra as much as possible, and be VERY gentle. Your urethra is incredibly fragile in your first few play sessions. Hover the sound inside your urethra and try to find the passageway leading deeper inside your penis. You'll know things are going well, as your urethra will easily accept the sound and it'll slowly slide down deeper into your urethra. You may need to reposition the sound slightly as you go further down the urethra, but try not to reposition too much. Do not try and majorly reposition your penis either, as this can put unnecessary stress on your urethra since that sound in your penis isn't going to bend (if it is metal). Every so often as you go deeper and deeper, take the sound out slowly and carefully, relube, and reinsert it per these instructions. And just keep going. You'll find it going deeper and deeper each time. End your play session when you feel comfortable, and go pee pretty soon after. If you didn't go into your session needing to pee, chug 8oz-16oz of water so you can pee quickly to get all the Surgilube and potentially other contaminants out.
Congratulations! You just put a rod down your penis and came out the other side without ruining your penis. That being said...


If you start bleeding from your urethra any significant amount (you really shouldn't bleed from this at all frankly) and it doesn't stop soon, go to a fucking Urgent Care facility. Tell them you stuck a rod up your dick and now you're bleeding. You'll be embarrassed, and it'll suck, but at least they can potentially identify the problem before it goes too far and your dick is potentially ruined.

Poppers are a drug which can very much enhance your anal experience. NEED ADVICE FROM OTHERS IN THE THREAD ON THIS; POTENTIALLY UNSAFE


What is an anal orgasm and how do I know if I get one?

Need stories from others on dry orgasms.
Your rectum will start spasming against your toy, and a mix of precum and cum (aka the contents of your prostate) will flow out like a river (if you're having a wet orgasm). The intense pleasure will come in pulsing waves, and unlike a penile orgasm, you can just kinda keep going without much trouble, leading to the orgasm just continuing. The afterglow is absolutely delightful, and it feels like you're breathing fresh air and everything's just great. That's how it is for me anyway.
A dry orgasm (afaik, never had one) occurs when either your prostate is completely empty and you cum from anal, or somehow, nothing comes out of your penis when you cum from anal despite there being little to no reason for your prostate to be empty. Either way, this is way more intense than a wet anal orgasm. I've heard it compared to a vaginal orgasm in terms of heavy pleasure coming in many waves, as well as an intense and euphoric afterglow. Considered the ultimate goal by many HFO chasers.

Couple of tips here:

  1. Don't jack off for a while before you try to achieve anal orgasm.
  2. View porn throughout the week or think about sex often to solely get horny.
  3. Chastity devices can definitely help. Generally, you want your penis to stay still or derive no sensation, so you can focus on your butt more. Numbing gel probably wouldn't be a half bad idea (on your penis).
  4. Be incredibly well-lubed.
  5. Let the pleasure wash over you and BUILD UP.
  6. Do NOT fucking stop. Your prostate orgasm is beyond a huge wall, and you must build up enough pressure to break through that wall. Stopping at all can COMPLETELY drain all the pressure you just spent 5 minutes building up. (Obviously, if pain occurs, stop and make sure you're okay.)
  7. Relax your rectum and let yourself be violated. Sounds really weird, but you need to focus on receiving here. You need to relax your rectum in the right way so that your walls coil around your dildo and the dildo carves a path through you. Try to replicate what your rectum is like when there's no sex toy or dick in there.
  8. Do not do any kegels with your device of choice in you. Kegels as in the muscle that when contracted makes your penis bob up/throb and helps you hold in your pee. For me, it released some of that pressure I was building up.
  9. Don't think. Don't try to focus on achieving orgasm. Let the pleasure wash over you. When you climax from a prostate orgasm, keep going and try not to enhance your rectal spasms as you orgasm.
    That's how it worked for me. YMMV.

My question wasn't answered here; can I ask in the thread?
Yes, but post porn with your questions and note that you've read the FAQ. Otherwise, hopefully, you won't get any replies, because we have too many anons who come in asking beginner questions but don't even bother to post any porn.

Bad Actors

There exist the occasional "bad actor" in the thread that is doing something intentionally malicious, aimed not to benefit you, but themselves.

THC Shill
As of Oct 5, 2021, this user has not posted for about a month. This poster usually has a script which he uses to recommend specific products to you. I will post the recommended reply used to shut down this user.

REMINDER that this user is a SHILL and receives kickbacks from your purchases of these products.
He has no desire to actually help you in any sort of way; this is supported by multiple pieces of evidence:
>Has done this almost every thread for months with the exact same copypasta
>Has promised to make a pastebin; he later goes back on this, and any mentions of it will cause him not to reply to you
>Despite being generally hated by the users and called a shill, he continues to post this every single thread where uninformed anons reply and fall for it
He may have anal experience, but that does not mean he does not receive money for you purchasing these products.

History: (promise of making a pastebin here) (did not make pastebin) (called out by me on not making a pastebin; does not reply) (posts it again; i call him out and say that i will always call him a shill and warn others in the fourth reply; he doubles down; further evidence:

Recommended that you filter him out. I only do this to warn others.

New correspondence from THC shill (or someone posing as him):

Acting Schizo
As of Oct 5, 2021, this user has not posted for about a month. This user in the past usually preached rhetoric denouncing anything he saw as unholy, eg anything that doesn't fit within his narrow worldview. As a result, he would usually just generally be a dick and tell you to kill yourself.
In his last sighting, he was a fearmonger, attempting to spread misinformation about the popular fiber supplement psyllium husk. He would state every thread that taking psyllium husk at the rate most anons do would cause such severe dehydration and negative effects to the point of it eventually putting you in the hospital. As a sane alternative, he would recommend you to get fiber from natural sources such as beans and legumes (which isn't a bad idea at all; totally recommend doing this, but this is not possible for everyone (or just generally try to eat a more balanced diet)). But he only uses this advice to make him appear legitimate. As with most fearmongers, his ideas were very loosely based in reality, and would refuse to provide tangible evidence to support his claims. He would patronize you and call you a retard directly or indirectly so you would feel less inclined to ask questions.
It is unknown whether this is the work of multiple separate users at different times or a singular user. is one example. Following is the reply chain which led me to the above conclusion: (my reply) (his reply) (my reply) (his reply)

Recommended reading is his replies to other anons attempting to discuss this with him, and how laughably he tries to shut them down. Feel free to also search up psyllium husk in the archives, and see his other posts which contain fearmongering over psyllium husk.

Thanks for reading!

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