But if not I'll do a quick summary. I've been having fun with an older guy that I found from craig's list. I email him when I want to hook and in the emails I give him instruction on what I want him to do to fullfill my fantasies.

For the last couple days I'd been enjoying the movies of Bill and me acting out my fantasies. It was a Tuesday and I was working late at the office. So late that the janitor came in. I usually turn off all of the lights when I'm at the office alone, but I leave my desk light on. To me it feels more comfortable and secluded. Anyways, the janitor turned on the main room's lights so I walked to let him know I was working. Brian is a short man, about 5'2" and about 70 years old. He had very little hair and it was all grey. He'd been the janitor there ever since my company relocated.

"Hey Brian, I'm just finishing up. I'll be outta your way in a couple minutes." I told him. He said it was ok and that he would empty out the trash bins first and then vacuum. I returned to my desk and finished up my work. As I was shutting down my laptop Brian came in to empty out my trash bin. But as he was leaving he said, "Hey Jay. I noticed your car out here Saturday, you sure must be really busy." I told him that I was and Brian continued, "I also noticed a guy come into the building earlier that day, did you know him?" I replied, "Yea, that's a buddy of mine. He needed some advice and help with some legal stuff." Brian then nodded in acknowledgement and then said, "Sure wish I had a buddy like you Jay." I chuckled a bit and told him that I did consider him a buddy. As I was saying it, Brian pulls out his phone and shows a blurry video of me being fucked on my desk by Brian. My jaw dropped and it felt like the floor was swept away. I could feel and hear my heart pounding.

"It's ok Jay, like I said, I'd sure like a buddy like you." Brian slyly says with a wink and a smile. I managed to close my mouth. And looked at him in his eyes. He was serious.

"So what do you want Brian?" I asked as calm as I could.

"Oh, it's been years since I've had any action. Seeing and hearing you have so much fun, got me thinking about all the fun I could have with you too." He says with a grin. I tell him to get to the point and he replies, "I'd like a turn with that ass of your's too. I'm sure Brian wouldn't mind sharing right?" I think about it and noticed that he was stroking himself through his Dickie pants. And to my surprise, it looked like he had a python in there! It peaked my interest and the flood gates in my mind were open. I told him that he had to do it my way and he agreed. He handed over his phone and I erased the video. He knew I'd keep word because of how I reacted when I saw him play with himself and noticed how big his dick was. I told him that he'd recieve and email tonight with what he was to do. Driving home, I called Brian and told him what happened.

"It sounds like fun to me." He answered.

That Sunday I went to an adult bookstore and theatre that was in a more shady part of town. I'd been in this particular one before and the reason I chose it because no one really went there. The owner is a really old man anyways and I'm pretty sure he's senile. I went in and paid the $3 for the theatre. As I walked in, the screen showed a blond chick with small tits being fuck from the back and sucking a big black cock. I sat in the middle of the 2nd from the last row. I sat down and looked at my watch. It was noon. I'd chose this time because I was sure no one would go to a place like this on a Sunday and during church service. I unzipped my pants and took out my semi-hard cock. I stroked it a few times while watching the girl deep throat the black cock. While the blond was getting ready to ride the black guy. 2 guys walked into empty theatre. One of them pointed in my direction. They both walked up but the shorter one walked into the row in front of me and the other guy came down to my row. The one on my row sat about 2 seats away from me while the other guy was now on my right but still in the row in front. As I continued to stroke, the guy on my left moved down a seat towards me. At the same time the guy in the row in front, got up and moved to my row. A couple minutes went by and the guy to my left got up and sat next to me. He put his arm around my seat and asked, "Good movie huh? Beats sitting at home with the wife and kids." I nodded and pretended not to be interested. His arms slowly moved around me shoulder and I asked, "Hey, do you mind?" With a sheepish smile he removed his arm. I looked over to see where the other guy was and found him 2 seats away watching me while he was stroking his massive cock. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I wanted it, I wanted it bad. I managed to finally look away to noticed that I was no longer stroking my cock but the guy on the right was doing it for me. I sat there for a minute watching him stroke mine and his. It felt nice. He finally got up and pulled his jeans all the way down and pointed his dick at. I opened my mouth and took it. I licked up and down the shaft, making sure my tongue came up and flicked his head a couple times before I started to suck it. Precum was starting to come out and I swallowed it. His hand was now on my head moving it to a rhythm he liked. He got more aggressive and fucked my face. I could hear him over the moans of the girl on the screen. He shot his load in my mouth and it was unexpected. I swallowed every bit and continued to suck his dick until it was limp. And just I wondered where Brian was, a hand grabbed the back of my head and pulled towards a huge beautiful cock. I opened as wide as I could and surpisingly I got it in. It wasn't as big as I thought, but it still was the longest and thickest cock I've ever had. As it slid in and out of my lips, I made sure my tongue moved all around as it did. Brian moaned with pleasure as Bill removed my pants. Bill proceeded to spread my legs and play with my hole. I moaned a bit and must have sent Brian into over drive because he shot a massive load down my throat. I gagged a bit but recovered to swallow the rest. Tired and spent, Brian sat down with a huge smile on his face. He must have saved up that load for years. Yum...aged cum.

Bill had to finger in me and I saw the lust in his eyes. He sat back down in his seat but pulled me onto him. I straddled him in the seat and I slowly lowered my self while he sucked and lightly bit my nipples. He grabbed my ass and spread them as I started to take his cock. His head finally slid through and the fun began. I took long strides with his cock up in me. As I rode him, I could feel every inch of his cock sliding through my asshole. I moan as it went out and in. I looked over at Brian to see him hard again. He started to slowly stroke as he watched us fuck. Bill begain to pick up the pace. I was now bouncing in his lap as the seat creaked. It was hot and passionate. He began to really fuck me. Grabbing my hips and slamming me onto him. With his last bit, he held me tight and shoved his meat into my ass as far as he could and shot his load. I felt him spasm a few times making sure all of he cum was in me. I kissed him as he withdrew his cock from within me. And as his tongue flicked against mine, I felt Brian position himself behind me. He then slowly inserted his cock in my while Bill's cum was flowing out of me. I could feel him stretch me. I gave out a, "Ahhh..." as Brian entered and stretching me. What felt like forever, he was all the way in me. I continued to make out with Bill. Brian slowly pulled out and then when right back in. With every move he made I couldn't help but gasp and moan. He was able to move pretty freely in and out of me and he began to give it to me. Every thrust I yelled, "Uh!" as Bill began to kiss my chest and play with my nipples. Brian then started to really get into it. He grabbed my ass and spanked me say, "You like that huh?! You like Papa fucking your dirty hole don't you! Take my dick! Take Papa's dick you slut!" I couldn't even answer. He was knocking the breathe out of me. The sounds that came out of me must have really got him going because he started to fuck me harder!

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck! Me! Fuck! Me! Uh! Uh! Uh! Ah! Ah! Ah!" I yelled. Then I felt his liquid shoot inside my ass as he continued to fuck me. When he got limp I got down on my knees, feeling the sticky floor, I took both cocks in my mouth to them up. I felt dirty and my ass felt like it was on fire. But I licked them cleaned and swallowed every bit of cum. We all got dressed and went out of the back exit. Per my instructions, we didn't say a word. We all got in out vehicles and left. I went home, masterbated, showered, masterbated some more. And then went to sleep.

Now You must be wondering if I continued to play with Brian, the janitor. Sadly, there was marijuana found in his locker at work that Monday. So he was let go. But Bill found him another job in the building next to where he worked. What? I couldn't let him continue to work there after what he'd seen and experienced. To this day, no one has really been able to top what he did to me. Some came very close though.

Hope you guys enjoyed it. Look for my next one entitled "Club Fantasy"

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