We support the USPG Mission Hospital of St James’, Mantsonyane, Lesotho. We aim to donate annually £3,000 towards the running costs of the hospital. We raised £7,000 for the building of the AIDS HIV Block in 2007, we donated £3,000 towards the purchase of a new generator in 2010 and a further £3,000 in 2012 towards the substantial repairs and renewals of the main hospital roof. The logistics for getting the materials and the generator to St James’ was very testing for the engineers and builders concerned.
St James’ Hospital is high up in the mountains of Lesotho at an altitude of 2,300 metres near the centre of the kingdom. The people here are quite isolated and some parts cannot be accessed by vehicle, so many people travel by foot or on horseback if they are fortunate. The hospital was founded in 1963 by the Anglican Church and will celebrate its 50th anniversary in October, 2013. It has 60 beds and serves some 66,000 people who are scattered over 2,000 sq kms.

St James’ is responsible for the implementation of curative and preventative services within the region. The terrain is difficult and many people live one/two days walk or if very fortunate horse ride away from the hospital so a network of nine satellite health facilities has been set up to help cut down the distance for those capable of walking/riding.


Each year the hospital is in crisis as it struggles to buy medicines and equipment and pay staff. It is difficult to find staff willing to live in the harsh conditions of Mantsonyane where there are very few facilities for them. The hospital is run by a dedicated hard working team that we are concerned to support with our prayers and our donations.

John MahooanaJohn Mahooana is the Hospital Administrator at St James’ Hospital and is very grateful for the support both in our prayers and financial that All Saints gives. John advises that:

“Focusing more on the community is critical if we are to see transformation. We hope that bringing people together will increase motivation and change behaviour. And in this process includes the spiritual aspect of our lives. Everyone is involved in making Mantsonyane a better place.”

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