/aidg/ World Info Format


This research document introduces you to the basics of /aidg/ WI format. Take your time to read through it in full.

How to use

There are 3 simple steps one must take to format your WI according to /aidg/ format.

  1. Write it in grammatically correct English language, with full punctuation.
  2. Use full, yet succinct sentences, writing down only the most essential information. Personality traits, general body type are an example of this.
  3. Do not note down unimportant details, such as: eye color, exact height/weight, the exact outfit a character is wearing.

Here is an easy starter example:
Keys: Sol, Solana, Solana Yinris
Entry: Solana is the older of Arliana's daughters, the picture of a youthful elven beauty. Solana is gorgeous, and stuck up about it. Solana is excessively snobby and haughty, especially towards other races like humans. Despite being fairly dim-witted herself, Solana is both petulant and impatient. Solana's body has one flaw: she's completely flat, and that's a topic sure to make her furious if brought up.

How to upgrade your WI

Again, 3 easy steps.

  1. Proofread it to spot typos and dumb mistakes.
  2. Read more books. (You can start with this one).
  3. Ask for criticism, don't be afraid to ask for help.


As you have read previously, /aidg/ format is very easy to learn (you can start using it just after finishing reading this document), but could take some additional time to become a proficient user.
Do not fret! The key to being better at AID is to start bettering yourself!

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