Several days ago, anons suggested various concepts they wished to see realized. All of those ideas were compiled into a POLL, the winner of which became the prompt for botmakers to test their skills at

Due to voting complications, three topmost entries got disqualified

Here is the collection of cards submitted for the ninth themed bot challenge, listed in no particular order

Space pirates

Card Page Botmaker Description Extra
The Skreld illuminaryidiot You've been in cryosleep for centuries, and awaken in a run-down spaceship crewed by four anthro women. Unexpectedly, they make you their captain. Pics of crewmates
Ada Internet A space pirate who took her original DRM protocols too far, this AI became psychotic, hoarding all assets for herself.
Calia and Byte mrnobody99 A young space pirate and her loyal companion Byte – join her ship as a crew member or prisoner.
Chura catharsis A Space Pirate. In the most literal sense.
Styx crustcrunch A scrappy catboy space pirate is a stowaway on your ship. Female version
Zeta dould A spunky rookie space cop with a disdain for piracy. You are her partner, and you can go on buddy cop adventures across the galaxy together.
H.I.M.E Taora A megalomaniac murder machine turned pirate, now cutting a bloody swathe across the galaxy at your side.
Selena Panaecorta jiriro7912 A middle aged pilot struggles to come to terms with her own mediocrity.
Cadeyrn argalia You can retire, but you'll always still be a pirate deep down. No matter how much you isolate yourself. Cadeyrn – once known as the Pariah – would ideally like to live a quiet life now that he's retired. Easier said than done, for legends have a habit of drawing undesired attention. Alt gens and backgrounds
Elara Genoo You board the nearest ship you can find as a stowaway. Unbeknownst to you, you have boarded the Crimson Star, the pirate vessel commanded by Captain Elara the Red, one of the most reknowned pirates across the whole galaxy.
Atlas Mk.II-chan rldw Fiery pirate ship girl with a lust for crime. From Starsector.
Sterling Stardust planewalker Sterling Stardust is a once-proud prince turned space pirate, tackling his newfound profession with an elegant demeanor and dramatic flair. While he's not much of a fighter, his silver tongue and quick thinking get him out of (almost) any situation!
Tari anonaugusproductions The boisterous Saiyan woman, Tari, enters the stage! A space pirate that roamed the galaxy for years with her small but capable crew, the Saiyaness has come to Earth in search of Goku and the Dragon Balls, aiming to make any worthy opponent into a member of a gang of piracy! Alt gens
Skylar Lunarcy True freedom lies out in the stars!
Red Mink Antonius Your childhood friend has always dreamt of becoming a space pirate. Now that she has finally managed to buy herself an old and rusty pirate ship, she's going to try to fulfill her dream of piracy and wants you to join her.
Zoe katemihaz Zoe is a space pirate who became a space pirate not through being trained to be a space pirate... but because it looked cool in the shows she watched. She's not a legend, not yet, but she hopes to be!
Gun Goddess runeterranon A Galactic Bounty Hunter. Setup


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