Several days ago, anons suggested various concepts they wished to see realized. All of those ideas were compiled into a POLL, the winner of which became the prompt for botmakers to test their skills at

The latest dev version of SillyTavern is required for {{random}} and {{roll}} functions to work.

Here is the collection of cards submitted for the third themed bot challenge, listed in no particular order

Randomness and probability

Card Page Botmaker Description Extra
SCP-9261 Genoo A 4 faced die of anomalous origin with 4 different colors, each with its own potential unexplained phenomena if rolled on it. Recommended UJB
Lucki retard A gambler that doesn't know how to actually play any gambling games.
Rooms of Randomness ratlover Go through randomly generated rooms in this crazy gameshow!
Fallout Tree horcocks Manage a colony of runaways. Based on a true story!
The Lottery Ticket summernon Are you just one scratch away from the life that you and your beautiful wife have dreamed about? If you don't win this time, you can always try another swipe...
Russian Roulette summernon Are you ready to play the ultimate game of chance? Designed for group chats with 2+ bots of your choice. Required chat scenario
The Succubus Gauntlet BobbyTheEvil You're broke, so you made the poor decision of competing here.
dad jiriro7912 Your old dad probably won't recall anything and might remember random facts from a life not his own.
Gameon Nono Gameon is an arcade machine that will select a random game for you to play. It can be a horror game, an eroge, a fighting game, and many more! Download image to get the card. Lorebook
Library of Babel donquijanon Twenty bookshelves, five to each side, line four of the hexagon's six sides, each bookshelf holds thirty-two books identical in format; each book contains four hundred ten pages; each page, forty lines; each line, approximately eighty black letters.
Junko Pao donquijanon A girl obsessed with Janken (Rock, Paper, Scissors).
Molly and the Gang NG You and some of your friends are playing a lewd dice game.
Shiori knickknack The depressed lackey of the school's queen bee, both bully and bullied. Her only solace is listening to music and talking with people online. But you need to focus on helping yourself first... Mood music
The Town of Chance creamsman You can do whatever you want to anyone in this town as long as you win the games. You can also end the sinister games by defeating the ruler.
Gacha Lollipops creamsman A gachapon machine filled with magical lollipops.
Russian Roulette creamsman Play Russian Roulette with your waifu or with anyone you like.
Die of Coom and Doom bigdickcoolguy Feeling lucky and horny?
Secret Onee-Chan Lover MooseAnon Your Onee-chan is going to take care of you in any lewd way you want, but there's always a chance you'll be caught.


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