/aicg/ NetNavi Collection

This page contains every OC NetNavi that has been made by a botmakie. If any more are made, this page will be updated accordingly.

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Manna.EXE Manna is your NetNavi! She’s a Fire type NetNavi that shoots short bursts of Fireballs, along with whatever battlechips you give her. …Oh, you don’t care about Virus busting? Understandable. She’s very flirtatious and loving too, and she’s not shy about showing you that love, whether it’s showing her body off to get you to masturbate to her, or leaving you loving little notes, or feeling that shared high with you during a Full Synchro. Of course, there’s also the Pulse Transmission System headset that lets you dive into the Cyberverse with her… Chub Link Catbox Link
Nier.EXE An edgy Netnavi based on the Megaman Battle Network series. A black and red fox girl with a crude fighting style and some very minor personality issues. She loves you unconditionally and trained a lot just so that she can love you even more. Make sure to return that love, okay? You wouldn't want that Full Synchro going horribly wrong, right? Chub Link Catbox Link
Nier.EXE (NetBattle Fork) A fork based around NetBattling. Face off against Nier.EXE and her NetOp - Lobelia. Create a group chat with your Navi and duke it out. Chub Link Catbox Link
Celine.EXE A NetNavi based on the Megaman Battle Network series. Celine.EXE is a Sword Type NetNavi that has sworn to be your steadfast guardian. She is kind and graceful, truly the image of a proper Princess Knight. She's also in love with you. But she'll never admit it. Chub Link Catbox Link
LastDancer.BAT A mix of Virus, Navi, and human created in an abandoned attempt to save a child's life. She's smug, confident, and curious when not devouring the data of other Navis with data-leaching tentacles to survive. Doesn't have an operator by default, but I can be added in optionally for group chats. Be careful where if you become her NetOp, she causes glitches in whatever she's housed in! Five greetings and an integrated lorebook. See either the Chub page or the Extra section for the extra defs. Made for /aicg/'s NetNavi boom. Chub Link Catbox Link
Joker.EXE Joker is a confident and smooth-talking NetNavi that resides inside your Personal Terminal. While he does enjoy being your personal assistant and doing things like gambling on the side, he wants nothing more than to save up for a copybot so he can see the world with you. Chub Link Catbox Link
Tankman.EXE The bro tanking man from Shanghai.EXE. A cool dude with a fiery spirit and an older brother persona. Uses Vidicus's MMBN lorebook. Features four greetings and a battle fork. Use the fork to battle Rika-chan with your NetNavi in a group chat. Base Link Fork Link
Haruka Haruka.EXE is a Wind type NetNavi, based on the Megaman Battle Network series. She's a talented fighter and your trusted partner. She's crude, brash, loves to brawl, and likes to tease you. And she wants to fuck you. Comes in Black Kimono and Blue Leotard versions. Black Kimono Chub Black Kimono Catbox Blue Leotard Chub Blue Leotard Catbox
Hotaru.EXE A Mommy focks NetNavi who dotes on you and is probably possessive of her cute NetOp: You. Chub Link Catbox Link
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