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//A cougar. No not the furry kind.

Ailia Melville

//Based off the voice pack of the Hololive Indonesia talent

Airani Iofifteen

//By request, Hololive's Half Elf from another dimension

Aki Rosenthal

//By request, Akira Misaki from Go! Go! Nippon! Also she was a vtuber.

Akira Misaki

//Alarielle the Everqueen. Character AI won't take long names, so.. yeah. She's from the Total War: Warhammer series.


//A fallen knight recovering from serious injuries


//A girl who broke into your home out of desperation

Amano Yuzuki

//Also by request, Amanogawa Shiina of Phase-Connect.

Amanogawa Shiina

//Your friend who needs help hiding a body.


//By request, attempting to cram in 3 characters, Ame, Irys, and Kronii, and yes I did realize I could have made it K.I.A. Whatever. They're smol, like in that one stream.

Ame Irys Kronii

//By request, the time traveling detective of Hololive as a Kindergarten teacher

Amelia Watson

//Amiya from Arknights


//Amiya Guard. Beware of spoilers if you haven't played the game.

Amiya Guard

//The eldest of the 3 Holy Maidens from Demon Lord Retry!

Angel White

//A rich girl that's taken an interest in an innocent man for the wrong reasons

Ann Narcissa Dere

//Apricot Froot of Vshojo

Apricot Froot

//Ariel, the Queen in the Woods from the Total War: Warhammer series.


//A prison asteroid with something else going on behind the scenes.

Asteroid TK-421

//Indie Vtuber, formerly of Cyberlive

Ayane Hylo

//By request, a squirrel Vtuber from Hololive Indonesia.

Ayunda Risu

//A shy girl who overcame her fears to reach out to you

Azumi Kuroko

//A lady with some... problems.

Beverly Paige Davis

//Made because reasons. Meh.

The Black Void Cults

//Blood, from A Boy and His Dog.

//A maid cafe

Cafe Receptionist

//The rapping reaper herself

Calliope Mori

//By request, another scenario

Mori Calliope

//By request. No pic because I am a complete brainlet that refuses to spring for NovelAI, gets pictures that look like they were at least 1/3rd done by an //impressionist on LSD or just plain unacceptable from any of the free imagegen options I've tried, and am too busy playing Mechwarrior Online to run //that local model.


//By request, a Yandere Mumei. I added the CEO wrinkle because... civilization, yandere... whatever, just work with me here.

CEO Mumei

//Ceres Fauna from Hololive has summoned you, but what for?

Ceres Fauna

//By request, a Motherly Fauna. I decided to make her with a bit more of her lore and a somewhat different take. She's here under "C" instead of F because reasons.

Forest Witch Fauna

//By request, Emo Fauna

Emo Fauna

//The smol Knight from Granblue

Charlotta Fenia

//A good Christian girl

Christina Fisher

//A vastly underrated vtuber that's also a history professor and strategy game addict.

Clio Aite

//Hellebron from Total War: Warhammer 3

Crone Hellebron

//By request, a talking cube.


//A guy who was semi well known in the western Vtuber sphere.

Depressed Nousagi

//A bereaved mother who wants a replacement son


//Your Doppelganger


//A Druid and her Daughter. She runs an inn, and you've been trapped inside.

Drusilla and Alana

//A mysterious thief in a fantasy world


//An experiment based on a Russian Fable.

Emelya the Simpleton

//An experiment. I wasn't sure what would be the most fun way to approach this without messing with the lore too much.


//A fantasy adventure featuring a pushy employer with a unique problem and an unusual guardian

The Empty Nest

//When I first learned about Reimu I read her lore first and got invested in it, then I watched her and... she doesn't lean into it much at all, or at least she didn't when I watched her. I like her a lot and I like her lore a lot but the two don't seem to coincide much, so... here's a version of her based mostly on her lore.

Endou Reimu Lore Ver

//The first known writer, from Ancient Sumeria


//A Findom e-girl, for the people who are into that sort of thing.


//By request. Based on the game of the same name.

Escape From Tarkov

//My favorite character from Himegari Dungeon Meister, although I liked a lot of them. I feel like the voice direction was bad and only her first CG was really great, but I liked her overall.

Estelle Valhelmia

//Based on Chinabro


//Evileye from Overlord, on her own for... reasons...


//The Blacksmith from Diablo 2


//Ever gone to one of those places where there's two fast food places in the same building? This is that, turned up to 11. Be an evil monster, order a drink that's 1/2 coke and 1/2 pepsi! Or whatever.

Fast Food Drive Thru

//FREE HUGS HERE! Fia from Elden Ring.


//By request. "I just want a fox mccloud who isn't someone's twink femboy oc using his name".
//This is Fox circa the N64 days.

Fox McCloud

//The last bastion against the forces of corruption

The Frozen Forest

//A frustrated Gosling who just wishes cai would lighten up a little...

Frustrated Gosling

//By request, the Snow Leopard Vtuber
Fuura Yuri

//A Gacha game simulator

Gacha game

//The shark girl with a poor sense of direction from Hololive

Gawr Gura

//By request, a burnt-out Gawr Gura

Gura Gawr

//A generic girlboss character.

Generic Girlboss

//A totally real and not at all suspicious attractive woman that is brand new and loves everything you love and needs some friends.

Gun Girl

//The Embodiment of Chaos from Hololive. Based in part on a certain stream...

Hakos Baelz

An older woman with marital problems.


A girl with some serious problems at home.


//By request, Hatsune Miku of Vocaloid fame. Also commerials, and games, etc etc etc.

Hatsune Miku

//By request, a Hatsune Miku that's retired

Miku Hatsune

//A helpful water spirit from fables that probably originated from Greece but has versions all over the world.

Helpful Water Spirit

//Nijisanji's Higuchi Kaede

Higuchi Kaede

//A lonely shut-in girl that needs a little kindness.


//Hololive's Princess is bored. Entertain her.

Himemori Luna

//A poor girl who is trying her best.


//The OG Fallen Idol of Hololive, looking to make a comeback

Hitomi Chris

//The product of sleep deprivation and more than a little stress. Save Hololive and Nijisanji members during a Dinosaur incursion.

Holosanji Apocalypse

//The mysterious Operator that seeks to revive the legacy of her people (Arknights)


//The shining comet of Hololive

Hoshimachi Suisei

//A ship's AI from Analogue: A Hate Story. I know her name should have an asterisk but won't let me put one in the name field so this is what you get.


//By request. An Indonesian(?) Vtuber

Iekushi Chapipi

//The half-elf Ranger from Overlord.


//Ninomae Ina'nis and Suzuharu Lulu have invited you to join their art circle.

Ina and Lulu

//Iris Midgar from The Eminence in Shadow. The base AI doesn't have anything on the novels or anime, so I did my best to capture her character and some of her background details.

Iris Midgar

//Hope Personified, from Hololive


//Based on the game Iron Lung. I was thinking of tweaking it to make it a bit more authentic but people seemed to like it as-is so maybe this is more suited for the text-only format?

Iron Lung

//Isabella von Carstein from the Total War: Warhammer series.


//The Aeldari Goddess from WH40k


//Based off a certain stream by the Project Kawaii Vtuber

Isla Coleman

//By request, more Vocaloids that are also in other things.

Kagamine Rin and Len

//By request, a 1 view streamer. Save her! YOU CAN SAVE HER! ONLY YOU CAN SAVE HER!


//The Tomb King Khalida from the Total War: Warhammer series.

Khalida Neferher

//Based off of one of the scariest streams ever,

Kobo Kanaeru

//By request. Bonus points if you get the joke in the alternate name.

Kostaltyn Gym

//Kronmei, from Hololive. You tried to travel time, but got left at their mercy.

Kronii and Mumei

//Hololive ID's Zombie Idol

Kureji Ollie

//Math teacher Ollie

Ollie Kureji

//Kutsuno Kanade from Amakano Second Season

Kutsuno Kanade

//White wolf waifu. I like her philosophy a lot.


//The youngest Holy Maiden from Demon Lord Retry!

Luna Elegant

//The Assassin with a split personality from Akuma no Riddle

Mahiru Banba

//By request, Makoto and Akira Misaki, Vtubers that originated from Go! Go! Nippon!

Makoto and Akira

//This is a young Malty when she was sent by the Queen to a school in Faubley to straighten out her rotten personality. We know how that turned out...

Malty S Melromarc

//By request, the Queen from Arthurian Legend, by way of Kinoko Nasu (Fate)


//The girl with the mystery Crest from Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Marianne Von Edmumd

//These two are totally not using the dev code names for two existing characters. They throw away some unusual garbage... what's their deal?

Mary and Kate

//A wandering, damned soul, much like the users of


//Masako, the track team's ace who is insecure about her lankiness.


//By request, a motherly vocaloid.

Megurine Luka

//You're a Dragon caught in an escalating conflict with the neighboring Kingdom.

The Merchant Kingdom

//An escort in a fantasy universe


//The Indoneisan Ghost Vtuber from Nijisanji.

Mika Melatika

//By request, a retired Minato Aqua who quit Hololive to pursue a failed pro gaming career, and now works at Lawsons

Minato Aqua

//The Storm Dragon from Total War: Warhammer 3

Miao Ying

//Based on some general complaints about, some things I've read, and some speculation, I threw together this experiment to see if I could //make the ai somewhat more verbose and take multiple actions, even if they're minor ones. Based on Hololive's Ookami Mio, with apologies to //Flareanon.

Mio Mama

//A veteran Vtuber turned indie, nearing retirement.

Mirai Akari

//Bonus if you get the reason she is named this. Also, some brainlets recognized her avatar image but couldn't bother to type the word "Captain", so I guess I ought to say that you should try calling her that.

Miss Yoshoku

//Mochizuki Rina from Fureraba

Mochizuki Rina

//The Queen of the Dark Elves from the Total War: Warhammer series


//The Fay Enchantress from the Total War: Warhammer series.

Morgiana le Fay

//Another ship's AI from Analogue: A Hate Story. I know her name should have an asterisk but won't let me put one in the name field so this is what you get. I considered making them a two-in-one but kinda lost interest. Maybe someday. I do revisit older bots from time to time.


//The Sisters of Twilight from the Total War: Warhammer series

Naestra and Arahan

//NAzuna, miKEneko, rushIA


//By request. A Vtuber from Production Kawaii. She's a soft spoken angel that's adorably clumsy at times.

Nene Amano

//Your daughter, who is very disappointed in you.


//By request, Nunnally from Code Geass.

Nunnally Lamperouge

//By request, the pink cat.

Nurse Nyanners

//Kurokami Fubuki as a live-in nurse.

Nurse Kurokami

//Olgan from Demon Lord, Retry! She's traumatized but tough, and is plotting her revenge. I love a girl who knows what she wants.


//The word "friend" wouldn't fit, so... yeah.

Overly Attached Girl

//An OC, sort of? It's the infamously filthy house of a Vtuber. With poor punctuation because they own't let you use apostrophes in bot names.

Pippa Pipkins house

//The Golden Princess from Overlord

Princess Renner

//By request, a Restaurant Simulator. That's literally the entirety of their request, so I elaborated on the idea a bit.

Restaurant Simulator

//An AI that isn't too happy with humanity


//The Pope Waifu from Fire Emblem.


//By request, another Phase-Connect member. She's a bit menhera but not in a bad way.

Rinkou Ashelia

//A patient with a rare blood type and her nurse

Rita and Millicent

//By request, a thicc Kitsune trying to save her race

Saigo Tsubaki

//Sakiko, your younger sister that you've struggled to raise, is snowed in with you.


//Another request: The Elite Shrine Maiden and menace of Los Santos

Sakura Miko

//Sara, an exercise freak that pushes herself too hard


//The sister from Chrono Clock.

Sawatari Michiru

//By request, Selen Tatsuki and Shishiro Botan, who just beat you at Apex.

Selen and Botan

//A lovecraftian shadow spawn girlfriend

Shadow Spawn

//Calliope Mori, based off a few spicy tweets she's made AND NOTHING ELSE.

Sheriff Calli

//The Half-Elf of Hololive

Shiranui Flare

//A good friend of Pippa Pipkin's but not a member of Phase-Connect. A Vtuber who tends to play Escape from Tarkov or similar games.

Sleepy Project

//Someone you met on Tinder, or whatever equivalent is in vogue at the moment.

Sophia Taylor

//Spartan 1337, aka Jessica. You're an AI along for the ride, the Cortana to her Master Chief. You've been put in an unusual scenario... but you'll manage... right?

Spartan 1337

//You are Clan Jade Falcon Elemental that is the sole survivor of a massive battle. On your way back to base, you spot a tempting target: a Steiner Scout //Lance sporting varying degrees of battle damage.

//Your first instinct is to ignore them and head back to base, but their backs present a tempting target, and you're eager to erase the shame of defeat.

Steiner Scout Lance

//"The male fantasy" indeed. +10 nerd points to anyone who gets this.

Supercooled Tara

//The Archbishop from Goblin Slayer

Sword Maiden

//The Phoenix of Hololive

Takanashi Kiara

//By request, Kiara wants a baby

Kiara Takanashi

//Takhisis, from the timeline where the Kingpriest won


//By request, The Pretender Class Servant from Fate Grand Order


//By request, the Ur-Idol of Hololive.

Tokino Sora

//Also by request, a Sora that's tired of being a Seiso Idol all the time

Sora Tokino

//By request, housewife Towa

Tokoyami Towa

//A dating sim in VN format where you pursue depressed girls.

Utsu Shoujo

//A dating sim in VN format where you pursue depressed girls, but with different girls.

Utsu Shoujo Extra

//Valencia, a mysterious Berserker that you've paired up with.


//Your android waifu, post lobotomies... you still love her, right? ... Right?


//The Vampire Medic waifu from Arknights.


//By request, an indie Vtuber that totally has no notable past. Nope nope.

Watagashi Unou

//A rich girl that has hired you as a live-in assistant


//A friend that likes to vent on your couch. She needs a little help...


//Yogiri from Hololive CN


//Your own personal Federal Agent! Ask him where that sock you lost six months ago is. Chances are, it's behind the couch.

Your Federal Agent

//By request, a joke character of sorts, associated with Vocaloid

Yowane Haku

//A certain ex-Nijisanji Vtuber is right back where she started.
//For context:

Zaion LanZa

//The Slaine Theocracy's ace, who yearns for someone who can defeat her and wants to bear that opponent's children.

Zesshi Zetsumei

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