The sex was just crazy and I kept seeing Brads gorgeous body as Chris pounded him. I had jerked off to those images in my head several times the next few days...

After 5 or 6 days I got home from work quite late and needed to clear my head so I decided to go for a run. My thoughts were clearly all over the place because I didn't even think about Brad or anything remotely to do with sex. I even enjoyed the run. After about 45 minutes I passed the hedge behind which the shed was where Brad and I had our adventures. I still didn't even think about it until I saw the light throuch the cracks in the door. As it was late, it was starting to get dark so the light inside the shed drew my attention. I hesitated for a moment, but I decided the workmen were surely inside so I continued my run. After one more lap I passed the same point again. There was still light comming throught the cracks and this time I could have sworn I heard something like a moan. My mind didn't need any more convincing and I got behind the hedge and slowly made my way to the door. I gently placed my ear against the door and was pleasantly surprised when I heard moans and grunts comming though the wood. There was no doubt in my mind that Brad and Chris were inside. I slowly opened the door and saw that I was only half right. Brad was there, but this time it wasn't Chris with him... The picture that took place in front of me was so mesmerizing I couldn't move. Inside the shed I saw the familiar but still incredible body of Brad, on his knees. He was kneeling in front of a tall, slender guy and was sucking his cock ferouciously. And when I say cock, I mean COCK! The guy was appeared quite young and was nothing special. A bit too skinny for my taste and not especially handsome, but boy did this guy have a cock. It was so long it didn't even seem natural. Brad was clearly enjoying this big toy since he didn't even notice me. The guy had his head back and was in another world. He was moaning loadly and his hands were going through Brad's wavy hair and pushing his head back on his cock. Brad was sucking like his life depended on it. I saw a mixture of saliva and precum dripping from Brad's mouth as I noticed my own cock getting hard. The sight was just to hypnotising to walk away. I started rubbing my cock throught the fabric of my shorts. As I got hornier by the second the big dicked twink was getting closer to his climax. His moans got louder and louder. I saw Brad looking up at his willing victim and I swear I saw some sort of a smile on his face. He moved his hands from the twinks balls to his ass and I could see him starting to massage his arse. This sent the young buck over the top and he actually started screaming as he came down Brad's throat. Well, down Brad's throat and all over.... Boy did this guy cum! I saw the cum dripping from Brad's mouth and as the guy pulled out his lang piece of equipment, the cum sprayed all over Brad's face. I was under the impression that even Brad was surprised at the force and quantity of his young friends cum. The guy took a few steps back and rested against the wall. "God that was just amazing" I heard him say in a very young voice. Brad got up from the floor with a grin on his face and said: "I told you you wouldn't be disappointed." He walked over to his friend and slapped his semi hard cock (which was still longer than most other cocks fully erect). "Hey" the guy said "Careful, you don't want to hurt your brother".

I nearly fell to my knees when I heard this. The other guy did not look like Brad in any way. Brad was muscular, tanned, way brown hair... A real jock. This guy was a tall, skinny, pale youngster with light hair. The only thing impressive about him, was hanging between his skinny legs. "Oh don't worry" I heard Brad say "I will only hurt you in ways you like". He just finished this sentence when he turned his brother to face the wall and slapped his white ass. His victim didn't seem to mind and I heard him say "Mmmmmmm, brother, didn't you get enough yesterday?". Brad smiled and said "You know quite well that I can never get enough". He dropped to his knees again and open the cheeks of his brothers ass.

I felt my cock jumping again and put my hand down my pants to cup my balls and massage them as I looked at Brad rimming his brothers ass. The young twink rested his head against the wall and sighed as Brads tongue pushed and licked his hole. I saw his hands go around to the front of his brothers body and start to massage his cock. I imagined that his hands were around my cock and I was getting so horny it was hard not to walk in the shed and fuck the hell out of them.

I could see that Brads brother had the same sexdrive as his brother as his cock was getting hard again. I was still amazed at the size of this dick. I knew Brad loved cock and the way he jerked that long cock just proved it even more. But then he got to his feet, spat on his cock and pressed his hard dick against his brothers hole. Without any problem he pushed his cock in and I could hear his brother moan. These two clearly did this regularly. Brad started pumping his dick in and out of his brothers ass and kept jerking the long dick like there was no tomorrow.

I had now pulled my cock out of my pants and was jerking at the same pace as Brad was pumping his dick in and out of his brother. That was the moment the young guy decided to turn his head towards the door with a look of exctasy on his face. I froze as his eyes fell on me with my cock in my hands. Then it became clear that this was Brads brother. He didn't say anything, he just winked at me and licked his lips as he clearly looked at the dick in my hands. Brad was fucking him so hard that he didn't notice what his brother was looking at. He really pounded him and after a few more pumps I heard him scream "take it Troy, take it!". His brother (clearly named Troy) swirled around got to his knees and took Brads load on his face. Brad jerked off until his brothers face was covered in cum.

This was just too hot... Just as I was about to cum and Brad was about to put his boxers back on, I heard Troy say "Oh no brother, I don't think we're finished" and I saw him point in my direction. Brad looked at me just as the cum shot out of my cock. As I saw his gorgeous face smiling I just continued jerking my cock and moaning with everything I saw in my mind.

"Well well well" Brad said, "what a pleasant surprise." I stepped into the shed and shut the door behind me. "I saw the light was on and decided to see what was going on" I said. "And I can see the you liked the show" Troy replied with his eyes fixed on my cock, still dripping with cum.

Brad smiled and said "don't worry brother, we know each other" and he emphasized the word "know". His brother smiled and said "God, Brad, you really can't get enough". Brad walked over to me and took my cock in his hands. The feeling of his long, strong fingers around my cock made it jump. I saw his brothers eyes open wide as he looked at his brother massaging my cock. He took a few steps back and sat on a small workbench against the wall. Brad slowly got to his knees and started kissing and licking my lower abs. While he was doing this, he looked up at me with such a horny look in his eyes I was hard again within seconds. Once Brad noticed his actions had the effect he was hoping for, he took my cock in his warm and experienced mouth. I felt his tongue exploring my cock as he sucked and licked me in to heaven. I saw his brother sitting there, his eyes fixed on the image in front of him. The snake between his legs was ready for action again and he was slowly stroking it. Just the sight of that incredibly long, hard cock was hot, but looking at it while the brother of the owner was sucking mine was just unbelievable. Brad must have noticed me looking at his brother as he got up and pushed me in his brothers direction. He placed me on the bench next to Troy and got on his knees in front of us. Troy looked at me, at his brother, smiled and said "I think I'm going to like this". Brad started sucking me again while he jerked his brother. Troy just sat back and let his brother jerk him like it was the most normal thing in the world. I decided to make it a bit more interesting and bent over to Troys side. I started licking along the shaft of his cock, taking the head in my mouth and sucking it. For a moment I thought about taking it all in, but it was just too long. Troy didn't seem to mind as I heard him moan like when Brad was sucking him. I looked at Brad and he winked at me with my cock in between his full strong lips. As I looked at him as was, again, struck by the perfection of his body. Those glistening muscles, that bubble but, just a bit whiter than the rest of his tanned body, that nice, strong back...I just had to fuck this guy again.

I stopped sucking Troy who looked a bit disappointed but immediately started jerking his long dick. I got behind Brad, spat in my hand and started massaging his hole. Brad saw his brother servicing himslef and decided to help. So he started taking the long dick in his mouth as I was preparing his ass to be fucked. When I looked at Troy, I saw a mixture of curiousity and disbelief. Now it was my turn to wink as I placed my dick against Brad's ass. "Why can he fuck you, but I cant?" I heard Troy ask. Brad wanted to answer just as I pushed the head of my dick inside his ass. He let out a load moan and said "God Troy, have you seen how long this dick is..., I don't know it I could take all of it". Troy was proud at first, but as Brad started to work on his cock again, I saw a look af disappointment on his face. I pushed my dick further into Brad, put my hands around his waist and stared fucking him. He was grunting and moaning and let out "Oh, yes, take me like a bitch". Troy was fixed on the sight of my cock going in and out of his brother. He took his brothers head in his hands and started forcing his head up and down his cock at the same pace as I was pumping his brothers ass. Brad was now being fucked from behind and in the mouth relentlessly. Troy was clearly aroused by the sight of his brother bottoming. I saw his head tilt back and I heard a load "Aaaaaaaaaaah" as he came in his brothers mouth for the second time that day. The sight of that long dick cumming in Brads mouth sent me over the top. I pulled out and shot jets of white cum over Brads back.

Troy and me needed a breather, but Brad almost passed out on the floor. We had fucked him so hard he couldn't take any more except for.... His cock. As he layed flat on his back, his rock hard cock pointed straight up. I sat down beside him and started sucking him. Brad wanted to stop me, he needed a break, but I wouldn't let him. He decided to lay back and ejoy it I worked his cock slowly and massaged his balls. He let out soft sighs as I deepthroated him. I was so into pleasing this adonis I didn't notice Troy. He had positioned himself behind me and all of a sudden I felt something pressing against my hole. I turned around and saw Troy was ready to fuck me. I just couldn't believe how quickly this twink recuperated.

Brad noticed me looking back and saw what his brother had in mind. He looked at me, smiled and said "Good luck". I had seen Troys cock, so I knew it was long, but I was not ready for what followed. At first Troy put the head of his cock in which didn't pose a big problem. His cock was long, but not very thick. Then he pushed in bit by bit. I was under the impression there was no end to this guys cock. He just kept pushing in. The after what seemed to be forever, I felt his abs pressing against my butt so I knew he was all in. I hadn't been able to suck Brad since I needed to relax while Troy penetrated me. Now that he was all in, I focussed on Brad again, taking his cock in my mouth. He was just leaning back and ejoyed the ride.

Troy started going in and out slowly until my ass had adapted to his long dick. But then... This was just crazy, once this kid felt my ass was ready he started fucking me at a pace that was just crazy. I had never been fucked so fast. And with the length of his dick, this was just out of this world. I just had to stop sucking Brad because Troy was going so fast I was being shaken all over the place. I was practically screaming "Oh my God!" When Brad said "I told you, why do you think I won't let him fuck me... He 's like a rabbit" He smiled and clearly decided he wanted some as well as he got to his knees in front of me and forced his cock in my mouth. I was being fucked by these two brother like I was some sort of sex doll. They started moaning and I heard Troy scream "Come on brother, let's cum together" I could feel his cock twith as he drove it all the way in my ass and I could actually feel his cum shooting in my bowels. On the other side Brad had taken his cock out of mouth and was jerking it right in front of me. I opened my eyes just in time to see the first of several jets of white cum hit me in the face. The both emptied there cocks in or on me, got dressed (as I was flat on the ground trying to collect myself) and walked to the door. "Just close the door when you leave will you" Brad said as he high fived Troy. The looked back at me, smiled and were on there way...

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