Jannies Proposal

Elements drawn from the thread:

  • Fat (Godskin Nobles?)
  • They do it for free
  • They do not intervene with the affairs of the rest of /vt/ in any way, except when there is an unacceptable flare-up in schizo activity/chuubanite madness
  • They arrive on the scene, chop heads somewhat indiscriminately, and vanish without saying a word (Ringwraiths?)
  • Their nature:
    • They are metaphysical in nature, like angels
    • They are earthly beings elevated by a higher will
    • They are earthly beings empowered by secret and powerful uses of chuubanite
  • Their location:
    • They are headquartered far off the map, away from any civilization, possibly in the polar circles
    • They exist on another plane and only appear in ours when needed
  • They are viewed differently by different countries, /meat/ abhors them as murderous demons, /hlgg/ sees them as smiters of doxfags etc
  • They are represented not by anthropomorphic incarnations, but by natural events and catastrophes.

The elements above are at times contradictory and are only meant to represent the ideas brought up in the discussion on the topic.

Pub: 15 Mar 2022 23:29 UTC
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