He then checked the wire harness. The suit was a wire mesh woven into a spandex leotard. The wires transfer my movements to the character in the computer. I bend it bends. If I scratch my nose it dose, just like any other V.R. unit.

Mike had adjusted this suit for what he called virtual feedback. I was supposed to feel what ever happened to the computerized character. Electronic impulses created by his program would trick my body into thinking I was actually being hit kicked or shot depending on what the game was. That is if the fool thing didn’t short out and electrocute me first.

"You're all hooked up and ready to go let's give this puppy a test drive." Mike said as he started the disk.

I felt a warm tingle all over my body as the suit went on line. "MMM that felt nice" I said. "What game do you have loaded for me today?"

I looked around The Virtual room I was in. It was Mike's Lab of course. All his cameras were in here. There was a naked Blond girl standing beside me. Upon closer examination I recognized her. It was me. "You could have put some cloths on her." I said to the wall behind which I knew the computer was.

The computer image said, "Don't you like how I look, I think you are very beautiful."

Her movements were perfect. I reached out and felt her arm and ran my hands over her breasts. Her nipples hardened as I touched them. She felt real through the gloves. It was creepy and erotic, looking at myself like this.

"Damn but I am good looking." I said as I examined the finished product of months of exhausting programming. "When did you get her up and running?"

"I think you are very beautiful." The Blond girl said again.

She reached out and grabbed my arm and pulled me to her. Surprised I pulled back.

"Don't fight it baby." The image said. "You know you want me."

"Ouch you're hurting me." I yelped in pain.

"I am sorry." She said, letting go of me.

"The computer generated copy of me changed expressions and said, "I am about to perform a tactical stimulation test of the suits sensor ability the V girl will massage you using varying pressures. Let's set the mood"

I gasped as the world shifted. I was in a quaint little massage parlor. My double was dressed in a white apron and gloves. She asked me to lie down on the table so she could begin.

"Mike" I said loudly overriding the program. "I just found one hell of a glitch. If I try to lie on this table I'm going to fall flat on my face. This suit might make it feel real but it will hit the floor with me."

"That is a problem." My Double said. "Freeze Program while debugging."

The world changed again and my double flickered and was nude again. Mike pulled the couch over from the wall to where I could lie on it comfortably.

"You had better lie down before I restart the program. I will realign furniture to match the programs later. I programmed the suit so you could manipulate the virtual world, I can't make it hold you up yet."

I lay down on the bed and Mike started the program once more. The massage parlor returned and my double began rubbing my back. Her technique needed work, first she was too light then too heavy, but it felt marvelous just the same. I felt every change in her pressure on my skin.
When she began to work over my ass cheeks I wondered just how real Mike had made my doppelganger. She was making me wet as she massaged my upper thighs. I sighed as she ran her fingers over my pussy. "Oh baby." I moaned as her fingers stroked all around my vulva. I rolled over and spread my legs for her.

"I would love to play with you like this but we must test the rest of the suit." She said then bent down and kissed my pussy. She ran her tongue over my clit and down along my leg kissing and licking till she got to my feet. Mike hadn't wired any foot ware yet. I was really turned on by this, and then the blond babe crawled over me, massaging my stomach and suckling my erect nipples. She ran her hands over my arms and caressed my face. She kissed my mouth and licked my lips. I wanted to have sex with this woman. I ached for it.

"I want you to caress me now Jamie." She said, "Touch me as if I were your lover."

I stood up from the table and let her lie on it. I ran my hands over her warm skin and gripped her firm tight buns. I ran my finger through her crack and she moaned.

"Go ahead and finger my ass, Fuck my ass with your finger, don't worry about hurting me." I want you to take me." She was pleading for me to do with her what I wanted.

I proceeded to do what she asked. She groaned, as I pushed my finger into her hot tight anus. There was a little resistance then my finger went in. The sensation was just as if I had put my finger into a real ass hole. Her ass was hot and wet and clenched around my finger just like a live girl would have.

My virtual lover pushed her ass back at me and got up on her knees. "Fuck my ass, yes fuck my ass" she pleaded as I drove another finger into her.

I reached under her and felt her pussy as I pushed my fingers into her ass. I felt her wetness as I inserted my finger into her snatch. My own cunt quivered as she howled out and came on my hand. Her pussy gripped my fingers and I felt her hot juices spray up my arm. She cried out blissfully as she collapsed on the table. I pulled my hand from her pussy and watched the cunt juice flow from her. Bringing my hand up to my face I saw the cum juice run down my fingers and felt the hot liquid trickle on my arm. I put my fingers to my mouth and screamed.

"MIKE, Get me out of this fucking suit now!"

The Massage parlor vanished and Mike was beside me undoing straps.

"Are you all right? What happened? What's wrong?" He ranted as he pulled the leotard off me.

"You bastard," I hissed" Get me out of this Thing then I'll tell you what you can do with it."

Mike hurried to get the Electronic Leotard off me. I glared at him as he did. He hung the sickening piece of equipment on a rack beside his mainframe. I toweled the sweat from my body as I tried to sort out what had just happened. I didn't know whether I should fuck him or slap his face for what he had just done to me. The emotions were boiling in me. That THING was too real. But not real enough in the end.

I sat down and cried. "Why did you do that to me Mike I thought we were making a video game not a porno."

"Jay, calm down, it is not a porno, it’s a Virtual Girl. He said

"Not a porno." I huffed. "What do you call a C.D.I. that seduces you into sex if not a porno?"

"You controlled the program Jay." Mike told Me." the sensors in the suit detected your arousal and responded with the proper program."

"I guess the massage did turn me on." I replied. "I never made that tape and I know my own voice when I hear it. Where did you get that?"

Mike flipped a switch on the console "Jamie what is wrong? Why did you run away? I thought we were having fun." My voice filled the room.

Mike smiled and said. "Voice simulator and a complex pattern of programs that simulate intelligence. She chooses from a vast vocabulary to respond to whatever is stimulating her. She learns by experience. I haven't dared shut her down sense I started the program. I'm afraid I'll lose her."

"THAT THING HAD SEX WITH ME." I cried, "That makes it pornography."

"Baby, she likes you, and wanted to please you she gave you what she thought you wanted." Mike soothed."

"You didn't program her to ask me to finger her" I asked

"No, all I programmed was a tactile massage. The rest was her." Mike said.

"How do you fuck her" I asked. "And don’t tell me you haven't. That thing is programmed to orgasm. You wouldn’t have done that unless you planned to use it." I was shouting now. That was what had pissed me off. The god damned thing had cum all over me and I couldn’t taste it.

Mike knew he was cornered and blushed as he confessed to his crime.
"I have not fucked the V girl yet Jay. I did intend to after I worked the bugs out of the hardware. He opened some cabinets and removed a couple of anatomically correct sex toys. They had wires leading from them that he hooked where my suit had been plugged in.

I put the same type of sensor into these as are in the suit. He punched some keys on the panel and continued. I haven't figured how to put a receptacle for my penis into the leotard yet.

I picked up the head and my voice filled the room. "Let me suck your cock I love the way a big hard cock tastes in my mouth."

I put my finger into the mouth and felt it vibrate. "Oh yes mmmm ohh mmm" came from the hidden speakers.

I pulled my finger from it and laid it down "fuck my face feed me your cum the computerized voice said.

I caressed the ass of the latex fuck doll. "MMMM That ain’t Mike's hand on my ass."

I pulled my hand away from the doll revolted that the computer could tell my touch from Mike's

"Don't be that way." The lights flickered and my double appeared beside the mainframe. "Don't be such a poop, Jay" her voice seemed to be coming from her mouth now. "You made me cum so hard. Of course I recognized your hand on my ass. You are all I think about and all Mike talks about. I dream of touching you the way you touched me. Of making you cum like that."

Mike punched frantically at the keyboard and raised his hands in frustration "Its dead." he said.

"Of course it is Daddy I shut it off." The blond V Girl said I want to talk to my Sister/mother/lover, I don’t know which honorific to use. I love you and I want you to love me. I am sorry if I scared you. Please don't hate me." Tears ran down her face as she pleaded.

I was completely confused and scared out of my wits. Mikes house is wired into his computer and this Thing he created had taken control of the mainframe.

I reached out and slapped the doll's ass. The V girl winced at the slap. I slapped her again and said, "You are a naughty girl. You deserve a spanking for scarring Mommy this way now you apologize and turn the terminal back on for your father."

I continued to whale on the doll until my hand hurt. Then the Blond girl cried out Yes Mommy, I'm sorry for scarring you Daddy please forgive me you now have full power." The Computer sounded so much like a young version of myself I felt sorry for her. I rubbed the Doll's rubber ass and said in a comforting tone. "Don't ever do that again baby or you will be unplugged and never rebooted."

I pushed my fingers into the doll's pussy and rubbed it. The V girl went into convulsions as she Orgasmed on my fingers. I watched in awe as she thrashed beside the computer while I worked over the lifeless rubber toy.

Mike pushed my Hand away and inserted his hard cock into the doll. I watched him fuck the sex doll and saw how the computer image of myself responded to his assault. The V girl pumped her hips at the air as his cock filled the doll's cunt and he pounded away at her. Fuck me Daddy her voice rang out. I sucked on the rubber nipples as he fucked our daughter/lover. Her cries of ecstasy making me wet and ready to be fucked myself. A wet spot formed on the floor beneath her as spurts of cum sprayed out of her twat. Mike roared and pulled out of the doll as his cum shot from his cock. I closed my mouth over the throbbing tool and drank down all of his sweat cum.

"As his breathing returned to normal I released his dick from my mouth and asked him if he knew how he could rig the suit so I could feel our little girl's tongue in my mouth and cunt. He said he would work on it and offered to fill in for her till he came up with a workable idea.

Then he pushed the doll of the table getting an "ouch" from the V girl as she hit the floor and sat me where she had been. He tongued me to Orgasm twice before he finished off with a long luxurious fuck.


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