For one is was larger than you would expect. There were very few of them in the area so the went fast. Three floors, but designed for three people. Not a floor each, but for maximum comfort. Three bedrooms, each as large as the others, each with scenic large windows and all, with soundproofing. An overly large kitchen, en-suit bathrooms, and offices for each tenant along with a large living area… fully furnished. The strangest thing, no catch…

Bethany, Michael and Jonathan were the three tenants down for the student house. Bethany was doing a degree in Media, Michael in Physics and Jonathan in Maths. None of them had met before the first day of moving in. the personal possessions had been eased in over the last few weeks. Jonathan was situated on the second floor, Bethany and Michael on the third. Jonathan spent little time with our housemates during the first week, retreating to his highly private room with his girlfriend.

For tonight how ever we bring our attention to the bedroom of Bethany. Her door had slipped open an inch or two before she had gone to bed, thus killing the soundproofing of her room. Michael had to pass her door in order to retreat to his own bedroom, the hectic life the three had lead the last week hadn’t lead to introductions but Michael was a very good judge of character. Bethany, the overly quite and timid room mate, prone to bursts of attitude and sarcasm and seemingly bursts for control. It was obvious to him she was after the opposite and was desperate for it, and there was never any mention for the other half, the closest clue he had to her sex life was the low sound of vibration currently emitting from her bedroom.

He slipped in through the door closing it behind him, Beth didn’t even notice.
"And what are you up to tonight young lady?"

Beneath the covers Beth’s heart skipped a beat, she clicked the vibrator of and feigned sleep, praying her intruder would just back off. Her breathing had increased significantly and her wet cunt hugger the vibrator tighter as she found that this situation was arousing her. She had never been caught with a vibrator before and no one even knew that she knew what one was.

"Do you honestly think that pathetic attempt will hide your actions?" the mocking tone in his voice was obvious, he sat down on the bed and slipped his hand beneath the covers to find the source of her current pleasure. "A Rabbit? Nice choice. Did you even have it on the highest setting?" his voice still mocking her as his hands fingered the buttons of the vibrating bunny on the vibrator.

Beth finally found her voice and tried to sound furious at the intruder. With his hand so close to her cunt she was finding it hard. "What, exactly, do you think you are doing in here?!"

Michael leaned towards hear and flicked the vibrator up a notch, he was only a few inches from her face, his chiselled features visible even in the gently light from the window behind her. His long hair spilled down around his face, he was smiling slightly down at her and her breath caught in her throat.

"I’m about to give a slut a dam good orgasm, and then punishment for speaking to me in such a manner. I’d think twice before addressing me sharply again." He brought his lips down onto hers and kissed her hard as he pushed up the level on the vibrator to full. She bucked her hips against the pressure whilst kissing him back passionately. She with drew and spoke through shortened breathes.

"Too, High.."

"I take it your cunt has never had the feeling of this up full?" his head was cocked to one side as he pushed the vibrator deeper into her soaking wet cunt, the rabbit closer to her clit. She bucked her hips again, gasping and pushing her head back. "You will enjoy the end believe me, You’ll also enjoy being my pet."

"Your.. What?" her attempts to sound angered were drowned out by the groan when he pushed it closer to her cunt once more.

"My Pet. If you wish me to stop, stop me. You know you need me to be your master, you’ll know that even more when you cum."

She moved her hands under the blanket and lay them on his, her body starting to tingle all over, she threw her head back trying to fight rational thought but not wanting to let go of this feeling.

"You will submit to me pet, you’re a whore for pleasure and I can give it to you." He ran his tongue up her exposed neck, his hot breath caressing her neck.

Beth was become a lot more vocal, her hips pushing down onto the vibrator in her cunt, she pulled his hands towards her, moaning loudly and the tingling sensation turned to heat and coursed through her entire body, her back arched backwards far of the bed and she came hard, when she settled he with drew the vibrator and replaced it with his fingers.

"Surprisingly tight, even after fucking a vibrator." He nodded his approval and she blushed when he gave it. She abandoned rational thought that this man was crazy and was taking advantage of her, she needed to feel that again and he knew it.

Michael stood up and moved to the end of the bed, sitting down near the end. "Come here Beth, now. Its time for the second part of this encounter."

It was then she remembered that he had mentioned a punishment. "What exactly are you planning on doing to me?" sarcasm back in her voice, hands on hips. The blanket falling away to reveal her sleeping garments. A black silk strap top, which gave a good shot of her cleavage and a pair of silk shorts, she must have slipped them on quickly when his was turned.

"Did I tell you to re clothe?" he sighed and tapped his lap patiently, knowing that she would come over, she needed it badly, it was just taking her a while to figure it out. "If you don’t come over on your own, I will drag you by your hair."

Beth was speechless and shook her head, but found herself moving towards him none the less. She hung her head as he took hold of her arms and pulled her across his lap and then pinned her wrist in the small of her back

"Do you know why you hear Beth?"

"Because my insane roommate barged into my room, forced me to orgasm and then put me here?"

Michael emitted a low growl before bringing his hand down hard on her arse. Several times he did this, hard and fast, alternate from each side of her arse. She yelped loudly with each slap, squirming and trying to dodge each one. Her movement bringing her cock to full erection when he had managed to keep it at bay before now.

"I don’t appreciate that."

"I’m... sorry… I’m here because I spoke rudely to you…?"

"That’s right, see? You can be a good pet."

Without further warning he brought his hand down on her arse again, repeating what he was doing earlier another 30 or so times. She still struggled after every slap but didn’t utter a word apart from the pained yelps. He hooked his fingers in the black silk short and pulled them down. Revealing her quickly reddening arse beneath and he cleanly shaven cunt.

"Looks like I judged you right pet, you can call me Sir from now on."

"What?!" she made a show of trying to stand only to be pushed down hard again. Followed by the feel of his large hands now striking her bear flesh. She yelps became louder and struggles harder.

After a few more slaps he slipped a finger inside of her. Stroking her gently as he spoke
"Beth, your now my pet, my sex Slave. You’ll do as I say and call me what I tell you to. In return I’ll give you what your after. Your cunt is drenched, and its gotten even more so since I started this punishment. Tonight is just to ease you in, let you realise what you need. Say now if you want to go back to how things were and I will leave right now and nothing will have happened…"

Beth shook her head frantically, a little more so than she had intended to.
"No, Please… Sir… I don’t want things to go back to how they were."

He didn’t speak further, he with drew his hand quickly and brought his hand down hard on her arse over and over until it turned a bright hot red, she still yelped at each slap and she swore she had never felt such pain, yet her cunt just seemed to get more and more wet. Her yelps became interspersed with moans and before she knew it two of his fingers wear deep in her cunt, moving roughly and forcing her to orgasm. She bucked her self towards his hands and screamed when the orgasm hit her.

He stroked her back before pulling her silk shorts up roughly. Her cunt still sopping wet she was craving more. He picked her up and lay her in her bed and picked up the vibrator. Her eyes lit up but he shook it in front of her face, smiling lightly at her. He leaned it and kissed her gently.

"Mr. Rabbit will spend the nights in my room now pet, you only cum when I say."

She groaned in something akin to that of a child not getting its own way.
"But Sir…"

He cut her of with a wave of his hand that seemed to make her arse tingle at the memory.

"Sleep" he said in almost a whisper as he exited the room closing the door behind him. The erection in his pants was killing him. He made his way quickly down the hall to his room, the though of his new pet in bed, desperate for another orgasm helped bring him to his own.

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