My son was in the middle of his first year of graduate school and our daughter was 19 After a dinner with a couple of bottles of wine, my son suggested renting a couple of movies and bringing back Family Movie Night for the holiday. When everyone agreed, I was thrilled and happy that we again will be seeing movie together

We all changed into our pajamas, made popcorn and put the first movie in. As usual, I sat in my recliner, my son laid on the floor, and my wife stretched out on the couch giving me a nice view . I thought my daughter might feel too old to sit on her father's lap, but she hopped right on lap as if she were 8 years old again.

About 20 minutes into the movie, my daughter reached down to grab some popcorn, and placed her knees down on either side of my legs. As she started to sit back up, she slipped, and I grabbed onto her thighs to steady her. That's when her nightgown pumped up and I saw that she was wearing a thong. Light blue, lacy. I tried to look away, but I was mesmerized as I helped her back to a seated position on my lap.

For the next 5 minutes, I tried to focus on the movie, and not what my daughter was wearing underneath her nightgown. I was treasuring this rare family moment, and didn't want to frighten and disgust my daughter by getting an erection, and making her uncomfortable. I was able to focus again on the movie, until she went down for more popcorn. Again, she placed her knees on either side of my legs, but this time, she pushed her body down so her abdomen touched my knees as she reached down. Again, her nightgown slid up and her thong and ass were exposed. I quickly glanced at my wife, but she was full excited for the movie.

Kale ="I'm coming back up, Dad, can you grab on to me?"

I tentatively placed my hands on her upper thighs and began to pull her back. The feel of her soft skin under my fingers made my cock dance as I gazed intently at the piece of fabric covering her pussy.ohh Shit. I was getting an erection. And I was wearing sweatpants.

In a desperate attempt to hide it from her, I grabbed a blanket that was on the back of the recliner and tried to shove it between us as though I was cold.

"Good idea," said my daughter. "I'm freezing." And she yanked the blanket out from between us and sat back on my hard, sweatpants-covered cock. She obviously felt my hardness, because she froze in the process of putting the blanket over us.

I tried to think of a way to apologize, but how do you even begin to do that? After a few seconds, she continued to put the blanket over us and sat back. Maybe she convinced herself it wasn't my hard dick that she felt between her ass cheeks. As she leaned back into me, I smelled her hair. It smelled amazing.

For the next 5 minutes or so, I thought about excusing myself to go rub one off in the bathroom, but there was something exciting about the pain associated with this hard-on. My daughter must've felt it, yet she was still sitting on it. My cock twitched, every time I thought about its rigid shaft pressed between her cheeks and lower back.

I had completely lost interest in the movie at this point. I was staring at the screen so I wouldn't draw attention to myself, but all I could think about was my hard dick. The next time my daughter went down for popcorn, I made a quick decision and pulled down my sweatpants to my thighs. I could see my hard cock through my boxers. I stared at her panty-clad pussy and cursed under my breath. Again, when she asked for help getting back up, I grabbed onto her upper thighs, this time grazing my thumbs across her cheeks.

When she sat back, she clearly realized there was less fabric between us, and froze once again. Boldly, I pulled my cock out through the hole in my boxers. It was all I could do to not keep my hold on my shaft and start yanking on it right then. I pushed her nightgown up to her hips, pressed my cock down between us and pulled her back to me. She gasped lightly. Then, I started rocking in the chair.

The force of the rocking was now causing my cock to slide between her panty-clad pussy lips.

What was I doing?

What was she thinking?

Was she scared?

I glanced again at my wife, who was now sleeping on the couch and in sleep she was showing off . I bravely ran my hands up and down my daughter's sides, touching the sides of her breasts and then just press them down and its was like a shock to my daughter . When I reached her hips, I grabbed onto them, and began pushing and pulling them away and against me. I was dry-humping my daughter. Fuck, it felt good. It felt amazing.

I kept this up, pausing every once in a while so I didn't blow my load onto her, until the movie ended. We sat still in the chair. Now what?

How could I get up like this?

What was she going to do?

Would she tell her mother?

Surprisingly, my daughter asked her brother to put the next movie in and make more popcorn so she didn't have to get up. Was this because she wanted to stay on my lap? Or because she didn't want them to see anything and think her a willing participant? . What was I doing? God, she smelled good.

My wife woke up from the sound of the popcorn, and opened another bottle of wine. With my cock shaft resting between my daughter's sweet clothed crevice, I accepted another glass, as did my daughter, who drained hers in nearly one gulp.

As the lights turned off again, and the second movie resumed, I took another glance at my wife, who caught my eye and smiled at me. I smiled back as I pushed my hips upward into my daughter. I then started to touch my wife breast she was just laid beside the couch and I can feel she was getting horny but then I focused on my daughter and told my wife wait for the night and she againg surprisingly was in half sleep.

After a while my daughter, she leaned down for more popcorn, and I saw the dampness in her underwear. Fuck, she was wet. I think she had a orgasm. Then I touch her wet panty and put them lil aside , exposing her bare ass and pussy. As I pulled her back towards me, her wet pussy lips slid up my shaft and I let out a long breath and my precum was out.

"Getting tired?" my son asked.

"Maybe a little." I replied, my heart beating fast as I realized I needed to be more careful.

"We can watch this tomorrow," he said. "If you're too tired."

"No, no," I assured her. "I'll be fine."

Understatement of the year. My daughter turned to me and smiled. She was okay? She was okay, I guess. Then, she started grinding her hips, drenching my shaft with her juices. Oh God, I was in heaven. I reached around her stomach and slid my finger along her clit, stopping to rub it on either side. She quickened her grinding against my finger.

After a bit she asked me to rock the chair again, and I did so, instantly.

This time the force of the rocking caused our wet naked parts to connect in the most stimulating ways. My cock head slid against her clit and she grabbed onto my arms and breathed heavily. I think she was on climax for another one .

"Can you turn up the volume?" She said to her brother. Anything to drown out our breathing and let us continue on was a good thing. I looked over at my wife again. Asleep. Awesome.

As we rocked, I pulled my daughter back to me, rubbing my hands over her body, stopping at her breasts and hips. I kissed her neck and shoulders. I pushed my hips up to meet hers coming back at mine. Suddenly, she leaned forward a bit allowing my cock to rise up. I looked between our legs to see her hand wrap around the base of my cock and start pointing it towards her wet hole. Oh my god. I'd never been so excited in my life.

As my dick met her hole, I wanted to scream, grunt, whatever. The tip of my cock was inside her pussy and I watched as she slowly took it all in. I could've grabbed onto her hips and loaded into her right then, but I wanted it to last. She started the chair rocking again, and my dick slid in and out of her wet hole. Fuck, I couldn't deal with this. I stopped her, pulled out and slid up my sweatpants.

She looked at me, hurt and angry. I winked.

"I'm going to take this sleepy girl up to her room," I announced. With the blanket still around us, I carried her in my arms to the stairwell. I was going to put her to bed and rail her in her room

But i was too horny and set her in stairs As I set her down on the steps, she turned to face me. I looked in her eyes, hungry, and pushed her down. I licked her lips and she opened her mouth to receive a kiss from me. Our lips locked and I rapidly pushed my sweatpants back down. My cock couldn't wait to get back in her little cunt. I thrust it in and she grunted. Man, this was awesome.

You may thinking fucking on a staircase is a bit uncomfortable, and you'd, of course, be right, but at that moment I would've fucked her on a bed of nails, I was so horny for her. I railed into her, and she pushed back at me. I started kissing her neck as I moved my fingers down to her clit and flicked it, rolled it, twitched it. Her eyes locked with mine and her mouth opened. She looked down at my fingers and then let her head fall back as I felt her cunt walls begin to contract on my cock.

"Ohhhhh Daddy. Ohhhhh. Ohhhh." She whispered. She froze in a silent scream and dug her nails into my ass, pushing my hips into her as hard as she could to get the most out of her orgasm. It didn't take long for me after that, as I railed in an out, grunting like some fucking caveman as I felt the urge to come. I started to pull out, but she grabbed onto my hips, locked eyes with me, and said:

"Come inside me."

you would not believe how it feels to have your daughter say this to you. I kissed her again, grunting through my nose, running my hands all over her, and came for what felt like the longest and best time of my life. I gripped onto her as spurt after spurt shot inside her and she moaned in my mouth.

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